Veho VCC-A001-ESP MUVI Extreme/Action Sports Pack – Nice pack

The kit does not have a good support for a handlebar. I really do not like how the cam works on a helmet.

Husband & son-in-law enjoyed it.

I got this and it works for the cheap chinese knock-off as for the muvi. I have both and use this system with both without any issues.

This was a great product and it worked as stated in the ad i am looking forward to using them in the future.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Adequate, but with some problems
  • A Good Selection, But Most Inadequate Or Flimsy
  • Good attempt

All the attachments worked as advertised. They are made well based on the cost. I would recommend the purchase.

This product is just what we needed for the muvi cameras we have. My granddaughters love all the add ons that thisa product provides. The seller (jm prime) is extremely professional and customer oriented. I’d recommend buying products from them, i will in the near future.

This bundle is amazing, it has everything you need to strap the cam on virtually anything, the main problem is the price an lack of instructions.

Battery doesn’t last all that long – maybe 4 hours total?but for this price, you cannot beat this camera.

The recorder pops out if your not careful. I would not recommend for extreme duty. The actual recorder is pretty cool though.

Alas, these were as unsatisfying as the veho camera itself. They work, but none of the geegaw-class mounts was particular suited to mounting the camera on anything that i wanted to mount it on (person, bike helmet, bike). The one i did finally use for a helmet mount eventually broke off after not noticeably rough handling – it was on the helmet for a few weeks, and then, one day, it wasn’t.

There a lot of options with the sports pack on how to attach the muvi pro to record whatever adventure/action you’re engaged in. This is a nice addition to have.

This kit comes with good accessories, including an extra mounting clip, but unfortunately the camera is sub-par. I reviewed the camera separately.

Haven’t been able to get it to work. Been over and followed the instructions many times????. Great idea if it would work.

I just needed one part that clamps on my uniform for work. All other parts haven’t been used yet. I will probably use the dash mount eventually.

Was a birthday gift for my 10 year old and he can’t be separated from it. I also bought two accessory packs which i makes this gadget very adaptable.

I expected a waterproof housing to be in the pack, but it wasn’t. Not sure if i was mislead or just misunderstood the wording, but it only came with a silicon sleeve for the muvi, not a housing.

Great price & product exceeded my expectations. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who buys the muvi camera.

As advertised, the veho vcca003esp extreme sports pack includes a large variety of straps and clips that allow you to attach the a muvi micro dv camcorder to your body or almost any piece of equipment. The pluses are the number of straps and clips available in the kit that make it possible to easily attach a muvi micro dv camcorder to almost anything. The kit includes a number of velcro straps and clips that makes it easy to make secure attachments. However, there are only a couple of problems with the kit. The muvi camcorder clips into plastic receptacles that are attached to clips or straps. While the camcorder appears to snap into the receptacles securely, there is nothing that would prevent the camcorder from falling out if jarred hard enough or exposed to a high wind velocity. While using my camcorder on rough trails, i twist a rubber band around the camera and receptacle as added insurance to keep from losing the camcorder. Another problem is the way the camcorder receptacle is attached to the strap attachment device in the kit. The first time i attempted to remove the camcorder from the receptacle on the strap attachment device, the plastic around the small screws holding the two pieces together broke out. The screws are recessed in both pieces making the plastic very thin where they are attached and very easy to break.

They tried to make a good kit that was very versatile and provided lots of velco strapping which works very well. Still had trouble getting it to attach to my helmet though. Not really veho fault though. It was actually not a bad kit for the rice.

As stated in amazon’s page of the vcc-004, this kit will work with this item, no out won’t, its for a vcc-003, all the brackets are to big, also stated by the company that makes this, that it will work,not.

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Veho VCC-A001-ESP MUVI Extreme/Action Sports Pack for MUVI or MUVI Pro
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