Vivitar DVR610-BLK iTwist Lightweight Portable Digital Camcorder, Works wel for cheap price

I picked up one of these thinking it would be nice to have as a all around camera. Now the body does look like it is made out of metal and instead is plastic. But if you treat this right it will last you. It will take up to a 16gb sd card. Now getting it in is a little tricky you have to push kind of far but was you hear the click you know it is in. 8 inch screen is nice you are limited with this cameraa but just as a all around shooter i say it works fine for the cheap price.

Ok i bought one of these at the local walmart and liked it. However,i came in and noticed that the camera was very high up on a tripod. Did my nices kid kill it while i was gone. I really didn’t know that the tripid would extend. I bought this from amazon when i tried to get the same camera at the local store and they were put. I knew what i wanted and also how much i was willing to pay. I actually saved about $10 on the purchase with the sd card needed by the camera. I really likje to save money and my brother buys from here all the time.

For the price its great, i got it at wal-mart and forgave its minor flaws due to price. It gets the job done and works great.

Key specs for Vivitar DVR610-BLK iTwist Lightweight Portable Digital Camcorder with Camera and 1.8 inch Preview Screen:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.8 inch preview screen twists so you can take the ultimate selfie
  • Upload pictures and videos with ease to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube
  • Use your TV as a video screener with the included AV Cable
  • SD Memory Card Required but not included
  • Be a filmmaker and design your own movies

Comments from buyers

“Worth The Money
, Neat little item
, meets expectations

Ive had this for a few weeks now,finally got around to putting batteries in & an sd card in. I only put a 4gb card in to test it out for now. Installed the software on my computer,no problem there,took a ten second video of the front yard,camper,garage. Looked good on the player,then i uploaded to the computer. With all the bad reviews,i was expecting nothing really,only paid $11 on ebay. But it actually looked good on the computer. My only complaint so far would be that you better have a steady hand because it is very shaky & sensitive. Only time will tell how long this thing will last. I only got it to play around with,def not a high end camcorder. The built in usb connector is handy,just plugs right into the computer.

Love it, looks great, works great, great, great, great buy and my nephew loves, loves, loves it and he is sooting everithing now.

First off, let me say, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a high end camcorder, then don’t get this one from vivitar (i got mine at walmart when they had them). This is like one of those ‘bloggie’ type cameras. It’s ok if you use for what it’s intended for (to play with). Otherwise don’t expect high quality on a low end cam. As technologically literate as you guys are, you should know that by now.

I like the old foremat much better than the new.

Bought this for a grandson on the advice of his mother. She’s happy with it except for the battery part.

This little camera does all that it is purported to do. It brought joy to my grandson.

These cameras are as advertised. They work well, but the pix & video are fairly low quality. I bought these for a wedding for guests to capture their candid moments and they worked great. I had none of the problems earlier described: turned on fine, easy set up, no sd card problems. Most of all, after multiple problems with the seller thinkfast, this seller got it right and on time. Avoid the seller thinkfast at all costs.

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Vivitar DVR610-BLK iTwist Lightweight Portable Digital Camcorder with Camera and 1.8 inch Preview Screen
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