Sony DCRTRV22 MiniDV Camcorder – Used for paranormal investigations

We purchased our sony dcr-trv 22 about a year ago and we have used it indoors, outdoors, night time, windy mountain tops, dark caves, poolside. You name it, we’ve tried it. And, we’ve been very pleased with this camcorder. It has a fantastic zoom on it, the night shot works great, the microphone worked well even in windy conditions. No, the still shots don’t have a high enough pixel to print out into pictures but, we bought this to be a camcorder, not a camera. And for e-mailing, it works just fine. We have found that every sony product that we’ve ever purchased has performed wonderfully and we’ve been very pleased them. I do recommend this camcorder, and i know that when it comes time to replace this one. We’ll be buying another sony.

Some people feel like the touchscreen lcd viewfinder is nothing more than a gimmick. With all menu buttons illuminated on the lcd screen you never have to worry about finding the right button in low light situations. The manual focus option combined with the touchscreen makes for a great setup- you just touch the part of the screen that shows the subject you want in focus and that’s what it focuses on. Manual exposure is set up the same way. If you don’t like the touchscreen method i just described, you can focus and set the exposure in the more tradtional way- changing it gradually untill it gets to where you want it, or you can use auto-focus/ exposure too. The carl zeis lense provides excellent picture quality. Maybe not professional quality, but i’m not a professional, so i wouldn’t know.

I wanted a small camcorder, and i love my canon powershot and canon printer, so i decided to stick with canon and bought the new canon elura 50. Great camcorder, so small and so cool, a perfect match for my powershot. But then i had to go ruin it by taking video with it.But as soon as you took any inside footage, the grain was just awful, and the audio only picked someone talking from within 5 feet. Any further than that forget it. Also, the auto focus tends to fade in and out. I took it back for the trv22 and now i can see why this camcorder gets such rave reviews. It just works, and works well. Video, both outside and indoors, was perfect, the touch screen is cool and works great, the auto focus is always right on, the sound is great (no motor noise) and the size,not the smallest available, but it’s still acceptable.

While updating the historical files for our church, we found a presentation that was recorded with this older model camcorder. No one had the equipment to transfer the tapes to a disc so we found this item at a great price. It solved the problem and is still being used. Thanks for helping to preserve history.

I just picked up this thing over the weekend. My fiance and i decided to buy it to record our wedding and reception. We might buy the additional light (it’s not too expensive) because we’re not sure how bright things will be at the reception. And probably a larger battery too. The one [battery that comes with the dcr-trv22 can do about 70 min. That’s not too shabby, but for what we’re using it for. Here are some pros and cons as i see it now:pros:tiny. This thing literally fits in the palm of your hand. Touch-screen menu on the lcd screen. ]

  • Used for paranormal investigations
  • You can’t go wrong with a Sony, they are very durable.
  • I like it, with an exception.

I have had my sony dcr-trv22 for four years now. I have used it at least monthly and in december weekly. For the last three years i have created dvd’s with final cut pro/apple to distribute to family. I use the firewire feature with my apple to log and capture video. I have a jvc srdvm600 (pro minidv hdd deck $1200) but i like capturing video via firewire to my computer directly from the trv22. The only problem i have ever had is when i took the camera on a cruise in high humidity (only when on deck) it gave a beeping error and would not allow me to record. The camera still works like new.

I previously gave this camcorder a bad review because the picture went haywire on it, with bad recordings and gray bands across the screen, for no reason. I bought sony for it’s reliability, well come to find out even though i kept it very clean and used it very little. . The tape heads had become dirty and it just needed to be cleaned. Sorry sony i am now leaving a great review of your camcorder. I’m glad amazon let’s you go back and edit bad reviews.

Strengths: great low light performance, good image quality, low price, touchscreen lcd. My two biggest criteria were low light performance and size. I think the trv22 is a good compromise between the two. The low light performance is great, much better than the canon’s and better than the new smaller vertical sony cameras. There is a very slight motor noise picked up by the microphone but it’s not that noticable. It does pick up wind noise really bad but i think all camcorders do. Overall a great buy, if you want to shoot indoors this is one of the best. I wasn’t sure if i’d like the touchscreen lcd but it is simply awesome. No more fooling around looking for buttons on the side, you can easily access everything from the menu while filming.

Pros: compact and lightweight; spot metering with selectable spot area; flexible low-light features. Cons: hard to see lcd in daylight; fairly narrow-angle lens; bottom-loading tapes; no wind filter. Summary: i purchased this camera immediately after returning a canon zr65mc. The problems i had with that camera were very poor quality video under normal indoor lighting conditions. With that experience fresh in mind, i tested the trv-22 under the same conditions and found the results that i would expect from any decent digital camcorder: crisp, low-noise images far superior to those of the canon. So to compare the two, i think the extra $90 i paid for the sony is well worth it. I then took the camera on a mini-vacation, which is a more realistic test. I found the camera extremely easy to use – every family member was able to pick it up and start recording with no explanation. I took some video under poor lighting conditions, such as indoors on a cloudy day with a bay window as a backlight, and was very surprised later when i reviewed the footage and found that it was pretty good despite that. The final test was to capture the video to my pc using the ieee-1394 interface.

This camcorder beats my dad’s more expensive camcorders from sharp & panasonic. Low light condition is not a problem for this trv22. Zoom resistance is on the money. Spot focus is just wow, no other camcorder has this tech. Compact and feels just right. Overall excellent video captures.

Features of Sony DCRTRV22 MiniDV Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD, Color Viewfinder & Memory Stick Capability (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Compact MiniDV digital camcorder
  • 10x optical, 120x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch touch-panel color SwivelScreen LCD display for easy access to the entire camcorder menu
  • Includes 8 MB Memory Stick for still image and MPEG1 capture
  • NightShot O Lux infrared system with color mode for recording in total darkness

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I love this camera, because i use it for paranormal research. The only thing i don’t like is that you can’t do camera -to-pc transfer of files if you have windows 7, you have to purchase the extra dv chord. The night-vision on the camera is great though. It shoots really clear for being a cassette-carrying camera. Overall 4/5, because i got the extra dv chord for only 3 bucks.

Thank you, is what i expected to see.

I bought my first tvr-22 more than 4 1/2 years ago. It was used and beat-up, but it worked until recently when the tape receiving mechanism failed. I did extensive research for a new digital camcorder including dvd format, hard drive, and flash memory. Although i am a gadget geek and like new electronic toys, i decided that the best choice would be another tvr-22. One application i use it for extensively is emailing short mpeg videos to family (i live overseas). You can edit using the camera itself and save the edited product on a memory stick. Pros: great picture and sound, small, easy to handle, in-camera editing, mpeg memory stick, 120x digital zoom that can be disabled or limited to 20x, firewire port. Cons: if i have to nit-pick, most of the controls are on the lcd touch-screen which is hard to see in day-light. But that is rarely an issue.

I use this camcorder mainly for making short video’s and it is awsome. I really like the touchscreen becuase it gets rid of all of the buttons on the camcorder and is so much easier. Also something i haven’t heard anyone say in the reviews is the record button on the side of the lcd screen as well as the normal buton by your right thumb. The button beside the lcd is really nice for if you are trying to get an angled up view of someone, or are holding the camcoder in an awkard position. The video has great quality under almost all circumstances, even if the still pictures aren’t that great a camcorder is for video not pictures. The only things i don’t like are; the 10x optical zoom which is small but the digital zoom does seem to be better than other camcorders i have had, the battery doesn’t last as long as many other sony camcorders but is still above averge, and it has a slightly smaller viewing angle than most camcorders, but i have a wide angle lens that can be used to compensate for that if needed. There is the quiet humming noise that others have talked about, but you can’t hear it unless you have the volume turned up really loud so it shouldn’t really affect your choice. The v22 camcorder is a great buy and is perfect for if you are taking home video’s, or are editing short movies. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend it to everyone.

I must say that i am quite impressed with this little camera, and though its stature is quite compact, it skims not on features. From what i’ve captured thus far, the quality seems to be far superior when compared to other camcorders in the same class. The majority of the work that i’ve done with this camera revolves around dv-editing using the ieee1394 interface, and the imported avi is as clear as current technologies would allow it. The sound, too, is audibly vibrant and crisp. Moving on to physical features, then, i must comment on the touchscreen using one word: ingenious. No longer will one have to push awkward triggers and/or buttons in order to rewind and et cetera; the function keys you require are right there below what is being viewed/recorded. Next, this little powerhouse offers a plethora of connectivity options, ranging from the standard analog composite cables to the sharper s-video port, and then to the digital usb and firewire ports. Finally, the trv22 offers the user a ms slot (included is an 8mb ms), which can be used to capture mpeg-1 a/v and still images (although it is still possible to save images onto the minidv per se). The trv22 is another triumph among sony’s consumer legacy.

I recently broke my sony minidv camcorder, so i decided to purchase another one. I tried the malls, but found the prices to be very high. So i decided to purchase a used one here on amazon, and found my same exact camera model on sale here. I didn’t waste a minute in ordering it. Although it didn’t specify, it came with alot of extra stuff such as an extended battery, extra cables, camera bag, and even came with the original receipt of the items purchased years ago. I recommend purchasing this camcorder. I don’t know how to thank the seller, but if you are reading this, thank you very much for giving me back hope and for giving me back my camera that i thought i had lost forever.

Compact MiniDV digital camcorder

The trv22 is the in the middle of the trv19/22/33 family. It has a nice camcorder feature set but it’s sitting on the fence as far as still capability is concerned. Pros:- compact design, light weight. – larger size ccd should provides better low-light performance. – minidv media is widely supported. – ability to take vga resolution pics to memory stick. – ability to record mpeg videos to memory stick (choppy). – analog-to-digital conversion with pass-through. – great connectivity options: firewire, usb, s-video, headphone, mic input, etc. – intelligent accessory shoe. – steady shot and night shot. – progressive shutter system. Cons:- it would have been nice to get a bigger 3. – you could do better on the still photo department. Unless all you want to do with your digital pics is to send over email or post to a website, you will be disappointed with the maximum 640×480 resolution this camcorder supports.

This product works great and is in great condition. Starting shooting film right away and im having tons of fun.

I got this as a replacement for my previous vhs-c camcorder, since video quality wasn’t good anymore. I researched technology websites and at retail stores i tested as many dv camcorders as i could and i really liked this one over the others. Sony is a reliable brand, in video stuff you can say they are the best in the business. Now that i own it i really like it and i think it was a great investment. Although, i would suggest you get video editing software should you want to create vcd’s or dvd’s i won’t recommend any in particular because how software works depends on the computer and personal preferences, but i use my dvd 5. And i like the vcd’s and dvd’s i have created even with 5. I also use movie maker included in windows xp to send video files to my relatives overseas. The video quality is great and you can back up on vhs tapes too, in case you’re no interested in creating digital discs.

I purchased the dcr-trv22 as an additional camcorder to go along with my dcr-hc38 for paranormal research. This camcorder is just a little larger than my dcr-hc38 but also has a few more options on it including the memory stick slot for still photos. Nightshot works well but as with all my camcorders i also add an additional sima sl-20ir night vision video light (black) to increase the brightness and range of the infrared light. If you have no need to clearly see further than 5-10′ in zero light conditions the built-in nightshot will do fine. If you need to see an entire room or further, i recommend the additional sima light or if you are going to use it on a tripod i would suggest something like this:clover electronics ir010 night vision ir lights with 30-feet range – small (black)the camcorder i ordered came with a base charger that holds 2 batteries as well as an rca cable and a new mini dv tape. As with most all camcorders i highly recommend getting at least 1 additional battery as a spare especially if you will be using it for long periods of time. I was fortunate enough to get the charger mentioned so during an investigation i can have 2 more batteries charging at all times. I transfer all my video to a computer for editing using a fire-wire cable and card in the pc. This camcorder supports fire-wire but did not come with a cable (i don’t think any of the sony mini dv camcorders ship with the cable). It also supports usb but i’m not sure why since windows will not recognize the device when using a usb cable.

We ordered this camcorder because our old one was failing. We know the sony name is very good in electronics so we decided to try this one. It arrived exactly as the seller said it would. It had all the accessories and was in very good condition. Very happy with this purchase.

I orginally bought the dcr-hc40, which is the 2004 version from sony. The hc40 has much better specs and is 25% smaller, which is significant. I actually loved the size of the hc40, although it was a little difficult to get a firm grip on as the middle fingers have no where to lock onto. The hc40 does a good job during the day and i didn’t notice and problems. The touch screen was washed out but still usable for the menu during the day in sunlight. The major problem i had with the hc40 was in low light. By low light i mean a typical living room lit by normal lighting at night. I tried to take video in the living room at night lit by a florescent tube about 16 inches long torchere. The light is comparable to a 100 watt light pointed at the ceiling. The vide it recorded was extremly grainy and had many blue ‘sparkles’ of grain.

10x optical, 120x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization

I though i was upgrading when i replaced my canon zr40 with the trv22, but i was disappointed. Indoor point-and-shoot was definitely better than the canon but still not great, and the canon was close when manually setting shutter speed. So how did the sony do with manually set shutter speed?.I found the touch-screen far inferior to buttons you can feel and the built-in mic worse than the already-not-very-good canon. I was also surprised to see a problem with the transport – insufficient tape tension i think, where when reusing a tape, i got stripes interleaving the old and new for several seconds at the beginning of a shot several times. This was with a standard grade panasonic dv tape that never had a problem in the canon. 10x zoom wasn’t very impressive either. 640×480 stills are just silly in my opinion. Do at least a megapixel or skip it.

To be honest, i love this camcorder. It is light and easy to use. I thought that the lcd screen menus would be a real hassle, and just a gimmick, but the menu is easy to use and it is better than trying to find a million tiny buttons behind more doors than ‘let’s make a deal’ used to have. The picture quality is very good and image stabilization works fine. The only negatives are that it has a relatively weak zoom (optical 10x) compared to the competition, and that the tape is bottom loading meaning that you cannot switch out the tape if you have the machine on a tripod. Copying movies and pictures (don’t use this as a snapshot camera, not great pictures and too big for that purpose), is a snap. Sony includes some basic software. You do not need a firewire connector (extra cost) as it includes a usb cable, which any computer has these days.

Sony camcorders are by far the best investment for what us regular people want from them. Shoot video in a variety of lighting situations, especially in the house and even at night. Operate the camcorder easily and comfortably. The trv-22 does all of this very well. I used to have the pc5, until i left it in a park somewhere. I couldn’t afford another tiny camera so i did my research on this one. It does everything the pc5 did and more. First of all the operating system of the trv19,22 and 33 is the old style, without all of the graphics the new system uses. Personally i like the old way better. In nearly all lighting situations the lcd, which is used to access nearly all of the cameras manual functions, is very simple to use.

Bought my trv22 online after lots of research, got a great deal from butterfly. Low shipping cost and 2-day fedex, was delivered on 7/9/03. Bought a tamrac 5201 bag from canogacamera. Com that fits my digital camera as well as the trv22 with room to spare. Also, a spare battery, and 10 dv tapes from ecost. The trv22 performs as advertised: great picture, very effective steady shot, great low-light performance. With video this great you should seriously consider buying a dvd burner and some entry-level software. I picked up a plextor 504a dvd+r burner, and use pinnacle studio 8 for video capture.

Well when i bought a product from them, there was a few thing but they took care of the problem and took care of me. I will buy from them all the time now.

This was a purchase for my 9 year old son. This product is way more than i expected. I’ve owned sony’s in the past that survived toddlers and the sands of afghanistan. The night shot was the most sought out feature along with size and both are perfect, easy to use and easy to hold. Thanks again seller for an amazing bargain all the extras included made it the perfect christmas gift.

I just got my trv22 via mail order today. I haven’t had too much time to fully analyze it yet. I did notice a fairly loud buzzing noise, which i believe is due to a motor used in the tape mechanism. What is strange is that the noise is present even when the tape isn’t advancing. Simply loading a tape and putting the camcorder in camera mode starts up the noise (not recording). I know it isn’t the tape, since i tried two different dv tapes (sony premium brand) and the noise is still there. In the vcr mode, the noise is present only when you play the tape. Of course, when you fast forward or rewind, there is alot of noise (to be expected). To clarify, i am talking about noise coming directly from the trv22, not through the speaker or via playing it back through a tv. I tried playing back some video i shot, and i can definitely hear some background noise, but it isn’t clear if it is due to the buzzing sound or not.

2.5-inch touch-panel color SwivelScreen LCD display for easy access to the entire camcorder menu

I just got it yesterday, but i’ve already spent hours and hours just playing with it. You know you’ve got some cool electronics when you read the manual like a novel, and don’t want to put it down. When we were researching camcorders, we were leaning towards the sony trv19, but we chose this model over the 19 mainly because of the analog to digital feature. We have a few home movies on 8mm, and wanted to transfer them to digital, to keep them from deteriorating or being forgotten. This is a neat featureand it’s so tiny. I bought it in a local store (after talking them down to the web price) and i couldn’t believe how small it was. In some reviews i have read, people say that tiny hands can’t reach the buttons, but i have small hands and i find all the buttons very well placed for ease of use. The touch screen is really nice.The menu is very easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

I too read reviews of various camcorder features, brands, prices before making my first purchase. The decision boiled down to either the canon zr series or the sony trv19 or trv22. I decided to try the canon zr60 due to the significant difference in price. I read about its low light performance but thought i’d give it a try. My kids play sports at school. It was swim season so the first video footage was indoors under pool lighting. Outdoor video was very good but i wanted a camera that would be high quality in both settings, indoor and out, so the zr60 was returned. I then leaned toward the sony trv19 but decided to spend the extra $100 for the analogue to digital conversion capability, well worth the extra money in my opinion as we have many old vhs movies of the kids that can now be made into dvd.

Includes 8 MB Memory Stick for still image and MPEG1 capture

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