Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder, 3d is Great but Getting to a blu-ray is Frustrating

I looked at buying this camera from amazon a couple times but just couldn’t ever bring myself to pay the 1000+ bucks it was going for here. I was walking through best buy a couple weeks ago and saw they were clearing them out (i assume to make way for the new td-20 models) at 50% off. I thought about it for a week and then went back in and grabbed one of the last ones they had. It is well worth the price at that lower price point. It’s true that it’s a little bulky but when you consider that it’s packing two of sony’s top end camcorder kits and a auto-stereoscopic screen that lets you see the camera’s 3d output in real time you can forgive it the extra heft. Thanks to the flash memory it’s still really light and the battery time even recording in 3d mode is excellent. If you can still find one on clearance at best buy and you’re looking for a new camcorder i suggest taking the plunge even if you don’t have a 3d tv because the added flexibility the second camera gives you in running 2d film and snapping stills with the extra is well worth it not to mention you’ll pay 800+ for a 64 gig flash based standard 2d camcorder of similar quality.

Actually bought from sony style store in houston. Definitely recommend the extra battery. This camera gives you all sorts of new ideas. I brought mine to new orleans audubon zoo and filmed about 45 mins of video to test the quality. I zoomed in and out on certain objects, in bright sun, and at different distances. I watched the video at home on my panasonic 3d plasma. The camera comes with an hdmi cable included. The video quality surprised me to say the least. I have direct tv with 3dnet and a few other 3d channels.

This 3d camcorder ticks too many boxes and stands out as an outstanding 3d camcorder till date. It has a 10x zoom that works great, the two side-by-side 1080p video streams generates great quality video with very good 3d effect for objects captured near and far (but not too far). Very easy to use and the viewfinder gives a naked-eye 3d preview of the footage. And the optical image stabilization of its lens ensures smooth footage while walking with the camera during capture. Just two cons to mention – does not have a 3d photo option and generates mts file format which is not widely supported for playback and editing. My work arounds for the two cons – take a snapshot of the video (video is just a collection of photo frames) and use sony vegas editing tool to edit the 3d mts footage and convert to other popular video formats for posting on youtube.

Key specs for Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Silver):

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  • World’s first 10x optical zoom in 3D (consumer camcorder)
  • Xtra Fine 3D LCD touch panel with TruBlack technology
  • 7.1 megapixels (2D still image)
  • 3D HD:2x 1920×1080/50i
  • Optical Zoom: 10x(3D)/12x(2D)

Comments from buyers

“3D to the Masses (as long as you own Vegas)
, 3d is Great but Getting to a blu-ray is Frustrating
, Sony HDR-TD10 Delivers Amazing Hi-Def 3D At An Affordable Price!

Drove to new york and picked mine up at bhphoto (must visit) just before end of 2011. Yes, some of us go a little over. But it was $250 less than what amazon was showing in it’s cart. I even had professional assistance with the plenty of knowledgeable staff available (no lines, couple staff actually helped out), who also showed me other options (warranty), accessories (stands, bags, etc), considerations (3d lcds) (did i mention all this [and much more was in-store?). Note: i have never done video recording, outside of what my smartphone does. Without ever picking up a manual or visiting web sites i managed to:- record in 3d, and playback in 3d on my home computer. Note: camera has one of the best 3d lcds built right into the camera for instant 3d video playback, as well as live recording-viewing in 3d (look into its specs; hardly anything out there comes close to the lcd). Please understand that this is one of the only existing devices out there that actually plays 3d video without requiring glasses (and looks outstanding); you can record in 3d (you’re watching it in 3d), and playback in 3d right on the camera itself. — hardware: samsung s27a950d 27-inch class 3d led monitor (black) w/ included 3d glasses (already had this). — camera has all cables necessary for file transfer from camera-computer. ]

I sooo want to love this camera. But looking at the lcd screen too long makes my head ache and my stomach feels queasy. It takes time to get used the glasses-free 3d screen. Its a beautiful screen, and the glasses free 3d works even better than i thought it would, now only if i would stop getting these dizzy head-aches. The pop-up is amazing coming out of my samsung un55c8000 tv. I can’t believe stuff can pop up that far out of my tv.Why did no movie i’ve seen take advantage of this type of pop up. I was reminded of universal studios where they showed the best 3d i’ve ever seen. The camera actually feels small in my hand compared to how i thought it would feel. It is a bit awakward to hold with its wide shape, but you get used to it. Everyone i’ve showed this to is simply amazed at the glasses free 3d screen. I wonder if there is a way to to watch avatar on this lcd screen – i would love to be the first to see avatar in 3d without glassescons: according to the manual, there is no way to record the 3d on to blu-ray disk.

Updated below:bottom line up front (bluf): great 3d – looks as good or better than commercial movies. Low light seems better than any home cam i have had over the last 20 years. Battery life very good, storage great – over 5 hours of 3d plus i added a 32 gig sd card – should cover a long vacation. If you want quality 3d from the camera you won’t be disappointed. Make note however it is a big looking camera compared to the mini hd only form factors. Tried several ways to extract the mts files from the camera and play over my ps3 or direct to my 3d tv. Never got 3d picture, just hd. Broke down and got sony vegas 11 and after several days of my christmas vacation i was able to produce a 5 minute test that ran on my 3d player and tv; however the quality after rendering in half frame, full frame and interleave settings of the vegas software left the quality short of how well it looks directly from the camera (camera version to tv is awesome). Then my sony software started getting an error during rendering and it aborts.

Not only is this a great 3d camcorder, but a great 2d as well. The camcorder will film in 2d at 24fps or at 60fps in progressive mode, or in 3d at 60 interlaced. Don’t let the interlaced sour you – it looks fantastic. Just like every sony camera i have ever seen, this performs well in all sorts of lighting conditions – even low light. The 3d looks better than many hollywood films – probably because this is actually shooting with two lenses. You can adjust the lense alignment, which is useful when going from shooting closeups to far away shots, and the camera is smart enough to know a lot of times when a claibration is needed. It can be difficult to calibrate indoors, though. Also, the fluid of the video is great, as it shoots in 60fps by default. It does shoot in avchd mode, so you can throw the files onto a disc or flash drive and play it on most televisions and 3d players. The software allows for easy export to youtube and converting your 3d material to 2d.

My wife gave it to me as a father’s day present. It is not heavy, is so easy to use (just follow the instructions on the lcd screen), the quality of pictures are great, and of course, the 3d video is the best of this camcorder. . At the beginning is possible u feel a little dizzy when u watch the 3d video on the lcd screen, but it last just a few minutes.

My experience so far in 3d recording. (haven’t tried 2d movie recording (why need to), or photo)+great 3d effect, great 3d lcd+autofocus works instantaneously and well, keeping things in focus when zooming or panning+steadyshot (stabilizer) works well also. I haven’t seen any shaking when viewing the movie clips-occasional very slight ghosting but not really noticeablewhite balance shift: i saw a review complaining the white balance/color is totally off and a reply made fun of that reviewer that he needed his vision checked. For me,when viewing 3d movie clips back on the camcorder lcd screen the white balance was totally correct (red is red, green is green) but when connected to my 65 inch 3d samsung plasma via the provided hdmi cable, the white balance was completely off (yellow flowers looked green). Nothing in the manual helped me with this. But i figured out the set up to correct this:click ‘menu’, then ‘set up’, go to ‘hdmi 3d setting’, change the default ‘auto’ to ‘side by side’ setting, then also change 3d setting on the tv to ‘side by side’. The white balance is then perfect. What happens is that ‘auto’ setting picks ‘frame packing’ which makes the color totally off when viewing on my 3d samsung tv. Not sure if this happens with other tv models. But i hope this helps if you have this issue.

While i didn’t purchase the td10 from amazon, i have spent countless hours reading everyone’s reviews and comments so i felt that i should add mine. I will touch on the issues that were a concern for me before purchase. I chose the td10 to replace my sony hdr-sr1 as the next camera to shoot all of my disney/family videos. If interested, jamwaresolutions on youtube to see my main use. I am a point and shoot kind of guy and i don’t really care about ‘setting up the shot’ other than ‘framing’. I want to turn it on, hit the record button and off i go. The fact that it doesn’t have crazy amount of manual controls in 3d is fine by me, one less thing to deal with on vacation but this may be an issue for others. The camera is smaller than i had expected and not as easy to hold with one hand as the sr1. Its wide body contributes to the ‘imbalance’. As many have said before, the video is simply stunning in both 2d and 3d.

Is a smart camcorder and images are great, beautiful camcorder. Is my best buy for the year.

*** i’m editing my review by rearranging the paragraphs (and shorting my review) because there’s a lot of confusion on what you can and can’t do with the 3d files this camcorder makes. Hopefully this will help clarify things***this camcorder makes mvc format 3d files, these are high end avchd files with full hd resolution. This is the same format as the 3d blu-rays you see in the stores. The problem isn’t the camera. As of right now, due to licencing reasons i dont understand, unless you want to spend about $4-$12 grand on netblender or something similar, you can’t ‘author’ your own 3d spec blu-ray that will work on every player like you get when you buy a commercial movie in the stores. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a 3d hd blu-ray that will work on all players. It dosen’t mean you can’t make full hd 3d blu-ray. It does mean that unless you have a lot of time and money on your hand, that you can’t make a ‘full hd 3d blu-ray that works on all 3d players and tvs’sony recently released its 3d video editing software for consumers, it can be found at sonycreativesoftware. Com or here on amazon at sony creative software movie studio hd platinum suite 11 v. 11 or sony creative software movie studio hd platinum 11for only about $100.

This is an excellent, state of the art, full 1080p, 3d camcorder. It is very easy to use and the quality of the 3d and 2d video recordings is amazing. I really like being able to save the video to an external hard disk. The external hard disk acts like a dvr for 3d movies which is cool. You really don’t even need to burn your movies to an external blu ray burner (but it would be nice if you could). However, not all external drives work and i wish sony would list which ones work and which ones don’t so we don’t have to find out by trial and error. Another nice feature is that the camera remembers which video clips were copied to the external hard disk and next time, it will only copy the new ones. One thing i wish i could do was take 3d photos which for some reason is not possible. Also, sony’s external blu ray burners do not allow you to burn 3d movies on blu ray. I hope this changes soon primarily so you can give a copy of your videos to family and friends.

Before to buy this one, i checked around the offer of the 3d camcorder market, panasonic, jvc, fuji and sony, guess what, i bought this sony and is incredible machine, easy to use, ergonomic (even at first saw does not appear because of their shape), great quality, long last battery, the image in the lcd is great 3d without glasses, works great in low light conditions, simply fantastic, this is the video that make me choose this camcorder over all, get a pair of re/blue glasess and check it out. thanks for readingmarch 2019still working very well, batteries still holds the full charge and something i forgot to say last review, tjhe steady feature let make smooth shoots line a fly cam. Amazing movements is not possible with other camcorders. To make croma works in a green screen is fantastic, do no need tons of light and post production is not to hard, i am very happy with this camcorder. Ah another good point is that never use de still image function because i use a very good professional camera, thank you. ]

Awesome video of the final result. Seems like my head and memories came to life. I wonder how it will be, as we see in the future, the images captured in 3d today. It will appear that we are literally reliving that moment.

So we bought this thing because 1) it was one of a kind (literally, they only had 1 in the sony store that we visited) and 2) because we already had 3d technology (being a tv). It was a pricey investment, but i had tinkered with it in the store a dozen times before we bought it. This piece of tech is near (and i emphasize near) perfect. 3d recording:the 3d is simply fantastic. It has a ‘no-glasses’ 3d lcd screen so you can record and see the 3d effects real-time, as well as watch your 3d videos for later. It is extremely easy to use, simply record. Now, obviously, you have to understand the parameters of 3d recording. The whole craze about 3d is about depth, so if you’re recording a landscape very far away, you aren’t going to feel the ‘3d’ effects. On the other side, when you record any ordinary situation, let’s say, watching a basketball game or just recording the family during a barbecue, you’ll clearly feel the quality.

Sony’s new consumer 3d camcorder is the best unit available on the market today. It shoots and plays back 2d & 3d videos in hidef 1080i 59. The camera is compact and easy to use in the full automatic mode. It performs well with street lighting at night too. You should have a 3d television to take full advantage of the 3d feature but the 3d viewfinder allows you to watch 3d playback as soon as you finish shooting and without 3d glasses.

I shot my first 3d movie in march 2010 using two canon t2i cameras on a parallel 3d rig. Editing and rendering the footage was incredibly difficult; i used sony vegas to edit each view independently and stereo moviemaker to adjust the 3d effect. Finally, i was able to master a 3d blu-ray using a beta version of netblender’s dostudio, a $10,000 program that included support for the 3d mvc codec. Fast forward just over a year. 0d version of sony vegas natively supports the mvc codec, allowing 3d footage to be edited as easily as 2d footage. It also allows 3d blu-rays to be burned directly from the timeline. As for the camera itself: i was pleasantly surprised to find it exceeded my expectations. Color reproduction is exceptional, image stabailization is very good, and the glasses-free 3d display is extremely nice. Only the sound quality disappoints, but i almost never rely on built-in mics (opting instead for a zoom h4n paired with an audio technica at875r). As an entry into the world of 3d, this camera is phenomenal. There are ‘prosumer’ 3d cameras on the way, but for those who edit in vegas, there’s really no better or cheaper way to jump into the world of 3d shooting and editing today that with this camera. For those without vegas, editing a bit more difficult. Clips can be edited in-camera using some fairly simple software (you can even download music onto the camera to use as a soundtrack behind your clips). But you won’t get nearly the performance you would get using dedicated editing software.

We had pre-ordered and received one of the first units sold in the us. We have really loved this camera. 10 x optical zoom with a true 3d (1080p for both lenses) is really a must have. My only complaints so far are relatively limited options for 3d video editing and the inability to take 3d stills, and the inability to take any stills during 3d video capture mode — this is a real problem since we have been capturing 3d video almost exclusively now (hence 4 not 5 stars).

Camera was designed when usb 3. 0 connection was still not yet available, thus camera has only usb 2. 0 connection which is very slow. Downloading of video files from camera into computer takes too much time, because video files are huge and download speed via usb 2.

Pretty cool little device, haven’t gotten to put it through it’s paces yet, but did take it through the carlsbad caverns wednesday. Performed pretty well in low light conditions, took it to a car show a couple weeks ago with good results. Now to learn sony vegas in order to edit & burn to blu-ray.

Simply put 3d has always been really cool but somewhat gimmicky to me. After seeing this camera in the sony store i knew i had to have it. 3d aside, this little thing takes the best hd video i have seen yet. It is colorful, super sharp, full of depth and great in low light. It can do 24p mode for student and hobby filmmakers and it can do 30 and 60p for traditionalists. On its’ 2d quality alone it’s worth a look. The depth of the images from this camera make hollywood 3d movies look like cardboard cut-outs. Most 3d blu-rays have a fraction of the depth this camera captures.

This is a serious prpoblem that sony technical group do not comunicate with the different departments. Thev vpcf21 laptop computer is a valuable item but the hdr-td10 camcorder does not work is is not compatable with each other. . The format of the 3d camera cannot be used with the new 3d laptop. Need someone who understands the requirement of each of these items to be compatable. I have to say that i spent additional 4130 for a program that will read the camera format. Plus there are additional requirements that are bot included with the laptop. Still having viedo problems however ita a great combination of camera and computer. You have a 17 inch 3d display.

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