Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder – (Orange)

I couldn’t find mine just like this one so ordered a replacement. I use it to make youtube videos so don’t need anything fancy. I love the flip screen on this and the price.

This camera gives a surprisingly great picture for the price. Although it doesn’t have manual controls, when under high light conditions this camera delivers. For the price, it’s perfect for the amateur videographer.

If you are looking for something cheap for recording home videos this is an excellent option. For an hd cam is an excellent price 2) you can use it as a webcam. The image is awesome when using messenger and/or skype 3) the size is really comfortable. You can carry it in almost anywhere 4) it turns on and off automatically. (it saves a lot of time) 5) the fact that it uses memory sticks instead of dvds or built-in hard disks is a greatbad 1) this camera was design for video, so the pictures are not very good:this camera is great for hd recording, but for taking pictures is really poor. As it does not have any flash, indoor pictures don’t look very well, and the person practically has to freeze in order to take the picture. People running or moving will look like casper (hehehe) 2) built-in light:the built-in light is not very helpful, actually it is useful only when it is really dark and you are recording something that is extremely close to you. 3) automatic zoom and focusingfor an amateur this is an excellent feature, and i think it is, but sometimes it takes to much time for focusing accurately, and something it does not focus at all. Here are the specifications for the Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder:

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  • 5-megapixel still photos
  • HD MP4 1440 x 1080 video resolution
  • 2.5-inch swivel screen; only weighs 7 ounces
  • 5x optical, 20x digital zoom
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo media recording

I compared so many camcorders and finally decide to buy sony webbie camcorder. It fully charges in 90 minutes. The video in day light is absolutely amazing — the quality is comparable to blue ray dvd. Cloudy, sunset, dawn video clear too, though a little dimmer. Surprisingly, in door white light video is also very bright — awesome. I show to five of my collegues in the office. They took videos in the office light, then i inserted the 4gb mark 2 card in my computer. I played back using vlc (free) player. The video is so clear and bright that three of them said they will buy for their girl friend or kids. It let you record 25 minutes continuously then stopped recording immediately.

First of all i want to say how awesome and quick amazon warehouse deals sent this little camcorder to me. Now onto the camcorder itself. It did not go below the expectations i had for it. People should know this is not a high end camcorder it is simply something for a teenager or someone just getting started with recording videos. The camcorder shoots in 640×480(vga) 1280×720(720p) and 1440×1080(anamorphic 1080p). It shoots these formats in low bitrate h. 264 video and stereo(?) aac audio. I leave a question mark next to stereo because after reading the sony site it claims the microphone is mono but when i play back the video in a media player it shows up as stereo. Anywho the video formats are all low bitrate formats like i said above and by that i mean 720p video is only 4-5mbit and the 1080p video is about 6mbit but in sports mode i think its is able to achieve 8mbit so dont go expecting your videos to be awesome high bitrate hd video this is just economy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Ton of value for the price
  • very easy to use, compact
  • I have went through so many portable camcorders

Simple & easy to usea great hd camcorder for the price. Small enough to carry in my purse all the time to capture my daughter’s every move.

Is not the best thing out there, defenetelly not for indoor, it’s internal light doesn’t help much.

I wanted to give this a 5 star review. And would have, if the video camera had image stabilization (and if you didn’t hear the zoom so loudly). The camera works great and is easy to use, but there are just a few drawbacks that keep it from 4 stars:- you have to have a really steady hand when filming, or you will want to post process the video after to get it to be smooth- when zooming, you can hear it very loudly from the mic. Not a huge deal, but if you zoom a lot, it is annoying. – it has a bit of a tough time in lower light situations. I have tried both the normal setting and low light setting, and even though the low light setting helps, it isn’t perfect. Oh, and the led light on it is ok, but only for a specific distance, like 3-4 feet from the camera. Any further and it has no effect, any closer and it is too bright. It is nice to have for certain situations, but not as universal as desired. That being said, we have enjoyed the video camera a lot, as it is so easy to pull out and tape on a whim.

Some people are completely off their rocker. The complaints on a $200 digital camcorder reflects unreal expectations. Sony has not designed this camera to be a replacement to your existing camcorder for things like weddings or school plays. This is designed for great portability and to capture video for your computer and internet sharing. Complaints about the footage looking grainy on a 50′ plasma are crazy, this camcorder is designed for smaller screens, duh the webbie. My experience with this product is great. The video looks reasonably good on my 40′ bravia played through my ps3, but since i store and view my video on my computer the video on it is what matters and it is amazing. Low light does cause some grainy video but no more than more expensive camcorders, one would have to pay 3 times the cost of the webbie to get better low-light video that is worth the cost. I recommend this camcorder, it definitely gives the most bang for the buck. One would have to pay at least $500-$600 to get a better camera, the buttons are somewhat difficult to use but i can put up with that to save some green.

Everyone that has left a positive review is absolutely right.

I originally had a kodak zi6 720p pocket camcorder and i hated how it didn’t have autofocus and optical zoom. So i bought this baby and it is awesome. Even though it is about 2 or 3 years old it still keeps up with the current technology. It has a great long lasting battery life. I use mine for youtube videos usually about 3-5 min long. The brightness is’nt great but its fine for some macro shots if needed. Autofocus: pretty good, but sometimes it has some hiccups which annoy me a little but its nothing to fuss over. Zoom: 5x optical and great digital zoom.

I have had the bloggie, the webbie, the flip, a panasonic one, a aiptek one, a kodak one, i have had alot and i must say. This is my fave of them all. The quality on here is amazing. The only drawback is the zoom is not that far at all so if you need zoom then you will want to pass on this one but if you dont need long distance zoom then you should snatch this baby up. Another drawback is file size. I bought xhilisoft hd converter and converted my movies to high quality. Wmv files that way i could share and not lose much quality but no one wants a 5 minute video that is 3gb in size. Thats just ridiculous so you gotta resize the files and reformat but that does take some time. So i guess its just up to you if you want to spend the time on all this but you do get the best quality with this camera.

I was just about jaded with all these new hd cameras, when i ran into this by accident, scanning through google. I had purchased an kodak easyshare m1033, then a zi6, they both failed miserably at even coming close to standard definition, let alone high definition. They had alot of motion artifact, alot of graininess at any light exposure, and were useless in the dark. I had about given up until i saw this when perusing products at 2009 ces. I have had it one day, but it surpasses the products that i have used and that are out there. First off, images are clear, for real, not grainy. It actually has 4 different light settings – sports, landscape, backlight, and lowlight. None of the other ‘pocket cameras’ have this. This is extremely important, or you can forget recording video in your home.

My video ‘review’ isn’t really a full review. It’s mainly to setup some actual [handheld footage taken with the webbie. Of course, with the video compression you won’t see the actual hd footage, but it should still show up a bit crisper than the footage taken with the jvc gr-d770u in the very beginning of the video. The footage with the webbie taken at my desk looks yellowish, but it’s because i have a yellow (normal 60 watt incandescent bulb) lamp at my desk. There is no manual white balancing on this camera, but if used with some 5100k fluorescent lights, you’ll have a much better picture. You will not get professional features/results on a consumer camera in this price range. Once you understand that, you’ll be able to see this camera for what it is. You will see pixelization in low light situations – this is true for all low-end consumer cameras. Unless you spend $1000 for an hd camera, you’re simply not going to be able to film in the dark. ]

Overall, it’s a decent camera for the price. Low light is almost none-existent, playback is shaky and quite blocky. If you don’t want to spend a lot and don’t mind much about quality, this is the camera for you.

The camera is great but the quality could be better.

I wanted a camera that i could make videos of my daughter and post it on the internet for our family, since we live overseas. It does the job quite well, especially outdoors or indoors during the day. But i’ve got frustrated when using it to take pictures, you’ve got to have extremely steady hands to shoot got pics, it takes a while to capture and if the subject is moving (like a 5 month baby), you won’t be able to get a good shot. They should have built it with flash, it would help a lot.Other than that, it is great for self pictures, since you can flip the lcd display 180 degrees and it is very compact and easy to use and download pics and videos.

We bought this product reconditioned, via amazon but from a secondary vendor. We’re not technophiles or camera enthusiasts, just wanted something convenient and easy to use for catching pictures/videos of the kids, pets, travel, and so on. The product itself is great, does everything we wished and more, and is a handy size, weight, etc. Even the slightly odd colour – orange – makes it easily identifiable as ours. The only real complaint we’ve had so far is it came preloaded with pictures. Not factory demo shots – real pictures. Apparently whoever owned it previously forgot to clear the internal memory card. Worse, the shop that reconditioned it also failed to wipe the memory and, in fact, several of the pictures appear to be staff members horsing around. One would have thought it would be an automatic step before sending the product out to a new customer, to return it as close as possible to factory condition first. Otherwise, great little camera so far.

After seeing the impressive stats of the sony webbie hd video camera that was announced at ces earlier this month i decided that i needed to give it a try. I’ve been on a mission to find a good video camera that was under [. and only used memory cards for storage; no hard drives no tapes. Nethaving purchasing and returned in the past month 4 cameras: jvc everio ms120 (sd), kodak zi6 (hd), flip mino (hd), and canon fs100 (sd) and being disappointed with everyone i was about to give up and put down [. But in one final attempt i thought i would give the sony webbie hd a try. Figuring if the webbie could deliver even 3/4 of what sony’s promising then this could be a keeper. The first thing that you realize when you open the box is just how incredibly small the camera really is; at only 1. 4 inches tall the unit is not much bigger then a small point and shoot camera and can easily fit into a jacket pocket or purse. I purchased the orange () version and the color is really nice it doesn’t look cheap or cheesy but set’s it apart from every other bland silver and gray camera on the market. The only negative about the cameras small size and lack of hand strap is if you have large hands it can be a little uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time. Designthe camera on in only a second or two after you open up the swivel screen and is ready for action. Screen picture quality is good but like most lcd’s does have a limited viewing angle. ]

Pros: super easy to use and transfer the file to pc. Autofocus is not stable and often jumps between objects. Easily gets scratched due to poor plastic case.

A terrific package, stuffed with lot of functionality. Small camcorder that you can keep in your handbag or glove box all time. You are not stuck with the crappy cellphone videos any more. If you have used a point shoot camera before, the optical quality is very similar. Cmos sensor is small and the lens f/stops are not wide enough. I stress again on optical quality. In built battery gives long life, with memory stick you transfer video from camera to pc easily. Quality of video is in between flip and full fledged hdv camcorders.

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