Sony Handycam DCR-DVD850 DVD Hybrid Camcorder, Purchased by 10 year old

I really like this video camera the picture quality on the video is great the picture quality on the camera is good. Very compact and u can take it anywhere. It takes a little to learn how to work it with the discs and without the discs, i would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a good quality video cam.

Very easy to setup and get going. Pictures of baby in room with los light are very good. So far just used memory and will probably stay that way with periodic downloads to store on the computer.

We need hard copies after football games and this does it for you in one step.

Key specs for Sony Handycam DCR-DVD850 DVD Hybrid Camcorder with 60X Optical Zoom (Silver):

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  • 16GB embedded memory
  • Hybrid Plus offers flexible recording/transfer options
  • 60X Optical / 2000X Digital Zoom
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with SteadyShot image stabalization
  • 1/8-inch Advanced HAD CCD Imager

Comments from buyers

“BEST Camera ever made, Sony Handycam DCRDVD850 NOT a dead end, Its functions are easy to access and they work great”

I am very pleased with the overall quality and functionality of this camcorder. The camera takes excellent video (action shots are great). It is very stable and i like having choices on how to save. It is also very easy to download to pc or view on pc or tv. I highly recommend this product. You could not do better, especially at this price.

We bought a jvc before and we had problems with it the whole time we had it so we were able to return it after hundreds of times going in to best buy and having them fix it. So we saw the reviews on amazon for sony and we also know that sony makes great products so we bought it and love it. Have not any problems with it for about a year now.

Originally was going to purchase the 650, but decided to spend the extra money for the internal memory. When i received the camera, i charged the battery and turned on the camera and started recording immediately. No instructions for the easy stuff and no disks or memory sticks required. Also, it records great pictures and sound.

I am please with my sony handycam dcr-dvd850 dvd hybrid camcorder. Its functions are easy to access and they work great. Pictures are nice and sound is clear.

I use this camcorder for recording night youth football games under lights, for the most part. It performs quite well and the 16×9 images are perfect for flat panel tvs. I like the software provided with it. It allows effortless transfer of files from the camcorder to your computer, and easy (if somewhat plain) video dvd creation. I have not tried editing functionality, but it seems to me that specialty video editing software would be better in any case. It can also catalog all video and photographs in your computer into a calendar, and displays changing thumbnails on the dates the images were taken, with other useful features. The camera has 16gb of internal flash memory, and i doubt that i will ever use a dvd recordable. Internal memory is easily transferred to your computer with a common usb cable for editing, storage and dvd burning if desired. One reviewer commented that this camera is a ‘dead end’ and i can’t see why that is true. Between the internal memory and the memory stick capability, the dvd recordable is an extra optional feature that need not ever be used.

The only thing i dont like is that you have to use the sony software they provide.

I purchased this camera after discovering my 8-year-old camcorder no longer worked three days before my vacation. I received my camcorder the day before my trip and only had time to charge the battery and read some basic information. I found the camcorder user-friendly and easy to use right out of the box. And its small size makes handling very manageable. I love the huge 16 gb internal memory and i was able to record my entire trip. The lcd touch panel is fantastic. Although it would be nice if it was a little larger than 2. 7′, it was not at all difficult to see and use. If i recorded something i wanted to playback later, all i had to do was press a button on the touch panel; then touch the clip. Searching through recorded tape is a thing of the past.

How could they stop making this ?. It is so easy to use all in one,i hate having to use a computer to copy all my videos’ with this camera i just put a mini c.

Love everything about this camcorder. Great video,pictures are superb. And you have three choicesinternal memory,disc, memory stick pro duo’mediaplus this camcorder fits in my hand perfectly(semi large hands ).

I purchased 2 versions of this camera for my sons to use to video their children. I purchased an earlier version when my kids were growing up – this was the best camera i ever purchased or owned. Today 15 years later i just drop the dvd in a player and see the videos of my kids when they were younger. No time wasting downloading or wifi connection needed. This camera takes still frames on a memory stick and videos on mini-dvds. The mini-dvds can be purchased cheap on amazon and stored easily in a small space. This a small, compact camera with great focus and excellent pictures.

This camcorder is very easy to use and operate. Using the +rw dvd lets you go right to thedvd player. Use of the memory sticks allows you to record long length of time. It has an easy button when you want it to be just simple, yet you can use it as a professional camcorder when needed.

Received this camera without av cable. Hooray for amazon but when i contacted sony to get this cable the customer service was rude. My husband loves the camera but i am sorry i bought a sony. Bought a mp3 player and it broke after 2 months (no sound) sony wanted $75 to fix it. Bought a new one for less (different brand) and it works great. Needless to say sony will be the last on my list for anything in electronics.

Everything i expected for the price. I just cant get over how expensive a memory pro duo stick is for this thing. And recording to a cd is a waste because your lucky to get a half hour per disk. But you can store quite a bit with its internal memory. All in all though, i like it, and would recommend.

My 10 year old son saved a long time for a video camera. He has had no trouble using the handycam. His dad had to help him use the software to upload to the computer. We bought this one because of the internal memory (as opposed to the discs) and the rechargeable battery. To tell you how easy this is to use, i had never used any video camera when he brought it along to his football game and asked me to record some plays to send to relatives. I opened the screen, opened the lens cover, turned a switch to ‘on’ and pushed start. The camcorder must do a good job of adjusting for fast motion or shaking because it didn’t make us sick watching the video. My son loves it and i think this camera is an excellent camera.

What a wonderful camera,easy to use,great picture quality,nice to have the dvd and memory card.

It is nice to have the option to record to a mini disc or directly to the hard drive. I feel this was worth every penny.

We returned this camera after finding you can only use it to record onto a disc for 30 minutes, no longer – that just didn’t work for us, with kids, trying to record sporting events, etc.

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Sony Handycam DCR-DVD850 DVD Hybrid Camcorder with 60X Optical Zoom (Silver)
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