Spider-Man Marvel’s Spiderman Snapshots Digital Video Camcorder, great video camera

My daughter loves this and has gotten a lot of good use out of it. Doesn’t take the best pictures but it’s good for our purpose.

Santa brought this for my 7 year old daughter as a christmas present. Automatically, it became the popular gift with her, and she immediately started taking pictures and video of everyone on christmas day. As an important note, this device does not come with a sd card included. Just a heads up so you can plan ahead and have one handy so the camera can be used. (we just used one of our old 1gb sd cards) but this gift was a hit.

The only disappointment is when you print the pictures they are not good quality at all. If you are looking for a camera for the kids to play with it’s ok.

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“Great product.
, It’s okay
, OK but not for most Children under 10

Grand child loved this, uses it all the time.

Wasn’t the hit of a gift i had counted on. Picture quality was ok, didn’t expect much for the price though. Mom doesn’t seem to appreciate that the child has to get on her laptop to download things (but that’s not the product’s fault).

Perfect for the price, durable for a childs first camera, i think its perfect.

Ordered a mutant ningas camera for a christmas presant, did not work, was to late to return it had to order another one not happy .

Granddaughters christmas gift. Exactly what i expected and easy for her to use.

My daughter liked it, i found it at best buy at reg price for 30 ~ that miffed me considering i paid 60. It looked cheap but works fine and suits what she needed. The price was a complete rip off.

Kids seem to like their camera. Not much feedback from them.

Was a gift for my grandson for christmas, he is 7. Have not heard back about it yet. When he first opened it, he was quite excited, thought he had his own personal phone.

Got this as a gift on a lightning deal.

This camera works and can withstand being dropped but could have been built with a sturdier plastic. It feels like a cheap toy from a drug store. Pictures are not great but that is to be expected with a child’s toy.

Great little camera for my 6 year old. It is a very basic camera, does not make super great quality pictures but it seems pretty durable. Does use batteries but they seem to have a pretty good life span.

I bought 3 of these for my kids – 1 monster high, 1 disney frozen, and 1 teenage mutant ninja turtles. These are pretty basic little still photo and video cameras. All arrived in good shape and worked well out of the box, after adding batteries. Considering the target audience (young kids), it is great how basic they are. It was very easy for my young kids, ages 4, 6 and 7, to begin using these right away without having to be trained or for either my wife or i to have to sit there with them the whole time helping. They have received a lot of use since christmas, and we have not yet had to replace the batteries. We have not downloaded any of the pictures or videos taken by the kids – half are probably of the floor – so i have no idea the quality of the videos or pictures; we didn’t get them with high expectations of getting great pictures from them, anyway. At some point we may do that, but that hasn’t diminished how much fun the kids are having running around taking pictures and videos. It’s like we have a house full of paparazzii will post this same review for each of the 3 cameras, since they were differently themed cameras, so i hope they don’t show up in triplicate.

Need memory card to save any images.

I didn’t realize the camera didn’t come with the 2gm memory card that is needed. Found the memory card at walmart. This is adorable and perfect size for my granddaughter’s hand.

This was purchased with my grand-daughter in mind. She is 8 years old and wanted to have her own camera to snap photos. . She loves anything monster high. It takes good photos, for the quality of the camera. “i received this item in order to test and review“i received this item in order to test and review.

Decent gift for a young girl. It does what it says it will do but ,of course, is not as fancy as kids may want. I would recommend getting this for you kids before they ask. If you wait until they are old enough to want it, they will be expecting smart phone quality which this is not.

I was very pleased with the ease of use of this item. I bought them for my nephews who are 5 & 4. They can easily see what they are videoing, the buttons are easy to work, and playback appears to be an easy task.

I bought this video camera for my grand daughter. It feels rather flimsy build. I would give these to children under 10 or any child who is somewhat rough with their toys. My grand daughter does love it. Warning be sure to get at least a gigabyte micro sd card. It is not usable without one.

I gave this recorder to my 5 year old daughter back in february and she loved it. For being a low end video recorder, it does a fairly good job and takes decent still pictures. I wouldn’t pay more than what i got for it on amazon, so it was worth the money.

Not super easy to use but attainable. Picture quality is poor but great to take pics and video for fun.

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