Sony DCRDVD300 MiniDVD Handycam Camcorder, Understand what features are most important before buying!

Although i really enjoy my camcorder, i have learned that only sony dvds work well with this camcorder. You are able to record on other cheaper brands, however, if you use the image mixer sofware (which comes with the camcorder) to edit abd re-burn dvds there are compatability problems between other brands. Furthermore, the image mixer software is limited, elementary and not user friendly. Their customer support is pretty worthless as well. I would still reccommend this camcorder – but beware that some editing and recording features will only work with the expensive sony dvds.

If you’re starting to go crazy shopping for a digital camcorder, read on. Bundles of format types, odles of brands, countless models to choose from, what a mess. The answer is the sony handycam 300 (or the 100 or 200 if your budget is tighter). My wife and i have twins and have no time to learn the complexities of digital camcorders and returned a canon and a jvc camcorder after looking at the owners manual. However, we essentially figured out how to use the sony 300 by just playing with it. The menus and options work pretty much like our dvd player and in less than 30 minutes (after charging the battery) we were filming like crazy, taking pictures and having a great time. And the resulting dvd played perfectly in our home dvd player and looked wonderful. Conclusion, don’t get confused by all the critiques saying one camera is too heavy, another is noisy, the next one vibrates too much, blah, blah, blah. Buy a handycam 300 and start making movies.

This is the 1st camcorder that i have ever owned. I like the ease of use and all the neat features. I purchased a flash, it really helps the still photos. The only complant is, the mini discs are overpriced and hard to find. Sony should and could have been better prepared before selling a ton of camcorders and no discs. Even with the high cost and irritation of finding discs, i still give a big thumbs up and recommend to all.

Key specs for Sony DCRDVD300 MiniDVD Handycam Camcorder with 3.5″ LCD and Digital Still Capability (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • DVD digital camcorder with 1-megapixel imaging
  • 10x optical, 120x digital zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 3.5-inch touch-panel color swivelscreen LCD display
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface for computer connection
  • NightShot 0 Lux infrared system with color mode for recording in total darkness

Comments from buyers

“The biggest advantage is administrative time reduction!, DVD camcorder isn’t for everyone, Tech Support/Winders XP”

I would like to recommend johnny in which he really helped me in getting the camcorder to me before christmas. It was also well wrapped for shipment and it was as good as he said.

Loved the convenience of direct dvd-r/rw conversion. It stores 60 minutes of great video quality even in lp format. Also, it gives very good night shots as well. It can store thousands of 1mp stills right on dvd. It came with imagemixer software. Just install the drivers and software on pc. It detected the camcorder via usb port and stored the videos in mpeg format on computer. Visual index feature to view stills and videos from camcorder/tv works great. Cons: it comes with just 1 hr battery. And the 3 inch dvd-r/rw are still costly.

No muss no fuss, just put the disc in, shoot your video, finalize and boom. You got a home movie, ready to play on most dvd players. I have 4 dvd players at home (one in computer) and they play back on them all. 0 interface yet, but editing on computer is easy, no waiting for the entire video to playback, just to get it into the computer. Drag and drop the files to your computer, edit with most video software and burn to a full sized dvd if you like. Has all the items you come to expect from sony, nightshot, steady shot and such. Heck, is even smaller then my old minidv unit. Very good deal overall, love the camera.

I just wanted people to know that you can use a non brand name disc instead of the costly sony ones. 00 ones at the stores and sony. Just search for mini dvd for camcorders and they have three brands to choose from. Could someone email me at [email protected] Com on how to print still images without buying a photo printer, for ex. Bringing it to the photo store for printing since it does not come with a memory card.

Most (if not all) the other reviews discuss the pros and cons of the camera. I’ll quckly agree with them, and get it over: great camera, excellent quality movies, needs a bigger battery (but then, doesn’t everything?). I use a gateway laptop, with winders xp pro (sp2). I had a problem when following the instructions in the manual: everytime i loaded the drivers, all (and i *do* mean *all*) of my drivers for every device (including video card, hard drive, audio card, etc) disappeared. Historyif i tried to install the software that came with the camera, it wouldn’t recognize that the camera was hooked-up. Bummeri called sony’s lack-of-techincal support.

I read all of the reader reviews i could get my hand on, and then took the plunge. Sony has done it again (my opinion). This camcorder replaces an old vhs-c off-brand which i thought was pretty good. I love the dcrdvd300, and am glad i opted for the ‘300’ because i love the larger screen. I find all controls handy, and the system is very user-friendly. I only regret that i will never likely use all of the great features. I really just want a camera that will be ready to grab and easy to use when the grandkids do something memorable. With less than an hour of using the ‘300’, i was comfortably using it.

Steady and clear are the pictures. Easy to use even when you’re excited with a huge bull elk next to your vehicle. Light weight to carry until the moment you need it. Simply super for wild life photography and the abilty to zoom in soooooooo closely, and get that perfect photo shot as well, is amazing. If you have young children, this is the camera for you to catch all those special moments.

The dcr-dvd300 sits atop the recently released line of minidvd camcorders from sony. Other models in this line are the dcr-dvd200 and dcr-dvd100. The main difference the three camcorders in this line are lcd size and ccd resolution: – dcr-dvd300: 3. 5′ lcd, 1mp ccd – dcr-dvd200: 2. 5′ lcd, 1mp ccd – dcr-dvd100: 2. 5′ lcd, 640k ccdpros:- records dolby digital stereo. – video quality almost at par with minidv camcorders (at slower recording modes). – super steadyshot image stabilization system – and sony’s system really helps.

This is my first camcorder ever. After a lot of researching and reading reviews of about every single camcorder on the market i picked sony. I have and own sony products and they have never given me any problems whatsoever. Easy to use, i was filming about 10 minutes after i got it out of the box. The still photo capability is terrible, do not even use it. This is a camcorder, not a camera. I made a one hour film on lp, after finalizing it i stuck it right on the dvd player (3 years old, mind you) and it played. The picture quality is great, even on lp mode. The only one complaint i have is that my computer will not recognize the camera, i have tried everything.

My father in law purchased this camera for us in preperation of our new son. We were able to power it up and begin using it within an hour. The controls are easy to use and fairly simple. I would have to say that i do not hear or notice the drive vibration or the sound of the dvd recorder while in use. I have done some looking around on various sites and forums and have found no mac support. I have both a pc and a mac and plan to use it on my pc. When i finalized a full dvd, so that i could use it in my dvd player i was happy to see that it too 3 min to do so and played wonderfuly. The still picture quality is ok for 1 megapixel but with no flash on the camera i cannot recomend that aspect. 2 megapixel camera that i plan to use for still shots.

I took my very first movie today with my sony dvd300 handycam which was a christmas gift from my brother. The clarity is amazing and the sound just floors me. I’m devoted to movie making only and the finalization process took about 2 1/2 minutes and i was then all ready to pop the disc into the dvd player. The carl zeiss lens is a worthy attribute to this marvelous camcorder. The 21st century is in your hands with the sony dvd handycam. You’ll be grateful everyday that you own this dvd camcorder.

This is the camera of my dreams, since i have lost a lot of time administering the data captured from camcorders and cameras. Now, this camera offered to me a way to record directly into an unviversally accepted media. Secondly, the image quality is indeed very good. The things i don’t like are the media price. Dvd-rs and dvd-rws are still quite expensive and not easy to be obtained. Sony should provide more media for free considering the price of this camera, not to talk about some other accesories such as filtering lenses, etc.

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