Sony HDR-XR350V 160GB High Definition HDD Handycam Camcorder, Best camcorder ever.

This is an awesome camcorder and excellent value. I started to give it 4 stars because of the placement of the ac charger on the camera and i must say that the quality of the photos could be better. But when i look at all the other features like hd, image stabilization while recording, snapping pics while recording, touch screen controls and because they were discontinuing it, i got it brand new for $455. 00, i have to give it 5 stars. I have no idea what the guy is talking about having problems with his imac. I’ve had no problems with my imac. It recognized the camcorder as soon as i hooked it up via usb. You can’t beat the bang for the buck even at the regular price.

I needed another camcorder for filming my sports events,i saw this one and it works very good. Sony is the best brand of camcorder.

My specific model is the hdr-xr350e. A decent little camera, i had it for a few years now. I purchased it since i didn’t want to fiddle with sd cards. First of all, the 1080p (hd) recording renders horribly, the video, in my case, feels ‘jittery’, so i only record in sd, which is fine in my case. Sound-quality is fine to me, and the 12x optical zoom is wonderful. I quite love it’s build-quality, and may miss it. The battery life of this device should be improved, although i presume the hard drive draws quite a lot of power, and this is solved by carrying an extra or extended battery. All in all, is it worth your money?. My advice is to keep searching, it’s not something i would recommend, and it is extremely over-priced.

Key specs for Sony HDR-XR350V 160GB High Definition HDD Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 1920×1080 Full HD Recording w/7MP still image
  • 160GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 1/4″ 3.5MP back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS sensor
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilization w/ Active Mode
  • Wide Angle G-Lens (27.4mm) with 12x Optical zoom

Comments from buyers

“Best camcorder ever.
, If you learn this camera, it is an awesome value!!
, Sony HDR XR350V HDD 160GB Handycam

Awesome this camera is littlr when you shake picture is not shakky at all i am in love with this cam.

This was an absolute brilliant camcorder. It was so easy to use and very compact to fit perfectly in my hand. The steady shot was an awesome feature, you can literally be walking and the camera would be so smooth. I also love the smile detection to capture photos as it was recording. There are so many features, but overall the best part was the 160gb internal memory. You’ll never have to purchase recording media, and it will save you money. A+ on this nifty sony handy cam.

First, this camera does have a learning curve to achieve maximum quality. But for the price (i purchased new for $700), its a great value. 160 gb hd gives hours and hours of footage. Lcd screen is a bit small but very clear. I was disappointed in this camera initially until i discovered the hd fx setting. It makes a world of difference, believe me. There is an issue with white balance manually, but i just leave it at auto, and since i edit in sony vegas 10 anyway, i can do some correction if necessary. My youtube footage is great. Captured my son’s batting swing in super slow motion and this is amazing to view (mlb style, lol).

Just received this a few days ago and love it so far. I’ve had the sony sr-11 previously but wanted more hard drive since i do lots of recording. I had my files saved on my computer from the sr-11 and was worried i wouldn’t be able to get them on to this camcorder. After a few tries of trying to transfer and waiting hours to find out it didn’t work, i was able to figure it out. Now i have all my files from my sr-11 on this xr-350v. The picture quality is great although i have yet to play it back on my hdtv. I plan on getting some hdmi cords since it only came with component cords. I love the size of this, fits perfect in my hands and not too heavy like some of the others. I suggest getting the np-100 longer lasting battery since this one only seems to last a little over an hour. The picture motion browser and video player don’t work as the video is choppy and drags.

If you buy any other camcorder (except this or some models of canon) you are wasting your money. Even a $4000 cam does not give as good results as this one. Absolutely crisp picture even in low light. Clear sound appears to be full range and pleasant. Coverage angle wider than all other camcorders. 4:3 and 16:9 mode (video and photo) in just one button click on the back. Long battery life, quick charge.

It has 160gb of memory which is great.I’m still using it up to this date and never had any technical or hardware issues. I take it everywhere i go and enjoy taking videos.

I purchased the sony hdr-xr350v in september to video my sons football games. I found there is a learning curve as you would expect with any new piece of electronics. I tried differant settings but i was unable to reduce the wind noise. The pictures are nice and clear with a jpeg format. The video is outstanding in the high def format straight from the camera to the hdtv or down loaded to a computer and burned in hd. An issue with the dvd`s is that only a blue ray player can play the hd format. You can burn it in std format and the picture is good but not like the hd version. If you intend to edit your videos in hd look for a ‘avchd’ editor wich can get pricy. Taking stills from the video is easy and is very clear. I purchased an additional microphone and expect to try it this weekend.

It has really great filming, but the hdd gets damaged in almost every camcorder in the market. Just search the web and confirm it.

I have used this camcorder for a year and a half. The picture is awesome and the stabilizer is very effective. The camcorder has an incrediable zoom lense on it. The focus works very quick too. The only negative that i could mention about this camcorder is the lengthy delay accessing the hard drive to review media. It seems to think for a decent period of time before switching over to media view mode. Over all i have been very pleased with the camcorder.

Very nice and compact; however, reading the screen menu is a little difficult – print very small. Would be nice to have a computer interface that would allow using the menu options from the computer. Needed to add a blu-tooth mic to pick up voice at a distance.

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