Sony HXR-NX70U NXCAM Professional Camcorder – NX70U – Best bang for the buck!

My only issue is that it didn’t come with the proper usb connection. I believe that it is part ‘c’ in the manual. I dont recognize the smaller connection on this cable so i havent been able to ask for it anywhere that i’ve looked. I have the one that has the small connection that goes to a female usb connection, but the camera doesnt get recognized when i use it.

The nx70u is rock with the new firmware upgrade. It fixed the zoom ‘problem’ to some. But i think it’s a good feature if you want to get to the zoom in/out quick and cut that video segment out. It is a light weight and less than 2 lbs. I can use it with tiny glide gear syl-1000 steadicam. Sony hxr-nx70u nxcam compact camcorder with 1920 x 1080 60/24p full hd, 96gb internal flash memory plus sd slot for more memory option[.

We bought this camera for a high school to shoot events and such. The menus are easy to access and get around. The option for internal storage or sd card is great. I shoot a football game on the internal storage for the team and halftime events on the sd card. I agree with the other review the zoom control sucks. Forget about a smooth slow zoom. I have stopped using the zoom controls and now only use the ring to control zoom. Even this does not produce a smooth zoom and the zoom ring is backwards to me. Here are the specifications for the Sony HXR-NX70U NXCAM Professional Camcorder:

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  • You can be confident rainy or dusty shooting environments will not affect the reliable operation of the HXR-NX70 thanks to its IEC60529 IP54 rating. The camcorder’s sealed body design makes sure that harmful sand and large dust particles do not get inside
  • A waterproof performance rating of IPx4 means that the main camera body is protected against rain showers and water splashes. However, it should not be submerged underwater or sprayed with pressurized water from a tap or hose
  • Engineered for superior optical performance, Sony G lenses deliver brilliant, accurate color reproduction and sharp, amazingly detailed images
  • In addition, the 26.3mm focal length offers a broader perspective than previous lenses for enhanced wide angle shooting so you can capture more of the scene when close in
  • Get the most out of your camcorder with enhanced manual controls. The assignable lens ring allows for manual adjustment of focus, iris and zoom settings so you have complete creative control

Instructions are the best i’ve seen. This is a professional-grade camera with instructions written for a layman. The only problem — you’ll have to upgrade your hard drive or cloud space, because it uses memory.

Perfect compact hxr with pro-like capabilities. Good-bye mini dv, hello future. ~take the supplied mic out to fit flashlights for night shots~.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It has a soft picture and if you shoot old people they love the fact their wrinkles don’t show as much
  • Just what we needed
  • Very good HD camera.

Well, ive used it for a year and wish i would have purchased a 3 chip camera instead. I shoot live switch events and this camera doesn’t match the clarity of even my hdr-fx7 which is actually hdv. It has a soft picture and if you shoot old people they love the fact their wrinkles don’t show as much. I do like the fact i can set up a lockdown shot and not worry about running out of hd space for 4 hours which some of my meetings run.

The quality is good but no has effects and if not have care install the microphone you could lose the audio of your video, take care.

Finally a small camera that has what i need. Picture, audio, features great. Zoom – so sovideo out – a pain – this should be easy. Overall a very good camera – a very good value. Should be ok for most applications.

The sony unit is a little pricy. I have since spotted a jvc unit that seems to do the same functions but has the triple stack video chips to the nxcam one chip.

I bought this camera about a year ago now and it was cheaper from bhphotovideo. I used the zoom well so i have no problem with that. Anyways i don’t really zoom while shooting. I used it to do voice overs and it is clean and clear. I even used it to shoot a short film which was decent. If you light your shots correctly, this cam is great. Not having to worry about audio is a big plus unlike all other cams that demand too much audio tweaking.

hxr-nx70u firmware upgradesony is offering a firmware upgrade for nxcam camcorder “hxr-nx70u”. The applicable products are with the firmware version “ver. Additional hxr-nx70u features*1. Improvement of zoom rocker operation(selectable zoom speed)2. Dual recording for simultaneous rec. To its internal memory and memory card3. Added 1920×1080/30p and 1280×720/60p. The expanded focus and histogram buttons are now assignable keys. Added last scene review feature. The display on/off button now also controls display of the face detection box onto video output. ]

With the firmware update correcting the zoom problem while increasing the number of settings for recording, the camera now absolutely meets all requirements of video and still shooting without question. I have used this camera in snow storms, rain and god knows what else and it works, producing truly outstanding stills and video with style and grace. Sony has a terrific system with no real competition as of yet.

Packed well and fast shipping a++++.

Overall, end product (film quality) is great. G series lens lives up to its rep. However:huge huge huge problem with this camera is the zoom. The see-saw zoom button that rocks back and forth is so bulky and unpredictably inaccurate it’s worthless. You have to depress the button half way (which is a good quarter inch) until it does anything and then it’s so sensitive that it zooms in out out super fast out of your control. Even worse, the zoom ring on the barrel of the lens is unusable. This product should not even have been shipped like this. In my eyes, it’s broken right out of the box. The reason you can’t use the barrel zoom is because when you turn it ever so slowly for a creeping zoom, it steps in little tiny jerk movements.

I was very excited to get this camcorder. It came just in time for a shoot and i spent the evening learning all of its features and getting things setup for the event in the next few days. The firmware was updated to the latest version right out of the box, so all of the issues that this camera had in the past were fixed. After selecting my quick menu options and hooking up a wireless lapel microphone to the unit i went out to do some shooting and i’m glad i figured out this issue before the main event. On the on-board mixer, it blends both channels 1 and 2 together when you have it selected as ch1-ch2 and have 2 inputs connected to the device. The instructions state that if you only want channel 1 then select that option, but in reality what is does is give you 2 mono channels (left – right). That’s exactly what i would need for the event that weekend as i was going to pull down a mix from the house mixer separately from the shotgun microphone using my h4n and blend them in post, but now i can record it straight to the camera on channel 2. The manual needs to be more clear about that. If you unplug channel 2 you indeed get channel 1 sound on both the left and right inputs on the track. As far as video quality goes, this camera rocks.

I have a sony not of this caliber and it has a poor zoom control also. I use the remote which gives me a nice slow steady zoom.

I wasn’t sure about buying this camera. The rain/dust proof feature is quite important to me, but didn’t want to spend 3k on something with bad reviews. Well, last month sony released the so waited firmware update, solving a lot of the main problems exposed here. I bought the camera 2 weeks ago, and i’m really happy with it. Of course it lacks the features found on 5k $ cameras, but this one has more than enough to me. . And rainproofupdate months later: i enjoy more and more this little camera. Image quality is fantastic (check some at my vimeo page [. for a small sensor camera. The trend today is dslr video, but if you’re looking for a very easy way to capture good footage, this camera is great. ]

The quality for this camera is excellent and would recommend it to anyone seeking a hd camera. We are using it to stream live video and the quality is great.

I’ve been a pro videographer for over 10 years and always look for video cameras that perform extremely well without having to pay 5-10k. For the money, this cam is extremely good. The claimed features and specs are real. The depth of color is outstanding. Plus, the low lux setting is much more than a small enhancement. There’s a definite improvment at venues with lower lighting. I would add 2 features: controls for the zoom speed & streaming video out/firewire. We proudly use this at xoomworx.

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