Sony DCRPC110 Digital HandyCam Camcorder – Excellent camcorder from , but not a home run

I have no complaints except one: the digital pictures it takes are print quality but, the pixel could be greater for the amount of money you’re paying for this. Since sony has such advanced technologies, the least it could do was to incorporate their superior technology towards the digital picture function. More megapixels would’ve been better. Afterall, sony does make good digital cameras, why didn’t they combine the great features?.

If you are considering buying the sony dc-pc110 camcorder, you should ask yourself, ‘what am i looking for in a camcorder?’. I spent a long time debating between buying this camera, the sony pc9, and the canon elura 2 (all great camcorders). My final conclusion is that the pc110 is the best all around. But if you don’t need to extras, you needn’t spend all the extra money. The pc110 functions perfectly as a camcorder for movies and as a quality digital camera, something that other camcorders can’t boast. It also includes in-camera editing and special effects controls, image-stabilization (hands naturally shake, and this makes movies more smooth), night-shot (for recording in total darkness), and intuitive ergonomics (contrary to what other reviewers have said, the pinky doesn’t belong on the controls, the index finger does. ), and the camera is very easy to operate (once you get the hang of it). The 120x zoom is very good (even at extreme closeness, the quality of the image does not suffer). Hooking it up to your computer for editing is easy (cables & free software are included). As a digital camera, it’s perfect.

From the moment i opened the box, it just took my breath away. Because this is the first digital camera that i bought above my price usual range, however, it is worth every penny. Sony finally has done a good job in putting so many features in this tiny machine. The only drawback is that i would reccomend everybody who would buy this camera is to buy larger memory stick (4k is just not enough to take your baby’s pictures).

Ok as a proud owner of a dcr-pc100 i was amazed to see that pc110 had all the improements that i wished for on the pc100 model. The buttons are well placed, the hand holding with the flip out lever extension is a plus, and the pop up flash is a nice touch. But it still only has a 1 mega pixel still camera capability, which is not good enough for most camera buffs. The video and sound quality are still excellent, auto focus appears to be the same, good but not perfect. As with the pc-100 if you have either a imac (or mac with firewire) or a sony pc you can edit the digital video without to many problems. Likewise the sony usb card reader is a must. The serial reader will not work with a mac and is so slow to download on a pc. Also get the 32 mb card over the 64 mb card, for some reason the 64 mb card seems to get slower as it fill up. If you get this camcorder you must realize that the conventional vhs tape copies will lose some of the high quality video image and some of the sound quality as well. S-vhs seems to do a better job but few pwople have s-vhs units so sharing could be a problem.

The best camcorder for the travelers. Try to add 64mb memory card, 10h battery and filters for lens it’s just great , the size, the quality, i just love it.

The hard-earned cash i bought it with was very well spent. During a week of painstaking research i happened upon this dv-camera. I had set a budget of $700 and of course the pc110 is quite a bit over this price. I felt i wanted a camera that would last well, and would deliver excellent picture quality so i splurged and hoped for the best. What i got was better than i expected. The video quality is superb. The lcd is bright and clear. The unit is very compact, and well-designed as i expected with sony. Using device-control and a firewire card, i can import, edit, preview and save video back to the tape in the camera.

  • A real workhorse!
  • Wish they still made these
  • A perfect home DV choice and worth the money

Even after taking it on constant assignments over the past year (i bought it in june 2001) i have never had trouble with it. I’ve used this camera everywhere from pompeii to ground zero ny city. Not to mention rainforests, deserts, chicago cold, etc. I take a lot of photos for the newspaper i work for and also do a lot of interviews for articles i write. This camera has been a great help to me in getting my job done. It’s true that the resolution of the stills the sony pc110 captures is not the best quality available, but they are easily good enough for web and email publishing, and, they even look good for newspaper print when shot correctly. The dv digital video format is fantastic.It’s better than any analog video i’ve ever shot(vhs, beta, hi8, etc) and believe me i’ve shot a lot of video. I used to work for a tv news outlet in my previous job. The thing i love about digital is that i can record my interviews and easily download the video to my laptop, cut out what i don’t need and then burn it onto a cd in mpeg format or in an avi file format. This means all my notes are ready to access whenever i need them, and i can keep tham archived for as long as i need them. There are dozens of video editing programs that will make the process easy for you. I use sony’s dvgate software and adobe’s premiere, and both are great.

I bought this digital video camera just two weeks before the birth of my first child in korea. It has been great for recording video to send via e-mail to my parents and friends in canada. It is really slick and easy to use. (also note that my manual is in korean (as i bought the dvc in korea) and i just played around with it to figure it out. Of course i know i am still missing some uses of the camera, but i think those are for the more professional videographer anyways. ) i have used the photos to also make a homepage of my child’s pictures for easing viewing by people that are thousands of miles away. I would like to include the url, but am not allowed in this review. You really need to see the results. Some of my friends are also now considering buying this camera. I am so happy i bought this.

I’ve had since 2 years and it worked great under any situation and weather conditions. It’s a very solid product, with lots of great features. Very good image quality, both in video as in still modes. Also used it for transfering my previous home videos to the pc for editing, using the camera as a ‘gateway’ with its analog-digital converter (firewall). It’s my first sony handycam (previously used jvc cams), but in my opinion there’s no point of comparison. I think i’ll be tied to sony for a long while. If you can spend a little more, don’t hesitate.

When i first started looking at camcorders, one that kept repeatedly showing up was the sony dcr-pc110. I started to research it more, and found out all the great features that they crammed in it. As a 16 year old, i had no idea how i would pay for this, but i did find a way. Yes, it’s a very expensive gaget, but it’s been worth every penny i spent. I use it almost daily, if not taking pictures with it, then i’ll film something and plug it into my computer and edit it. I would not recommend this camcorder to anyone who doesn’t want to edit their video with a computer, beause i think it defeats the purpose of all the nifty options it has. When you first pick it up, if might feel funny if your hand because first of all it’s so small, and second of all, theres a certain way to hold it that’s different than most camcorders. This camera comes with everything you could possibly need. The only thing extra i would buy is a larger memory stick.

I got this camera for a graduation present from my parrents. The power in the small size is the best. I got this product because of the still picture feature. The pictures it can make are very nice. The tape feature runs like a normal camcorder and so does the in camera vcr feature. Some of the things to think about when buy this is, if you are planing on make digital movies on your computer you needd to go out and buy another part for your pc. It is called a video capature card. I bought one this is called a firewire or ieee. And if you want to open the box and start shooting film that is not going to happen.

Features of Sony DCRPC110 Digital HandyCam Camcorder with Builtin Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • DV camcorder, uses MiniDV tapes
  • 10x optical (120x digital) zoom with optical image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch color LCD monitor and color EVF
  • Records 1152 x 864 stills onto included 4 MB Memory Stick
  • Uses Sony NP-FM50 InfoLithium battery; includes MGI PhotoSuite and VideoWave

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I recently decided to get this camera and sell off my trv900 because i really found i needed something smaller to carry around. It was a tough choice, as the image quality and stills from the trv900 were decidedly better. But i just couldn’t pass up the size. This one is so small for the features you get. It has many, many well thought out features. For instance, it has a little swing-down handle to make filming easier (always an issue with these little digicams). You can hook the camera directly to your computer through usb, no need to get a card reader. Pop-up flash is nice for doing indoor shots. Fairly high resolution stills for a digital camcorder.

It is definitely the most expensive ‘toy’ that i have ever owned (not counting my car), but after finally taking possession of the camera, i immediately fell in love with it. The ease of operation, craftsmanship, and overall quality make this the best camera i have ever operated (this sony replaced an early model sharp camera). Do you need all of the bells and whistles on it?.As a matter of fact i?d recommend that you skip any ?special effects?. Until you start editing the video on your computer (for which i definitely recommend a macintosh with its free imovie software ?. It doesn?t get any easier than this). On a side note, don?t pay attention to any reviews that complain about the location of controls and having to use your pinkie to operate the zoom. If these reviewers had read the manual they would have found out that the handle folds down for quite a comfortable grip that doesn?t get in the way when you store the camera.

I purchased the pc110 to replace my very outdated sc100. I needed a new dvcam with analog inputs, and there was a choice of pc5, pc9 or pc110. Unfortunately, i could not wait for the new pc120. Because i had to attach a mini spy cam as an in-car camera for my single seater racecar. Somehow, the pc5 showed fuzzy images and there was no stock for the pc9 but the mini spy cam worked on the pc110 (and an old pc3 my friend had). It was a good choice because i also have a bulky nikon cp950 which took great digital photos. But 1m is good enough for 3r prints, and now i only need to bring the pc110 during weekends for home video and family photos. And there was no usb for my cp950.

I have had this camcorder for 6 months now, and its worked like a charm. Very good picture quality, easy to use once you get the hang of it, very light weight. A sony camcorder is definitely the best value for money. The camcorder battery runs out in around 90 minutes, but i have not yet run into a problem with that. You just get a 4mb memory stick with the camcorder. I had to upgrade to a 128mb memory stick, since i take a lot of still pictures. The photos when printed at 4 x 6 come out very well. Very easy to transfer the still pictures (and 60 second clips which is also recorded onto the memory stick) if your computer has a usb port. I did not face any problems accessing the camcorder buttons as mentioned by some of the reviewers.

I have had the pc110 over a year now and still like it very much. The size is perfect for traveling and is easy to take on hikes, etc. The dv quality is very good and the still shots are good if you shoot at high resolution and keep the pictures small when viewing on a computer. The camera has a good zoom, but close up pictures require the extra wide angle converter. I can take a picture of my house without it and get maybe 1/2 of the house. Standing in the same spot with the wide angle lens, i can get it all. You really need this accessory if taking pics or video of close up groups and things where you want to get a wider view. There are many good features: nightshot/super nightshot lets you take pictures in total darkness. Clarity is not that great and of course the picture is green like in the movies where a soldier is looking thru night vision. Special effects like b/w, sepia, fader, etc is nice if you are not using video editing software and want a few neat effects on the finished product.

The pc110 appears to be a slight re-working of the pc100 with the aim of making it a better still camera and integrating it more closely with sony’s other video imaging products. It takes true megapixel stills, and also will store very short mpeg videos on its memory stick card. Viewing these requires a pc. Unfortunately, the way this is implemented makes this device more like two cameras than one. You are either in ‘memory’ mode or ‘camera’ mode when recording, ‘memory’ mode or ‘vcr’ mode when playing back. Stills and mpeg are transferred through the usb port, dv video through the firewire. It all makes sense, when you realize that this camera does not consider mpeg to be a tape format. But it does take some time to get used to. And after you get used to it, you can move on to tricky little things like transferring small portions of your dv video onto the memory stick as mpeg etc. I think you can even transfer stills from memory stick to tape if you’d ever want to do that.

DV camcorder, uses MiniDV tapes

Fantastic, compact advanced camera. My original camera broke (after years of flawless use) on a trip and i had to buy a new one at duty-free shop. The only options were ones with only lcd screen viewing. In bright sun or in forests where there is a great deal of details in the image, it was impossible to find the subject i was trying to film. This forced me to ether zoom out or scan w/ the camera often missing the bird or animal i was trying to film. With the viewfinder, on the dcr110, i can see everything. This camera,as old as it is, is advanced enough to download movies onto imovie on my mac. Too bad the one i was sold ‘like new’ was missing the lens hood.

I tried more than 20 camcorders, and read all the reviews before buying this one. Other than the price ([amtis a bit steap for a single ccd camera), this is the most fun you’ll have this side of. The features are numerous, the quality is fantastic, and the fact you can take 1 megapixel stills will come in handy even if you don’t think so now. I had this camera at a christmas party, and i was able to take video and a couple stills without much adjustment or bags full of. . The size makes it easy to carry around, no more lugging that heavy monster from place to place. There are hours of events slowly slipping out of my brain, because i didn’t want to take the camcorder. Oh well, who needs another hour of wedding video anyway?. I guess i do, because i’ll never miss another moment.This thing fits in my coat pocket. ]

10x optical (120x digital) zoom with optical image stabilization

2.5-inch color LCD monitor and color EVF

Records 1152 x 864 stills onto included 4 MB Memory Stick

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