Sony HDR-UX1 AVCHD 4MP High-Definition DVD Camcorder, Absolutely beautiful HD picture for so little $$$.

This is a very good camcorder with the main problem i noted being the dvd format giving only 30 minutes or so of recording in hd mode per disk. It is also a problem that only blue-ray dvd players can play back the dvd in hd mode. Even worse that it might destroy the disk if you use it on another player. Nevertheless, the price was good and i think blue-ray will be more affordable in the near future. Meanwhile, i can playback my video directly or send it to the computer. If a minidv tape version were available at the same price now i think it might be better to stick with the tape version for now though. I was sent a bad power supply with the camcorder but sony sent a new one right away. Be careful to buy the correct battery and external charger accessories for the camera as it is a bit confusing as to which will work for it. Overall – i am very happy with the camcorder.

Sony’s hd camcorder takes one of the best and sharpest picture on the market. I am very satisfied with my purchase of it.

I don’t know how amazon is able to sell unit this for $799. Not only is their price hundreds less than other retailers, they are throwing in a free ecmhw1 bluetooth microphone. This represents an absolute bargain. I have purchased over $2k in cameras/camcorders and lenses from amazon in the past 3 months and have been very satisfied at how quickly they ship. They are also trustworthy in that they ship factory sealed items. I am really impressed at how much the amazon site has improved over the years. Preface:high definition quality is very detailed. It requires good camcorder technique. You have to have a very smooth panning technique or else your video will be choppy and stutter. Don’t blame the camcorder as many others have on the internet.

Key specs for Sony HDR-UX1 AVCHD 4MP High-Definition DVD Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Record high-definition video on a DVD with AVCHD technology
  • ClearVid CMOS sensor for high-quality HD and standard-definition images
  • 3.5-inch widescreen hybrid touch-panel Clear Photo LCD
  • Professional 30mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens
  • HDMI, USB 2.0, component, and composite connectivity

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“Very Good, but not Great
, Sony HDR-UX1 Camcorder
, Great for Techies,Excellent quality HD

But you do need a very fast pc for playback. A 3ghz pentium 4 or equivalent simply won’t cut it. I get jerky and poor video on my single core pc but the problem is fixed as soon as i move the video to my dual core amd box. Keep in mind that the avchd playback software is so demanding that both cpus are running at about 90% utilization during playback. The conclusion: there is no way a single cpu system can pull it off. For people who complained about recording time and mac incompability, those are design and technical limits. I am prefectly happy with 15 min of hd recording time per minidvd. If you need longer recording time, you should buy a hard drive or minidv based camcorder. They cost less than mac accesories.

I received my order from amazon yesterday and immediately started playing with it. The default video quality setting is too low and i was about to ship it back as it wasn’t much better than my old digital8 from sony. By playing around in the menus, i found the top quality setting, which appears to be about as good as the highly-compressed high definition feeds from satellite tv. Unfortunately, the record time is a ridiculous 13-15 minutes per mini-dvd. Our trip to visit santa claus last night burned up 2 dvds all by itself. I can’t imaging how ridiculous it would be to try to record my kids school plays when they get older. A ten-pack spindle of mini dvds will only give 2-2 1/2 hours at top quality, so imagine changing the disc out 10 times during your daughter’s dance recital. I have ordered some dual-layer dvd+r media, but they are at least 8x more expensive for only 2x the record time. The software for computer playback barely plays at all on my 2. 4ghz machine that has 2gb ram – you must need dual processor or higher bleeding edge hardware to play these back without dropped frames.

Having a dvd burner build-in to this camera saves a lot of time to transfer movies to your computer or simply save them in a secure media (dvd). 30 minutes of normal quality and 20 minutes of hd is more than enough for my home-made movies.

Yeah, the dvd storage should be longer than 15 minute for hd recording. However, the price/quality of this camcorder more than make up for it. Plus i only do home movies so this fits my needs. I am rewarded by this unit everytime i hook this thing up to my hdtv. I don’t do a lot of low light recordings so i am not affected by a number of bad professional reviews in this area. If you are shopping for a camcorder now, this is one of the best buys out there. I was looking for a camcorder for over 3 months and i finally settled on this one.

I bought this camcorder few days back and this is one buy that iam not going to regret. In spite of some of the drawbacks, seeing yourself in hd gives you real high. The picture quality is awesome. Its like stack of 5-6 mega pixel images put together. I have infact paused the video at few places and taken screenshots of them. Lack of video editing tools is a drawback. Sony provides tools to convert h. So that i can use the mpeg files on sony vegas. Great camcorder when shooting outdoors. Night time shooting needs improvement. Can spot lot of noise in the video when shooting in dark. I would recommend to buy a rw disk and dump all its contents to your computer, then erase the dvd contents.

Bottom line, the picture quality that you get is incredible on the standard hq setting. You can go two levels higher(just higher bitrates) but you shorten your recording time to 20 minutes or 15 minutes depending on which you select. If you have a ps3 ,you can just pop the disk in and watch it on your high def tv. The dolby digital recording is excellent as well. I recorded a disney show at epcot and the sound was just like you were there. I couldn’t be happier with this camera but it may be a challenge for those who are beginners with high def equipment. It also records in standard dvd format if you choose. Nice feature but if that’s all you are using it for then you will want to go with a dvd camcorder which is much less money. If you have an external hard drive on your ps3 than you can copy the m2ts files from the stream folder on the dvd and just play them directly from the ps3 when you want. The ps3 downmixes from dolby digital to stereo which i hope can be fixed by one of their many firmware updates.

There have already been a few well articulated reviews for this camcorder so i won’t rehash the technical details of the camera. What i will do is caution you on over analyzing this product with what you read on the internet. Com do a pretty good job in their reviews of the hdr-ux1. But keep in mind that they are writing from the perspective of the tech junkie and/or semi-professional videographer. I, on the other hand, am just your average consumer looking to take advantage of affordable hd technology with the purchase of my first camcorder. I have had my camera for a week and have put it through every conceivable test. The bottom line is that it is one of the best cameras i have ever used. Most online reviews seem to focus on things like ‘noise’ and ‘compression’ issues.

I have been researching the sony hdr-ux1 camcorder and have found some information about it that will help those looking for a dvd camcorder. This camcorder is very similar to the highly rated sony dvd-505 camcorder, except that it records in high definition. There is some confusion about how to play back the disks. [1 this camcorder records in high definition to mini-dvd disks using the avchd compression format. It will only playback in avchd capable dvd players (which will become common in the next couple of years), blueray players have this capability, but from what i read you should not neccessarily need to get a blueray player, just one that can support the avchd compression codec. Hd-dvd players may also be able to play these disks. These disks will also play on computer dvd drives with the bundled avchd software as well. [2] you can playback the disk through the camcorder itself and hook it up to your high definition tv directly. So in effect the camcorder itself replaces the need for a blueray player to playback minidvd disks. ]

I purchased the hdr-ux1 to go along with a new hd television. I pondered what to do get hd content to my tv (directtv, dish, or cable). This camera has produced the only hd content that my set has seen as of yet, and i love the picture. The record time isn’t really an issue for me because i shoot mostly scenery and such. However, if you want an hd camcorder for recording your kids basketball games or dance recitals, you should probably go with the hdd model. But if what you are shooting isn’t really important in hd you can always shoot in sd for longer record time. I have noticed that the built-in microphone picks up the sound of the dvd drive, and that could be a problem for things like interviews. I am probably going to go with a separate mic anyway, so again it doesn’t really effect me. Editing is a problem for now, but sony vegas is supposed to have an update in the spring to deal with the avchd format. Over all it is a good camera, and to have the hd quality at $799 is totally worth it.

This sony cam is great for home use. I highly recommend buying a hd cam.

A lot has already been said and there are some excellent reviews here (as well as elsewhere), but i just want to add my 2 cents. I purchased this guy a few months back, and have since purchased a light and a second battery for it (i’ll talk about those shortly). My favorite features include:1. 5′ screen, which should be a must for any camcorder, as the 2. 5′ screens common today are worthless imho. The sliding door for accessing the hdmi port as well as the other video ports. This is unique to sony’s ux1 and sr1 hd camcorders (as far as i can tell) and is the best implementation i have seen to cover and uncover ports. Much better than the little plastic plugs that inevitably break-off and are lost.

I purchased this from amazon. Com as a companion to my playstation3 for ease of use. I simply record high-def video to mini-dvd in camera then slide it into my ps3 and i’m watching high-def home video in 1080i. Most future dvd players will be comaptible with blu-ray and this camera represents the future of home video at its best. It has worked flawlessly thus far.

Highly recommended for beginning user based on low price and ease of use. Only tough part is converting video’s. Still recommend to any user looking for hd quality.

Picked up one of these about a year after it’s release and at a substantial savings vs. Looked at it’s replacements the ux5 and ux7 and decided that this model probably fit in between them as the ux5 seemed to have lost features and the ux7 gained. As the price was far cheaper then either, i decided to take the plunge. This may be a con if you are looking for something light as it is fairly heavy, but the solid feel i think is nice. Shoots great sd footage and hd footage converts to sd with the included software. Far better picture then the entry and mid level sd camcorders. Nice if you are going to be sending something to someone else, who may not be set up to view the disks in their native format. In the proper light the hd footage is very nice. Not broadcast quality nice, but still much better then sd footage. Both my parents remarked seperately on how clear the picture was when they first saw it playing on a hd set. Can be edited somewhat with included software, but is very basic.

This is an awesome piece of equipment. This cam produces some of the most stunning video and right now the price has to be the deal of the decade. The dvd format is outstanding and it really is the best of both worlds. I use -rw discs and copy my video to my computer then reformat the disc (which takes about 7 seconds) and use it over and over again so the price of media is virtually nothing, unlike tape which you have to keep buying and buying. The other benefit is unlike a hard disk based cam i dont have to worry about the drive filling up while i’m on vacation with no place to offload the video. And unlike a tape based cam i dont have all the problems associated with tape like head cleaning and trying to dig out tape that is wrapped up inside the cam or having to endure hours of tedious capturing or having to properly tension a tape before use or how big of a box i need to store all those old tapes in or worrying about recording over something i have already shot. I could go on and on and on about it but tape is just an old unreliable pain in the rear. As you can tell i have had bad experiences with tape based cam’s so enough of that. The avchd codec is very efficient you will have about 4. 5gb per hour of video compared to 13gb per hour of video from a tape based hdv cam and it records audio in dolby 5.

But i can see the noise issues that keep coming up in reviews. I’ve purchased plenty of high-end gear in the past and read reviews prior to purchasing. For everything i have purchased there has always been something someone has complained about. Most of the time i never see the issue so i don’t worry about it and when i hear things like there are noise issues with this camera i basically blow it off. I have a high-end setup at my house so i assumed it would look better on my tv but it did not. The noise issues are apparent but they are not distracting unless you look for it. I will keep this camcorder because the price is really low and i’m not a professional. If i was this camera would not be good enough. I bought this just to take recording of my new born son. One other thing i wish someone would have told me before purchasing this.

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