Vado Creative Labs Pocket Video Camcorder – Pocket Camera is delightful

My husband bought one of these a few months ago. I had to have one not only for me but my children so they can record their children. The sound on the cam itself is not very good but it transfers well to the computer. We recorded a handball tournament and the cam is fast enough that you can see where the ball is at all times. Barring objects in front of it. The vado is affordable and a very good device for recording every day events such as a baby’s first steps or your son’s wrestling match.

My daughter wanted a pocket video as she was finishing school and it just so happened my brother was taping his sons (my nephews) 16th birthday party with the vado that very night we talked about it. So it was all set at that point and my mind was made up without looking into it myself. The reason?my brother researches everything electronic he buys every which way possible. So when i saw he had it, i ordered 2 the next day.I love the ease and operation and most of all the quaility of the video. My daughter who just finished her first year of collage loves it, especially for facebook. I no longer have to pull out the sony handycam for birthdays and so on. This is so darn easy, fun and just does what it is suppose toit’s great.

The creative labs vado pocket video camcorder is a great little device for amature filming. It’s easy to carry around and fast to use. The quality is good enough to watch, but not intended for professional or semi-professional use. It’s very easy to upload and install the necessary program for watching films from it on your computer, and these can be sent by e-mail, providing they aren’t too long. I haven’t tried uploading films to the internet yet, but it seems pretty straightforward. The only gripe i have is that the on button is hard to find and tricky to push. Here are the specifications for the Vado Creative Labs Pocket Video Camcorder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Vado is thinner than a deck of cards and as light as a cell phone
  • Never miss a moment with two hours of video capacity and one-button recording
  • Comes with built-in USB cable and on-board software; easily edit and upload videos
  • Large 2-inch anti-glare screen
  • Shoot up to two hours continuously with rechargeable battery

Bought two as a ‘deal of the day’ purchase for stocking stuffers for my teenagers. One had a dead battery out of the box – tried to work through creative labs but it was too much of a hassle and just bought a new battery for $15. Once the cameras were both working, they are handy and offer decent video quality for youtube and facebook type short videos. Nice thing about them is you are more apt to capture video of an event because these things are so small you can always have them at hand.

Pretty good, even is not as good as the flip in term of image quality. The plus is rechargeable battery, size (almost half smaller than the flip), easy to use, nice ergonomics, light. I personally keep this one in my purse for all the time film making and when i really want to film something special i use the flip. I bought this one for 69 usd comparedf to 129 usd for the flip, i recommend for the value.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good portable video camera with some problems.
  • Awesome Little Video Camera
  • Outstanding product, great as a “go-to” camera,and Amazon’s new price is LOWER than Creatives web site!

I have used the vado for several weeks now, including taking it on vacation over the holidays. The resolution is not hd, but is quite sufficient for most perposes. With the ability to store an hour or more of video, review it on camera and try again if necessary, its just what i wanted. Only issue is the the usb connection is short, so i use a 3 inch usb extension so the camera is still lying flat what i unload the videos to my pc and recharge the battery.

Great camcorder, easy to handle, easy to tranfer files to my laptop, has good image quality, and is easy to carry on my purse, or any pocket, or wherever it fits.

This is a great little gizzmo. Small as a cell phone and fits into your pocket. I have used it for fun and for work. The picture is good, better when you download it on the computer but the sound quality is only ok. I had some difficulty loading the software onto my laptop, when i plugged in the usb, it automatically activated the camera on my ibm laptop instead of opening the vado software. It took a bit to sort that out. For the price and size, it can’t be beat.

What can i say, this is a great little camera. I have two of them and they work great. I have a camcorder that costs 5 times as much and it’s sitting in my closet collecting dust because i take my vado with me every where i go. They are easy to use (point and shoot ) and the picture quality is good. I’ve used it for personal video logs and just every day capture life videos. It’s sad that the older models won’t be available any longer but i’m sure that the newer ones in high definition will be just as good. The thing i like about it most is the. Avi format that the video is taken in. You can play your video’s on any computer and if you want you can purchase any of the many video conversion programs to put on to dvd. Only disappointment is the digital zoom on it. The pictures has a tendency to be a bit blurry on digital zoom. Any camera you get that has digital zoom (even the ones that costs hundreds more ) has the same problem.

This is a great little device. It’s light, easy to use and the price is right. The only problem is its lack of interface with mac computers. I can’t seem to easily get the videos to download to imac computer. I’m sure there is a way to do this and eventually i will figure it out but vado should make this device seamless for macs just as they do for pcs. If they accomplish this in the near future, this device is a winner on all counts.

These are so convenient and easy to download to the internet.

Got this for a gift for our teen, they loved it. Small enough to take along every where and simple enough to upload to computer and share videos. Only thing found fault with is there is no light, so hard to film in low light/dark areas. . But the kids at school love it, especially the drama kids making their own videos and to practice and see themselves in what they are doing for their part.

The creative lab vado was prefect. I had compared it with a name brand based on a video someone had shared. It is cheaper in price and does more (very lightweight). I suggest you buy it if you are trying to choose between it and the flip. Once the video is produced through the computer, it is very clear and has beautiful, vibrant colors. What i really like is being able to connect it to the computer or a digital frame instantly. I now need to buy a carry case.

This is a great product for the price. Of course it won’t do what more expensive camcorders do but it is not intended too. It is intended for ease of carrying. You don’t even know it is in your pocket. All done with one thumb, and the buttons are conveniently placed. Use it a half dozen times and you don’t even have to look at the button disignation. You already have their function memorized. Ease of playback on the screen, on pc, or tv. The video, although not great, it is acceptable. I have been taking some fall colors from scenic overlooks and the pictures are great for a $47.

I purchased this camera for my 7 year old , good quality product quite easy to use and my kid loves it. Video quality is quite good for its price range, audio seems to pretty impresive also. Built in software is not too bad, able to play the recorded videos with out any issues. It does take time to transfer videos from this device to the desktopthe most appealing thing about this product is the ease of use, no fancy features to worry about or buttons to fumble around.

Although this camera is pretty much obsolete in 2017, i just wanted to say that this camera recorded hundreds if not thousands of hours of videos over about 7 years before the battery died.

I have two kids and we’re on the go a lot. I rarely pull out my clunky camcorder because it is just a pain to lug around. But if we’re doing something special and i want to capture it this is the ticket. It is lightweight, easy to use and has the charger/usb plug on the device so there’s no hunting for the cord or finding somewhere to plug it in. If you’re a parent and want to capture life’s moments this is the perfect little device. It may not have the quality of a higher priced more complex device but this works very well for us.

I needed a little video camera for grad school, but i wanted one i didn’t have to convert the files of and wasn’t going to empty me of my funds. After much debilitation, i decided on this camera and so far, so good. It’s just as small as i want and i got a little tripod for it and everything. Nice camera i can use leisurely or for classes. I would recommend this camera to anyone that isn’t interesting in creating lots of movies but wants something in case something comes up where one would either like a camera or need one.

I’ve had this item for over 2 years and it still works just as good as it did when i purchased it. I would highly recommend this product.

I’ve used this little recorder for years and never once had a problem with it. Great for simple utility use.

This is a great little camcorder. Very smalland easy to travel with. Great that it fitsin a pocket. Would like a longer taping time,but still a good deal.

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