Sony HVR-V1U 3-CMOS 1080i Professional HDV Camcorder – Best pro-sumer yet

Needed to produce poetry videos for youtube.

I love this camera the picture quality and audio quality is good. Having xrl imputs is a very important plus. The only downside is white balance feature. Its not true white balace, just two presets, one for outside one for inside. But other than that, for the price you are getting great quality. I would recomend this highly.

I was told i would receive my camera between the 10th-25th and it arrived five days early on the 5th. Extremely impressed with the timely delivery and quality of the product. I will definitely keep this company in mind for future references.

I bought my hvr-v1u and have had it a week now. I am very impressed with the quality of video with very good light. In low light the quality of this video camera is poor. But after doing hours and hours of research i decided on this model for a few reasons. 1) size – this camcorder is about the same size as a vx-2000 with the same feel and pretty much the same layout. 2) 24p – this camcorder can shoot film in true 24p which is great if you want to give your video that ‘film look’3) xlr – this camcorder has 2 xlr inputs to put real good microphones on it if you want and comes with a $230 microphone. 4) hdmi – this model has an hdmi out so i can quickly and easily with one cord connect it to my hdtv. The sony hdr-fx1 doesn’t have this. I think the slow motion feature is pretty cool to experiment with. But the quality is low and of course there is no sound when you do this.

This camera is a workhorse too bad its not made anymore. Used on many tv shows, that says something.

Great product for the price- came as pictured and in great shape. I appreciate the hard carrying case and extras.

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This camera is very easy to use. It shoots great quality video. Perfect for shooting sport videos.

Let me say, first, i am not a professional, national geographic videographer. I am a semi professional photographer. My 3 nikons have served me well, with more that 300,000 shots. Now on to my personal experience with this camera. Let me address the negative feedback that i have seen from a few. I purchased this camera specifically to shoot indoors. It’s primary use is to record church services. It is the best camera that we have used, with superior picture quality and clarity. We are using it exactly as the image used to advertise – with the 60gb hvr-dr60.

I got burned on my vx-1000 with its 32k stunted audio, no firewire in and no manual zoom. The pdx-10 that followed was great- except for still missing a manual zoom. I looked really hard at the first hdv cameras- and decided to wait, and v1u was well worth it. Bought the sony hd- and am totally amazed at how much faster my edit process is. The picture quality is phenomenal- but, we’ve mostly used standard dv since clients are quite ready to pay for hd. If you’ve shot with a pd-170 you’ll find the form factor very familiar. Still not in love with the way sony sets white balance- it’s not really totally intuitive- but, overall- this is the best camera i’ve worked with. Friends who’ve borrowed it are gaga- and they are used to shooting with sony pro cameras. As always- audio is the most difficult part of shooting with a prosumer camera- and the handle mounted dials are a bit tough to manipulate while shooting- but, all that aside- this camera is amazing. Also picked up sony’s led light- it amazes me every time i use it- great light- no heat- and forever battery life.

Amazing picture, perfect zoom, excellent handling of low light. Super happy with my purchase.

We use this camera in a controlled environment, 5. 5kw of incandescent light, and the images are sooo nice. The camera has been setup to shoot 24p all the time, and the color tweaked by me and a colorist, and the results are amazing. Our casting company uses it about 90% of the time, we record to a focus fs 4 and to tape simultaneously. The optical stabilization works amazing when hand held, the mic is not so good, but at least it’s there. Wish it would have another accessory shoe, one is just not enough. All in all, the camera works great, the images are very cinematographic, stabilization is very useful, can be tweaked a lot, its as reliable as the sunrise. I like the new z7, but for what we do, the v1 works like a charmf3.

Features of Sony HVR-V1U 3-CMOS 1080i Professional HDV Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Dual XLR audio inputs with variable control and supplied shotgun microphone
  • 3.5-inch widescreen Clear Photo plus LCD display
  • 3 ClearVid CMOS sensor system , 4:2:2 color used by Sony Enhanced Image Processor
  • 1080/24P scanning with 2:3 pull-down recording
  • 20x Carl Zeiss Vario-Zonnar T lens with extra-low dispersion glass , 1.5x digital extender
  • 1080/24P scanning with 2:3 pull-down recording
  • 3 ClearVid CMOS sensor system; 4:2:2 color used by Sony Enhanced Image Processor
  • 20x Carl Zeiss Vario-Zonnar T lens with extra-low dispersion glass; 1.5x digital extender
  • 3.5-inch widescreen Clear Photo plus LCD display
  • Dual XLR audio inputs with variable control; supplied shotgun microphone

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Generally i do like this camcorder, however if you expect to shoot indoors (or out) with less than a 60 watt bulb within 1 foot of the subject. . All you will get is ‘grainy’ video. Very poor at early morning or late evening shots outdoors. I’m looking for a light now, but not sure if the outdoor shots will ever work. I film wildlife in low light. . Will probably have to trade this camera in. . With a 60 watt (or greater) bulb close, the picture quality is exceptional. Same outdoors in full sunlight. The built-in filters work very well, and the programming features are easy to use(very much styled after 10 year old sony cameras. . Very few changes which allowed me to use this camera with little manual reference). I do love the fact that my 10 year old handycam batteries interchange with this camera. Also kudos for using 3 mediums for recording. . Tape(which only cost about $2 each at present, a few bucks more for hdv), memory stick (4 gig max) or the optional hard drive. The remote from my old handycam has more features than the new one supplied. The new programming supports the old remote. Photos are very respectable, and clarity from the carl zeiss lens is legendary and many extra lens’ are available(i bought a wide angle and 2x for about $75 as an experiment/starter, but the quality was soooo much better than i expected that unless i shoot for tv. . I’m not planning to upgrade anytime soon) about 300 photos per gig of memory card will store. The camera shoots stills and video simultaneously or seperate(still shots at a higher quality) the supplied mic is adequite, but i believe there are upgrades in my future soon.

Smooth pictures in every type of frames (30p, 24p. The camera is perfect weight (not to heavy to get tired too fast, but not to light so it won’t shake much when recording).

Bought the camera sight unseen, which was a mistake. I shoot in a lot of low light situations, which this camera does not do well in (my old digital 8 camera blows this away). I’ve had to boost to hyper gain which is an extremely grainy picture.

I have had the chance to use this camera a few times, plus compare it to some other hd cameras out there in it’s price range, and came away impressed by a few aspects, and more knowing about a few others to consider. All in all this is a great little hd camera that takes great pictures right out of the box. It handles really nice, has a true microphone that comes with it, and the lens is great on it with it’s 20x ratio. It’s slow-motion, though at quality a little less than sd, looks fantastic and is great fun to play with. The camera’s low light capability is not as good as the canon xh-a1 in the same price range, or the panasonic hvx200 (another $2k+), or as good as the older sony z1 (which doesn’t shoot 24fps). Looking back, the sony pd170, which was the low-light standard is about 2 stops better in very low light. But the v1u’s low light performance is almost one of taste. The camera tends to give a little more fine grain in such low light, kind of like film in some ways. My guess is that this ‘effect’ is pleasing to some people, who don’t view it’s low-light grainy issues as a problem. Test for yourself before buying.

Dual XLR audio inputs with variable control and supplied shotgun microphone

3.5-inch widescreen Clear Photo plus LCD display

3 ClearVid CMOS sensor system , 4:2:2 color used by Sony Enhanced Image Processor

1080/24P scanning with 2:3 pull-down recording

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Sony HVR-V1U 3-CMOS 1080i Professional HDV Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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