Sony DCRTRV740 Digital8 Camcorder w/ 2 : Great picture quality for the price

First of all, let me say that the bottom-loading thing is terrible. It has more downsides than ups. I mean, the way they have you open the deck exposes the entire tape assembly. Sony has said this is done to make the camera smaller- with d8, you can’t get smaller. The dcr-trv740 is not quite a well-defined camera. It’s older brother, the trb840, has many feautres that the 740 skimps on. One major dissappointment is the low-resolution 2. The screen is not only small, but also has about half as many pixels as the minidv cameras have on their lcd’s. So, you can understand that the picture you see while shooting may look dissapointing. As far as the ccd, yes, it’s megapixel, but what good is the resolution when the pictures don’t look any good?. I had a dcr-trv310, which in 640×480 mode took better stills than this. The low-light quality of this camera is worse, as well. I think that the use of a small 1/4.

I just upgraded from a sony trv95 (hi-8mm) to the trv740. I was deciding between the trv240 and the trv740 then ended up selecting the trv740 for its higher resolution (520 line vs ‘up to 500′). I don’t have the trv240 to compare it against, but i am very please with the picture quality of the trv740. Definitely a step up from the hi-8. In addition, i look forward to editing my dv and my hi-8 tapes on my new computer without a generation loss. I would have given the camcorder a 5 star rating except for these annoying things that i hope sony will fix in future models:1) the tape mechanism is as noisy as folks say. It is detectable in the playback if you listen for it. I can live with this is since the audio record quality is so nice and sharp. My guess is that this noise is due to the tape been driven at 1. 2) the supplied battery’s life is about 60 mins with lcd usage so this will drive most people to buy an additional power pack. This is common across camcorder lines, but still annoying. 5’ lcd is not as detailed as the sony’s minidv version. While it is acceptable, realized that this 2.

Sony DCRTRV740 Digital8 Camcorder w/ 2.3″ LCD, USB Streaming, Memory Stick, & Mega Pixel Video/ Still (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital8 camcorder with 15x optical, 420x digital, zoom, and Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5 inch color LCD monitor and black and white EVF
  • Super NightShot Color Mode enables video taping in total darkness
  • Features 1-megapixel CCD; includes 8 MB Memory Stick for still image and MPEG Movie EX capture
  • Hi8 and 8mm playback capability; USB streaming capability

I read the reviews about this camera and was a little hesitant because some of them mentioned it was noisy. I bought it anyway and was pleasantly surprised that it was not that noisy. I am quite a picky person about such things and i’m surprised someone could be dissatisfied with the camera because of the whirring. If you thought about not buying it because of that, don’t worry. I just recieved mine so i still have to put it through its tests with the computer and so on. I just thought i would respond to the issue of the whirring noise.

I purchased a 2g sd card to store more pics that the one that came with it. I put in the card and kept getting a ‘card reader error’. The store indicated that the cam cannot handle the additional memory for storing pics. If anyone knows which sd card i can purchase to store more than the 40 pics, please let me know.

This is a great camera, but i wish i had done a little more research before going ahead and purchasing this. The quality is absolutely great. It has the ability to transfer data with the ilink, and the backwards compatibility is also a plus. However, the ‘digital camera’ aspect is pretty poor. If you want to take digital pictures, buy a digital camera. The photo resolution on the still images is horrible and the actual size of it is too small. Also, there are a ton of extra features on the camera that are worked into the price that are never used, like the superimposing is a waste. It you want to do things like that, you probably should look into some editing software. If i could go back, i would have definatly got a minidv camcorder. The quaility is just as good but it’s much smaller and more lightweight.

Sony DCRTRV740 Digital8 Camcorder w/ 2.3″ LCD, USB Streaming, Memory Stick, & Mega Pixel Video/ Still (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : After looking at what sony had to offer on their digital camcorder line, i decided to buy a trv740. I was impressed with all the features it had to offer. After playing with the shelf model for a while i purchased the trv740. Once i opened the product at home and inserted the tape there was a hum or buzzing noise while recording or playing back a recording. In a quiet environment, this buzz is also picked up in the recording. The location of the buzzing sound came from the tapes drive mechanism. I returned the product two times and all subsequent camcorders aired this buzz. If you are looking to buy this product play with a shelf model with the tape in. This way you can judge if this will be a problem for you.

I’m very impressed with the camcoder. It’s like a new one i had before that i couldent get repaired. Memory sticks & recorded tapes i can now use with this one.

The camcorder takes an analog video input via the rca jacks and produces a digital video output thru the firewire output to a pc. The camcorder can play all 8mm formats.

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Sony DCRTRV740 Digital8 Camcorder w/ 2.3" LCD, USB Streaming, Memory Stick, & Mega Pixel Video/ Still (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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