Sony MHS-CM5 bloggie HD Video Camera – Bought this to propose to my future wife

I purchased this new sony bloggie not even a week, and i see this new gadget as the second generation of sony webbie which sony had unveiled for almost a year ago. There are few things that sony has upgraded for this little thing. This gadget has full 1080p video capture mode (1920×1080), even so if you don’t need to use its full feature video resolution you can just easily downgrade to 720p or even less resolution. I am basically pretty happy with this new stuff. The result from the video recorder is pretty nice when you shoot during the day time with enough light, but a bit fuzzy during night or low light condition. The use of the functions are pretty easy, 5x optical zoom is enough for me. The cons about this camera is there isn’t any charger, you basically have to charge the battery using the camera and you connect them to your computer usb port which mean you leave your computer on. If you thinking you get any 1080p flash camcorder, i think this stuff is pretty cool compare to any other brands we have in the market.

Image kinda wobbly when held in hand, had problems with video recorded in 1080. Not the best for pics, i cant keep it steady enough to take a good pic. But if it still it takes good pics. Quick to turn on record about 4 seconds. Just came back from 4,000 mile road trip recording everything from hiking to museums and it did a great job. Be sure to buy another battery.

This is a nice little camera. Takes awesome pictures and video. The interface between the camera and my mac laptop however was not as easy as it should have been. We did get the issue resolved with a bit of persistance. Here are the specifications for the Sony MHS-CM5 bloggie HD Video Camera:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Comfortable Gun Style
  • Built-in PMB Portable software for easy upload to web
  • 2.5″ LCD3 (230k pixels) with full-screen playback
  • 1920×1080 HD recording w/5MP still images
  • HDMI output
  • 1920×1080 HD recording w/5MP still images
  • 2.5″ LCD3 (230k pixels) with full-screen playback
  • HDMI output
  • Built-in PMB Portable software for easy upload to web
  • Comfortable Gun Style

It can do all the things a regular old school big camcorder can do yet in a compact size. It’s pocket size takes excellent pictures and saves so much battery use from using this rather than your cell phone camera.Also can be used to download your pictures to you cell phone library of pics. Awesome and again worth every penny. Perfect gift for pretty much anyone that can operate a cell phone.

I had the hardest time trying to decide between the sony bloggie and the flip. I don’t regret getting the bloggie and i’m extremely happy with the job it does. Of course it isn’t some fancy recording camera but i like the job it does with the features it has built in. It doesn’t make miracles in dark places but it takes whatever light is available and kinda brightens up a picture on it’s own. Yeah it doesn’t have a flash setting but it does well in light and it’s easy to carry around with me on vacation or to concerts. My only real complains would be the picture taking. When taking video this thing works wonders but when comes to pictures it’s a different story. This thing isn’t the best at capturing things in motion. It’s focus with the camera sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s on and off with me but over all i don’t have to much to complain about. Works great at concerts and i’m holding on to this on for a good while.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bought this to propose to my future wife
  • Great camera for non-techies.
  • I love my bloggie!

I purchased this little camera for one reason. I needed something to fit in my pocket so i could pull it out and propose to my girlfriend when the time was right. The right time was in disney world when we stopped next to cinderella’s castle around midday. I said, ‘let’s do a video recap of the day for the vacation video. ‘ and then preceeded to hold the camera in one hand while pulling out the ring with the other while balancing on one knee. The great thing about this camera is that it takes a memory stick as big as you’re willing to spend on it. My 32 gig sd card holds roughly 14 hours worth of video. This is a big plus when you’re running around disney world for 5 days. Similar cameras that have internal memory are locked at about 1 to 2 hours of footage and you need to empty the camera. The camera itself creates very high quality images.

I bought the cm5 after trying out a couple of other hd camcorders. I just wanted a basic, easy-to-use camcorder that films in 1080p and was easy to upload to youtube, facebook, etc. This camera met all those requirements. It is very easy to use, takes great quality video and uploading to youtube was a snap with the included software. I’ve never been a big fan of sony’s imaging products because they use the memory sticks but this camcorder will accept either the memory sticks or sd cards. The camera has software built-in (like the flip does) but it also comes with a more feature filled version that you can install on your computer. It transfers and uploads easily. The only drawback is that it won’t stand up on its own whereas, based on the location of the flip-out usb connection, you would ‘think’ that it should. It has froze a couple of times but not while recording, only when trying to turn it off.

It’s very good cam for day light use, because it doesn’t have a flash then you’re pretty much bound to making movies and pics only at day time, which is good enough for family trips. It’s very small and very easy t carry around.

I purchased this sony bloggie for my grandson for christmas. At first we were not able to get it to charge. I contacted seller who promptly wrote back with solutions. I tried the different things he suggested and discovered it was operator error. We were trying to recharge the battery with a laptop. Once i hooked the battery up to our pc it charged right up, held a charge, and my grandson is very happy. I would buy from this seller again. Great product and great customer service.

I am so glad i purchased the bloggie. It takes fantastic pictures, wonderful videos and what i like most about it is, once you download the video, you can actually pick a scene from the video and turn it into a picture. I love how easy and fun it is to share the video and pictures on facebook or my blog. My father said that it’s really simple and quick to download the videos that i send to his email address as well. I recommend this product to anyone. I would also like to say that the battery life is exemplary as well. I recommend the hard shell protector case to go with this product.

It has zoom which i really liked. I did use a tripod though at some point. Kind of shaky images if no tripod and using the zoom. Kind of bulky compared with the flip. But one thing i loved the best is that you can put a card so you can use it up for hours. Flip’s memory is only about 2-4hrs. This is way longer than that.

An alterative to flip video, wife likes the color. Some low light issues but i didn’t expect too much for the price. Sony memory stick required and can be expensive.

If you’re not a big fan of technology this camcorder/camera its a good option for you. Only disadvantage: poor quality in low ligth situations.

Don’t expect too much with this $199 camcorder and can’t compare with $1000 camcorder, it works very well in high light and struggles in low light. The video quality is not too bad with 1080, better than the 720p and regular camcorder. I’m very happy with this camcorder, it is so convenience to carry around. The spec lists it uses sd card, so i brought the transcend 16 gb class 6 sdhc flash memory card, and it does not fit into the slot at all. I guess it only uses memory stick pro then.

While it does hd, don’t expect the 1080p quality to be like watching a blu-ray movie. But for the money, all around good camera. Loved the fact that it has 5x optical zoom. Like most low-end camcorders, it struggles in low light – especially in the hd modes (i found using 760 30p to be the best compromise for low light indoors, and 760 60p for outdoor action sequences). Saw a review on cnet that advised not to use the built in image stabilization, so i’ve avoided that and been pleased overll.

The sony mhs-cm5 is the best i have found for the type of use. It has 5x optical zoom when most of the others in its price range have digital zoom only. This feature is the main reason for my purchase and it works very well. Video is very nice using the hdmi cable. Stills are clear, color balanced and pleasant to look at. I would like more slow-motion options but what does one expect for under $200.

Hate to jump through hoops to make a wmv.

I wanted something light and something i could use. I have limited use of my arms. I can’t lift a camera to my eye to snap a picture and hate having others take pictures for me. After testing out something similar, i found this on amazon and it is actually lighter. It’s small and light and i can easily hang the loop around my wrist and go. I’ve gotten a lot of good pictures with this, especially outdoor photos. I can prop it on my knee and turn the window so i can see exactly where i need to point it in order to get what i want. It’s helped me be more independent and capture what i want, instead of what others think i’d want. It’s not the best camera, but i love it.

Amazon is obviously filled with fake reviews from either fanboys or competing company employes. I bought this camera, and even reviewed it, compared it to other cameras like the kodak zi8 (search google for ‘letsfindjesus bloggie’ to find videos of my review). The sony is the best under $200 camcorder on the market. Its auto focus is quick, the colors are rich and accurate, and the mono mic actually sounds good. It has a built in usb plug (which is also used to charge) and pretty good face detection. The still camera (unlike the pocket cams) actually takes decent 5 megapixel photos. It has a playback speaker which is loud enough. The 5x optical zoom is smooth, and the digital zoom is well. Bottom line, for the price the picture quality and build is mighty good.

Very good little camera take really good pics and video. I loved using it on my cruise to alaska. The only problem is that the wrist band that come with it is really small so i would reccomned getting a bigger one. Otherwise bloggie did a great job.

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