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I am not a camera savvy person in any way, but i went out on a limb and purchased this one mainly because of the reviews and the great price. It is quite easy to figure out and get set up on my laptop. I use corel for video editing. I shoot youtube videos which can usually be up to 10 mins long if not a little longer. With the camera being fully charged, i can only have it turned on for maybe 30 mins before the battery dies. Im not sure if its just my camera or if they are all like this, but im thinking about maybe getting a new battery because 30 mins is not gonna cut it with me. Other than that it zooms well, shoots perfect crisp and clear 720 and 1080 hd. When you shoot in hd it can take quite a while to upload. When saving an edited hd version onto my corel studio, it can take a couple hours for it to complete, if not longer, depending on how long the video is. The swivel screen and small remote that it comes with are helpful when you’re shooting a video alone.

Great camera to remain birthdays, or vacations or any other type of activities you want to remember some time of your life.

Toshiba Camileo X100 Full-HD Camcorder – Silver/Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 3-inch LCD display
  • 1080p / 30fps and 1080i / 60fps resolution video
  • 10x optical zoom + 10x Digital zoom, total 100x zoom
  • HDMI digital AV output
  • 4 GB internal flash memory
  • 1080p / 30fps and 1080i / 60fps resolution video
  • 10x optical zoom + 10x Digital zoom, total 100x zoom
  • HDMI digital AV output
  • 3.0-Inch LCD touch-screen
  • 4 GB internal flash memory

This camera was recommended by a friend of mine and i have been overall quite happy with it; i have used it for over a year now; it has a poor microphone is all, but otherwise, fairly good software and some high quality videos have come out of it. I have been happy with the picture and video quality and it works pretty well in fairly low light. I have been able to work with the video format. I have made a lot of youtube videos with it and they are good. Overall i would recommend it to anyone with a yen for making youtube videos and i have used it in lower light settings w/ generally good results. It has proven reliable as well. The lens cap was a bit cheap and i had to replace it but have been happy with everything else except perhaps the sound quality.

I read so many reviews on this camcorder and like just about every other product out there, you read reviews that praise it and those that condemn it. Of course i’ve learned that you need to ignore the total condemnation ones and the ‘god’ like praiseworthy ones and stick to the middle. This camcorder is what it is, a 170 dollar camcorder. The original msrp may have been over 300 but be assured it is not worth 300. Some folks seem to think that they are really going to get the quality of a 600 dollar camcorder because of the feature richness of this model, and when they don’t they blast it. So because it is what it is, which is a 170 dollar product, i give it 4 stars. The video quality is well above average. The still photos are exceptional. It does indeed have just about the best feature package of any camcorder that i have seen below 250 dollars. There are really only two issues with this little camcorder that i believe could be better even for the 170 dollar price. They are the battery life and the video recording sound. The battery life which the manufacturer claims to be 2 hours, has only given me around 45-65 mins. I was able to rectify this with the purchase of after market batteries by wasabi. I got two batteries and a charger for just over 20 dollars and the battery life is close to a consistent 2 hours.

I purchased this camera because my wife and i just had a baby girl and wanted to capture all her little moments in life. I wanted a camera that was portable, easy to handle, good quality video and easy to use for my wife. This camera is all of those things and more. Its light and easy to hold for long periods of time, the anti-shake works pretty well and for the size of the camera a 3. 0 inch view screen is great. The menu system is easy to use and the touch screen function works well. Having 4 gb if internal flash memory is a nice feature. I use a 32 gb removable memory card and combined with the internal memory gives me around 6-8 hours of video at the 720p function (no need for more than that in my opinion). This video camera is very easy to use one handed, and has a nice ergonomic design. The photo option is easy to use and its quite fast and convenient to switch back and forth between video and photo.

Toshiba Camileo X100 Full-HD Camcorder – Silver/Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I have used the camcorder a couple of times and the battery keeps dying on me. I am not real satisfied with that aspect, because i don’t even record for 30 minutes before the battery is dead. I maybe record a total of 10 minutes here and there, with turning it off between recording if i am not going to record for a little. It also loses its battery power when just sitting in the case. I charged it all up and then pull it out a couple of days later and it had already lost a bar on the battery. I am going to contact toshiba to see if i maybe have a bad battery?. It has excelt video quality in good light, in low light it drops out and is real grainy. It is still better than a sony i tried in the quality.

I bought this for my 25yr old daughter who is a video recording guru. She loves it, its small yet works great for the family outings, and dance recitals. I am thinking about buying one for myself.

Nice little camcorder takes good qality videos and pictures (dont except profesional photos or videos) good for home videos. I also bought a 8 gb class 10 sd card. Light weight easy to operate. Standard features only( zoom in and zoom out photo and video mode, hd/standard video, delete, veiw), touch screen, easy to charge. Overall: good little camcorder for $165.

This is a great camera and the price is right. There are no adjustments – just a few settings. The touchscreen is well designed and works intuitively. Use macro-mode to get it to focus up close for hummingbirds, it has motion detection and time lapse. 6 hours of lo-res high speed from a 32gb sdhc card.

Excelente producto y llego en el tiempo esperado, lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que esté interesado en este producto o productos.

I bought this camera to record hoop/aerial dance videos and take pictures for my company website. Sometimes the lights of the hoop look unclear/ off if not at a distance from the camcorder. The camera is a good quality picture, but the 3 second delay for the camera makes it difficult, if not impossible to get a good shot. I guess you get what you pay for.

Pros -sharp picturegreat low level lighting shotslots of internal memorygreat battery lifecan snap pictures while in video record mode. Cons -slow load timeconfusing menus and scroll functioncan not automatically go back to record/picture mode from the viewing menu, must exit out of the sub menus completelyall in all its a great hand held pocket size mini-hd camera. Well worth the price and comes with lots of extras such as mini usb to hdmi cables, a/v cables, software etc. **** this product is not macbook compatible.

I used a hd video camera at work one day, and was amazed how much advancement in the video camera industry. I especially liked the idea of not needing film, and using memory cards instead. The sound pickup quality is good, but i wish the camera had a audio input port for a wireless microphone. The zoom works very well, but there is some focus issues while zooming. This has been a great camera for family parties, vacations, and other events. The software is a bit challenging to use, and i had a hard time converting the videos to more compressed format.

I am also wondering why this product gets so many negative reviews. For the price paid, it meets expectations. I don’t like the fact that it lacks a manual focus, but i create a lot of still shots for my home movies so it is not too big of a problem. The mics are on the front of the flip-out, but that’s not a problem for me either because i usually add audio tracks to my home movies later during the editing, so i nearly always film silently. This model is being discontinued soon, but the warranty is still honored.

The camera it’s self is a great value. The cheapest full 1080p on the market. However no manual focus, no changing the fps, no external mic input, no sort of lens attachments. But this picture quality is great and the value is unbeatable. If you’re just wanting an awesome hd video camcorder this is perfect for you.

I got this last year roughly around this time and. . Well i wish i spent $50 more for a better camcorder. I’m not demanding something extremely amazing or anything just something that works. This works when it wants to. Pros-it records 1080p 30fps/1080i 60fps (i personally don’t like 1080i is the only way for 60fps so i just stick with 1080p 30fps or 720 60fps)-it has 4gb internal memory-optical zoom (although to be perfectly fair you’ll probably never want to use it since it kills the focusing)-auto focusing is pretty fastcons-can only record one-shot with sd cards unless you reformat after each time. Its weird but say if i put in an sd card and record, then stop, then try to record again it for longer than 5 seconds, it will automatically stop recording or just crash. Sometimes changing sd cards will work but most of the that’s not the case. I have 2 sd cards, one is an sdhc and it did it with those. I then got 3 more brand new sd cards and it did the same thing with those brand new ordinary sd cards.

I bought this to record a musical program i’m going to tomorrow. When i played back what i had recorded i noticed the sound was very faint. I tried turning the volume up all the way, but it still isn’t good. I’m going to see if i can somehow fix this problem in editing. I think i’ll take my older video camera (not hd) with me tomorrow.

I bought two to start producing independent films and so far it works great. My only cons are no manual or cd-rom (both available from toshiba’s website though), and the internal memory isn’t much you might want to buy a sdhc card. It does come with a car charger/wall charger. One seemed in better condition than the other.

The hd is amazing and its so easy to use. I got it for my girlfriend and she takes it everywhere, its small and takes great video.

This camcorder is the best for the price all what they said it could do it does and for the price you can’t go wrong by this camcorder it is worth it.

Does what it states on the specification. Haven’t really beaten it much so i cannot say much about it’s durability. But it looks sturdy and very user-friendly. I have seen and used way too complicated cameras for what they finally achieve. But this one has simple user interface. The downside of the user interface is that sometimes it’s very touchy. I get the idea that they wanted to keep it simple but could have been slick and not try to be fancy(that’s my personal opinion). It captures very decent hd and also it’s a breeze to connect this camera to the hd tv.

We like to have proof of our vacation and this product help us to keep that up. We took this camcorder with us and took shops of everything and the playback was like being there.

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