Sony HDR-AS15 Action Video Camera – Looks like GoPro Got’s some catching up to do

A lot to like, cool slowmo, one major drawback. There a lot to like with this little camera, including really cool slow motion. But it has also has a few drawbacks (one major) that you should be aware of. First, unpacking out of the box i was impressed by this compact little camera. Sony gets an a for effort, as they clearly put a lot of effort into this. The camera is impressively small relative to a normal camcorder, so it isn’t a burden. With ps mode (1080 60p) the video is quite respectable (make sure you have the 2. 0 firmware to get this mode). The slow motion “sslow” mode is really cool (shown in my video) and impressed me most. The water-tight case it comes with doubles as a carry case too, so it is all you need.

Looks like gopro got’s some catching up to do. After using this camera for a day and comparing it to mainly to the footage from gopro hd hero2: motorsports edition the camera works much better underwater then the gopro’s with standard lens but fail to reach the performace of the gopro in one of these gopro dive housing. I will still be keeping my gopro around for diving but this camera has slightly better image quality, built in image stabilization, and a much better microphone both above and below water. The night footage is also much better vs the hero ii. Looks like gopros got some cathcing up to do.

Steady shot feature is something the competitors miss. Last month during a motorcycle roadracing event, i crashed with the sony hdr-as10. The fairing mount that the camera was attached to broke during the ensuing crash. I soldiered on in the race and later reviewed the video. To my surprise, the steady shot feature was amazing. If this were a gopro or contour, the video would have been worthless. This feature alone raises the bar for others to follow.

Fantastic value, limited mounts. As an owner of the gopro hero 2 and contour plus it’s nice to see that sony has entered the market with a camera that can compete at a low price and offer something that is unique on its own. Contour and gopro have their own strengths: contours are a bit more versatile in mounts/ rotating angles and gopros have higher video fidelity than contour. The one thing missing in both cameras is image stabilization. The sony action cam has digital image stabilization and it makes a huge difference in sports like snowboarding when recordings gives you motion sickness. I’ve done direct comparisons to my gopro hero 2 and contour plus and it is striking how much smoother the video looks. Optical image stabilization would be ideal but at this price i am amazed how natural sony’s steadyshot stabilizes the video. Also worth mentioning is that unlike most sony products, this camera does not force one of sony’s proprietary formats, you can use your microsd cards as well as sony’s m2 memory cards. Others have voiced their displeasure with the limited mounts offered and i would have to agree. Sony needs to come out with something sleek and simple like what contour does with their helmet profile mounts.

  • better value than gopro 3 black
  • Looks like GoPro Got’s some catching up to do
  • A Lot to Like, Cool SlowMo, One Major Drawback
  • Excellent Quality – Worth the Money
  • Kit is not as complete as it should be.
  • Fantastic Value, Limited Mounts

Sony HDR-AS15 Action Video Camera (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Better value than gopro 3 black. This the gopro 3 black ringing in at $399. 00 i would have been over $500. 00 after buying the basic accessories. I opted to give this a try as it was less than 1/2 the cost and offered 95% the same quality picture, and loaded with virtually all the same options. I was able to get a larger memory card with the savings, as well as, the headband clip, and replacement doors. The steady shot works fantastically, and battery life was great too. Another plus, was that i didnt have to buy a backup battery, because this ships with a tray that will accommodate a g battery that my 5 year old cybershot used. Great device that packs a big punch for your dollar. My total cost with all the other accessories was still under $399.

Excellent quality – worth the money. I purchased this action camera mainly to record road trips and hikes, as well as time with the family. This camera isn’t perfect, but for what it is and what it does, this is one of those cameras i will get a lot of use out of. I initially wanted a dashboard camera mounted in my car. I had purchased a couple in the last couple of years and was not pleased with the quality, but happy to capture a road trip out of the deal. I recently bought a mustang convertible and wanted to capture some really amazing road trips. I truly wanted the gopro hero 3, but after looking at the sony ar15 with wifi decided to buy it based on the quality of the video, as well as the fact that it takes the same battery as my sony rx100 and has an adapter that can use the older “g” series batteries. This camera does have its quirks and does take getting used to. The quality is much higher than i expected. I opted for a head band so when i am driving, i have the camera mounted on my head.

There’s a lot of great competitors out there, but this simple machine gets the job done everytime. I wish you could install a heavy duty battery in it, but unfortunately the battery is inside, therefore it can only be one size. Unlike the gopro’s 24hr battery. Video and sound quality is fantastic. I take this camera fishing and mount it on my yakattack dogbone/panfish portrait to capture all my fishing adventures. And when i’m headed overseas, i wear it on my head for hands free adventures. Has been going for a year strong. Matter of fact, just bought another one and they’re discontinued.