Thomson RCA EZ201 Small Wonder 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder – The Best Portable Camcorder Of All !

I ordered this product last week. Although i have not used it extensively, i found it intuitive and easy to use. I love the flip-out usb port, and the application software is already on the video; i did not need to install any software form disk. The audio quality wasn’t as good as i liked; hence the 4 stars instead of five. However, i found the quality of the picture to be very good. I am an amateur, but this would be sufficient for any family taking video. The internal memory is short (30 minutes high-def), so get a memory card.

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This product doesn’t have a date/time stamp. I thought they all did, so i wasn’t even looking for that as i made my decision to purchase. Also, it doesn’t pick up audio very well. I have to be within a couple feet of the camera to be heard. It doesn’t work well in low light, even when there’s still a bit of light out it records blackness. Other than that, this is an easy camera to use and is the right size to be portable. Here are the specifications for the Thomson RCA EZ201 Small Wonder 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Capture up to 60 minutes of video
  • SD expansion slot to add up to 4 hours recording time with SD card (sold separately)
  • Flip-out, 1.5-inch color display; 180-degree rotation
  • Retractable USB connection; built-in Memory Manager software
  • Includes AA batteries, USB adapter cable, AV cables, carry pouch, and wrist strap

This is a great little gadget. It’s perfect for taking short videos of your kids and for other on-the-go activities. It takes decent videos (not great in low light) and connects very easily to your computer. You don’t have to be a technological genius to use it, either. The batteries last quite a while. All in all, i highly recommend it and will use this one for years.

I bought this for my seven-year-old to film his lego and action figures and to take out for quick family videos on special occasions. Easy upload to computer, easy simple editing in provided software, easily loads into windows movie maker. I have never done any video before and within 30 minutes of opening the box i had shot a brief video, edited, and put it up on youtube. Only downsides: uses batteries quickly (make sure to get re-chargeables and extras to keep with you) and moderate picture and sound quality. Again, for the price, it does the job.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • But it doesn’t work with Vista OS!
  • Great bang for the buck!
  • Gets the Jobs Done!

Small, easy to carry in your pocket or purse,yet does the work of a much larger, more expensive model. More important, it is easy to use as well as being inexpensive.

We chose to get an older model camera for our 8 year old, with good cnet reviews, to save some money. We’re pretty happy with this camera, except for the fact that because it is an older model, the software does not work with our computer with windows vista. That is dissapointing to me, but my daughter doesn’t know the difference. She’s having a great time with it and we’ve found a different way to edit and store her videos. I really wish this camera had a still photo option though.

I purchased this camcorder for a class that requires us to record presentations and then bring the recorded presentation to class and play it. Everyone was so much more impressed with my little camcorder and the quality of the video than they were my presentation. It is so easy to use, you can record yourself, play back on my 36 inch tv was supreme. Good picture quality (on hq)and good sound quality. I plan to expand my memory, so to record longer. The only problem i have found is that it does use up batteries quickly, so i am gonna invest in some rechargeables. I would suggest anyone to purchase this device, it is awesome for the price and the quality is right up there with the larger models.

It does everything the high priced one and it fits in you shirt pocket.

It worked without major problems. Videos are adequate quality. Problem areas:it is difficult to see the screen in daylight outside, particularly on sunny days. My wife and i both took long videos of the ground thinking we had turned the thing to stand by. It would have helped to have it make different sounds when shooting video vs going to stand by. For all i know it does, i am half deaf. Adobe elements 6 makes only a generic thumbnail of each video. I don’t know if that is a problem with adobe or rca?overall i rate this little devise higher than the much talked about flip which lacks the sd card slot.

The ez201 is really an easy camera for us techno challenged people. But my soft ware had to be reloaded because i could not get the video portion on screen. People i send video to do not get them sometimes but that could be my fault.

My new small wonder, is everything i thought it would be, it is not perfect, but it suits my needs wonderfully. The built in software was suprisingly easy to use, and to make my own dvd’s. The ordering was easy, and delivery prompt.

It fits in my purse, and takes excellent pictures. Easy to use, easy to replay. And works with microsoft vista.

This little movie camera was such a great deal. I use it whenever my son is in a performance. Granted, it’s not professional quality but i can slip it into a small bag and film my son’s performances. It’s easy to shoot the movie and be able to watch what i’m recording without looking at the screen the whole time. You can upload the movie to any computer as the software is built into the camera, and it’s very easy to upload the movie to youtube or other video sharing web site.

I read a review on here that says the ez201 works with windows vista, but it does not. I bought it and i like the way it works, but i cannot install memory manager on my computer from the device, nor from the files, nor from audiovox/rca web site – they don’t offer a download for 201 because it’s supposed to come from the camcorder, and they don’t have a patch for it either. I called the service center and they said it is not compatible with vista. Now they didn’t sound like the sharpest tools in the box, but if it was compatible or if there was a patch, it would be on the rca small wonder web site and it is not. Now i have to contact discount jungle to find out how to return it. I guess the moral of the story is beware older models of technology as they might not be compatible with newer windows os. I guess it’s worth paying the extra $ to get something that is not already outdated. I know that amazon doesn’t take any responsibility for what its vendors sell through their web site, but you’d think someone would let the consumer know that this ez201 does not work with vista.

I bought this camera to take to dog agility trials. It’s cheap enough if something happens to it, it isn’t the end of the world. It’s simple enough, you can hand it to just about anyone and they can do a decent job taping a run. All of the software you need is right in the camera. It worked out so well, i’m going to buy a few for my classroom and have recommended it to my curriculum specialist (i teach webmastering).

If you want a point and shoot camcorder that doesn’t weigh down your hand, saves to sd card, and uploads video to your computer using plain old usb, then buy this. Clear and visible movies in low light settings. Forget the cell phone, forget the digital camera – just carry this with you and point and shoot anyplace to make great quality quick videos. One drawback – i am hoping the next version will have a cover over the buttons, it is too easy to turn it on when it is bouncing around in a bag or pocket. But other than that, for the price and performance, buy this.

The ergonomics of this device are pretty good. Simple buttons to do all common operations, no complex setup menus. The power switch does tend to get pushed by accident if you put it in your pocket though. Video quality is ok, and works well for small size playback, but is not good for larger screen viewing. The mpeg4 compression makes things reasonably small, but given the mediocre quality, i would have expected the movies to take less memory than they do. The colors are somewhat washed out, compared to the movies my old canon digital camera took. The low cost makes this a good camera to let my kids use. I wouldn’t use itfor anything i really wanted to treasure though.

Okay, so first thing’s first. This product is not compatible with macs. But if you download ‘visual hub’ you should be good. The avi files are just not recognized by macs. Once you get over that, this is a very handy little cam. The low light shots are a bit disappointing, but hey, it’s a 99 dollar 620 x 480 camcorder, so don’t expect hd. The audio is okay, and the zoom sucks. The interface is simple, and the battery life is not that bad (make sure you invest in rechargeable batteries). So for the money, i doubt you will find anything better. Maybe the flip, but that’s like 40 bucks more.

I purchased a small wonder just to take on vacation for short little videos that could be sent to family members or on websites. We let the kids use it to video whatever they felt was fun and important. It handled everything pretty well. Pros – easy to use, quick, simple to operate, videos are good enough for e-mailing and website. Files are in avi format, so they can be viewed by quicktime or windows media player (with the right audio/video codec installed). Cons – fairly low quality (ok on a pc/mac). Software on pc doesn’t always appear, so you have to copy the files off the device manually.

Ok, i was curious so i bought the small wonder and the flip (fw160) to compare them side by side. The small wonder does have the advantage of the sd card reader, plus the flip lcd. However, in dim lighting like around my house, the small wonder has a pinkish/reddish look to the images (i tried two small wonders with same results). The flip does do a better job in poor lit conditions color wise in my opinnion. You can see the small wonder gain up light more noticably when lighting gets darker, but the flip did a smoother job at it and the image was brighter. The flip also has a much brighter display that you can see much better outside. I wanted to keep the small wonder because of the adjustable lcd and the sd cards, but the resulting video with the red/pink tint in dim conditions was no good for me. But not all small wonder indoor video had the red cast, only with certain lighting conditions and it depended on what you subject was. People’s faces ended up with a sunburn look inside in certain light angles. The small wonder’s software was also a bit behind the flip’s. The flips allowed a larger video window for playing back the video, it was also just a bit more user friendly (better video making software with music). I will say that the small wonder does a good job of updating firmware etc. One other thing about the small wonder i liked was it’s usb connector was easier to connect to my pc because of it’s location. I still think the small wonder does a good job, i just think the flip is slightly better image quality wise.

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