Sony HDR-CX230/B High Definition Handycam Camcorder – A GOOD Camcorder

I have gotten so many compliments from onlookers who see me project fun music videos of scenes i just shot. No more videos trapped in digital prison. My only complaint is the loud and annoying beeps the camera as i navigate the tools and commands. Sony, what purpose does this beep serve, the commands are highlighted which is sufficient. I was video tapping my daughter’s concert and was embarrassed at all the beeping noise i was making. Maybe there is a silent mode?.

This sony camcorder really is awesome. One of the best products i’ve ever purchased. I’ve had many camcorders over the years. This one is so lightweight and sturdy. At the same time it is made with expensive parts. You can see how well made it is. With the built projector that is a breeze to use. The projector will work anywhere and is crystal clear even on the wall of a home. The audio coming out while projecting is descent. For a small camera you can’t have a large speaker in it so it definitely is great for the size.

I video my weekly workout videos for youtube with this camcorder. Easy to usenice clear pictureconsawkward display to delete things – can’t seem to do this from computer :(sound is sometimes crappy, picks up a lot of ambient sound (wind)no external micin all good for the price, but you get what you pay for.

Outstanding camcorder, small and light but performs like the big ones, it was a gift to my granddaughter and she loved it. Really like the ease of use, performance in low light and full 1080p. I was impressed at how well these little cameras did. Full hd and easier to use than my flipcam. I knew that if it has sony’s name on it, it is quality. It’s small, convenient to carry in my purse, and easy to transfer videos and photos to my computer. We’re very happy with this, and think it was a great deal.

Purchased this sony handycam with projector. Great price and the projector feature is an amazing feature. I like that the camera is so light. Easy to follow instructions and the sound quality is quite good. Easy to hook up to the computer or tv. Overall, i am quite pleased.

Outstanding camcorder, small and light but performs like the big ones, it was a gift to my granddaughter and she loved it. This was the second one that i bought, the other was for a different granddaughter, she loves that one also; but this one was at a lot better price, it was purchased from other retailer.

  • Good video camera for me
  • Great lens, otherwise average
  • Great product, unusually great support.

I bought one for my son as a gift and i liked it so much i bought another for myself. I am a pro videographer and used to cameras with a lot of features. This lacks many features i am used to –like mic inputs, headphone jack, focus ring etc etc. . But it does have some nice built in features like stabilization , zoom mic and others. For quick and dirty shooting it is great. The image in full light is outstanding. In low light it starts to struggle a little, but it is a relatively tiny lens so that is expected. Still, i used two of these along with a professional camera at a kids play and edited the three cameras together. While it was not a perfect match, it was acceptable enough for what it was. I was impressed at how well these little cameras did.

Pros:when i bought this camera i was surprised at how many features it had. It could zoom extremely far, it could be attached to a external display, the screen rotates, full manual control of focus, exposure, iris, and shutter speed. It records in both xavc and avchd, at 60 fps. The battery can be removed if using a sony power brick(comes in box) so that it can be recording for a indefinite amount of time. The camera records very well in low light because it has a back-light cmoscons:video quality is okay, but i would expect something a little better at this price range. This camera has a very small sensor (1/5. 8 inch in comparison iphone 6 has a 1/3 inch sensor), about the size of a smartphone camera, and because of this, many videos have a little grain to them. If you are looking for a camera with less grain, for about the same price, i would go with the wx-350 it has a much bigger sensor. Also, the manual lens cover is pretty stupid.

Watched a video right on my 70 inch hdtv (sharp lc70le847u). It looked like a blu-ray dvd. I’m sure there are video cameras that cost 10x more that are better. But for the price, this can’t be bit.

Her old camcorder was 10 years old, big, bulky and taped together. Many times she would have trouble getting it to work. Too many buttons and options to always figure out and always needing to start shooting now. This new sony fits in the palm of her hand and is extremely easy to operate. She can now connect directly to her computer and download. She plans to start burning dvd’s and storing the videos there and on her computer. Her old camera, she had to take the video tapes to a local shop and pay them to transfer to dvd’s.

I was shopping on saturday before christmas at best buy, walmart and target were sold out, and wanted over $100. 00, and it was delivered before christmas. I noticed the price jumped back up, but still a nice camcorder. Battery has to be charged on unit w/built in usb cable, no way to charge on wall plug unless you buy a separate charger and/or battery. Photos are ok, very light camcorder, but can’t beet for the price.

Features of Sony HDR-CX230/B High Definition Handycam Camcorder with 2.7-Inch LCD (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1920×1080 Full HD 60p with 8.9MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 3hr 10min recording with 8GB embedded Flash Memory
  • SteadyShot image stabilization reduces blur
  • 27x Optical / 32x Extended Zoom to get even closer to the action
  • 2.7″ wide Clear Photo LCD display (230K)

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The best feature about this camera is that it has no red light on the front when recording. People generally feel more comfortable in front of the camera without it. The other features of this camera are awesome too. It comes together in a great package.

What’s nice about this handycam is that is user friendly. It also has 8gig of built in memory even though i still recommend buyng a 32gig sd card with it. The only thing i didn’t like about it is that i wish it had some weight to it. It feels much like a toy when holding it although some people may like the feather weight.

Not as crisp a picture as i had hoped for. My problem with this camera is that it is more complicated to operate than i had hoped. I tried numerous times to download it to my computer with the program that was recommended and just couldn’t figure it out. I imagine i will figure it out eventually but it’s frustrating that it has to be so difficult.

Camcorder is amazingly tiny and powerfull. We bought this also to use to project movies or whatever, but unfortunatelly, even trying to add some stuff at the memory with the same format, camera does not recognize those files created or modified outside the camera. . Next model has a input projector.

Got this camera out of the box yesterday, i have never had a camcorder, and i am not a good picture taker, my hand shakes. But i am already practicing with it, trying to get a feel for it and all the soft ware loaded on my computer before we take our cruise next week and stay in the bahamas. The first video i shot, of my family in the yard turned out great, i couldn’t believe it, no shake, i was shocked. I have already down loaded the soft ware from sony, and have sent the video to my computer and viewed it. So far this camera seems very easy to operate, and the menu is easy to understand, the operating manual has an easily understandable description of what each function is for and how to adjust settings. I love the built in usb cable, the camera is so lightweight and the projector function is cool 🙂 the built in mic picked up the swish of the grass as subjects walked through the yard. If i can read the book, download the soft wear, and video record in an hour, anyone can. So far i am very happy with this product. I am going to video some more today in different settings to see the difference. I also noticed some of these reviews said the camera did not come with the ac adapter, that it had to be charged through the computer, the pj230 did come with the ac adapter, and the usb charger as well.

This is a fine camcorder, but the instruction booklet accompanying it needs to be improved. I am having trouble playing back the videos my young niece took.

1920×1080 Full HD 60p with 8.9MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor

This is a fairly solid deal for the price. The construction and overall fit and finish of the device are decent quality. Setup and use are straightforward and easy to understand. The directional navigation joystick seems a little hokey to me, but that’s probably just a personal opinion. I do like that changing and connecting via usb is so integrated to this device. I wish they would’ve included a usb female to 110 adapter so that i could plug it directly into house power without another cable.

Recently i had my kodak play touch camera stolen, and i was about to buy another when i saw this camera priced at only one-thirty last week and decided to go with it instead. The day after i purchased it, the price went up one hundred more. So whether it was a fluke in pricing or just my lucky day, the price i paid does have a bearing on how i view this product, thus reflected in my star rating. If i’d paid more, i think i would drop the rating a star. This hd sony handycam is a great size and very lightweight. It has 8gb of internal storage, with room for an additional 64gb more via a sdhc card. It provides hd playback via hdmi and can take video and stills. Controls are fairly intuitive, and easy to use and the included operating guide is pretty good for helping you to get started quickly using this camcorder. Hooking it up to your hdtv or pc is easy and allows you to view and transfer files without much fuss. This camcorder is also capable of creating a standard definition disc via a (not included) av cable to a (not included) disc recorder. Hd images can be saved to an external drive without installing any software by using a vmc-uam2 cable (not included). The body feels a bit cheap, and the toggling of a joystick-type navigation system to change modes and set menus was a disappointment. This camera will need to be handled with care, more so than expected. In the box:(2) operating guides (english and spanish)(1) hdr-cx230/b hd handycam camcorder – non projection type(1) usb connection support cable (female to male)(1) rechargeable battery pack(1) hdmi cable 3’**no ac adapter is included with this product**note: only with the following models do you get an ac adapter and power cord – hdr-cx280/cx280e/cx290/cx290e/pj220/pj220e/pj230/pj230e.

I recently graduated from cleveland state university with a major in film. Never buy an expensive camera for your first camera.

My wife loves this camera and so do i. I bought it for my wife for christmas because our little girl was growing so fast and we had nothing to capture it with really. We were also planning on going to disneyland shortly after christmas and i wanted to record that. This camera has a great lens that captures great light and the picture i feel is phenomenal.We hook it up to our 65 inch hdtv and it looks amazing. It took a lot of the shaking out of the video as well the camera did which was wonderful. I am very happy with the purchase and would buy another one in a heart beat.

I owned an old sony handi cam that i have had for ten years. I loved it and until now have never had problems with it. I cannot afford to buy another hi end camcorder but do not want to miss out on my children’s’ events. I did a lot of review research and decided to order this. Video quality is wonderful and the camera is very easy to use. It is also amazingly easy to upload videos into sony cloud and burn a dvd if you choose to. My old sony has a touch screen and view finder. I do miss these as well as night shot. Picture are not of good quality with this camera, but i didn’t buy it for that purpose anyway.

This product is great for a family on the go. We have a fabulous nikon for still shots, but were always missing the moments best captured by long crystal clear video shots. This camera is so small it fits into your hand and easily slides into a small purse. With a 64gb memory card on the highest shooting quality (which is very clear on all hdtvs), it can capture over 6 hours of video. The camera, without the additional memory card, stores up to 1. The battery life is the only negative to this, but can still go an hour and a half of use time before it will need to be recharged. I would suggest buying an extra battery along with your memory card or stick of choice (it takes both sd memory cards and the sticks). Also, as an added bonus, the projector feature makes the camera an instant source of entertainment for your family.

Up to 3hr 10min recording with 8GB embedded Flash Memory

Great quality ,super light weight. Hd is great but it won’t hide skin blemishes or fix your moms acting. Then again she won’t let me show her clips anyway.

Bought this to use outdoors, so far have used it at lakes to record rc boats. Does the job for me, videos come out very nice in bright clear conditions, have not used it in low light conditions yet. Will not be using the picture taking feature, prefer my dlsr for that. Taking me a while to get use to the menu navigation, the more i use it the better i get at it. There are not many buttons on the whole camera which seems to simplify navigation. Comes with built in memory and i bought an extreme 32 gb card by sandisk. You need to go into setup to tell the camcorder which one to use. Does not come with an ac adapter (optional purchase) and it needs to be charged via the usb cable connected to a computer. It does come with a usb extension cable. I use a spare apple ipod usb charger.

The most amazing thing with this little camera is its projector. Which means you can record something, say family events outside. Come inside and play the home movies right on your wall. This specific camera comes with 8gb internal memory and has a sd card slot where you can stick a sd card in that has 64gb on it. The only problem i have is the the sd card slot is slower to record to than the internal hard drive (of course). The other remarkable thing about this camera is when you want to hook it up to your computer, the usb cord is already attached to the camera and is in the camera strap where you put your hand through. So you will never lose your usb cordon featured it is kind of basic. But this is the cheapest camera you can get with a built in projector. The only thing that really annoyed me was the fact that in order to record you have to have the side lcd window open.

I have owned two like it, because i loved the first one so much. Had to get another because of dropping my first one because i take it everywhere. My favorite feature is that you can take still shots the same time you are videoing. And it doesn’t disrupt the video. I hope i can always have one of these cameras.

Bought this camcorder when my baby was born. Pros: light weight, easy to use, plays as a projector straight from camcorder, easy download to computer. Cons: sony editing software would never download properly, some files are stuck on camcorder and will not download to computer, narrow recording area (hard to get a large group in one shot, photo’s taken with camcorder are so low resolution that they are useless. All in all for the price its a good camcorder without adding so many feature that its overly complicated to use.

We received this camcorder as a gift after our twins were born. It is extremely easy to use, and has a very nice photo button on top for taking still pictures. The quality of the video and still photos seems just fine to me. We’ve taken videos in sort of dim light, and it does end up taking sort of choppy, grainy video. But for the price, i expected as much. It’s small, convenient to carry in my purse, and easy to transfer videos and photos to my computer (i use a mac, the videos are compatible with quicktime). We’re very happy with this, and think it was a great deal.

This was my first camcorder i purchased online. I didn’t know what to expect. When i received my package i was surprised how small it was. When i learned how to use it and watched what i filmed i was totally impressed with the unbelievable quality. It was almost as if i was watching a hd tv show. Great technology, quality and price.

SteadyShot image stabilization reduces blur

I’ve only owned this camera for about 4 days, so this is an early review. I also bought it used, and my problems so far seem to stem mainly from that. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to spend much time familiarizing myself with it because the battery was charging for nearly two days and still maxes out at two bars, which fade quickly. I’ll have to buy a new battery for the camera to use it anywhere for an extensive period of time; not a huge deal but a little annoying and inconvenient. A lesser annoyance was that the memory card came entirely full of someone’s high school football games/practices. I should have formatted it before taking videos, just didn’t expect the card to be 99% full out of the box. All in all so far it seems to take decent videos, lightweight, easy to figure out (though i haven’t tried transferring the videos onto my desktop yet). Nothing really to write home about, but seems to do it’s job decently.

It is so easy to use and upload the clips to my computer. I recommend this for any family that want to document their child’s childhood days.

Many improvements over the last sony handycam i bought several years ago. It is a little frustrating that you cannot set up the camera and leave the lcd open while the camera is off (opening the lcd screen automatically turns the camera on). I liked to set up my camera and then come back, turn the camera on and hit record, but that is a minor inconvenience. The memory card is easily accessible. The usb cable is awkward to use, but there are easy ways to avoid having to use it. I recommend that you get a separate card reader to use with the memory card as opposed to trying to connect via the usb cable to download images and videos. Otherwise, i like how well it zooms, the sharp images, and small size.

Camera arrived just in time for the family christmas eve party, and it worked great. Took me a bit of time to figure out exactly how to work it, having had to read the manual and such to figure out how to charge the battery. Decided i needed to get back to videotaping stuff again after having gone through so many old 8 mm tapes and editing them, putting together old family home movie dvds for christmas presents. My former camcorder that was gifted to me as a graduation present in 2004 still works, but i know the 8 mm tapes won’t be around for too much longer so i upgraded. Went with sony again as i’ve always been generally happy with their camera products. It’s so tiny, i couldn’t believe it when i took it out of the package, wow. Very nice little camera, and i got it at quite a bargain price when i ordered it as well.

I would not recommend this for heavy outdoor activity use as it will crack very easily. If you are looking for something to film your kids in the grass with, it is great for that.

One quirk – cannot run directly from plugged power, only from battery (i knew this from previous reviews, before i bought). Recommend you buy a battery set (and charger) immediately so you have a backup.

27x Optical / 32x Extended Zoom to get even closer to the action

I find this camera to be a great upgrade from my older camera from a few years ago. This camera works a lot better in lower light settings. This camera does in fact record in full 1080p 60fps videos, and the quality of them in normal lighting is pretty great. What i found to be an amazing surprise is that i took this camera for a test run while in a car going 50mph, i recorded and took pictures. Those pictures i took while going 50mph in a car were amazingly clear, almost as though i was standing still and took the picture right there. I was pleasantly surprised compared to my older camera where it can’t even take a clear shot unless you stand perfectly still. My only problem with this camera is that in lower light indoor settings (usually when there are both dark and light objects in the same section the camera is pointed to, while it being in low light), there are these particles that show up in the video that make the video look slightly grainy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still much better than my previous camera, which in the same lighting would look like i was taking 240p video even if i had it set to 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps. But no matter what setting this camera is at, it still beats it, so i can deal with these grainy looking particles, especially when they only pop up in really low indoor lighting settings, and especially for the cost of this camera. Overall, this camera is very much worth it for the price compared to other camera around the same price point.

This camera is great for so many reasons. Easy to use/setup (didn’t have to read manual at all)4. Great performance in low light5. Projector feature is a great addition if you want to share with others. The only thing i would change is a higher volume when in projector mode. They give you a way to project to the screen but the audio does not match the audience you are trying to share the content with.

Relatively easy to figure out. Almost too light in your hands, but it’s nice that it’s compact enough to fit into a small case.

After having this camera for a year, i must say it’s awesome. I didn’t even buy it for the projection feature, but man does that come in handy. I do stand up comedy, so often times there is very limited lighting in the room, and this thing does a great job in low-light scenarios. I love the projector feature so i can watch my videos without plugging it into a tv or computer. It’s really easy to use, and the interface on the swing-out lcd screen is easy to navigate.

Got a great deal on this for black friday. It’s really light weight and the picture is great. The projector is really cool to show family videos so you don’t have to carry around the hdmi out cable. The battery lasts long enough for some good length recordings and projections. I haven’t had any issues with it 8 months in.

It is quite handy and nice for what it is. Certainly sony makes better camcorders but they cost a lot more too. In dim light this camcorder sometimes has problems focussing quickly. The battery ran out after a couple of hours of intermittent usage during our disneyland trip. Not having a viewfinder means that each time the camcorder is being used, the led screen has to be on, and this i believe uses up more ‘juice’ than with my older sony camcorder which has a viewfinder. Besides, in sunlight it is sometimes not easy to see the picture on the led screen. I do like the fact that this camcorder has built-in memory as well as an option to use an sd card. I purchased this because it is small and can be taken everywhere, which is not something i can do easily with my larger camcorder. I also do not like going through menus, and prefer separate controls, but those kind of luxuries are now only available in the high end camcorders.

This one awesome little camera. The ease of firing off pictures and videos make it so user friendly nt to mention you can project anywhere, anytime. The only problem i have is the select function button. I use a pen to go left, right, up, or down. Other than that, it takes great photos and video.

A very good hd camcorder at an affordable price. Recommended for all those who want to capture good quality video without focussing on unnecessary settings and details.

I’ve had this camera for a while now, and it’s been great. A bang for the buck, for sure. Great quality, and has held up to a lot of use. A ‘no-brainer’ on the value scale. But i was prompted to write this review this long after my purchase, for a mfg/customer support reason. This just hardly ever happens, so wanted to share. The camera worked great out of the box, and we were using it a lot, but after about 2 months, the battery (a sony battery that comes with the camera) wasn’t holding a charge anymore. It seemed to happen quickly – it was fine, then one day, it wasn’t. Called amazon to see if i had any options, as this was clearly out the 30 day return/exchange window, but was only 2 months old.They said they probably could help, but i’d need to first pursue a claim with the manufacturer (sony) ,and if there were no satisfaction there, to come back to them.

I was impressed with how small and light it was, and the projector feature is cool and works better than i thought. Worth the extra money for the projection. Makes it easier to share videos/pics without having to hook wires up. Can use the pj feature in the daytime, but you’ll have to get close to the object you’re projecting on if it’s too bright outside.

Haven’t tested it thoroughly yet. Impressed with the projection feature. People get a real kick i show it to them.

This video camera is perfect for me and my use for family and travel video recordings. I found the hd quality quite good, even in low light. I did not detect any graininess indoors and of course all outdoor videos were quite sharp and color true. I took video of some cranes walking around in the yard with the zoom and it was crystal clear, really beautiful. You could see the birds’ eyes and feathers sharply. I was able to play all my videos back on my hdtv as well as on my mac computer, using iphoto to import all photos and videos. I may not be a professional photographer, but i am quite happy with my purchase of this camera. While i can charge the camera using my laptop, i also purchased an extra battery and charger for travel.

Brand new and work pretty good.

This definitely met our expectations. Wasn’t sure if it would live up to what we thought but it has. The pictures and the video are great quality. The hd video format is in an mts format though, not mpeg. It can be played with windows media and others, but i was trying to use the video in a video editing software and it wouldn’t take it. Currently looking for a conversion. I was able to extract stills from the video using windows media. We’ve taken great pictures and great video so far. What has really impressed me though is that we got caught in a rainstorm and some water got in the top part where it wouldn’t take pictures any more. We contacted sony and not only did they fix it , but since we’d only had it 90 days or so, they were nice enough to include it under warranty even though water damage is not covered.

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