Sony DCRTRV320 Digital Camcorder – Just What I Wanted

I bought this camera after trying out the 450x zoom in the store. Other factors triggering the purchase were nightshot and picture memory. This camera’s ergonomics are outstanding. The camera turns itself off after a minute or so in camera mode. This does not happen in (picture) memory mode. Memory (still) pictures upload via a serial link only (no usb). Picture quality is very good. I successfully uploaded recorded video from the camera to my windows 2000 computer via a western digital pci ieee 1394 card using the ulead software supplied on cdrom with the 1394 card. Avi file made with the ulead software was >100 mbytes.

I just bought the dcrtrv720 – the 320’s bigger brother. It has a bigger lcd screen, a color viewfinder and a remote. The bigger lcd screen and the remote were the motivating factors over the 320. This is definitely the most terrific camera i have ever worked with. The picture quality is outstanding, and there is absolutely no shortage of features. Combined with the my apple powermac g4 cube and it’s editing software imovie, this camera absolutely rocks. I bought this specifically for digital work, but liked the versatility of being able to take existing standard 8 and hi 8 tapes and play them back into my mac so that they can be used for editing. There is no range of cameras on the market other than the sony dcrtrv range that will allow you to do this. Minidv is also way more expensive. Also cool are the digital stills that you can take with this camera.

A very good deal that replaced a lost camcorder from past years.

Just took delivery of the 120 after the hi 8 trv75 was stolen. Have not had a lot of time with it yet, but a few thoughts–1)rca cable output is proprietary. Has normal 3 outputs to connect to standard rca jacks, but the jack at the camera is a sony ‘mini’ jack that has all three outputs. Nice, but i know if i lost my old ones, i had other rca jacks around the house to use in a pinch, or even if taking cam to mom and dad’s, they had rca’s sitting around from the back of their record player if i forgot this one. Now, if i forget this cable, we all gather around the 2. 2) didn’t think i would notice, but the. 5 inch difference between 2. 5 and 3 inch screen is significant. Couldn’t justify going all the way to the 3.

This little number is a great step up from dcr-trv310. I’m not sure why, but the number is higher, and in my experience that means that it is way better and should cost alot more. I greatly recommend it with the 2. Anything larger sucks the life out of a battery like, the kc chiefs suck the fun out of monday night football. You’ll find the zoom is very suitable for most situations. The info-lithium batteries are a serious point in favor of the sony brand family over its competitors. Knowing how much time you have left to shoot is priceless in those once-in-a-lifetime situations. In california, and sweeping quickly east, is the phenomenon i dubbed ‘green porn’. With sony’s 0-lux technology, you call literally see/film in pitch black.

Even tough i don’t own this model, i own one very similar. This is the newer version of the model up (trv310)and it has only gotten better. I purchased the camera for making a claymation movie and an action short for a class project. I spent over 200 hours working with all the footage and the firewire port is invaluable. Not only is the sound and video quality unparelleled, the speed at which it is transfered keeps you from getting bogged down waiting for the video to load. The night vision, remote control and special effects provided in the package are superb quality and easy to use. As for durablity, my camera was hit by gravel from car tires and a hail of exploding fireworks and has escape them without even a ding. The only problems i really faced with the camera where the short battery lifes on the stock battery. However, a replacement 8 hour is around $100 and is a good replacement for the 1.

  • Good deal
  • Just What I Wanted
  • Amazing Camera

Stetched to buy digital- and the still photo feature pushed me over the top. The salesman included ‘firewire’ hardware from pyro which includes ulead editing software and, it works. The problem is that the while the camera takes great video and great photos, the sony software included with the camera, needed to get the photo off the media stick and into a format the computer can read is defective. Sony could or would not help although they had a live rep available on a holiday, gave me the line that it was the computer’s fault- of course, the computer company said that since the camera was not purchased from them they could not provide support. Hours, if not days on the phone and with badly written manuals. No jpegs, just pretty pictures viewable through a 2. 5′ viewer attached to the camera.

About three years ago i bought a sony camcorder for about $800. I just bought the sony dcr trv320 for about the same price. And what it has compared to my other camera is unbelievable. Anywhere from nightvision to a digital camera. But what you have to watch out for is knowing that when you purchase a sony product be prepared to spend alot of extra money if you purchase any acessories.

If your thinking about buying a camcorder this is the one. It has many cool features night vision, negative, & many more. I bought this for my trip to cozumel mexico and it worked like a champ. I also purchased the software for downloading it on your computer. I have made several mini movies with it. You would be surprised at what you can do with the editing software. I have used many camcorders in the past and this one completely rocks.

This digital camera has it all. It records in a digital format. So there is no need to try and find any minidv cartridges. The picture quality is excellent. It also has a ‘night vision’ capability. The only thing i don’t like is the price.

This was exactly what i wanted. The camera works great and is meeting a very important need on a family project.

Features of Sony DCRTRV320 Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Uses Digital 8 format for movies and Memory Stick for stills
  • 25x optical, 18x digital, 450x total zoom
  • IEEE 1394 interface
  • SteadyShot digital image stabilization
  • NightShot infrared system

Make sure this fits
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I’ve used vhs-c video camcorders in the past. But this camera just blows them away. I know virtually nothing about taking video shots, but after a week with this camera, my footage rivals any tv show in qualityyou can’t believe the quality of image this camcorder puts out. Easy to use, and packed with features. Sound and image quality is unbelievable. You can buy a longer battery life if you want too, which is incredible, 8 hours or so. (it’s heavier, though, so i just bought an extra standard battery).

I’m quite pleased with the audio and video quality of this camcorder, as well as the plethora of features and effects (though most i’ll probably never use). I like the steadyshot, nightshot, and being able to shoot in widescreen format — those are my favorite features. What i’m terribly disappointed in with this camera is the quality of the still images; i get better quality from a disposable. In short, stills look absolutely terrible. I have fooled with taking stills under a variety of conditions, and they only look ‘decent’ under the most optimal lighting circumstances. I can’t complain too much since this is a secondary feature of the camcorder, and the video and audio really are remarkable, but i wish i had known that i’d also have to buy a digital still camera when shopping for this one.

I got my video camera on june 10th and have been using it almost everyday since. I’ve used it on everything from taping around the house to taping weddings. It’s very easy to use, even with all of the features. The best of which has to be the ‘info’ battery which tells you exactly how much time you have remaining on the battery. It also takes digital pictures in addition to video. The only drawback is the the battery has to be charged while on the camera. The first thing i bought extra was an external charger so that i can charge one battery while still using the camera.

My first handycam was an f series bought 8 years ago. After 5 years it was broken beyond repair. I was itching to get one and finally did about a week ago. I was surprise how far the handycam has evolved. I was the production engineer back then in sony handycam production line. Even spent 3 month in sony minokamo(where current handycam is produced. Check your handycam label) in japan for training. This is a good product for beginner, intermediate and even an expert. It has all the function you need. I think you have read all the pros regarding the handycam.

Uses Digital 8 format for movies and Memory Stick for stills

25x optical, 18x digital, 450x total zoom

IEEE 1394 interface

SteadyShot digital image stabilization

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