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This is a good little camera for this price point. This is a good little camera for this price point. I bought for my 10 year old daughter and she is having a blast making home movies and commercials. There are several lens attachments to use with it, i don’t know if she will use that feature. 2 of the lens attachments, best i can tell, are only for use on a cell camera-wide angle and zoom and come with a clip to put on on your phone. Kind of a random feature, but i’ll take it. There were problems with the charger when i first got it but the seller replaced it quickly. It does not come with an sd card and it needs one to work. Can’t use anything larger that 32gb card.

The clarity of the video is great. I purchased this to make videos of my son on the baseball field. The clarity of the video is great. I saw others complained about the sound. On the baseball field, i don’t need to hear anything in the video, but i’ve used it for more personal things with the nieces and i can hear the audio just fine. It is light and easily portable as well. I’ve not had a chance to use all of the attachments yet, but i’m looking forward to exploring it more as i go.

I own several camcorders and i’m not crazy about having to detach the battery to recharge it. I also didn’t like the detachable lens cover. With this being said, i liked the built in light. The battery charge seems to last longer than my other camcorders. The picture quality is also decent. This is a decent camera for the price.

Decent enough for beginners, but those looking for high quality should look elsewhere. . ¬†played around with this camera today, these are my thoughts. Overall it’s a solid beginner camcorder, but a few things could be improved on. Firstly, a dedicated button to activate night vision. Currently the only way to activate night vision is by using the standalone remote it comes with. Secondly, audio recording quality. The audio crackles a bit, and while it’s still reasonably clear, it does have a harder time picker up softer sounds. Other cameras have a smoother digital zoom than this one does. It gets the job done but it looks/feels rather jerky.

  • the camera is good. I would recommend to buy
  • An unbelieveable product for the price!
  • Decent enough for beginners, but those looking for high quality should look elsewhere.
  • Small, easy to use and takes good video.
  • Well I am so happy I got this one
  • Great Camera for the Price

Video Camcorder, Besteker Portable HD 1080p IR Night Vision Max. 24.0 MP Enhanced Digital Camera Camcorders DV 3.0 TFT LCD Rotation Touch Screen Video Recorder

  • This HDMI Video Camcorder is with 24.0 Megapixels,3.0 TFT LCD touch panel,16X Zoom camera
  • SENSOR: CMOS 5.0 Mega pixels,max to 24.0 Megapixels, high-class material and advanced technology, record high-quality image(Note: This camcorder don’t have Optical Zoom)
  • The 3.0 inch (16:9) Clear Photo LCD (230K) displays sharp, bright, vivid images, letting you compose a shot more easily – even outdoors, while enabling you to change settings to best represent the scene.
  • MEMORY MEDIA: Support SD/SDHC card (32GB Max) available for connecting TVs (this product is not included memory card )
  • FUNCTIONS: Face Capture, INFRARED NIGHT VISION, Internal microphone and speaker,3.0 inches touch LCD(16:9) rotation,Output (1920*1080P on PC 1024*760p on TV) Video Camera, Digital Camera, Support USB2.0

The only disappointment for this camera is it has limited zoom out. The only disappointment for this camera is it has limited zoom out capacity. I am doing close in instructional videos for u tube and my ability to zoom out to show more of a work surface is limited. I can move the camera further away, but i was hoping for more.

I am giving this camera 5 stars because the price and the quality was excellent. Now, having said that i have to say the quality of the still photos were good and acceptable but not super sharp. The video i took was the same. I still give the camera 5 stars. The sharpness is very acceptable for the price of the camera and all the stuff it comes with. For a test i videoed for over two hours using a 32gb sandisk on high quality. The video playback was really good. The lighting was a little on the low side but the video was still good. This camera was purchased to replace my old sony handycam (dvd disc type).

Very pretty idea, great product. My car does not have a charger port in the back seat. It does have two in the front, but when the charger cord was passed back, it sometimes pulled out. If we didn’t notice — someone’s battery died. I worried that it might be flimsy, but it appears to be well made and sturdy. All the charger ports work and the back “box” is easy to attach in the back. Of course, the kids are now in college, so i seldom have passengers in the back. However, i’ll be prepared on their next vacation.

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