Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD 2 – Best consumer hd camera ever

Fabulous camera, great definition. Wish i had bought one years earlier.

I got this camcorder as an early christmas gift so i could learn how to use if before christmas. I simply love the small size and the touchscreen. The menu’s seem to be easy to navigate. The quality of the images is excellent. This thing picks up every background noise. I could hear my husband clear as day on the playback, even though he was in a room down the hall. I have no issues with it picking up the noise. Heck, that is what a camcorder is forso far so good. I would definetly recommend this to a friend etc.

I purchased the hdr-sr1 back about 2006 or 2007 and all i can say it is one of the best video camera i have ever owned. The first one i bought did stop working about 7 years and the 2nd purchased much cheaper is still working as of 2018. I don’t see a need to own any other video camera, this was the very first blu-ray video camera ever made. Back in 2007 the reviews were mixed with people who couldn’t wait for microsoft and sony to catch up with the software to do the job became frustrated. I know this to be one of the best video cameras ever made for the consumer. I am using it to make a movie with out the movie camera price. This camera cost about $1800. Shocking how great it looked i just had to have it. I purchased it off the internet for about $1300.

This camera was a reconditioned camera, but it looks and works like new. I will purchase any additional cameras i need from this seller.

I bought this camera to video tape my daughters wedding in june. After owning it for a month and learning the menus i am pleased for the most part. Taped my sons golf tournament yesterday and made all 18 holes,(with the larger 71 batery attached) there is a mode that slows everything down for a few seconds. He loved watching his swing in slow motion. The sound is very good, almost to good, up close it picked everything up including the wind. I knew it used a new format for hi definition but i’m ok with that because i am saving the file in the avchd format( for when we get a bluray burner or bluray player, it will be easy down the road) and then converting the avchd to sd and burning a dvd to watch in our dvd player for now. . If i want true hi definition i will put the avchd file back on the camera and hook it straight to tv. A little extra work for now but hopefully the little extra work now will be worth it in the future. Takes a while to convert but just start it and do my housework.

I am just upset with the play on words manufactures use to sell there products. Like the words ‘capable’ and ‘compatible’ they use for hdtv’sok, the line used for this camera. (super nightshot infrared system with sony’s nightshot infrared system you can capture natural looking video, even when shooting in low light. Record subjects up to 20 feet away using the built-in infrared system. )natural the key word, i thought that sony came out with a new technology eliminating the green hue shown in infrared, i even called sony to confirm before i bought this camera. The sales person even asked his supervisor to answer my question. (im assuming ‘natural’ means in full color right. He assured me yes it does mean full color. I still love this camera and recommend.

  • all I can say it is one of the best video camera I have ever owned
  • Breathtaking Images, But Mac Wait Likely Q2/07
  • Great images, great sound, convenient and easy to use!

Don’t listen to the mac user above. I have a mac too and yes i agree there are no out of the box tools available for mac as yet but avchd is a new format. Having said that you can still edit and play clips on mac but right now only in sd. If you have hd clips and use mac you will have to store them on hard disk for next few months till avchd is supported on mac. For that matter there aren’t really any editing and conversion tools for windows either except for one provided by sony which is not such a great video editing tool. I have shot both hd and sd videos. Video quality is great in both cases, obviously hd is the way to go. This camcorder records every minor sound, which can be good or bad. Works well in low light situations not great though.

This is a super-dee-duper little camera. As many people have said, the avchd format is not really compatible with anything just yet. The picture is absolutely amazing, and the sound is very good too. I’ve been shooting in sd so far so that i can still edit the videos, and the picture quality there is very good too. The lcd touch screen is very easy to use and very convenient. I would definitly reccomend this camera to anyone looking for an affordable hd digital camera.

Needed to get remote seperately.

I read every review of this product on amazon at least twice and finally decided the sr1 was what i wanted. I paid for 2 day shipping and it happened. Amazon does a very good job and i want to thank everyone who left a review on amazon. The only comments i have is why would sony sell a $1500. 00 camera and not package it with a strap. Maybe mine is the only one without a strap?. Second, when i loaded the software on my computer i was lost until i found the second set of instrution as a pdf file. The first attempt to connect the camera resulted in the ‘the program is not responding’. I rebutted the computer with the camera still connected and got a message there was no operating system found. This always gets my attention.

This camcorder uses a new file format (avchd) which is based on current popular standards. Avchd is simply a streaming version of h. When producing an hdd camcorder, sony had to decide between using the current standard and making a new one. Since the current standard is mpeg-2 video and stereo audio (eg: hdv) at a constant bitrate of 25mbps, the avchd format provides a number of features: 1) better audio, with 5. 1 channels recorded by the camcorder. 2) better video as avc is h. 264– a modern codec that privides much higher quality data for a given bitrate than the ancient mpeg-2 video that hdv is based on. 3) much more flexibility– to be hdv compatible would have meant recording constantly at 25mbps, and this is too fast for the cdr version (the hdr-ux1) and is unnecessary.

Features of Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD 2.1 MP 30GB High-Definition Hard Disk Drive Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

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  • Record high-definition video on a HDD with AVCHD technology
  • ClearVid CMOS sensor for high-quality HD or SD images
  • 3.5-inch widescreen hybrid touch-panel Clear Photo LCD
  • Professional 30mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens
  • HDMI, USB 2.0, component, and composite connectivity

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I received the camcorder a couple of days ago to replace my older sony minidv camcorder that is nine years old (still works well). I bought the new one after buying a samsung 46′ lcd flat screen and seening what i have been missing in hd television and it made the my existing camcorder look mediocre. I needed an hd camcorder to go with the hd display. I have seen other photographers using hard drive camcorders with usb ports and decided then that i would go that for next purchase of a camcorder. I saw two advantages over the minidv tape of the hard drive: (1)the ability to transfer the images onto a computer quickly (it is more than twice as fast as transferring a minidv tape using firewire) and (2) the hd had 4 hours or more of operation without changing tapes. I film my son’s sporting events that run two hours and changing tapes is always ackward. I have used on trial basis a camcorder that had the small dvd burner built inside and it worked fine but the need for for having the camcorder operate on the charger for 15 minutes or more to ‘finalize’ the disk was very annoying. I also worry about the minidvd disks skipping during filming while using minidvd camcorders in high shake environments such as in the back of speedboat. The just seem intuitively more vibration prone, but i could be worried about nothing. Thus i chose the hard drive version over the minidv tape and the minidvd disk similiar camcorder that sony sells.

Here is a short and sweet review:1. Amazing video quality – the new avchd codec at 12mbps is great. Limited electronic stablization – visible shake when shooting while moving2. Great sound – very sensitive and clear3. Easy synching with pc – included software does the job seamlessly but limited in any kind of editing capabilities4. Light and comfortable fit on hand6. Easy enough for a kid to use7. Consider buying optional video light for low light recordingvery happy with the purchase.

Software does not work with network drives / network neighborhood/ etc. This is disappointing and embarrassing in a shared work environment – as well as home. I can’t find any third party software that supports this hd format. M2ts to wmv or any other format. Can’t edit / use it with my premier elements, videoredo, click to dvd, divx convertor, windows media encoder, quicktime, etc.

After a lot of research on which camcorder to buy (for abt 2 months), i finally bought the hdr-sr1 from sony. I went to the bestbuy store to view the other models as well (sr-5 and sr-7). 7 inch lcd on the other 2 models. However, the hdd capacity was more than the sr-1. But the lcd on the sr-1 impressed me the most. I opened the box at night and the first video i took was of my 4 week old baby. I took the first video in super night shot mode and the results were literally amazing. This was by far the best night shot video i have ever seen much much better that the night shot videos u see on discovery hd channel. I took several photographs at 4.

Received my sr1 on april 2, 2007 from butterfly photo through amazon. When i hooked the camera with my sony kdl-40 s2010 lcd hdtv through hdmi, i was shocked with the sharp resolution and rich color it renders.

Okay this is not a detailed analysis, just initial impression. I’ve had the sony hdr-sr1 for about a month now. I am very happy with the camera. The things i like best are:1. The camera is very easy to use. Basically just turn it on and hit record. Hard drive storage sure beats messing with tapes or disks. The camera feels balanced and well constructed. The touch screen lcd panel and menus are easy to use. I just used default settings. I’m not sure the exact length of battery, but i recorded three of my sons tennis matches on different days without needing to recharge. I would estimate that about 5 hours with the lcd panel and recording on. As for what i didn’t like – really just one thing – the camera lense does not have a wide angle mode. In order to get the entire tennis court in frame for example, i had to set up the camera more than 50 feet away which is not always possible.

Record high-definition video on a HDD with AVCHD technology

I have used the camera since november. I’m very happy with the quality of the recording. The software does not offer much capability other than some basic video trimming and dvd creation. I hope that will change as other software will provide support for the new format. Watch out if you wanted to use non-sony battery. I tried at least 3 other brands and none was recognized by the camera.

Within two or three hours of receipt [yesterday, i had charged the supplied battery, shot my husband and my dog, and watched the footage on our hd tv. The picture quality is fabulous. Overnight i charged the extra longer-life battery which i had bought. This morning, in less than two hours, i loaded the software into my computer, registered the camcorder online, backed up the footage from the camcorder to the computer hard drive, and then watched the footage on the computer monitor.That’s saying quite a lot for ease of use — i have never owned a camcorder before. Yes, there were a few times when i was puzzled, but i was able to figure out what to do. The print in the manual is small, so i use a magnifying glass. In future months i will be capturing more memories, and will purchase editing software for the avchd file format as soon as it comes on the market. I wanted a camcorder that would be easy for a first-time user but full-featured if and when i do more sophisticated editing, and after doing some research i decided the sr1 was it. ]

Great product came with quick delivery. Solid transaction all around. This filled my need quite well. I will purchase more products from this seller in the future. Great quality for a great price. Best on the market in its range for sure.

Picture and sound qualities are everything i wanted in an hi def camcorder. I’ve played video back on my 48′ bravia lcd widescreen with quality comparable (and better in some cases) to the picture from the hi def broadcasts via dish network. I like the menu (more user friendly than the dv cameras i’ve previously owned) and the ability to move through the menus using the touch-screen feature is very handy. The biggest drawback for many people will be the fact that a purchase of the camera alone will not be the end of the equipment upgrades needed to make the system complete. Unless you have a high-high end computer with a 3 ghz processor, 1mb of ram, a decent video card, and most importantly, lots of storage space, you’ll be like me and telling your wife about all of the upgrades you now need to get to save the video. I have been able to download the highest quality hi def video onto a underpowered laptop that has a 2. 4 ghz processor and only 256 mb of ram. The transfer was simple and easy. Playback however is like watching internet video on dial-up and that my laptop only has 40 gigs of hard disk space. With the programs and other everyday data i need on the laptop, it only leaves me with 20 gigs maximum for backing up the 30 gigs of video i can take at once while on vacation.

The quality of the video from this camcorder is amazing. I consider myself a videophile, and i own a lot of hd equipment and tvs. I use a mitsubishi 720p front projector with a 108′ screen that is capable of showing most if not all video imperfections; however, this camera’s video passes the test. I will not go so far as to say it is perfect, but the quality is amazing and far exceeded my initially high expectations. Video taken under good lighting conditions is absolutely fantastic, and i would say it is on par with broadcast hd minus a lot of the broadcast hd motion artifacts. Videos taken in low light are not quite as good, but much better than i had expected and many times better than my older minidv camcorder. The lower light video is grainier, but it is a consistent very fine, gray film-like grain (imagine black hawk down on blu-ray). The grain in my older minidv videos was much more distracting with larger bluish, green blobs everywhere. Some reviewers have reported a lot of motion artifacts from the avchd compression, but i have not seen it yet. For those with this problem, it may be helpful to adjust the compression settings on the camera.

After spending plenty of time researching which high definition camera to buy i went with this one. This is the best camera i have ever had. The picture clarity is amazing.The videos look like those awesome demos they put in the store so you are pushed to buying the tv. Compare to the other models this one is great because it has a usb port right on the camera itself so you don’t need any adapters. I choose this one over the hdr-sr7 because of the usb on board the sr7 does not have it. The only real difference is that this one has a 30 gig drive the other has 60 and this one has 4 megapixel camera and the other has 6 megapixel. Trust me this one is the best you won’t be dissapointed. One last thing, everyone complains about the software, i think it works great for what i need.

ClearVid CMOS sensor for high-quality HD or SD images

A fi gi da camara yah, five star, cause it tek de clear-es muvie.

The video this camera grabs is mind-bending. Especially the performance when hand-held in scantly lit scenery. However, in very low light, the image drops off rapidly. I took a bunch of images at a vietnamese restaurant that seemed dark, but the results were almost surreal: colors popping, focus shifting rapidly as the camera crawled over the banh my, with the carrot and jalopeno brightly rendered, and the focus tight down to the crumb on the french roll. (and all this was not using the special macro mode. Later, i tried to find the limits of that by opening up the compost pail and following the ants as the traveled up and down their harvest line. The results were crazy; amazing, vibrant pictures. Even when i was trying to follow individual ants, it was able to hold focus and they looked like giants: the macro mode lets you get very close. )one caveat: the other reviewer here points out that you can use it w/a mac now doing sd, which is true, but he states that he believes an avchd-compatible version of the apple apps (imovie, and final cut). After doing a lot of research, this is almost certainly not going to happen.

I just used my new sony hdr-sr1 with the sony vcl-hg0730x wide angle lens. I liked the feature of being able to taking pictures and filming video at the same time. The use of the wide angle lens disables the flash. Some things i found out while using this camera without an external light at mardi gras. The hdr-sr1 only allows you to take 3 pictures from the time you press the start button until to press the stop button. After you press the stop button, it takes about 20 seconds for the 3 pictures to write to the memory stick. The hdr-sr1 is hung for these 20 seconds–no pictures and video. For mardi gras, 20 seconds sometimes is an eternity and you could miss footage. I could not find a sony flash for the hdr-sr1 and i did not have an external light. At night, the video came out fine but a little dark.

I haven’t had the camcorder long enough to give a good review, but from using it for only 3 weeks, i like it very much. I have had a little trouble with focusing. It is probably something i am not doing correctly, but when panning, it doesnt focus quickly enough for me. I have found the black magic infinity hdmi card and have one on order. I hope it will allow me to import and edit the footage and output into the format i choose.

Great product at a fantastic price. The camera was everything we could asked for. My kid was delighted to finally own his first video camera.

I have owned this camcorder for several hours. I installed only the usb driver from the product cd and was able to copy videos and photos from the sr1 hard drive to my pc. I took some sample video copied it to my thinkpad z60m, pentium 5m (2gb) laptop with windows/xp (dumbed down to windows 2000). I interspersed it on the vegas time line with other photos and video taken with a panasonic z50. One video channel and all 6 (5. The ‘project’ was rendered as mpeg2 (best) and ac3 (best). The dvd was created with sony dvd architect 4. The audio and video quality on the dvd is significantly better than with my panasonic z50 movies (projected on a 11′ wide screen with an optoma dv-10 projector)yes, it is ‘choppy’ when played directly from the vegas timeline, but no worse than my other stuff which has lots of motion and multiple tracks. Why buy a high defintion camcorder to end up with mpeg2?.

After owning this camera for a little over two years, i feel qualified to rate this camera as one of the best ones ever created for consumers. I used it for the birth of my son, and to record him. As most reviews point out the quality is amazing. 5 screen is awesome for viewing and recording. You won’t find as nice a screen nowadays. And finally, finally the latest iteration of pmb (sony’s come with software) is up to the task. I use both xp and mac osx, and you can edit the he movies easily with ilife 09 or with a 3rd party xp solution. The good thing about this camera is its age. Drivers for it are easily available for both mac and xp.

3.5-inch widescreen hybrid touch-panel Clear Photo LCD

I love this unit, it is state of the art technology, and sony beat everyone to it, as usual. I own a mac & pc but my mac is my primary computer. Regardless, i didn’t care, the software will be here soon enough to support the mac platform. The avchd format is the future, anyone that disagrees with this, is flatly ignorant about the facts. Over 100 manufactures are currently signed on to develop and support this format for the next 20 plus years, with adobe about two months away from a mac software release. As for the camera itself, its a beautiful package, sleek and handsome in its black and chrome color scheme, and given its hardware, its a light package as well. The hdxp setting, delivers stunning image video and color, especially sourced through hdmi cable. Hey look, its always a bit scarey for some to buy new relase products offering new technology, as glitches and problems usually have to get worked out. However, this is sony, the pioneers of so much of the technology we all enjoy today, and because so i never hesitated. If you desire the best performing, best looking, and best technology on the market today in camcorders(under $3000k).

I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s perfect for several reasons. This means that you no longer have to wonder if the tape that’s in the camcorder is the correct one, and if it’s at the right place to begin recording (that’s if your kids and spouse is also using the camcorder, it’s really a lottery). No tapes also mean that you don’t have to wonder if you need to pop in a new tape when the current tape is at 48 minutes out of a 60 minute tape. What if the event you’re filming is going to go for another 15 or 20 minutes?. I find it really takes away that ‘end of tape’ anxiety. No tapes also mean that you don’t have to wonder where that clip is burried in the middle of all those tapes. Fast forward and rewind can only mean one thing to me: tapehead wear out (the tape is like a sandpaper on your tapehead). What i like about the hdd (hard disk drive) camcorder is that you can record any time, for however long you want.

I bought this hdr-sr1 the same month it first came out in october of 2006. Our old one is a hi8 sony handycam and my wife and i decided to invest on another videocam that can captures in digital our son’s first moments, our first vacation in hawaii, etc. I was so impressed with the functionality and the quality of this camera. As an avid audiophile, i cannot settle for anything less than an hd quality video. The quality of the video and 5. 1 dolby digital surround it captures is breathtaking. Not only we save money on buying tapes, you can burn it to dvd with an ease. You can now save your videos and archive them for as long as you want them. Since i also have a ps3 and it supports avchd playback, i am able to enjoy full 1080i resolution and watch it like a professional video capture. It’s a definite must for me, especially capturing those special moments with my son (and another one on the way).

Great camera, recommend to anyone. Keep in mind that the software has little to no editing functionality. Also, hd formatted clips have to be down-converted to work on dvd players. Remeber, blue-ray is hd (1080) not dvd (480). Also not supportted on macs yet. Hopefully it will soon because i prefer to edit on my mac than my pc. Battery time seems much better with the upgrade to the sony long life battery. My wife learned to use it very quickly and should be easy enough for anyone to use.

This camera has more than exceeded my expectations. Why this camera works for me plain and simple:1) the video quality is amazing (even the sd is really sharp). Simply shoot sd if you need to edit on a mac until fcp or fce is updated to handle avchd. 2) the convenience of having a hard disk drive camcorder is worth the price alone (no tape.It’s essentially a computer)3) the mic is extremely crisp but you also have the added bonus of a stereo mic-in4) and finally, the most intuitive digital interface and user-friendly functionality i have ever seen on a camera or camcorder. I give this camera 5 stars hands down.

Another voice in the chorus here. We have had the camera now for 4 months and are still very pleased. It looks like sony put a good deal of thought into the features and design of the camera. The menu design makes the features easy for me to use, and my wife can just pick up the camcorder and take a video without knowing too much more than, which button is record, and which one is zoom. The difference between watching the videos in hd vs sd is amazing. We still can keep most of our videos we want to show on the camera and viewing from the camera to the tv is our preferred way. One down side is that, although transferring video from the camera to the pc is quick, returning it to the camera takes a while. Our cousin came to visit and we wanted to show a 10 minute video that was no longer on the hd. . It took probably close to 1/2 an hour to transfer it back. Not bad as long as you plan accordingly.

Professional 30mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens

I chose the sony over the jvc and panasonic models because of its features. I like the manual adjustment rings ability to control any one of four pre selected features, such as focus or exposure. It has image stabilization that actually works. I really like the avchd mpeg 4 video compression giving me at least 4 hours of best quality recording on a 30gb hard drive. Many newer model cameras do not have a viewfinder and i need a good color viewfinder which this one is more than adequate. No one had anything really bad to say about it, so i bought it. I received this great camera from amazon for a great price and in less than 3 days. I have been enjoying shooting clear, bright; rich color videos for several weeks without any problems and i have actually been using the 4 mega pixel still image capture feature, saving jpeg photos onto a sony memory stick duo memory card. I am very happy about this purchase. Now if some one would just invent a good quality, fast, inexpensive blue- ray burner that uses a sata interface i would buy it.

I am really impressed with this camera for a couple of reasons. Firstly, i had the hdr-hc3 a couple of months back, and i didn’t see that much of a difference between the sd and hd mode from that camera, i believe now since they were both shot in the same format (mp2). I was really pleasantly surprised how sharp and how high def this camera captures film, there’s a very noticable difference. I am now a big fan of the avchd/h. 264 format now, and although i am worried about the editing software as of right now, i can’t see how companies won’t jump on this format. What’s also new about this is that the viewfinder can move, the focus is now a ring manual focus, the sound is 5. 1, and the hard drive is a lot more convenient than i thought it would be. The connections are also a lot more numerous, the hdmi connection is great, the access doors to the connections are very sleek, there’s just not a lot of bad things that people can say about this. Highly recommended, amazon has a great price on this, and includes a free bluetooth headset.

Ive owned this camera for about six months and havent used it as muchas i would like to. This is an pricy piece of equipment with no software editing programs availabile. Bought vegas 7 and doesnt recognize the camera, so cant edit the movies?. I havent tried to many of the features on it but deceided to experiment only to find out there is a problem with the’firmware’ and its going to cost me to find out whats wrong with it.There is only a 90 day warranty so you better try all features and functions before 90 days. Sony seems not very helpful on software issues or their customers. This unit should be fully tested and functional before released for sale. I think that the lack of good software hurts my not using this lemon as much as i would like to. Ill give it a plus by saying the video taken is great.

I have had my hdr-sr1 for a week now. It is my first high-definition camera, and my second hard-drive based camera. First, i’ll get the bad comments out of the way. 5 seconds to power up and be ready to shoot. Although this is shorter than my last hard-drive camera (jvc – was 10 seconds), it’s still longer than most tape-based cameras. It isn’t unreasonably long, but i like a quick power-up time so i don’t miss an opportunity to shoot something happening now. The avchd format is so new that it is not yet supported by any other software other than the sony software that comes with the camera, and it only allows playback – no advanced editing. However, i did not take away any stars in my rating for this, because i fully expect the avchd format to be widely supported soon enough– otherwise i wouldn’t have bought the camera. Besides, even if i won’t be able to edit the footage until sometime in the future, i figured it’s more important that i’m at least shooting my footage in high-def.

Product arrived quickly with no delivery problems and was in excellent condition, perhaps better than described on the webpage.

The sony hdr-sr1 is compact and lightweight as are most camcorders these days. It is very easy to operate right out of the box. The touch screen menu driven system is fairly intuitive and easy to get along with. The ease of downloading to the pc is a big plus after previously having digital 8 to deal with. The downloaded video imports easily into my pinnacle studio 11 software that i use for editing and version 11 is acvhd ready. If you’ve got the bucks grab you one of these and start shooting. Ps the 4 mp still camera function makes nice still pictures too.

I’ve been waiting since the very beginning of this year to buy a new camcorder. At first i was waiting for the release of the jvc mg505. Which, as you probably know if you’re looking at this camera, is a 3 ccd harddrive camcorder. After the mg505 came out i then had to wait to finish saving up the money for the camera. Finally, two weeks ago, with much excitement, i ordered my mg505. It came in very very quickly (as things usually do from amazon) and i was very excited to open the box to find a nice little cute black camera. Off the bat it was a little too cute. I won’t get too much into it here (see the mg505 reviews as i will be posting a more detailed review of that there) but i was quite underwhelmed by the form, function and quality of the mg505.

I was surprised to find you can burn the avchd files to a regular dvd. Then play it back in high-def on your ps3 (and any blu-ray or hd player). The supplied software also will down convert to regular dvd so anyone can play it on a regular dvd player (not in hd of course). I mark it down a 1/2 a star because the hd pictures look a bit soft, both on my pc and on my hdtv. It might be caused by the avchd compression, or maybe after watching 1080p movies and viewing 1920×1080 pixel photos, 1080i seems soft. The 4 megapixel stills look about as good as most 4 megapixel consumer camera pictures and should be fine for 4×6 prints. Bottom line, i’ve been thru all the upgrades, starting with a huge vhs 2 piece set-up in 1980, to 2 piece beta, superbeta, vhsc, 8mm, hi-8, svhs and minidv, this is sony hdr-sr1 the best video from a camera i have had. Why is the hard drive better?. 4 hours at the best hd resolution is plenty for boring even the hardiest family members. Take a laptop on vacation with you and easily copy the video to it’s hard drive. Most new laptops have dvd burners, so you can also backup the data(video)to inexpensive dvds.

I debated a month (after my baby was born too) on whether to get the hdr-sr1, wait for the new hdr-sr7, or to go with slightly higher quality with hdv camcorders like the hv-20 (canon) or sony’s hc7. I went with the hdr-sr1 for three reasons:1. I know the hdd (30gb) will make it easier for me to use and edit than the minidv tapes. The hdr-sr1 has, by pretty much all accounts and reviews, a better user interface (ring and 3. 7 inch lcd) than the other models. I was rushed and most ‘first look’ reviews of the hdr-sr7 were speculating that the low light quality of the hdr-sr7 would be worse than the sr1 due to the higher resolution.

I bought this camera about a month ago and i can say the 1080i video clarity is astounding. My tv is an older 1080i 38′ tube hdtv (albeit with fantastic clarity) and the playback of test scenes i captured using a glidecam pro 2000 ([. Even playback on my pc with the supplied sony software looks excellent. Some people may consider the software ‘primitive’ to their editing tastes but for me who just wants to dump the videos from the camera to my pc or onto dvd for playback on a blu ray, it’s just fine. I’m really hoping to be able to play the avc hd formatted videos on an hd dvd player at some point so i’m waiting a little before buying one of the hd players. In the end i’m not using the camera professionally. My sole reason for buying it was for our five week trip to greece this summer where i can capture memories of a little of mainland greece and a lot of the stunning beaches of naxos in high def. The supplied np-fm50 battery doesn’t give a whole lot of recording minutes (about 90 minutes) so i opted to buy the np-qm91d battery to extend my recording time quite a bit to 390 minutes when viewing through the rear eyepiece or 379 minutes with the lcd screen opend up – that’s what it tells me anyway. Whether this is the *true* span of my recording time has yet to be tested but i suspect in the warm weather of the aegean the batteries will be as happy as i.

First let me say :the peaple revews guide me for purchese or not, and after the decision made(of course. I have mine)thank’s to you ‘byers like me’ that ‘guide anothers’ to make good decisionsso. It was love at the very first time i saw it.I love that piece of hardwere(3,5′ display, focus ring etc. ) and now with vegas 7e the things get clear. The softwere suplied with the cam has many downs (including poor picture) so. . If you have a powerfull computer(2 cores min. ), 1920×1200 display(wxvga), video card directx 9c(256m min. . Avchd goes bealtifull to see and editmy opinon, i’m very happy to have this cam.

The hdr-sr1 is a versitile hd camcorder. The movies are then easily transferrable to your computer via usb 2. The still pictures are excellent for a video camera. The touch screen is large, easily navigatable and fun to use. After many blunders, sony has finally done something right with this camera. It is still very expensive but there is no comparable video camera in this segment: hd video with a hard drive. I purchased my camera at circuit city and lo and behold, the accessory kit for this camera (bag & battery) was selling for less than $40. I bring this up because i loathe buying sony products because they do not bother adding any type of accessory with their products.

Update: give it a 5 star rating. The provided picture motion browser software is the slickest import program i’ve seen. And its organization on a calendar is really nice. And if you really want to see this video on a big hdtv, import the video to a playstation 3 or connect an external fat 32 hard drive with the video loaded to the ps 3 usb port. This combination is not perfect but it works well for an early implementation. Several major software providers have have announced editing software for avchd. Since it takes a lot of computer to play the video, i suspect you will need a lot of horsepower to edit this video. I bought the ps3 just to cache and play avchd video and it is worth the 600 dollars since it is tuned for video and does a better job than pcs.

I have gone through several camcorders in the past 5 years and recently began my search for a hi-def camcorder. One of my frustrations with dv tapes is that for me, they tended to sit on the shelf and gather dust. They took tons of storage space to encode (way more than avchd). Editing to dvd also seemed to be more complex than necessary and time consuming. As a result, i have many tapes that i just don’t bother to burn to dvd. It was just easier to plug in the camcorder and watch the video from there. So through my research, i discovered disk based camcorders. Most of the reviews criticized the image quality. This second generation seems to have improved quite a bit. With the compression and ease of transfer to a pc (literally plug in and push one button) i was sold on the hard drive format.

I haven’t used this camcorder that much yet. But i want to post this to let everyone know that ‘pinnacle studio(tm) ultimate’ is about to be released and will support avchd. I just got an e-mail for presell at $69.

Have had the camera for just over a week and can’t complain about anything. Video plays perfectly on both our hd lcd and hd projector. We have a htpc so this camera is perfect for our needs. Also figured out that renaming the hd video files to. Mpg allows you to play them in powerdvd, so no burning to disc or conversion necessary. Bought this in canada (the ntsc version) and was a little worried about compatibility problems here in the uk (pal) but everything works perfectly on our system. Have waited a year for this camera, and very glad i did.

Hi bone the recording time varies from 10 to 20 hours in sd and 4 to 8 hours in hd. Hd has three levels of recoreding qualityies. With highest quality recording, you can record for 4 hours. Pros: great picture quality, decent still images(4 mp), very very user friendly. If you work around 1 to 2 hours on manual you can really take the advantage of new technology, nice touch screen. Cons: need upgradation to a q91 battery (4hours recording time). Oringal battery is only good for an hour. Software is not very good but there are lot of other softwares to make movies.

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