Sony DCRPC100 Digital HandyCam Camcorder, Not even 1 Picture ?

I bought a dcr-pc100e in july 2000. Generally, i am satisfied with it, but i have a problem with making still pictures as follow: i make still pictures in the best quality (1152 x 768, superfine). When i see the still pictures they are all made with the big sharpenning of edges. If i make a details of some object (faces etc) i can be satisfied for 60%. But if there are many small objects on the still pictures, i don’t be satisfied at all, because i see ‘edges’ on many small objects and the picture is very bad. The sharpenning of edges is a problem of software for dcr-pc100e. My question: can i eliminate this sharpenning of edges ?. Or is there a firmware for this camcoder to eliminate this sharpenning. I can make a sharpenning with some software after making a picture and i don’t understand why sony incorporate a software with it.

I got this camera a few months ago i must say it is wonderful to use. It’s got a simple interface, the recording quality is excellent, and best of all, it take still-shots. The memory stick integration is awesome, and it saved me the trouble of getting a digital camera, so i was pretty happy about that. The only complaints i have are that the included memory stick is only 4 mb, which isn’t a huge amount when you’re talking about digital pictures, and it’s kind of expensive. However, you’re paying for the quality of digital footage, which in my opion, is worth it. Aside from these minor problems, the camera is great. Link’ as sony calls it) is great for editing movies, and sending them through e-mail or burning them on a cd. In short, if you can afford it, and you’ve been looking around for a dv camers, this is it: go and buy it.

I’ve had this beauty for a couple of months now and i would definitely buy it again. A lot is included in the package but keep in mind that you will need additional accessories to make the camcorder fully useful. You will need the flash/light combination and also a larger memory stick to take full advantage of megapixel quality – the one that is included (4mb) will only hold six high-quality pictures. The battery is small but it will last you forever – i never use my second one. Finally, be aware of the fact that sony will release the updated pc110 in september, 2000 which will have a built-in flash and will record short mpegs to the stick. Will it ever come to the states?. Will you be able to wait for so long?.

Key specs for Sony DCRPC100 Digital HandyCam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Picture stabilization
  • 10x optical zoom, 120x digital zoom
  • 2.5-inch LCD
  • 0-lux NightShot infrared recording system
  • Acts as an 1152 x 864 resolution digital still camera; 4 MB Memory Stick included

Comments from buyers

“Amazing Gizmo (with some minor shortcomings)
, I love this handy-sized marvel
, Sony Style!

I wanted to add information to complement some of the other reviews. I, like most of the other reviewers, am very impressed with the pc100. Before buying i did a lot of research and read reviews from many websites, including this one. Three issues have been mentioned that i have not found to be a problem. Some people comment that the sound recorded by the built-in microphone picks up the hum from the camera motor. I agree that there is a loud hum coming from the camera when the camera is operating, and you can hear it if you play the tape back in the camera using the on board speaker. However, when i play my tapes back through a television, the sound is outstanding (and there is no hum). The second reportedly unfortunate feature is the zoom control, which is supposedly placed awkwardly. Now, i don’t have very large hands, so that may be a difference, but if you hold the camera as illustrated in the manual (i. , like a water pistol), with your third, fourth and little finger curled around the camera’s base, your index finger sits directly on the telephoto button. If you try to jam all your fingers vertically up through the strap and hold it like a regularly sized camcorder, it won’t work well at all.

Sony produced an overall good camera. The built in megapixel still camera makes this a great combination. There are a couple things you should know though. – low light performance is marginal (7 lux) – the mic placement is poor and picks up motor noise – the memory stick supplied is almost to small to be usefull so plan on buying a 32 or 64m stick – the camera is almost too small, if you have large hands try it out first. – there is not a built in flash for the digital still camera. If you can forgive these short comings you’ll love this camera.

The sony digital camcorder records excellant video images and sound, but most tv set fail to reproduce the image quality and conventional vhs recorders lose the video quality when copying. The still image quality is poor compared to stand alone 1 mega pixel cameras and cannot be used at the same time you are video taping. Works well with a imac and imovie for editing, could not see doing it any other way for less. Some sony home pcs also allow for editing using the same firewire interface with the sony camcorder. Recommendation: if you want super high qulaity video images and want the small size get this camcorder. But don’t get it because it has a still image capability, instead get a nice digital still camera for that function. A side note: if you use a ir filter on this sony and use the night shot mode you can view and record in infared. Cool for experimental video effects and can be done likewise with most digital cameras i am told.

I don’t work for sony, me neither. But when you’re the witness of such an impressive sense of technical sophistication and ease of use, you can’t say anything else but ‘wow. This stuff is very close to perfection. ‘ if you are a beginner in dv, sony’s dcr-pc100 will let you believe that you’re a pro. Despite the tiny size of its body, all buttons are intuitively positioned so that you don’t have to look after them for hours while shooting at your favorite topics. If you are more familiar with dv cams, sony’s stuff will stimulate you a lot. The very low weight, the precision of still images (the first and only megapixel available on the market) and the astonishing quality of videos will definitely convince you that you’ve done the best choice. Everything you’ll ever need for getting very close to broadcast quality. The price seems pretty high.

I am surprised, why doesn’t it have a picture. Is it some kind of a secret or.

After laboriously searching for several weeks, i chose this camera over all other models. As this is a complex unit, there are many long reviews here, and being succinct is very difficult. I will skip most features listed, and try to concentrate on the advantages (many), and shortcomings (few) of this camera compared to others:the picture quality is superb. It’s like watching a television. Just one look and you’ll be immediately impressed. The only way to get a higher quality picture is to go to a 3ccd camera (more $, and bigger). The only other 1 ccd camera whose picture is as good, is the canon elura (because of it’s rgb filter), but the elura doesn’t do half what the pc100 does, and it is a lower res camera. The megapixel photo/stills are excellent. Especially when taken at the highest resolution (for simple web photos, several lower res sizes are available). Yes, a 4mb memory stick is not enough.

I needed to buy a video camera before my son was born about 6 months ago. The criteria i had, was that i wanted a camera that was small which did both digital still pictures and video. I didn’t want to carry two cameras everywhere we went. But, i wanted the best video/still pictures i could get (these moments are precious, and i wanted to remember them as best as possible) the dcr pc100 fits this criteria to a tee. I’ve been very happy with sony products in the past, but i did my research on this camera, and at that time, this was the best camera for the above criteria (it also seemed to have some features that i may grow into). I’ve now had 6 months to play with the camera and feel comfortable giving suggestions about my experience with the camera (i’ve been concentrating more on the still pictures, since my son is a newborn, they don’t move that much yet :-):1) definitely buy the flash attachment. Still photos without it in low light situations just are not very good without the flash. You’ll be very disappointed without it. 2) if you buy the flash attachment, you might want to think about an extra battery. Batteries go faster with the flash on.

I bought the camcorder after my jvc was destroyed in an accident. I really enjoyed my jvc but the sony was much better. I did finally take it (the pc100) back because i found out on the sony website that sony was coming out with a dcr pc 110. Connection which means i’ll be able to download stills much faster. The still pictures in the pc100 come out very dark. The pictures were great if you were outside. We end up buying a flash but then the subjects of the pictures looked like deer in headlights. Keep in mind the pc110 is quite a bit more expensive. If you can do without great looking stills consider the pc100. The software for pc110 is also better and did i mention the movie mode?.

I’m using this recorder (type pc100e) in combination with studiodv software from pinnacle. I’m satisfied, easy handling and understanding. Anybody who can help me with tips and tricks for non-linear editing please e-mail me.

The camcorder box and spec says it is good for 1 megapixel photos. The image quality is like magnifying a 640 x 480 to 1 megapixel. The result is coarse pixelation of the photo. I called the sony customer support and they told me, ‘if it looks good on the view finder, then sony’s job is done. Sony, wake up and don’t tell lies.

We bought this camera a couple of months ago to take on a trip and to put in an underwater housing for video taping while scuba diving. The clarity, colors and lighting were of no comparison to our older sony hi-8. My only complaint is the limited time to tape with the mini-dv tapes- 60 minutes. When extending to lp mode(90 min), there was slight compromise in picture quality apparent when trying to print captured shots from our computer. The cost of the mini-dv tapes is still high, and is astronomical outside of the usa(when you can find them). The microphone still has a lot to be desired (slight breezes should not be that noisy). It takes a little getting used to the zoom feature- but the carl zeiss lens is great. We hardly set the camera to digital zoom because we preferred the quality of the cz lens. A few times we ran out of film at 60-100 feet underwater, but all was not lost- just set the camera to memory shot mode and we were able to take some fabulous stills on the memory card.

I have been using this camcorder for more than 6 months now. I wanted a compact camcorder with the convenience of mini digital videocassettes and firewire support that lets me edit video on my home pc. I also wanted a high quality and yet easy to use camcorder with a long lasting battery. Pc100 has everything a video amateur needs. Pc100 also have a built-in mega pixel digital still camera, although it cannot compare with specialized products like nikon coolpix cameras. The video quality is extremely high. The only complaint i have is the zoom control. It zooms in and out a bit too fast. I am very happy with my pc100.

Nine months ago, i had to upgrade my old (but clunky) video-8 camcorder. After a lot of research, i almost didn’t settle for this camera, because although most owners loved it and it seemed to have the best image quality in the class, it is rather expensive. Looking at my savings account, and remembering that the video-8 didn’t get used much because of its heft, i took the plunge. The small size makes this an excellent camera to bring with you in a sport jacket pocket, briefcase, or even jeans pocket (if you’re into those large raver-style pockets, that is). While many of the buttons are small, i don’t mind much, because the few i use (start/stop, exposure control) are logically placed and easy to push. I don’t use any of the digital effects or fade functions, because i transfer the video digitally to my computer and edit tape there — something i never got around to with the old clunker. I also don’t use the still image capture much at all, because i have a separate kodak digital camera for that, and the memory stick reader that comes with this camcorder is s-l-o-w (because it’s serial-only). If you have one of those vaio machine with a built-in memory stick reader, i suppose it would be ok. Transfer of video using the built-in firewire (1394, i-link, dv-gate,. ) port works very well, and i haven’t had any problems getting this camera recognized by my computer.

Ive had this camera for 9 months, and i have grown very attached to it. I’ve beat the crap out of it and it still works fine, a good sign. It fits in ones hand like a crazy optical-recepting hand gun. After time and experimenting, one grows accustomed to its grip and it’s small size makes the human subjects less nervous, almost as if no video camera is there, just a miniscule receptor of their realtime image. If you have a friend with one of these too (scheeronious), you can firewire the 2 cameras together and do some improvisational editing and recording of footage, easily. Infrared night-vison, with ‘old movie’ to make night shots mystical. Overlap fading face-morphing, luminscennt effects. Manual exposure adjusting to tweak the lighting, in conjuction with slow-shutter surrealism. >>>the camera give you a lot of room to play. I use the memory stick all the time to capture stills off my prerecorded footage.

I think it’s only fair for potential buyers to know about the bad/poor things about pc100e : 1) if your travel a lot and do not need a digital camera function, this one is not for you 2) most buttons are too small. Function such as fading/overlaping arent easy to activate once you are recording. They will cause you to shake the camera. Sony should design bigger button or allow pre-defined function before recording begins. 3) photo capturing button is so small and next to yet another button. It is confusing and you will need to use your index finger to press, which will tilt the camera. Sony should have designed to use the same button as the camcoder rec button, afterall when you switch to ‘memory’=digital camera mode, one can only capture digital still image. This design will also allow them to save production cost for the extra buttons.

I’ve been looking at dv cameras for a while now, and finally settled on the dcr-pc100. I couldn’t be happier about my decision. I’ve made some great movies with it, but i think the best example of the flexibility of this camera came when i went to a wedding last week. Every control on the camera is placed in such a manner that one handed operation of the camera is a snap, and i was able to get the ceremony on video, while easily switching over to capture some stills as well. I had a 64mb memory stick, so i had about 120 hi-res pictures by the end of the reception. It was a snap to dump all of the pictures to a cd and send them to the wedding party to print at their leisure(they were thrilled to have some wedding pictures that they could share with folks that quickly after the wedding). I’ve used the camera in a wide range of lighting conditions, from super bright sunny days to inside the monterey bay aquarium to a lightning storm in colorado, and all of the footage turns out great. The video images are super crisp and the colors are nothing short of fantastic. I can’t recommend the camera highly enough, and most people who check mine out while i’m using it want one of their own.

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