Sony DCRTRV900 MiniDV Handycam Digital Video Camcorder – Great – without a single doubt

I have owned the trv900 for over a month now. I bought it instead of the vx 1000/2000 because of the smaller size and price. (about half the size of the vx2000 and 2/3 the price. ) it has a 52mm lens front, color viewfinder, 3. 5′ lcd screen, and of course 3 ccds. The camera is just over 3 years old (as of aug. 2001) , but don’t let that stop you from choosing it over the vx2000 because the image quality is right on par with it. Some people think the image is a little ‘colder’ than the 2000, but since the trv900 has full manual control (including manual audio, without the ‘hiss’ the vx2000 is now infamous for) you can easily adjust the picture to your liking. Some good things about the camera are:-3 1/4′ ccds. -full manual control including focus, white bal, iris, and audio.

Having a background in commercial television i did not believe that production on that level is possible at this price level. You will be amazed at the quality. I recommend the memory stick for still pictures and you will need the floppy adapter for the computer. Your stills will be outstanding. Couple all this with fire wire capture and a good editing program (adobe 5. 1c) and your finished product will be excellent. The money to step up to this is well spent.

Experience shows that when sony introduces a first new product in its class, they make a killer product to strenghten their image. This camcorder is one of them (the others are their first sacd, first dvd player, first walkman, first digital walkman, first trinitron tv, etc. ) this camcorder provides broadcast quality– sharpness, color saturation are first rate. I also tried other 1 ccd camcorders and none of them come close to the performance and construction quality of trv900. The only drawback i can think of is the trv900 has a bit of bluish tone in the color which can’t be adjusted and the brightness is one stop too bright (which can be adjusted). Here are the specifications for the Sony DCRTRV900 MiniDV Handycam Digital Video Camcorder:

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  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 12x optical, 48x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 3.5 inch color LCD and color EVF
  • 3 CCD camcorder
  • Analog inputs; manual control of focus, exposure, white balance, etc.

I decided to get this camcorder for the better picture (3ccd) and slew of excellent features versus some cheaper models. I have not had reason to regret my choice. I do action photography and have actually been able to capture some stills off it that are quite impressive. Nowhere near as colorful and crisp as my canon slr can give me, but quite useable. And without the cost and time of having to take a slew of photos, develop them, print them and scan them in. Don’t be fooled by cameras that might offer more than 640×480 resolution. Larger pictures don’t do you much good if they aren’t as good quality. These are almost as good as some digital cameras give you. In fact, i will be selling my digital camera off, as i don’t really need it in addition to this camcorder and my regular camera. The camera is a little larger and heavier than some other digital camcorders, and it does not come with a memory stick included.

I find myself using the dcr-trv900 as a digital camera almost as a matter of course. I purchased the sony 64mb memory card (you need to also buy the pcmcia attachment that it fits in) and taking pictures is a veritable joy. The supplied floppy drive is next to useless – in fact, i don’t know how you’d use it in an active environment. There are manual options: aperture setting (depth of field) and shutter speed (great for darker environments)among them. You can also record stills right on the tape and later extract them on your computer. Transfering video and stills to a pc is effortless; i use the ieee 1394 (firewire) interface. To make great movies, including voice over (if needed) and background music, i’m happy with ulead video studio rather than the microsoft xp windows movie maker program – which appears to be a minimal implementation of ulead’s program. 0 might still be better, but i’m not professional enough to shell out [that kind of money or so for that program. By the way, ulead also allows you to create ntsc vcd files, which, once downloaded to a regular cd-rom (i use easy cd creator platinum), can be played on your dvd player (not all of them, but certainly those produced in the last 2 years). ]

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sixteen years later.
  • You can’t go wrong with this one!
  • Great – without a single doubt

I used to be a professional photographer, tv news videographer and news producer, so i was weaned on high quality broadcast quality tv pictures from expensive pro equipment. They are sharp, with excellent color and low noise. Consumer camcorders, even digital ones, left me cold. They just didn’t cut it compared to the pro gear i had used. That is, until i saw the sony trv900. This baby is really a sleeper. The picture quality from this 3 chip camera is professional quality. The picture is very sharp, digital artifacts are not noticeable, and the picture is amazingly noise free, even in marginal light. (in low light,it’s noisy, like all ccd cameras. ) manual controls on almost everything let you tweak the picture as you learn more.

I bought the trv 900 in september of 1999 and have been very pleased these past few years. This camera is lightweight enough to travel with. With me, it’s been from italy to arizona. And produces clean, colorful pictures. I can also grab ‘still’ pictures from my videos and have a perfectly captured photo (i. The perfect smile on someone’s face or a moment in which a bird dives into a shot etc. ) my only wish with this photo function is that the still photos had better picture quality. Nevertheless, it is still a fun function and allows me to send my photos from trips to others via email.

. And the trv900 is still selling for $200-$300, depending on specifics. Once you get good at using it’s controls and features, it’s easy to see why. It’s a beechcraft king air compared to your piper cub,so you do need to get certified. :)my video background is just amateur and mostly family and play at that. My first videocam was an analog hi8 ca. 1988, so archaic that it actually used a vidicon tube for the imaging.Next was a sony digital8 near the high end of features for the line.

I chose the dcr-trv900 after extensive market research and have not been disappointed. Power supply isn’t a problem anymore using the fp-950 battery as i can use it all day on photo/video shoots. The large lcd display is excellent for both recording and playback, even outdoors. However, it is sometimes inconvenient to have to open the lcd panel to access the menu button. The picture colour and resolution quality is excellent, easily as good as some ‘semi-pro’ cameras in the 2-3 times price category. I use a 32mb memory card and can store up to around 170x jpg images at the superfine setting. I would have liked image resolution of 800×600 but the 640×480 is fine for video editing purposes. Having the recording capability for dv, s-video and composite video is a real bonus, especially for making dv master copies of current and past projects. The manual controls take some practice due to their small size and menu driven operation, especially if adjustments have to be made ‘on the run’ but all in all, i haven’t been disappointed with my choice of video camera.

When i received my new camera i was using a borrowed pc100. I did not return the later right away ’cause i wanted to do a little test to prove if the 3ccd system was truly that different. My wife asked me what i was doing, to which i answered: ‘let’s see if i just overspent our money. ‘i used the same tape to film our newborn baby with both the pc100 and the tvr-900 at the same position. My wife said: ‘make sure you do the rest of the filming with the new one. ‘the pc100 had darker areas, you could see the interlaced video shadows, and a whole other bunch of things i don’t know the terms to ’cause i discovered them when i saw the same picture filmed with the trv-900. It is a lot heavier than the pc bunch from sony, so go for it only if you are looking for near-professional results instead of convenience.

This is the only dv camera i’ve used, but i’m very happy with it so far. I don’t own one, but my school does and so far it’s been incredible. Great resolution, very light, pretty stable picture for a light consumer camcorder and oh my god, the difference between hi-8 and dv is like night and day. Also, the digital effects can be used without looking cheesy. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Having searched the market for a dv that is light, full of features, video and still capture, down-loadable, easy to pack. But these were important features for me. Getting ready to trek the globe via backpack for 18 months, i will be utilizing ‘internet cafe`s’ the world over and the 900 provides me with all the features i need and more to send pictures back home via e-mail and to add to websites. It’s fun to use, light, picture quality is exciting, i would recommend this dv to anyone looking to buy a system that will provide great quality in a small package. The manual could be better and the availability of accessories could also be better. But this in no way deters from my pride of ownership.

I wrote a review after i had decided to purchase the dcr-trv900 (see ‘great for a mac dv user’). Since then, i’ve had a few e-mails asking how it works in practice. I have no trouble capturing video from my trv900 to my apple powerbook g3 ‘bronze. ‘ what i thought i expected was the size of dv video clips — 16gb (yes, gigabytes) for one hour of video with sound. I ordered a 37gb drive, and now have an additional 75gb drive on backorder. Keep that in mind if you decide to do your own video editing on a computer. I learned that you should record a signal across the entire minidv tape before you use it. This makes capturing easier, since unrecorded sections have no timecode, creating a ‘new’ zero-point for subsequent footage. The trv900 has a very nice color bar feature which is perfect for this basic signal. I never thought i’d use the flip-out lcd screen.

Excellent picture quality; sony steady-shot that really works; still-image capture to tape (or extra adapter card+memory stick a must); bright lcd display; variable audio feedback; ieee firewire, controls that are easy to reach and are learned-responses for those familiar with previous sony cams. Specifically, we use this unit for green-screen compositing of people, environments, and virtual products. The firewire coupled with adobe premier is a god-send. Simply said, that is essentially all you need (plus consistent overall lighting in a green-screen environment). G3 or pc – firewire will suck it down as fast as anything i’ve seen. Positively get the custom aluminum case if you do a lot of travel and want to keep your camera happy. This will keep all your components safe and somewhat easily accessible. Get a 2+ hour battery; the np-750 battery has plenty of gas – surprisingly the lcd does not drain the juice too quickly. A pc transfer card for the memory stick would be nice – but you can get away with plugging the ieee and transferring from memory card or to tape.

I have owned my trv-900 since it was first released and have nothing but praise for the product. This product produces amazing image quality, is well laid out functionally, and i would put a video produced on the 900 up against a betacam sp anyday.

I have been using it for six months now and am very pleased. The larger batteries can interfer with the view finder however, this is not an issue when using the flip out lcd display. The still image function works great with a pc card.

Stuck looking for that perfect camera?. If this camera is in your price range, this is the one. Excellent broadcast picture quality, loads of features that can be used if you desire the manual settings, tons of add-ons available.

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