Sony DCRTRV250 Digital8 Camcorder, this thing rocks

Only bought it to transfer my old digital8 & hi8 tapes to dvd and it worked like a charm.

It has more features & is easy to hold. The colors are great & the sound is awesome.

Other than a few really dumb design flaws, this camera is perfect. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on an all-digital camcorder, and i wanted better quality than a regular 8mm. This digital-8 format is perfect. The price of the camera can’t be beat, especially considering the high quality. The video is crystal clear and the still photo feature is really wonderful. The camera is easy to use and very lightweight. The still photos i took came out really well, even when people were moving around. The night vision feature is amazing and i’ve been having alot of fun with it. The only things i don’t like about this camera are:1. The battery only lasts for about an hour, and getting a 2nd battery with a charger & accessories costs almost as much as the camera itself.

Key specs for Sony DCRTRV250 Digital8 Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD, USB Streaming and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Digital8 camcorder with 20x optical and 700x digital zoom (Playback compatible only with tapes recorded in Digital8 format)
  • SteadyShot picture stabilization system
  • 2.5 inch color LCD and black and white EVF
  • NightShot infrared mode for lowlight shooting; built-in light, easy dubbing features
  • USB streaming feature, can turn camcorder into a video conferencing tool or webcam

Comments from buyers

“Great camera!!
, Nice camera.
, Great Bang for your Bucks

My first experience with a video camera was an old full sized vhs camera with about 10 minutes of battery life and a profile that made me look like someone from news at 11. After being out of the video scene for 10+ years, i did the research and decided that the sony line was best. Well, today i went out to the local wal-mart and saw this model and played with it for about 10 minutes. I really was able to figure out the basic controls very quickly and was blown away when i could zoom in quickly across the store to the mole on a clerk’s face. The checkbook was doomed when i realized the camera was steady enough to count the hairs growing from the molefor me and most first time camcorder buyers, this model has more than enough features, which are listed in the review. I especially like that it hooked up to my windows xp home edition system without an error. I was playing with my first streaming usb movie in 10 minutes. I took the camera outside at dusk and was able to record close up objects with amazing clarity. The remote commander works great — i even have the added ‘feature’ of being able to turn my stereo on and off with itthe only ‘drawbacks’ would be the short battery life (you really need to get a longer life battery which is readily available and at a good price. ) the other problem for me is the bottom loading of the tape cartridge which means removing the camera from the tripod to change tapes.

Easy to use, great zoom lens. This is the second one of these i’ve owned. Would definitely buy it again.

It does the job and fits into my budget. I was debating between this and the canon zr65 but found that this sony has better quality. I checked at best buy to see the image quality and it helped a lot. The only benefit i saw in getting the canon was to take still pictures and it has a slot for memory card. But the still pictures are poor quality and meant for a digi-cam which i recently purchased too. =) this sony trv250 camcorder gave me everything i wanted: best picture quality for lowest price, digital and capability to transfer to pc. When you watch the videos, the picture looks perfect. But once you record it onto vhs, you lose picture quality but that’s due to the vhs technology. One of the main reasons i got this is to transfer the videos to my pc.

I bought the trv 250 for less and found that it is much better than trv 340. Trv 340 costs around two times as the trv 250. But it is an old model so don’t buy it if i were you. You can connect to computer easily with usb port for the trv 250. For trv 340, you have to buy separate firewire card and software. It is a bad idea to take still pictures into memory stick for a digital camcorder. The quality of the picture won’t be good. Get a digital camera instead.

The camera works as it should.

It works just fine no probelms.

I used this camera an average of 1x a month. I recently went on vacation and the screen went blank. Link to a texas website where they will charge over $260. 00, decided to open it and see if anything was loose. I removed the chip that is attached to the zoom lens and found some minor dust, blow it put it back, turn the cam on and wala. Working, and i was gonna buy another one. I gave this cam a 4 since the actual camera does a very good job. The software is very basic, to me was easy to use, but not good to keep your memories. I have an ati all in wonder with pinnacle and ulead and with that my camera is a 5 stars.

I couldn’t get my computer to recognize this camcorder when connected via usb cable so i tried calling sony at phone number 239-768-7604 and ended up downloading the same usb file sony. Com offers but from another website address, esupport. After downloading from here my hardware was recognized in device manager on my computer properties and have been able to stream live video on windows movie maker which i didn’t know it was pre-installed already on my windows xp. So i was able to connect the camera through the usb cable. Another question that i have. I read that other sellers claim this camera can play old analog tapes, but by reading the instruction manual only the dcr-trv350 can do that. Is there a special setting on this camera that you change to able to play old analog 8mm tapes. I contacted another seller that sells the same camera and explained to me that if my tapes were recorded on an analog camcorder (ccd-trv) then i wouldn’t be able to playback my tapes on a digital camcorder (dcr-trv), in this case, this model.

I basically have been torturing my kitty learning this. I have sworn i cannot get good pictures of kitty because she does not slow down. Seriously, the pictures were sharp. I had now trouble loading there. It’s small, compact and basically great fun for a cheap price. Hard to believe sony that reasonable. I only give it four stars because it i am still learning, so don’t know enough about to give it really high rating as compared to others.

This is a great camera for the money. Works good in low light, picks up sound very well, is light, and has a lot of bells and whistles. But, if you are going to download your movies to your pc, junk the program it comes with. You will need to get the firewire card. But once you get that, it runs great.

Yesterday i became an owner of sony trv 250 camcorder. This was my first camera and i’d done a lot of homework before this buying decision. The camera is good: it has all the features i need, but:- the sound is a bit ‘metallic’, and you have to edit the clip manually in order to avoid this sound, which in some cases turns to be very annoying;- the battery life is really short. The standard battery lasts about 70 minutes, even if the camera tells you that 100 minutes are available for shooting;- the supplied software is strange, not to say more. I’ve been in software development business for 6 years, from a developer to a ceo and back to developer, but i haven’t seen such an unfriendly user interface. Otherwise, the camera is good and will be your or your child’s close companion in social events or in sightseeing. My rating of this camera is 4 of 5.

Great product to use to play old hi8 tapes. I am using the camera to play the tapes and transfer them to dvd.

Almost a best minidv camera quality for this price. Little bulky compared to a minidv camera, but you haveto pay at least twice the price. You can use cheap 8mmcassette too(use hi8, lp mode to get 90min). Usb video transfer is best for vcd creation, use firewireif you want dvd quality.

We decided to go with the digital8 format for our upcoming first baby as the quality is similar to minidv but the camcorders are about [$$$ less right now. Plus the hi-8 tapes that digital8 uses are cheaper too. I am very pleased with the results so far and it seems like an excellent camcorder. The low-light is good enough and the daylight is spectacular. I have already shot a clip of our dog, transferred via firewire to our pc, converted it to a smaller size and emailed it. I look forward to getting a dvd writer and archiving our baby videos. If you like the sony name and don’t want to spend the [$$$] for a sony minidv camcorder, this is the one to get. ]

Experience the incredible features of the sony digital8® camcorderplays thru your computer and records to a dvd. This is a nice unit, easy to use. the sony® dcr-trv250 camcorder delivers all the benefits of digital8 recording quality in a smaller chassis. 5-inch color lcd display and you can make your own digital-quality moviesin addition to its crisp, clear digital video and stereo audio, the sony trv250 can also stream live and recorded moving video to a pc via usb. Transfer video to your pc via ilink interface (also known as firewire) to edit your masterpiece with the included software. Sony’s steadyshot picture stabilization smoothes and steadies your images without degrading picture quality. Sony does it with motion sensors–a more accurate system than those used by many other camcorders on the market. Now you can capture video even in total darkness. Sony’s nightshot system uses infrared light to capture images invisible to the human eye.

I bought this camcorder for my wife to save her using my sony pdx-10. I also did not want one that was tiny. My main beef with it and with my pdx-10 is the software to connect it to a pc stinks. This company could learn a lot from apple. It was not my incompetence i discovered a whole message board of others making the same complaint. Fot the gentleman wo lost his cd don’t bother replacing it buy some third party software. One advantage of the d8 format is you can use cheap tapes (my daughter records her theater practise sessions) and you can use it for old hi-8 tapes.

I bought the sony dcr trv 250 based on sony’s name. I was overall satisfied with the quality of the video and the ease of use of hte camera. Needless to say sony delivers. However, it can’t play back my old hi-8 tapes so that sucks. I would really have loved that functionality as well.

I bought this camera 2 weeks ago from sears for $200. What a purchase, previously i had a samsung scd27, that camera was great but i didnt like its low light recording so i got the trv250. The camera is great, however the motor is noisey but it doesnt show up on the video which is of a high quality. Particularly in the low light/dark the sony really shines, whereas the samsung had a slight (annoying) grain to its shots, the sony does not. I use windows movie maker to capture the video (avi format) then use the free program tmpgenc from tmpgenc. Net to convert the avi file to mpeg1 vcd format. I was also missing a lens cap on my camcorder, so i phoned sony and they sent me a free replacement because i was within the 90 day warranty period. However the 90 day warranty period could be longer, the samsung gave you 180 days so long as you registered your product.

The only problem i have ever had has just started. After a year of owning the ‘sony dcrtrv250 digital 8’ i can’t stream online anymore. I do live webcaming with my family on the other side of the usa and also in south america with my wifes family. But last week i started to transfer a video that i recorded the day before. While it was saving, the image on the screen blinked like 5 times and went blank. My computer was not able to recognize the usb connection. I thought it might be the usb wire, so i bought a new wire and that didnt seem to be the problem. So i think that the usb connector on the cameras side might be kind of weak and is probably damaged easily. I’m afraid to go out there to fix it. Im sure they will charge me a fortune.

Better than the 240, and cheaper. Yeah the 240 has 25x zoom , and this one has 20, but you’ll never be able to tell the difference. And you’ll thank me later for getting something with such superior quality that allows you to record onto 8mm tapes. For this price, this is a must have. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter/movie buff like myself, you can record your own low/no budget movies, transfer them easily to your computer (using provided or other software), edit them ‘professionally’ (your limit is your own creativity), and even lay mp3 tracks as background music. This price for a digital camcorder. How can you afford not to have one.

I researched this product before i bought and it has had a lot of great reviews. Basically, for the price, it’s a great camera for first time buyers who want a decent digital camera. Sony makes good products – i looked at other cameras of the same type and others looked cheaper. Biggest mistake when using: i used nightshot to try and capture some vegas lights (at night of course) and everything was green.Don’t use nightshot unless your in an unlit area – you’ll be able to tell through the viewfinder if your getting a picture or not -that was my only problem and that is why i gave it four stars – they don’t mention the color problem in the manual. Otherwise great first camera at a great price.

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