Veho VCC-004-ATOM-NPNG Super Micro Muvi Atom Handsfree Camcorder, for gadget lovers

Video quality is what was expected, but the constant clicking sound from audio was not. The mic is very sensitive but something internal is making the constant clicking sound. I did not buy it for the audio so that is not a big deal. The second issue is that the battery only lasts 45 mins. , so a larger card than the one supplied is not needed. I was very disappointed in the battery life after reading reports and the maker’s web site of much longer battery life. Also be prepared with tools to extricate the camera and waterproof case from the case it comes it. A micro screwdriver is needed to remove screws and there is nothing in the directions about extricating it. Cutting and pulling will not work. The kit is nice and covers all the basis.

The wow factor on this camcorder is its size, it really is very, very small. This means its easy wearing it on my bike helmet for commuting or off roading at the weekends. It also comes with a kit for mounting on almost anything which means i can get some cool angles from the forks and seat post. The footage is clear and colours are strong, plenty good enough for youtube. Looking forward to using this for kyaking with the waterproof case, even then its super small. No complaints and would highly recommend.

However, if you are a cyclist you have to buy at least three because the battery life is only 1. I cycle 3 to 6 hours a day, but at the price you can buy 5 and clip them anywhere you want.

Key specs for Veho VCC-004-ATOM-NPNG Super Micro Muvi Atom Handsfree Camcorder with Waterproof Case and 4 GB Memory:

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  • Measures a super micro 1.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 Inches
  • 640 x 480 High resolution video and 30 frames per second using FRE technology
  • 1280 x 960 resolution stills camera snapshot function and Noise activation function
  • Bundled Sports mounting Kit and Waterproof Case perfect for scuba diving
  • Includes 4GB (up to 16GB MSD compatible) Micro SD memory card to record up to 180 minutes footage

Comments from buyers

“OK But Some Issues
, Good product and picture for the money
, Quality that you expect from MUVI gear

The sound is poor quality but other than that its perfect, tiny tiny not complicated to use, you can buy more sophisticated but you will be paying the price.

The camera works well, and it functions exactly as advertised. The video quality, unless you are in brightly lighted areas and unless there is no movement by the camera and the subject, is not strong. It was not advertised with high quality video, so it is not surprising.

Has no way to set time and date on camera. Files come out with all files dated in 2003. On off switch is located where a small bump in the storage bag unknowingly turns it on so when you go to use it you find a dead battery. Software that comes with it is very basic. Only get about 35min of storage before the battery dies. Picture quality is good for what it is.

I was pretty nervous with my order at first, but when i got it, i was totally blown away by it’s quality and functionality.

It so good and convenientthe futures will do in the friendit is good and smart goodsthank you.

Took snow skiing and loved it. Will be using a lot in near future kayaking.

I loved it, but it only worked once before it broke. I was only walking around recording when it broke.

After reading all pros and cons on this product, i can say that for the price i am happy with it. Housing quality is great and i can’t find any problems with operating the camera. Video and photo quality is what you pay for. Don’t expect much for such a super small size of a device. If you want a great built product that is unique because of it’s size, this is the gadget for you.

For the money it works very good. I iike everything about it and is size the video is great and the pic.

While the order took a bit to arrive, it is a great tool for my job and works great.

Its a nice camera but it definitely has some flaws. The mic for sound is scratchy. If it picks up certain sound especially at high decibels don’t even bother. The application for the camera seems very old and needs a major update. I noticed with other camera editing applications you can rotate whatever you captured in the editing phase ‘not in this one’.

The set up on the computer took a while but the image quality is great well worth the price. It came with plenty of mounting adaptors. I am using it on my radio control cars and planes. The cars is a rough ride but the image is still very stable.

I don’t understand everyone who complained. This is way cooler than gopro simply cause it’s smaller tougher and easier to use. Battery life is only 45-50 minutes but who records more than 5 min to post?.

Not great quality or battery but its worth it for the price.

Battery life too short and little tedious to operate due to size.

I purchased this hoping that i would be able to get it the next day for a scuba diving trip. I had an estimated delivery date about 2 days away, i ended up getting it the next day. For it being the price it is, it is incredibly good. If you can get the subject to stay still then it captures pretty good pictures. If going scuba diving i recommend using the video setting, there are too many moving factors underwater.

Not as good of an image as gopros but it does the job for the money your paying. Plus all the accessories that come with it are good quality, i have used the waterproof case numerous times while kayak fishing and have submerged it and so far its still working great. Good starter camera for the money if your looking to get into recording your action whether out on the lake kayaking or snowboarding in the mountains.

Good for basic surveillence. Picture quality definitely not hd. If you want hd get a gopro or equivalent.

An excellent addition when shooting with the bigger stuff as a back up for redundancy. Having the muvi name means the best quality. Love the accessories that came with it, but i caution that the halyard cable broke after light use and the camera could have been lost if it didn’t happen at my desk. I mounted it on a belt clip instead.

Small but works very well even with the waterproof case. Doesn’t always connect when trying to download but its worth the trouble for all the things you can do with this. Used it during a recent cruise to film some stingrays and also on a dolphin excursion. It was small enough to conceal so they couldn’t see it. Not the dolphins, the trainers that over charge for the pictures they take. And the best of all, used it on my buddies rc helicopter to do an aerial view of my property. I guess you could use it to snoop on people too. Basically, i love this little camera.

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