Sony DCRTRV530 Digital8 Camcorder : Disappointed with the quality of Digital still photos.

I purchased this camera a few weeks back. I’ve had camcorders for nearly 15 years and i can tell you that this camera is definantly worth every penny. 5′ screen is so easy to use. It makes every shot a breeze. The 7oox zoom allows you to get close-up that were previously not possible. I use it alot at my daughters musicals,etc. No longer do i have to position myself near the front on the floor. I can go to the back of the gym at the top of the bleachers and do my filming. Having the memory stick feature to be able to take digital pics is just an added bonus that puts this camera over the top.

This camera is excellent for capturing videos, and the still picture quality is ok if you are outdoors. For shooting still pics indoors & especially during night-time, you must have a very bright light source or a brightly illuminated room. The memory stick is a nice addition but sony should have provided a 32 mb memory stick as a standard accessory. The software is good enough to get started but i recommend adobe premiere and an ilink (firewire) cable if you are serious about editing video. Battery life is adequate but i recommend buying another battery. Overall i highly recommend it. Portable, small and light weight, but big enough to hold steady. Photo quality is ok but you may need a separate camera if you are a stickler about quality. Reversable swivel screen for viewing from any angle. No detectable motor noise or hum when recording. Easy operation and simple controls.

Sony DCRTRV530 Digital8 Camcorder with Builtin Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital8 camcorder
  • 25x optical and 28x digital zoom with image stabilization
  • 3.5 inch color LCD monitor with black and white EVF
  • Records 640 x 480 digital stills onto included 4 MB Memory Stick media
  • Uses Sony’s NP-FM30 InfoLithium battery; features Sony’s NightShot 0-Lux shooting capability

This can be used with regular or hi8mm tapes. If you want a better quality picture, choose the hi8pros:large 3 1/2′ lcd, good picture and sound, features and digital8 valuecons:only 640×480 still picturesthe bottom line: this model is a good choice for those who want digital8 compatibility and value and prefer large lcds.

I bought 3 of the trv 30 series camcorders and found this to be the best just because it has a bigger display lcd3. 5′ and it is moderately priced. I think the picture quality is much better than the 230 or the 330 which were the other two. I do agree that the still shots could have been much better to print. But overall, the graininess of pictures is much less than that on the 230 or 330. I do not know about the higher end ones like 930 etc. But this one is value for money.

This is my fourth camcorder. My first two were jvc, then when they wore out i ordered a panasonic and sent it back the next day. This one seems just right although i did order a vidio light for it. I only use the still shots for e-mail or web as anyone knows you can not get pro prints with small resolution. I have a high resolution digital camera for serious stuff and this is great for fun times.

Sony DCRTRV530 Digital8 Camcorder with Builtin Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : This camcorder has been great for my family. When we don’t have our olympus available though resolution is no comparison to a still digital camera. We can view our old films too now that we have another camcorder that accepts 8mm and hi8 analog videos. My only disapointment, a biggie. Is that i have not been able to get the camera to cooperate with the firewire connection on my computer. It recognizes my card but once the camera is hooked up, everything freezes. Once i disconnect, the computer is back to normal. I would like to know how the others here got this feature to work.

This camcorder is very good with the recording but the still images are not all that great. The quality of the still images are a little dark and blurry but i dont use the still image function that much so, it’s up to you. It is very easy to use and pretty light weight. Some good features are the night shot, ilink, and the different titles or modes that you can have. The ilink is for those that have a sony television so that you can plug a reciver in the back of the tv and the laser shoots from the camcorder to the reciver and you can play the movie without any cords. One thing they need to have is a light which will make it a better film. Otherwise the zoom is more than i need and the automatic focus reduces the shaking of the video. Another thing is to buy it online because you can find it alot cheaper than any store would have it. I hope i was a help for your decion of buying this camcorder.

The 640 x 480 pixel resolution of the still photos cannot be printed in an acceptable quality. I have been happy with the camcorder functions and the digital media is easy to work with but the poor still quality is a real problem for me.

This was my first video camera that i’ve ever owned. I really liked the video quality in a lighted area (daylight or lots of indoor lighting). I also liked the sound quality especially with a help of the zoom microphone. 5′ lcd and the high range optical zoom (25x). But was disappointed with the nightshot (even with the ir optional lighting accessory). The digital still photo quality is less than average, i. Don’t buy this camera if digital still photography is as important as video recording for you. I was also very disppointed that i was not able to use my remote commander to view the digital still photos (memory).

Quick delivery and everything works fine.

Colors and detail are very nice. Using it for dv to computer editing; putting 12 minutes of footage of my kids in mpeg2, burning to a cd and sending to relatives. Firewire functionality great. In low light it’s grain is there and it hunts a bit in autofocus but with good light it’s great. Nice manual focus and sound it better than any other camera of this grade that i’ve had (3). Sure blows away anything that canon has under a k.

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Sony DCRTRV530 Digital8 Camcorder with Builtin Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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