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I put this video camera across the room and started recording (i used the tri-pod, which is the only thing that’s kinda lame about this camera), the i hooked it up to my led hd tv and the picture just about blew me away. My dogs saw themselves on the tv and were glued to it.

Got this camera just before going on vacation. Used it to capture memories on our first cruise. It was handy, using the case included, and wore it on my belt whereever we went. Video is better than expected, and is easy to use. Camera shots tend to blur with the least movement. Ususally had to take 2-3 shots just to have one photo to keep. Overall i am pleased, with the size, and convenience, and continue to wear it at work for some video and photo opportunities.

This camera is a great little camera and is loaded with eatures that usually do not come on cameras in this price range. Great product and even better buy, i have several friends who are going to purchase onr of these cameras beacause of the ease of use and touch screen functions. Here are the specifications for the Toshiba Camileo S30 Full HD Camcorder:

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  • 1920x1080p Full HD resolution video with 3 Inch LCD display
  • Digital still camera functionality with 8MP CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch swiveling LCD monitor with touch
  • 16x digital zoom
  • Video stabilization
  • 1920x1080p Full HD resolution video
  • Digital still camera functionality with 8MP CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch swiveling LCD monitor with touch
  • 16x digital zoom
  • Video stabilization

I did alot of research before buying the camileo camcorder. My main features that i wanted was hd quality, mp4 format, compact in size, and zoom. The hd video is awesome, it has the 1080p, 720p 60 for fast movements, and 720p 30. I mainly use the 720p so i dont eat up my hard drive space. Mp4 format produces the best quality video. The size is perfect, i wanted something small so i would be more likely to have it on me at all times for random videos. The zoom sucks thats the only bad thing about this product. I do luv it, oh yea the other feature is the rotating screen witch is perfect as well.

I was skeptical when i first saw this camera but am not anymore. This thing shoots great video for the average person who wants to catch everyday video, vacations, etc. I caught it on sale and would recommend this camera to anyone looking to buy one. Pros: lightweight, good video, fits in your pocket, good picture quality, takes sd cards up to 64gb. Cons: the screen is not the best to watch the videos on it is not in hd but when you put it on the big screen it looks awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Toshiba Camileo Great for YouTubers!!!!
  • Good barn camera
  • It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

I was looking for a low cost video camera mostly for youtube videos and this is one of the few with a touch screen than can be rotated to face you while you make your videos. You can see what is in the video and not have to guess if your shot is covered. This does have a hd option and so far has produced great videos. Some of the touch screen options seem a little cheap on appearance and the sound that plays is not the best. However, the recording sound is great. Light weight and fits the bill to a tee so far. . If problems surface, i’ll update.

I recently purchased this item for my son. He wanted to upload videos to the web. This product does just that. I like the touch screen pad and the quality is pretty decent.

Bought this as a gift for my mom who rarely gets to visit with us. She loves it’s compact size and recording quality. Now she gets to enjoy memories with her grand daughter as often as she likes.

Obviously, if you rely on a camera/camcorder to make a living, or those pursuits are your passion, you will probably want to look at something more expensive. For me however, as a casual photographer and a musician who uses the video option to record ideas and such, this is a great little device. I bought it for $90 from a gold box sale, but even at the everyday amazon price, this is a good buy. I dont understand the reviews that tank this thing. For me, it’s all about knowing your needs and shaping your expectations to suit. If you are like me, you will find this toshiba to be exactly what you need. Btw, i have had no issues with battery life whatsoever. I gave it four stars overall because it doesn’t wow me, but i am very happy with it nonetheless. Update: i have now had the toshiba for more than a month. I have really just stuck with recording song ideas with he camcorder option. The sound and video playback is really pretty good. I have utilized the camera option far more. It is small, and so you need a fairly steady hand, but i haven’t had much in the way of problems with this.

I’m not going to write a long review here. I just wanted to let everyone know that the camera is a pretty good purchase. I bought this as a gift (an upgrade) for my budding 11 year old film-maker. The video quality is good, with lots of video modes, including hd. In-camera slow-motion effect is not really worth it. My son thought is was funny to see the slow-motion, but the quality is significantly lowered and the video image is cropped way down, which makes the whole feature worthless. Nice camera though for about $100 (at the time of my purchase).

Update: sad to say that this camcorder now won’t power on. Am reading through reviews and see one that says a fully charged battery may be the culprit – am seriously questioning the quality control of the manufacturer. The video quality is good, but what use is it if you can’t get the camcorder to work????. The seller has a 30 day return policy so there is no refund forthcoming for this. The first bad experience that i’ve had with amazon. Even though the video quality is good, it’s not worth the financial burn. On day one after opening the box, i was a bit disappointed. The battery wouldn’t take a charge with the wall charger. The the description of the tripod left out the adjective ‘mini’. After purchasing a battery charger (also from amazon) the battery takes a full charge.

This thing is not that great. I got it for $99 as a special, and i’m ok with it. I have a friend with a flip cam, and it’s so much easier to use than this clunky thing. It serves it’s purpose, but i don’t like it after seeing how easy the flip cam is to use.

I’ve used this camera for over 14,000 outdoor photos and videos and still working perfectly. It’s cost and features are modest, but photos and videos are of very good quality, although it is not so good for indoor photos or close-ups as they tend to blur. Battery stays charged for a long time. I will buy another toshiba camcorder if this one ever poops out.

This handycam’s biggest feature is its compatibility and size. Very easy to sync or play on tv. The picture quality is astounding and true hd picture quality cannot be beaten for the price. I read touch screen issues in other review but haven’t had any problems since i got it. I guess if you just get a faulty one it is possible. But every camera or camcorder will have one in couple of thousands that has a issue. Guess i’m not the unfortunate one. The only real issue i have is that the camera is 8mp but i guess for a camcorder w/camera it is a good one. Except the mp camera works stupendously.

The toshiba camcorder is nicely made, very compact so it easily fits into a pocket and i like the way it feels in the hand so that it is more like a traditional camcorder in how it’s held, i do find that the viewing of the screen in bright daylight very difficult to see, (wish this had a eye piece viewfinder to look through) which would make it eaier to see what you are video shooting. Playback also difficult to see the screen unless you find a shade area or go inside to a darker room to see it, i notice that the images seem to appaers washed out in some instances, ( don’t know if there is a :backlight-control button in the menu, hope so, as this may help, overall it’s a fun camera, small in size about an i-pod phone size and it also shoots individual images in the ‘camera mode’ purchased from amazon at a reasonable price.

Versatile, lightweight, very comfortable, easy to use with its touch menu. Videos of very good quality. 100% recommended amazon community.

Pros: ease of use free accessories full 1080p hd price featurescons: battery charging turning onconclusion: the features of this camcorder are found on more expensive models. The accessories are really great for a camcorder in this price range. But the battery is the main problem. The battery ceases to function on multiple occasions. The charging time is a lot when it says the battery is fully charged. When you turn on the camcorder you can’t flip the screen right away or it will not turn on. The battery does not perform well in the cold. Overall it’s a fifty-fifty chance your camcorder will work. If you have the money then buy a sony or panasonic.

Got it for my sister for christmas and it she liked it. Good video output and camera options are pretty nice, plus this was nice and cheap, but not too cheap if you get what i mean.

I really enjoy playing around with this device. Works well and the price was right. Not exactly top quality images or video, but handy and small enough to carry in a pocket.

When it turns on it works great. But there is a universal problem that sometimes it won’t turn on. You have to remove the battery, wait like 5 minutes or so and then retry. You cannot expect to simply pick this camera up and use it. But when it turns on without fail. The picture quality is good and it’s easy to use.

I purchased this item on a special deal of the day from amazon. Overall a good product for the price. It is very light and compact so it is easy to carry around. I still havent used all the features but it is very user friendly.

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