Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder, Great Buy

The good; 5 mega-pixel, hd, optical zoom, fairly sturdy. The bad, proprietary memory card, built in battery, older tech. Good for those who wish a traditional camcorder over their smart phone.

Broke kind of quickly, but you get what you pay for.

This camera fits in the palm of your hand, so it is very convenient to bring anywhere with you to take videos. However, i found that the hd is not all that great on it, and when you are panning from side to side, or you move in any direction too quickly, the picture becomes fuzzy and is not high quality. There are a lot of really great uses for this, and it does take still pictures (which is nice), but i have a very nice dslr camera if i want still pics, and find that i don’t really use this video camera very often at all.

Comments from buyers

“Good Camera for Certain Purposes
, It’s ok
, Better than expected.

This camera is smaller than it looks, but the image quality for the size is astounding. In particular, making 1080 videos outdoors in the daytime will result in breathtaking footage. The colors are very true to life, like what your naked eye sees. I almost feel like i can make my own nature documentaries with this camera. The built-in light doesn’t really help much at all, so like most camcorders, indoors shooting will still require strong alternate lighting unless you don’t mind the constant noise in your video. There is also a little bit of artifacting in the outdoor videos, but only during fast motion. This might have been avoided if there was image stabilization, but i haven’t been able to figure out how to turn it on if there was. You can almost give up on shooting indoors at night, the video has more grains than breakfast cereal. The still camera capability is incredible, far better than the still image quality on my handycam. I don’t expect it to be a replacement for my canon sd1100is but if you are shooting a barbeque at a friend’s house, you won’t be needing to bring multiple cameras with you.

Nice camera for the price, it really neads a stedy shot feature. The videos are to compresed and in hd have some noice and small dots. Really poor quality under low ambient light but grat results under good light. Its a good product for the price but dont expect too much.

When i was first looking for a new camcorder, i was really trying my hardest to stay away from sony. They are not my favorite company but boy do they make some good products. After receiving my sony webbie i was pleasantly surprised how comfortable a camera this small fit in my hand. Besides the lack of a hand strap (which is replaced by a wrist strap) the webbie was very comfortable. Ease of use is a huge deal breaker for me, if it is hard to use i don’t like it and won’t use it, but that is not the case with the webbie. All you do is open it up and it’s instantly on. No complicated switching between settings and so on and so forth. It probably wouldn’t be good for filming movies or anything crazy involved like that, but for home videos, this camera is more than what i needed, and i’m happy. I read a lot a review about this camera before buying it, and i was a lot of complaints about the picture quality. I would have to say i disagree.

After buying webbie and sanyo camcorder from amazon. Com and 3 more here from my neighbour stores. I must say, i have found sony to be the best in picture quality.

I just got this camera and i love it. I also own a $1,000 sony handycam and to me the video quality is just as good, plus since this camera uses mp4 format it is so much easier to use and you don’t have to go back to school to learn how. Oh, did i mention the size and weight.

This is a nice little camera that is very easy to use. However, there are comparable products for the same price (or less) with much better video quality. Before buying the webbie hd, i was considering purchasing the flip, creative, or sanyo low-cost hd camcorders. I was excited when sony released this similar priced model with two things the others don’t have: (1) 1080p resolution and (2) optical zoom. I admit that i bought it on a bit of an impulse. But, i was hoping the video quality would be comparable to those other models. In outdoor settings (on a bright day), the video quality is good. However, even in bright outdoor shots, you’ll see some blocky-ness around objects. Strangely, the 720p mode produced generally better results than the 1080p mode (and a wider viewer angle for some reason).

I want to film my kids, but i never grab the camera. And if i film the event i never watch it — who has another few hours to capture the video and edit?i really have wanted a small, flash based camera with an optical zoom. Digital zoom to me is a waste. I considered the flip cameras, the kodak, and others, but purchased the sony. Here are the high points:* form factor is fantastic. Comfortable in my hand, easy to operate. If you have a previous cybershot camera or handycam, you’ll recognize the user interface. * charges up pdq* open the screen, the camera comes on within seconds.

I bought my sony at a local outlet for $70 in a bag used, it was returned to a store and was shoved on a shelf alone until i paid up for it. It only has 1 problem, and that is that it occasionally quirks out about once every few months and restarts. Cons: internal battery only lasts an hour on full charge, no handle to hold the camera besides an optional wrist strap, the light on the front of the camera does little to help even in a pitch-black room, lense cover is a seperate piece of plastic easy to lose, no stability control, slow auto-focus, requires special software to be used on a computer (such as removing images or videos), and the photo-taking ability needs a stand or a steady hand for at least 2 seconds to take a decent image. Pros: very high quality photos and videos, audio is decent, features are easy access on menus, most functions can be used without looking at the manual for a how-to, quick start-up for on-demand use, zoom feature works great without pixelation, moderate charge-time, durable (i’ve dropped mine on dirt, grass and concrete from hand-use; being about 4-5′), quickly stores photos and videos, overall easy-to-use. I would recommend this camera to those who want a high quality camera for still camera shots, or can have a steady hand in shooting a video from 30 feet away. I would not recommend this camera for those who want a point-shoot camera (pull it out and take an image quickly), or those who want a vacation camera. This is sort of a ‘poor-mans professional-video-camera’, you pay a poor-mans price for a digital video camera, and get just what you paid for it. Not recommended for night shots.

Good product, i thought i had better performance, the camera does not record very well at night, the light is very weak, good sound, but it supports sony, good brand i recommend it 100% thanks to recordings illuminated sites, excellent.

I bought the camera as a gift for someone. I am an international buyer so i was amazed that amazon shipped the package in less than a week. The person i bought it for is in love with the camera. They love the size, the fact that it’s hd and that it’s also their personal favourite brand, sony. I haven’t used the camera very much but from what i do know, the picture quality seems very good in the day. The size is very convenient, it is almost the size of a digital camera; therefore, it is less hectic to carry around. The only problem i think i would have with the camera is that the light is not very useful, as it does not help much in a dark area. Shooting video with the light on in a dark place does no justice, as the picture still comes out dark and not very visible. Other than that, i think that would be my only objective. The camera is a very nice camera and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to easily capture life’s memorable moments.

I’m very satified for the money i spend. The picture quality is pretty good. My biggest complaint with it is its sound quality isn’t very good. Sometimes things that are close by sound like they are off in a distances. Otherwise i like it, and would buy it again.

I bought my camera to record wrestling matches at tournaments. The quality of the video is okay for this, you always want better quality. The trouble with this camera is battery life. I am having to recharge halfway through the tournament. I wish the battery was replaceable, then it is simple to carry two batteries. Overall i like the camera i just need better battery life. For your money i don’t know if there is a better option.

First of all, this is a good camera for the price. Optical zoom, 1080p, good image quality outdoors and a very good sound quality. However, the sound is the reason for the 3 stars. As i said, the sound is pretty good, but it is *not* stereo. If you check the video file it will say that the sound is stereo, but both channels are absolutely the same. In fact, in the manual it says that the microphone is mono-aural. My question is: why does sony advertise on their website that the sound is stereo?. How can they advertise a stereo sound recording with a mono microphone?. I asked them about that problem and i am still waiting for an answer.

The price that you pay is fair with the product you get. The camera does not has night shot, so in the night it’s not good. The day is great and you get 4 hrs for video with a 8gb memory stick.

Bought this camera to use as a spare and it exceeded my expectations. Pros: good video quality; affordability; very decent pictures; cute-looking; shoots in hd; etc. Cons: biggest con is the 25-min continuous shooting limit, but can be overcome by pressing ‘stop’ and recording again.

Takes some time for it to focus when zoom used.

Nothing to really set up, take it out of the box add the memory, charge the battery and your done. So far i have been impressed with the picture quality and ease of use. I was worried that a sub $200 cam would be pretty useless, but connected to a large lcd tv the picture looks really good. I took the advise of a few people here and shot in 720p, image is sharp and has good color. This cam is being used outside and is mostly recording slow action from a horse and rider and is perfect for that, easy to carry and has enough zoom, great battery life and storage for the whole day. My only faults are it would have been nice to have a auto lens cap and to me the zoom is hard to get to when holding the camera, it isn’t damped enough to it zooms in and out very fast.

This is a very compact camcorderi am very happy with this purchasei use for recording in classroomis good the 1080p quality.

I was just about jaded with all these new hd cameras, when i ran into this by accident, scanning through google. I had purchased an kodak easyshare m1033, then a zi6, they both failed miserably at even coming close to standard definition, let alone high definition. They had alot of motion artifact, alot of graininess at any light exposure, and were useless in the dark. I had about given up until i saw this when perusing products at 2009 ces. I have had it one day, but it surpasses the products that i have used and that are out there. First off, images are clear, for real, not grainy. It actually has 4 different light settings – sports, landscape, backlight, and lowlight. None of the other ‘pocket cameras’ have this. This is extremely important, or you can forget recording video in your home.

Still going strong, after all these years. Great for trips and special occasions.

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