Sony DCRTRV140 Digital8 Camcorder – A great camcorder for a low price

This is a very good camcorder for the price. I have had mine for several years and still works good especially for what it has been through. (i had to recover it a couple times from people who ‘borrowed’ it from my daughter, and a couple of times from the pawn shop because of my daughters. It is fairly comfortable to hold, but is easier with a tripod. Video comes out pretty good. Has a lot of options and settings that are not difficult to use. In general this is a very good camcorder and i reccomend it to anyone. I really like it and enjoy using it. I don’t think a lot of the newer ones have as many features as this one. I am very pleased with it especially if others keep their hands off of it.

. After some browsing i was convinced to purchase this camera because of its solid technology and advanced features in a surprisingly affordable package. The highlights are: digital technology using hi8/digital8 tapes, hi-fi stereo, 560x digital zoom, 20x optical zoom, usb streaming, super nighshot, steady shot, built-in light, lcd screen, and the infolithium technology. The camera includes a complete and detailed guide, a stereo a/v connection cable to hook up to your vcr or tv, a full featured wireless remote commander (with batteries), the np-fm30 battery pack, a usb cable for video streaming to your pc, a shoulder strap, plus the ac power adaptor. It also includes a cd-rom with sony’s usb drivers and pixela’s imagemixer software for macintosh windows (including 2000 and xp). I am new to this whole digital video camera world as this is my first video camera, and i can say that after just a couple of hours of use i find myself very satisfied and excited with this new investment. The main purpose of my purchase was to use it to record family events and share the family moments using my pc. Obviously one of my first tests was the digital streaming using the usb connection. I found the digital streaming very simple to use and well documented. The only gripe is the bundled pixela imagemixer software. It didn’t work quite as expected and i had to resort to ms moviemaker, which incidentally works excellently with this camera.

Bought this camera as a replacement for my old (failed) digital 8 camera. Same features as my other camera, at 1/2 the price as my old camera 4 years ago. Added feature this camera has: time lapse video. Feature this camera does not have: search mode while in record mode. If you want to un-record a scene, this camera does not allow you to search, or rewind, while in record mode as the previous models allowed. You must change to playback mode, then rewind, then change back to record mode and hope the tape did not shift much while changing modes.

This is sony’s first attempt at the world of digital 8 media. While the more expensive version are better, this one is great for its price. It has multiple recording modes (black & white, solarize, etc), night shot & super night shot, and color shot for a list of features as well as a light. It has an lcd screen that you can use insead of the eyepiece, which may drain more power but makes it much easier to record. I found that the nightshot isn’t even needed most of the time, as well as the light during low lighting. The picture came out crystal clear in low lighting without turning on eiter feature, something that all camcorders do not do. The night shot allows you to see up to 10ft away in pitch blackness with amazing clarity using infared technology, and can be upgraded to 100ft if you really need it with an add on part. It can write on digital8 and hi8 tapes, but cannot read tapes that have been recorded with an analog camcorder. If you want to watch older hi8 videos recorded with an older camcorder, buy the next step up from this one. The only problem i found with this camcorder is that recording images and movies on your pc doesn’t come out great through usb media.

The camera is beatifull and work very well.

. Its a very good camera for the price and as my old camera was a hi-8 canon ex1 i didnt have to go out and buy new tapes either as the 140e uses hi-8 tapes. I didnt use the pixela software as it is rubbish, instead i use pinnacles studio8 which allows me to download and convert my video to burn to cd or dvd between different formats. Firewire works well and all functions are simple to use. The only blots on its copybook are for me the disabled control facilities from the higher models (you can re-enable them if you know what you are doing) and the lack of dv in (again this can be fixed) finally the lack of an external mic socket. Which i’m looking into sorting out.

  • Works flawlessly with iMovie on Mac OS X
  • but worked good enough to get the videos off our tape collection
  • Great experience.

My son is enjoying using this.

Pros: performance for the price, features, lookscons: size, pricey, still picture quality, no analog inputs or backward compatibility with 8mm/hi8summary: the digital 8 camcorders uses hi-8 tapes (you can use cheaper 8mm tapes but it is not recommended) and perform digital recording. The digital 8™ camcorders are usually backward compatible with 8mm or hi-8 tapes – they can play your old 8mm or hi-8 recordings. Advantages of d8 camcorders:1. Ability to play 8mm and hi8 recordings – trv140 cannot do this2. Hi8 tapes are a little cheaper than minidv3. Sony d8 camcorders are cheaper than their minidv camcorders with similar features4. Even inexpensive d8 camcorders usually have analog inputs and analog-digital pass-through – trv140 doesn’tdisadvantages:1. D8 is not widespread and if your d8 camcorder dies or becomes obsolete, you will have to get another d8 camcorder. Hi8 tapes are larger in size than minidv3.

I bought it after a couple of weeks of deliberation and after almost deciding to by the canon zr-45. The main thing in favor of the zr was its compact size. The trv140 on the other hand had great nightshot capabilites. I valued that more than size, so i bought the sony. I got a good deal at circuit city. Since then, i’ve played with it some and am enjoying it tremendously. The following is not a comparison with any other camcorder, they are just observations about the 140. Things going for this camcorder :1. Good picture quality overall. Great nighshot capabilities. It also has a light if you want full color images in the dark. Setting up usb was no problem on my win2k machine. Pixela worked on the first go, thought it did crash sometimes. But you won’t find yourself using it that much. Firewire connectivity was equally simple and the picture quality was great. The usb connectivity is good for using it as a webcam.

Had a few glitches, but worked good enough to get the videos off our tape collection and convert them to other formats. Honestly, would have been difficult for seller to have detected problems without a few hours of direct use.

The video recorded with this camcorder looks very well on tv. Much better then hi8 and little difference from more expensive models. However if you transfer the video to a computer the limitations of its sensor (290k active pixels) becomes visible, but still decent. The audio is decent but not directional at all. When recording a silent scene, the camcorder records it’s own motor noise but this is not a problem since even a whispper will be recorded louder. The autofocus is very fast (compared with other brands), works very well even for reasonable low light. The digital image stabilizer works very well introducing just very little noise (panasonic, jvc or cannon are no match in this respect). There is no white balance manual control, and the manual exposure control is shared with manual focus. Both are quite useless since given the display resolution you cannot achieve better control then the camcorder does. Quite good low-light performance (while a little noisy), better then trv240 and trv340 which have a much smaller sensor (1/6′ compared with 1/4′).

Features of Sony DCRTRV140 Digital8 Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD, Video Light & USB Streaming (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital8 camcorder (Playback compatible only with tapes recorded in Digital8 format)
  • 20x optical, 560x digital, zoom with image stabilization
  • 2.5 inch color LCD and black and white EVF
  • Features a digital photo mode
  • Comes with NightShot mode and digital faders and effects

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Ease of operation, dependable, long lasting battery.

When i first started to look at camcorders i didn’t know exactly what i wanted. The number of features was overwhelming and i wasn’t sure which ones would prove valuable. I ended up decided on a set of core features: digital recording, reasonable size, good zoom and computer connectivity. I finally ended up with the trv-140 and it has been great. It is a standard handcam size, which means it fits comfortably in your hand but isn’t tiny. The 20x optical zoom is very nice. I have yet to need the digital zoom and haven’t even considered buying a telephoto lens. To connect the camera to your computer all you need is a firewire card and the right cable (4 pin to 6 pin). Transferring video was as simple as connecting the cable. Windows xp immediately recognized the camera and i was able to capture and edit film using the moviemaker software included with xp.

I have had this camcorder for about a month and have really been empressed. Though you cannot transfer this to your computer well, connecting it to your tv is chrystal. It does not have the static sound to it. It is a great cam for those who are just wanting the best for their money.

I have the 140e not so sure what the ‘e’ stands for. I have had the camera for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. There are a few things i could add to my wish list though. Av in and out (camera only has ‘out’ so you cannot record vhs video)2. Mic socketapart from that it shoots excellent quality video and it is a good buy.

My old digital 8 camera had died after all its use. I had a collection of old tapes that i couldn’t transfer, like my honeymoon and the first years of my twins lives. This sony exceded my expectations. I was able to get everything onto my hard drives and can now share these memories with my kids.

I purchased this camera for work as a replacement for another sony. I am very impressed with each feature that has been improved since our last purchase. The zoom is excellent and stays in focus quite well. The nightvision works better than advertised and the microphone is awsome. The connection to view on a regular monitor are really easy using the input feature. When you consider the price, there is no downside to this one.

Digital8 camcorder (Playback compatible only with tapes recorded in Digital8 format)

A nice entry point as far as digital camcorders go. If your not too high tech or your other equipment is not top of the line, you probably won’t be able to tell much difference between this and the next model above it.

It may not be listed in apple’s imovie compatibility list, but it works perfectly for me on my ibook 700 combo drive model with os x v10. Just plugged it in, launched imovie and it was instantly there. Another great os x experienceease of use was outstanding, just charge up the battery, pop in a tape and go. If you’ve ever used a camcorder, you could probably use this one without even looking at the manual, the controls are pretty standard and easy to learn. Video quality seems good, focus is quick, lcd display is bright and vibrant. The built-in floodlight worked well to light up the dark stairway (no windows or lights) in my house and take good video there. It works equally well for me indoors and out.

Camera is easy to use and a sturdy rugged design. The buttons are solid and all have a positive feel to them, no chrome to wear off. The zoom is easy to control. Some of the cameras i tried would pick up the sound of the zooming onto the tape, this camera is silent. Lots of goodies, remote (so you can sit back in your chair as you watch your videos), being able to zoom in on a video during playback, and time lapsed videoing. When looking for a camera make sure that you have enough optical zoom. Digital zoom is just blowing up the best optical picture that you can get. I’ve tried some cameras with 10x optical, but the picture quality really suffers, and even more so when you use digital zoom. This camera with 20x zoom and 560x digital zoom makes for great shots of people without getting in their face and does a nice picture job on zooming in on objects. The steady shot feature is the best out of all the cameras i looked at.

Had this recorder for years now and it still preforms like new. The only thing i’ve improved on is a new upgraded battery.

Camera arrived quickly, well packaged and worked great.

Welcome to the world of digital8 a 520 line video & hi-fi stereothe dcr-trv140 digital8 video camera recorder (digital only). This is sony’s introductory level digital8 model. The dcr-trv-140 is a low price, high value, versatile and sophisticated video cam. This is all you will ever need. Bottomline – this is what you get; uses hi8 or digital8 video tape (the simple difference is a 120 minute hi8 tape converts to a 60 minute digital8), 20x optical zoom (most important zoom which maintains hi-res feature), 560x digital zoom ( loses hi-res feature when magnified – i recommend staying with optical zoom only), 2. 5 hi-res color lcd screen (opens 90 degrees & can be rotated 180 degrees with an auto mirror image), built-in light with 5 foot range, remote control & sensor, steady shot (stabilizer), usb streaming, dvin/out – sony ilink (best feature – a 4 pin 2 way firewire(ieee-1394) for direct digital video & stereo transfer with no signal loss), digital effects, frame recording, hi-fi sound, interval (lapse) recording, super nightshot ( shooting in a dark room without light), backlit feature ( allows to subdue rear light to increase foreground subjects lighting) and much, much more. This camcorder comes with a 3 hour battery (its real life is about 75 minutes using the lcd screen. The actual battery time remaining is displayed on the lcd screen. The stabilizer eliminates the camera jitter and the hi-res digital pictures are awesome.

20x optical, 560x digital, zoom with image stabilization

I bought my camera over a year ago and i’m very please with all the options. Great zoom, great night shoot, take great quality movies and all. The only drawback i’ve found so far is the ieee-1394 support. There’s no way to sincronize it when capturing video using the firewire option. The sound is garbled when using with vegas foundry 4. 0 and the capture run too fast out of sinc on windows movie maker 2. I tried everything including using my other computer which has a different type of ieee-1394 card and the problem is the same. I tried getting some help from the people at sony but all they say is they are not responsible with compatibility issues with third party firewire cards. It doesn’t matter how many times you write them, that is the only answer you get. So, with that and all, is not a bad camera at all, just don’t plan on using firewire for your movie capture, just be please with the usb or you can use the s-video option if you have a vide capture card.

This is (was) sony’s low-end digital camcorder. Snatch one up before they’re phased out with next year’s model. Note the lux sensitivity on this low-end model exceeds the more expensive ones. The built-in video lamp is surprisingly effective. Usb, s-video and firewire output is available for dubbing tapes. The firewire seems more tailored to dubbing direct to a sony tape deck. Personally, i elected not to install the usb drivers because of problems mentioned with win2k. I use the s-video input on my video card and it works wonderfully. You don’t need the mpeg features on the high-end models, especially if you want to edit your video on your pc.

The dcr-trv140 is sony’s lowest level digital camcorder, but it is not low-level at all. It records picture at a stunning 520 lines of resolution and sound in pcm digital stereo. You can truly see the difference in picture quality between digital and hi8 or vhs-c. The digital8 system records digital pictures on inexpensive hi8 tapes. It’s got an incredibly large 20x optical zoom. Optical zoom is the most important type of zoom because there is no loss of picture quality. It also has a 560x digital zoom which is less important because, the farther you zoom, the worse the picture quality gets. One of the most amazing features of this camcorder is the infrared super nightshot. What it does is project an infared light, invisible to the human eye, allowing you to see in no light at all. It also comes with various special effects and fade options.

I think the first question when buying a sony digital camcorder is, mini dv or digital 8. Both mini dv casettes and cameras are smaller but more expensive. 5 fold for about the same specifications. As they use the same recording system there isn’t a real difference in picture quality and data transfer. Digital8 camcorder’s recording pattern allows digital recording on 8mm or hi8 tapes but only trv 140 can’t playback . In fact the most important difference between them the size and the weight of the camera because of the size of the casette. Trv 140 is the cheapest d8 camera. Its most important spesification is x20 optical zoom. 560 digital zoom is useless as the quality destroys completely after x40 digital zoom.

My son and i love to go ghost hunting together. He just turned 21 so i’m grateful for a way to keep connected to him. But, being broke as we are, we can’t outfit ourselves like the guys on the cable channels. We look for ways to rig up gear as cheaply as possible. For just $31 plus shipping you can have a great night vision camera. Evidently spirits prefer total darkness by some people’s reasoning. With super night shot turned on, this camera totally blew us away with it’s ability to see in near total darkness. (see the attached photos taken in lp mode beneath the house in total darkness) it might be throwing some infrared out in front of it, i’m not sure, but it works. It was one of the first digital cameras made and was expensive when it was new. It requires hi8 digital tapes.

We bought our dcrtrv 140 to support a video project – we were up against the deadline and this little camera was so easy to use we were able to transition from a 11 year old sony hi8 video camera to this one in less than one day. The easy to use menus and immediate access to editing specials were so easy to pick up that we had all of our shots within 24 hrs. The easy access usb port and packaged software helped us to complete the video project for a school thesis in less than 2 weeks. Great product, you can always rely on sony.

This is a multi-purpose photo equipment. It has a lot of utilities that makes it easy and convinient for you to use. You can transfer video to your pc and even capture and print video images using the usb connection and software supplied, or you can just transfer the video to your regular video tapes. Which ever options you choose, the process is very easy. You can also use it to broadcast recorded or live videos on the web. The nightshot is also a beauty. And it is also very affordable.

2.5 inch color LCD and black and white EVF

Features a digital photo mode

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