Sony HDR-CX380/B High Definition Handycam Camcorder – Very good buy!

I use this camcorder daily to record youtube videos for my company. It records in mp4 format as well as hd, so its easy to edit and upload for youtube. It has a built in usb cable so you can just plug it in and download it right off the 16g built in drive. The viewer is nice size, rotates from back to front, and is a touch screen. Although the buttons are a bit small on the screen its not too bad. The zoom is amazing although i have not had time to use it much for that yet. The projector is a nice add on to show friends a video in a dark lit room, but is not a deal breaker. The camcorder was smaller than expected and is easy to carry around with you in a large pocket when needed. Overall its a great camcorder for the money. I am extremely happy with it.

Good basic hand-held if you don’t need a hard drive.

The quality of videos take with this camera are amazingly clear. A friend has a sony pd-150 that is about 10 years old and cost a few thousand dollars at the time. The video taken with this sony handycam blew the quality away of the pd-150. This camera is very small and light which makes it easy to use for long periods of time, your arm doesn’t get tired. Having the video on a media card instead of tape is also a big plus because it is so compact and easy to store. All that said i have to say the coolest feature on this camera is the projector. You can have the camera make a playback video in projector mode that takes a sampling of your videos and still shots from the time period you selected and puts music and transitions to them. I spent a few days with my sister and her family at disney world before our mom and grandma joined us. Each night we would watch the day’s footage using the projector feature and letting it produce the show for us. The children loved seeing themselves on video and everyone loved how the camera assembled the footage.

Took this camera all around europe for a family vacation and it performed beautifully. The zooming and picture quality are great. Also, being able to backup data externally really helps out with long vacations.

Overall satisfied with this model. Would like remote control via an app on my phone, but that was a more expensive model.

Works great, projector it a very cool feature, takes good photos, small light weight easy to carry or fit in a purse or even a fanny pack. It works pretty good in darker lighting too like in the house with lights mostly off.

  • I LOVE this camcorder!
  • Bargain image quality and features
  • Truly an awesome camera

Liked it much and very happy with the model and especially the clarify of video (both on camcorder and also projector). I would definitely recommend this item for all.

I was in a hurry and took a blind shot on this camcorder. It worked just fine for what i needed. It was even easy for an old guy to use. I actually picked because of the sony name. I would recommend this camcorder to anyone.

4 star only because no flashlight. Perfect for home and begginer level use, can do wonders in the hands of someone with experience.

I like it and can’t wait to put it to good use.

Great camera and very easy to use.

Features of Sony HDR-CX380/B High Definition Handycam Camcorder with 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)

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  • 1920×1080 Full HD 60p with 8.9MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 6hr25min of recording with 16GB embedded Flash Memory
  • 30x Optical / 55x Extended Zoom to get even closer to the action
  • Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization reduces blur
  • 3.0″ wide Clear Photo LCD display (230K) touch screen

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I’ve been using a mini-dv tape-based panasonic pv-gs31 for quite a few years – it has stood up to some punishment and served me well. After a pretty thorough evaluation, i opted to replace it with the sony hdr-cx380. Here’s why:likes:weighs next to nothing. Great feature set, from the built in usb cable to the touch screen, menu structure, external mike jack, auto lens cover, etc. 9 meg, the still shots are great – on a recent trip i left my slr at home and really did not miss ittrue hd, though having bought it i discovered that imovie and the version of final cut express i had could not process full hd (1920 by 1080).

So far i like the quality and it’s easy to use as well as being lightweight.

The video camera works very well, the colors are excellent and the clips are sharp. It is very stable and easy to hold.

It’s as close to a canon as i can afford.

I needed a good quality camcorder at a great price especially with the projector built right in to it.

Projector came in handy especially while traveling. We could review the day’s videos in the evening using just a piece of white paper for a screen. It does need a very dark room for more than a 2 foot wide image of course. It can fill a whole wall if you are in total darkness.

1920×1080 Full HD 60p with 8.9MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor

As always sony stands in its quality and promise. I recommend strongly to anyone who wants a camcorder with an edge i.

You can make professional looking video clips with this camcorder. What distinguishes this from an iphone is the zoom and the quality of sound recording – not comparable.

So be ware, just like pretty much any sony product, it records in a proprietary format. You can use the included software to turn it into an mp4 and then edit easier. It’s annoying but not the end of the world. I bought this specifically because it has an external microphone input. If you go to youtube and search for ‘supercircuits’ you’ll see my hands. Most of those demo videos were taken with this camera and an external mic i also bought on amazon. Also, nifty feature: the usb cable is built into the hand strap.

Need camera with ease of operation to take on alaska cruise trip. Basic need is hd, quality stills, and excellent telephoto. Camera is compact and travels well. Can be shared with wife on trip. Bought camera one month prior to trip. We are now proficient with the camera and are ready to go.

I gave away my sony hdr -230 to my niece so she would have a nice video camera for her little kids. I almost got another 230 but then decided to get the 380. I really like this video camera even better than the 230. It came with a charger which was nice to have. I also like the touch screen. Quality of the videos is great and much like the 230. Overall i am quite happy with this video camera.

4 words: this is freaking awesome. Wonderful camera for an unbeatable price. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid semi-professional camera.

Up to 6hr25min of recording with 16GB embedded Flash Memory

We did alot of research before making an upgrade purchase of a camcorder. We found a great deal at amazon on this camera and while we wanted the ‘steadyshot’ available on the pj430v, we could not justify spending more than twice as much for that feature. This camcorder is light, and i am ‘old school’ enough to feel that heft means quality. But it is a sony and my other decade old sony camera has lasted through many thousands of hours of image capture. I have big hands, so the mechanical controls on the camera body are a bit cramping to use, but the touch screen controls are intuitive and work well. I only wish there was a little more space between the zoom touchscreen control and the control to start or stop the video. But that issue is minimal and overall the camera is easy to use and produces amazing video. We are doing habitat restoration work and use the camcorder to document wildlife. The zoom is smooth, and at full telephoto, resting the foldout display on my thumb while i use the touch screen really helps to steady those long lens captures. Image quality looks great and the abiltiy to follow focus (a face or animal) is more useful than i anticipated.

When purchasing i chose the projector model over the non-projector because they were the same price–thinking if i don’t use it it’s okay since i paid the same. To my surprise the projector gets used more than i ever thought. It’s a pretty clear picture and great when you want to share your captured videos & photos with family. The interface is easy and the playback options are simple.

I decided on this after reading lot of reviews & since there were very few with the projector option i finally went for it. The only concern i had while reading the review was the ‘bulkiness or heavier than other models’ due to projector feature. However, when i received the parcel i was stunned at the weight infact i thought there was nothing inside the box. On opening i was amazed at how compact & light this handycam is which is full of powerful features. The built-in usb cable, extracting photos while shooting video, 3 inch touchscreen, 16gb internal memory, amazing quality projector image (of course the darker the veiwing space, the better it gets) the list goes on. It’s been three weeks since i received this & i am loving it. Look no further if you are searching for a good hd handycam.

Wish the camera took a bit better videos though, but i knew it would not look perfect on my 65′ tv.

I bought this sony camera for myself, i actually like the way the video looks. The only thing that i didn’t like about the camera, is that it doesn’t come with the hdmi to rca cable, i have a projector tv, i know, (i need to upgrade) i went to the sony website couldn’t find one, i found some on amazon, but i don’t know if would work with the sony camera, over all i like the camera.

I bought this camcorder to take wrestling videos of the kids and for a ski trip to lake tahoe. Arrived when it said it would and worked the same. The videos i took from the wrestling tournament were great, but what really impressed me were the videos i got of my kids skiing. I took the videos while skiing next to my 5 and 7 year olds and they were fantastic. I show them off to everyone using the projector. It was light and took quality video. I can go on and on about the features but if you have kids and can squeeze the cost of the camera in your budget, it is the best way to record and share your memories. Thank you amazon and focus for delivering me this staple as promised.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the kdr-cx90 – that minor model number change will leave you disappointed in lost features. The 80 is the way to go, i thought the higher number mean better, and ended up returning it for this one. Great cameraa few differences in 80 not in 90: mic input, touch screen, auto-opening lens cover, and overall quality.

30x Optical / 55x Extended Zoom to get even closer to the action

This takes very good quality video, it’s easy to use and compact. Fits nicely in my cargo short pockets for trips to disney world and other vacation spots. The projector feature is nice but we only used it once in two years. I wouldn’t pay an extra $100 again for that feature.

Pros: the built-in usb cable is really a nice convenience. The image quality and low-light performance are very good. Cons: marketing this as an 8 mega-pixel sensor is misleading. 3 megapixel sensor as many others. Sony claims their firmware results in ‘8. 9 megapixel equivalent still images’ stills, not video. Two main things made this camcorder not a good fit for my needs. No setting for optical-only zoom: the cam is listed with 30x optical, 55x extended zoom. I thought i had turned off the digital zoom, but i was still seeing a lot of noise in the last third of the zoom range.

The hdr-pj380b delivers surprisingly good performance for the money. It’s tiny and with the combination of onboard memory with the capability of including large sd cards to supplement the internal memory, it’s capable of hours of shooting truly high def videos the zoom is excellent for most purposes and give good resolution at long magnifications. The onboard projector, i first thought was a gimmick but it works creditably well. When there’s no hd set nearby. The one fly in the ointment is that the large lcd view screen is virtually useless in bright sunlight under those conditions, you just point and shoot, and hope for the best. You usually get mixed results. A viewfinder would be the icing on the cake. As i said the camera is tiny, but use with a tripod is recommended, to much motion at med to high zoom magnification. I’d still fecommend it highly.

Camera took great video and had very good low light performance. When compared to an equivalent model from a competing brand, it had better low light abilities but the colors were not quite as vibrant. I sent it back for a refund due to the fact that it does not have the correct setting i need to use it with my solvid camstrap head camera mount. Otherwise it would have been worth keeping.

This camera isnt bad but the zoom is pretty grainy. I also wouldnt recommend it for sports outside in very sunny conditions, it just isnt that great. I know some cameras now have a much better lens.

I did a lot of research before buying this camcorder and was wondering if it is worth paying the extra $100 for the built-in projector. Now after about 2-3 weeks of use, i’m very happy with my purchase. Pros:1>compact2>projecter feature is very usefull [ at night when i put my kids to bed, we project our family videos in our bedroom and the quaility is awesome. The room has to be completly dark to get a good picture quaility3>was also able to connect my ipad to this camcordercons:1>battery life sucks. Will be buying a newer battery2>tried making a movie using windows movie maker s/w but it was not able to convert this format. ]

Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization reduces blur

I bought this camera due to reviews and bang for the buck and i’m not disappointed. The picture holds up well when blown up to 50′ flat screen proportions and the auto focus seems to work well. I was surprised at how light this camera is, you can hardly tell it’s in the camera bag. And it’s the smallest video camera i’ve ever owned. Having said that the lcd screen is quite big.

Wow, better than i could have expected for the price. Upgraded from a 7 year old panasonic hard drive. First impression was the camera was really small and light. Used pinnacle studio to export to mp4 720 and it was incredible definition. Hockey takes place in dim rinks with netting and plexiglass to film through and the results were great.

I am extraordinarily in love with this camera. For starters i am no superstar techie when it comes to electronics but they are my thing and i heavily researched good qualities of a camcorder before deciding on this camcorder. These are all of the things i love. -light weight-beautiful picture-projector is awesome (darken the room and focus the picture and its a huge success)few cons-i wish the battery were enclosed and not coming right off the back end of the camera-the touchscreen can be a bit finicky, i have big fingers and sometimes it takes a few times of me pressing the screen for it to register. It doesn’t bother me but it can be frustratinganyway, i am an amateur user in terms of some i know. I just want to make a few movies of my family and record special occasions. For those things, this camera is fantastic. I can’t wait to use it more and see how well it films. Things i have not tried:-outside filming-the softwarehappy shopping.

I wish it had hdmi output instead of just rca.

We used the sony hdr-cx3800 to make a product review video of this pet fountain.  five star pet fountain for improved pet health. Cats & dogs drink more water when it’s oxygenated & filtered. Easy to clean, quiet operation, one gallon waterer. Simple solution for a healthier pet.

The best thing i like about this video camera is that it is easy to use. I am happy with the quality of recordings.

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