Sony HDR-CX210 High Definition Handycam 5 – no Bologna !

It takes great pictures, and videos. I haven’t uploaded to computer yet, but i’m loving it.

Low light is not the best but the price was right.

Clear video and picture for the price definitely a steal. I wish it came with a carrying case for the camcorder and the cords. Here are the specifications for the Sony HDR-CX210 High Definition Handycam 5:

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  • 2.7 inch LCD display
  • 25X Optical, 30X Extended zoom
  • 5.3 megapixel still image
  • 1920×1080 Full HD Recording
  • Back-illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor for superb low-light video

I read some of the reviews about this camera and was somewhat apprehensive about purchasing it. After doing research, i decided that this was the camcorder that had the most bang for the buck. Videos transfer easily to your computer with the attached usb connection, and it also makes charging a snap. I would recommend getting the extended life battery as well a memory card (32 gb minimum). The stabilization is decent and doesn’t get to jumpy when you zoom. The picture quality is better than expected. Overall, we’re happier with it than we thought we’d be, no regrets on this purchase.

Let me start off by saying this review is 100% my personal opinion and not fact. I am not a videographer or anything of the like, just an average consumer, looking for a nice video camera. – look & feelthe first thing that struck me about the camera is the weight (or lack of it). The camera is very light almost to the point of feeling kinda plasticky (like a tv remote. ) i suppose it could be a good thing for some but i prefer my electronics to have a bit of weight to them. I like the look of the camera it is very sleek and clean. The chrome accents really pop and look great. – video editing & conversionthe video editing is very easy and if you opt to store your data on an sd card it is a very quick process. The default folder structure is very easy to navigate to find the files and transfer them to your computer. The camera also has an attached usb cord in the handle so you don’t need and additional cords to retrieve your videos/pictures.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Decent Camera For The Price
  • A Good Camcorder for Home Use
  • The Sony CX210

My product arrived in perfect conditions it is really new and has all the characteristics discribed in this page.

Good quality video and sound. Very pleased with the purchase.

The sony hdr-cx210 is sony’s lowest high definition model. It is also the lowest model with a touch screen. You turn on the camera by opening the video screen. It focuses very well even in low light. I have found that it will take about 90 minutes of hd video in the hq mode which is not the highest resoloution. Which is good since the battery that comes with it is only good for 90 minutes and they recommend that doing any playback be done with the power cord attached. In the high definition hq setting, it uses about 9mb per second of video. It transfers the videos to your computer quite fast, and will even burn it to dvd with the software you download. But you cannot use these dvd’s in a dvd player unless you first convert it to the.

Ok, lets admit; it not the highest class camcorder in the market; but meh, for the price what i paid for, totally worth it. Although, i was a bit confused with description, it seems like it had internal memory and a choice of buying sd card. It does not have internal memory. Given the fact sd cards are so cheap nowdays no biggie.

We use these camera’s to video practice and games for football. Clearest picture we have ever had wish sony would keep making this style of camera.

This camera does the job, but i wish it had a off/on switch. Also the video quality leaves some thing to be desired, but then again this could be how i’m operating it. On the good side, it’s lightweight and easy to transport. I’ve gotten a lot of good use from this camera.

Love it for the great price. Such a great picture for your memories. Eazy editing and long lasting battery even in extreme cold of a ski trip. All day in my pocket and the battery is still good.

I love it, the price was right, the images are great also, i recommend it to anybody looking for a good basic recorder.

Tell me just how does sony pack it all in that small package. This little camcorder does all the neat things and it still fits in my coat pocket. I was expecting to spend a day studying the manual. But it only took a hour to have a good running idea how to use it. And the price on amazon was great.

Love everything but one thing about this corder. When you have it set on the hd the focus while zoomed out is grainy. You can un zoom it and instantly see where it goes from hd to blurry. So you have to get in and reduce the hd when zoomed out far. The recording while in low light though is amazing. I took this out to film our hunting trips this year and long before the sun came up, was able to film in the low light conditions with stunning results. Overall very impressed with this corder.

My mother had one but it was huge and i decided to go ahead and buy my own and i am loving this size. I can put it in my purse and whip it out quickly to film. Definitely a must have if you like your camcorder nice and small.

I was shocked on how tiny this is but the quality of videos is incredible. Would have given 5 stars except for: the tiny connection ports; proprietary hdmi connector cable; video files can only be seen on the flash memory card using sony’s proprietary image software (included with camera); and the tiny touch screen controls. Having big finger tips make it awkward to use. Comes complete with all the connector cables you need, no additional purchases for cables required. Played the videos on my 50” plasma tv using the included hdmi cable, just super quality images. With good lighting, the 30x zoom still shows sharp detail. Added a 32 gig card to the camera because the hd video takes up a lot of space, approximately 100 megs per minute.

I am very happy that i bought this item. Meets all my expectations and is just what i wanted.

My daughter is into radio and television broadcast and loves the camera. It is great for what she wanted,, it was the model below what her school uses, but still has a lot of features and it very small and light.

I received it in a timely manner, no damage, my first camcorder and i love it. Im still playing with it figuring out how it works so far i really love it.

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Sony HDR-CX210 High Definition Handycam 5.3 MP Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Blue) (2012 Model)
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