Sony HVR-HD1000U MiniDV 1080i High Definition Camcorder : for the last six years and it still works like a charm

I work in video professionally and i am very happy with this camera. For the price its unbelievable. Amazon shipped it to me faster than they said they would and i had no problems. I will continue using amazon to buy all of my equipment.

I purchased this camera mainly to have a professional look when shooting weddings and events. I felt like i could produce a decent video using a normal consumer camera that would satisfy the customer just fine, but because most consumer cameras are so small the customer might not feel they were receiving a quality product. This camera with it’s professional look came to my rescue. People are now treating me much more seriously with respect because of my ‘high-end’ camera look. Because this was a sub $2,000 camera i wasn’t expecting a whole lot. It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to a $10,000 or $20,000 camera, which i think some people were trying to do, especially with the poor reviews for low light conditions, plastic construction, and poor audio performance. I was pleasently suprised with the performance of this camera, it out-performed all of my expectations. I left everything in the default hdv settings and turned it on to shoot my kids playing indoors under bedroom light conditions. I was amazed with how smooth and clear everything appeared, especially with the low reviews i read about in low light, it blew my other camera (canon optura 50) out of the water. It also exceeded my expectations with audio, from what i read the shot-gun mic on this camera isn’t the best, but i was greatly satisfied with it’s performance.

Sony HVR-HD1000U MiniDV 1080i High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Enhanced mobility and professional aesthetic with this shoulder-mount design and black matte body
  • HDV1080i recordings can be captured on DigitalMaster professional tape as well as consumer MiniDV
  • Built-in down-converter creates DV material, perfect for standard DVD productions
  • Easy viewing with this large, freely rotating 2.7-inch LCD screen
  • Features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonner T* lens with 10x optical zoom

I shot my first event last saturday (a birthday party) and i can report the following:the hd1000u is not the ‘retro vhs looking plastic camera’ described by critics. It feels hefty and is made of high impact abs plastic. Following the tradition of sony it has a very appealing look. Since shoulder mount was a definite necessity for my business it has proven an excellent choice. The shoulder pad must be adjusted to your needs to be able to balance the weight, the camera tends to be a bit front heavy but nothing like the canon xl2 which has made my right arm grow larger than my left. I added an additional 1/8 inch thick rubber pad under the shoulder pad to alleviate hardness. Contrary to opinions i had no problems with the hybrid lcd menus or focusing with the evf. I found focusing comfortable even in low light. As an semi-pro event videographer i’m yet to find a perfect camera for low light conditions (within my pocket’s reach) so i was not expecting much and as such i’m always depending on my trusty custom on board light that possesses a 10, 20 and 50 watts setting. I have no problem convincing anyone for the need of extra lights even demanding ‘bridezzilas’ or stubborn clergymen.

Camera received was a returned product by previous customer (over 80 pictures were still in memory card. Seller agreed for a $100,00 rebate, which i agreed with, because in my case, this was an international sale. As i produced three very short clips in shooting (about 20 min. Once edited for local tv),hd images are sharp, bright and clean. Manual focus is something user has to learn to operate in order to be comfortable with. Value/price make a good camera mainly for short length images and quick pace editing.

I have enjoyed my hvr 1000 – it’s really big and heavy but it shoots great and no issues other than having to clean the heads regularly for good quality.

Sony HVR-HD1000U MiniDV 1080i High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I’ve used this camera for a couple years now, and it’s held up great. The image quality is fantastic in perfect lighting, and it’s still very good in low light situations. I did have an error with the firewire port but sony got that fixed quickly. If you don’t mind working with minidv, and you’re on a budget, without a doubt the hvr-hd1000u is the way to go.

Purchased mine in 2005 & it still shoots great quality videos. I’ve used it for sports: hockey; rugby; baseball you name it; weddings; band demos etc. The audio isn’t the greatest-yet, that can be tweaked in your production software. Yes, since my singing career has been put on hold (throat cancer survivor) i’m again taking ‘her’ out of her case & recharging the batteries & plan to rock-n-roll w/ new projects. So glad i didn’t have to spend 3 grand back in ’05.

After using it for more than 4 years i experienced very bad mechanical head and lens shaking problems in this camera.

I’m a professional wedding videographer, and i started out with this camera three years ago. I was forced to start my own business due to economic downsizing at my old job (the weather channel), and needed to purchase all of the necessary gear to film weddings and commercials with on my very strict (read unemployed) budget. All money for my venture was coming completely out of pocket. I spent a good week researching camera models that would work well within the outfit i was trying to create and finally decided on this one. Having been to a number of shoots in the past with small yet capable cameras, i know how important the physical look of your camera can be to clients. To a video person, the body of the camera isn’t the deciding factor, but to those in the know who are hiring a professional, a shoulder mount will always look more impressive than a hand-held. The pluses: under the right lighting conditions, you can get some truly amazing looking footage. I have filmed over 100 weddings with 2 of these cameras, and had many of them delivered on blu-ray with some impressive results. The auto features are also very good, which is perfect for the run-and-gun nature of filming a reception.

I love a lot of the features on this camcorder, however it doesn’t do that well in low light unless you have proper lighting. I was needing a little more quality in the video but at 6. 1 megapixles you can’t really expect miracles. I think i would stick with the 3ccd setup but for the price and performance overall it’s a decent camcorder.

You can’t argue with results, and i have gotten excellent results with this camera. I shoot in some challenging conditions (the cabs of steam locomotives in less than good weather, for instance) and i have never been let down. Rain, sun, hot, cold, fog, you name it; this camera has been great in the field. The picture is excellent, and the audio holds up its end as well. There have been some knocks against the touch screen controls, but same as anything they are no problem at all once you get used to them; and that doesn’t take long. A friend got this same camera on my recommendation, and she loves it as well.

I used this camera in my visual broadcasting tech class and it is very heavy. Your shoulder and arm starts to scream after 25min even with the padding it is very nice though.

Spoke with many, many, many video experts and searched high and low and purchased many cables and the only way to get footage onto a mac was by putting the tape into another camera (which an old video teacher found in storage by pure coincidence) and loading it off of that. Had to fiddle with the setting on the computer and both camera for a very long time first though and practically pulled out all my hair doing so. Great camera, lots of fun, but not worth the effort tbh.

Super user-friendly and shoots high-quality stuff. My only wish is that it had two mic inputs (and that they were xlr).

I just bought this camera last week with the intention of making a feature hdv film with a group of like-minded individuals and i have to say now that i’ve received it and shot a little bit of footage with it i’m very excited. The picture is crystal clear and very bright. I watched what i shot on my hd television and it looks great, better than some professionally produced videos that air on the hd channels. I’m pleased with my purchase and with any luck will be shooting a feature with it this spring. I’m also going to spring for a glide cam stabilizer and some other accessories.

Este producto lo compre para regalarlo a una persona muy especial. La verdad, no se que tan complacido se encuentra el con la camara de video. Pero mi experiencia con la operación de compra, fue muy sencilla, formal, y atenta.

Sony hvr-hd1000u minidv 1080i high definition camcorder with 10x optical zoombest semi-pro camera for money.

Look, this thing feels cheap. It’s lightweight and plasticky feeling. It looks a lot like a really old vhs tape camcorder. I’ll be dipped if this thing doesn’t shoot some fine video. It’s really crisp and vibrant stuff. I shoot professional mma cage matches. The light weight of this thing turned out to be a blessing as i sometimes need to hold this camera way out, with fully extended arms to be able to capture some of my over-the-top-of-the-cage shots. I still get a full-body workout, but thank god it’s not as heavy as a more expensive camera of the same size. It’s not the greatest in low light situations, but really, what digital video camera is that doesn’t cost half an arm?. I’ve never seen one with stellar low-light performance. Also, it tends to go slightly out of focus when using the maximum zoom speed. I mean, if you were zoomed way in and wanted to zoom out as fast as possible, you will notice a little bit of a focus issue during the zoom process.

This camcorder is a excellent value for the money. It’s size gives it a very professional look and handling quality. It’s signal output options and quality are much more than i expected from a unit of this price range. Even though it is very menu intensive to get to most of the features. I’d recommend it to prosumers as a beginning to professional videography.

My order was delivered in time. The camera was in perfect working condition and with it my pastor shoots nice videos during church sermons to air on national tv.

I recently purchased this camcorder and am really glad i did. I bought the camcorder after reading the great reviews featured on hd camera guide. I love the shoulder mount (made so much of a difference) and the picture quality is amazing. Although no xlr inputs can be kind of frustrating.

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