Sony DCRHC40 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom – This camera is absolutely useful and awesome

I love the new design of the hc40. The way it feels in my hand and the fact that it will fit in my pant pocket is a define advantage. The backlight on/off switch is useful when recording outside on sunny days. The record button on the side of the display is also an added advantage over the trv33. My only complaint about the hc40 is that the eyepiece does not tilt up like the trv33. My favorite feature that’s not usually mentioned in reviews about the hc40 & trv33 is that you can use your camcorder to transfer old vhs tapes from the vcr to mini dv, or from vcr to camcorder to pc via firewire cable. I recommend pinnacle studio 9 to edit & capture video. I would highly recommend this camcorder to anyone searching for a new camcorder. If you have a higher budget i would still suggest getting this camcorder & spending the extra money on accessories. I was debating if i should sell my trv33 and get the new sony hc40, but opted not to only because i had received a lot of accessories i had for my trv33 as a gift.

I needed a cam to make some movies of my new daughter. I wanted something compact so that i would never hesitate to carry it around. I also wanted to make sure it was easy to use and took great video indoors. This narrowed my choices down to the sony pc-105, trv22 and the canon optura 300 / elura 50. Except for the trv22, all were the vertical style which while small, were awkward to use (the sony being the worst with its horrible zoom control). The canon’s also do not have the ir-illuminated night shot capability. So, i was all set to buy the trv22 especially since it has outstanding low-light capability when i tried out the hc40. The hc’s form factor is just so great, i couldn’t pass it up. It to me seems as small as the pc105 but is the much more hold-able horizontal style everyone prefers. So i bought both the trv22 and hc40 and compared them at home.

I bought this camera at a retail store the day before a trip to new orleans. My original intent was to purchase a camera but i noticed that the dv recorder was only a little more and felt adventurous. Of course, i paid a hefty price but i wasn’t able to go through amazon because it was the day before my trip. That being said, i was afraid that i had been suckered into buying something of lesser quality. Being a photographer and used to high definiton cameras i thought that the dv camcorder would be a great step down. I hadn’t really even investigated camcorders for at least 5 years. Now that i’m back from the trip having shot both indoor and outdoor scenes, and watched the results on my widescreen tv i can say that i was very pleased. The camera is very very easy to use (as are most sony products) and the quality is superb. I’m not sure what the other reviewer is complaining about. Color and contrast are great.

Realy it is a very powerfull mini-dv camcorder but:positive points:video quality = highvideo resources, like effects, editing,etc. = highbattery duration = high (i will not buy other one)dummie mode operation = very coolnegative points:poor quality images when you take picturebe careful to not loose the cd with installation software, because you will not find this on the internet (picture package. If you have this software, please send to me at [email protected] (windows xp all ready have the driver);obs:unfortunatelly i lost the remote control+ av cable (i still looking for it on the internet).

They give you this manual (actually two manuals). The first manual refers to you to the other manual. Then the other manual tells you in three places that the method for achieving usb stream (web cam and conferencing) is different depending on the model. The manual says ‘set usb stream in the menu settings of your camcorder to on. The procedure of the menu settings varies depending on the model. ‘ well, what’s that supposed to mean?. Then you go to the webpage and there’s nothing in the knowledge base and when you try to email them it malfunctions after you spend all the time on writing the email.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice
  • Awesome compact Mini DV camcorder
  • The Sony DCR-HC40 Rocks

This is one of the very good camcorders i have used. I initially had a canon camcorder and a jvc before that. After using them i got this one. There was a vast difference between sony, especially in the video quality and usability. It is sleek, compact and very ergonomically designed. It is comparitively steadier to take videos. The lcd panel has 180 degree swivel and that makes taking the videos and photos with self-timer very useful. You can see what is going-on. The touch screen lcd panel is lot easier that messing around with 100 buttons in a small space. The video effects are very good and the auto focus works wonderfully.

I researched a lot of digital camcorders and chose this because it appeared compact and easy to use. I received about 2 weeks ago and i am extremely pleased. I taped my kids soccer game the last 2 weeks and image is excellent, as well as the quality of the zoom. The stock battery is noted for its short life but i found i had at enough battery power and plenty left over after taping my kids soccer game. I haven’t used some of the more advanced features, but its very compact and touch screen is simple to use.

After looking at/researching cameras for a few months, i decided on this one. Here is what i was looking for (and what i got) in this camera. I wanted to be able to carry it in my pocket for easy access. This is not much bigger than my digital camera. This appears to be the dominant home camera format, and i didn’t want to be stuck w/ a format that would be out of date in a year.

I have used this and other canon digital handycam but really like this sony model. Stable and sharp image and great video indoor and outdoor.

I used to have a canon elura 2, but i despised its nightshot capability and the battery life was dismal. I discovered this camera searching several review sites and after seeing it in person, i was sold by its compact size. This camera is very easy to operate and the quality of footage taken with it is phenomenal. There aren’t a lot of buttons on this camera, as most of the configuration settings are accessed through the screen-based menu system. I’ve read a lot of people find the menu system annoying, however i find that it’s laid out quite nicely. Once you pick a setting, the camera will shut down other options that aren’t applicable given the settings you’ve selected. I’m very happy with the nightshot mode. If you’ve ever watched survivor, the night shots shots taken with this camera look like. The zoom control on the camera took some getting used to and i’ve found that using your right hand middle finger to control it works quite well. You’ll also want to adjust the hand strap to firmly hold your hand to the camera.

I primarily bought this little thing for family archival records and digitizing my hi8 tapes from years past. I connect my canon hi8 seamlessly to the hc40. I feel that the lcd screen has fine clarity and while sony has packed alot into this camcorder it acts logically. It would be nice to see the hc50 (or whatever) to have the 20x zoomthe hc40 is not especially easy to ‘palm’ and my hand’s aren’t that large. There is a ridge at the top of the camera that is supposed to be cupped by the edge of your fingers to balance the camera. You have to work at holding onto it in this manner. It’s a ‘keeper’ for a few years.

I think it works very well and recording movies is so clear and easy. If u r looking for a really good digital camcorder it is the sony dcr-hc40.I once bought a canon thinking it was really nice but i had to return it cause it was so blurry when i recorded. The only thing it is bad at is taking a still photos it is ok but not a good as a normal digital camera. But i think that the sony is very nice.I love the small shape,and it is so easy to hold.

I just purchased this camera about a week ago and i received it a few days ago. The camera is absolutely wonderful. Even though people say the bottom loading tape is bad, i think it is actually a good feature. It makes the camera less bulky and it is so easy to carry around because the tape isn’t top loading. I love the size and it’s so convenient. I’m used to bulky cameras and this is way better. The touch screen feature is great. People say it is inconvenient, but i don’t think it is. I think it’s because i’m used to having cameras with the controls in the lcd itself. The touch screen is neat, and it means you don’t have to press a gajilion buttons like some cameras to control the camera.

I bought this model almost 8 years ago. I have already a new one and it simply doesn’t match my old dcrhc40 model. The carl zeiss lens gives great zoom definition at 10x and enhances the 120x digital zoom capabilities. I added a wide angle sony conversion lense x0. 6 and a np-fp90 battery for extended operation. Simply one of the best cam-corders i’ve ever had, back from beta, vhs and even compared to the new memory integrated hd one i have (sony also). Only point to consider is that you need a fire-wire laptop or pc port to work with the video if you want to keep the highest definition. If not, the a/v – svideo option is the next best thing before going all the way to analog.

If you’re looking for a tiny minidv camcorder, especially if you want to do widescreen 16:9 recording now or in the future, this is the model. The hc40 is about 32 cubic inches, and very lightweight. It can fit in a small-medium size camera bag, or in a large pocket. Much easier to take with you than larger camcorders. If you don’t care about size, there are some discontinued models you might find for much less, like panasonic dv-53, or the sony trv22 or 19. Unlike the hc20 or hc30, this model provides a high quality widescreen mode, with little or no loss of data when using widescreen. Instead of just putting black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, you actually record a wider area when in widescreen mode, and the image is stretched to fit normally on the tape, filling the screen with a distorted stretched image. You can then use your tv setting to compress the image to widescreen 16:9. I’ve tried it, and don’t notice any loss in quality compared to 4:3 mode. (to evaluate, i also looked at the stretched image compared to 4:3, to make a more fair comparison.

My husband and i just purchased this handycam. I almost bought the dcrhc30 instead because in the store i also was concerned about the washed out looking images. When i compared the two and asked the salesperson for help he was not able to fix this problem. This bothered me so i walked away. I then went back to purchase the dcrhc30, but stopped again to look at the dcrhc40, talked with a different salesperson who was able to fix the problem on the sales floor and it looked just fine. It seemed to have a few more options, and we are extremely happy with it. Have not had a chance to use it much, but so far it is great. It will replace an old digital8 handycam that has had much use. Don’t shy away because of the washed out images find a salesperson who is knowledgable to fix it for you.

Small compact camera, easily fits into your hand. Whos it for: family, fun, party filming. Quality is great for a small camera. Pros:-sharp image – steady shot. -night vision – great for paris hilton style home movies ;)-easy use – record, rewind, watch. Easy mode helps out the technologically challeneged. -interracts easily with the computer-hooks up easily to my sony dvd-r playercons:-no light back up for dark areas (night vision substitutes for that) flash attachment piece is available from sony. -pictures feel like 1 meg shots. If you want great quality pictures – i would recommend 5meg sony cybershot photo camera instead.

If you think sony is a quality brand. . You are correcttoo bad i dont know how to use all the features. . And you will use a camcorder less than you think. And buy a good still camera. The stills on this is low resolution.

I had a sony and was very satisfied, so got this one a week ago. This is a very handy little camera and takes great video. The video in low indoor light is very poor.

Over the past 35 years that i have been shooting video, it has come a long way. Comparing this to the rca tk-76 ‘minicam’ that i shot tv news with on 3/4′ in 1977 is fun: 1/100 the cost and double the scan lines. Oh, and 1/80th the weight not including the 40 pound recorder. At first, i didn’t think something this size could work this well. I needed something quick and inexpensive to do video cuts for inserting into powerpoint. My boss was too cheap to buy equipment for the department and i needed training tapes. So i just bought a hc40, shot the material, edited it on my hp a622n and inserted into the pp. And then did it about a dozen more times on other training material. It looks surprisingly well 10′ tall through a 2000 lumen projector. A handheld or wireless mic is a must.

I just bought this camera, at first i was a little scheptical, cause i read on some reviews that it was kind of dificult to transfer the movie to your pc and then to record it on a dvd. I bought it anyway, the camera is small, easy to use and has very nice features. Some people also said the image was washed out, i’ve had two minidv camcorders prior to this one, a sony and a canon, and i can tell the image, colors and brightness are the same quality as the others i’ve had. Transfering video and audio to my pc was very easy, i used a firewire cable and a popular program to capture it and then to burn it on a dvd, very simple. Photos taken with this camera are not bad at all, (of course you cannot compare with photos taken with a megapixel digital still camera). I gave it four stars just because i haven’t used all the features on the camera, but i can surely recommend this camera for anyone who wants an easy to use and very high quality video camera.

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