Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom – Great value camera

For now, the best & most affordable digital camcorder. After doing hours of research on the internet (and i do mean hours and even days) extensive research, i have found that, for the money ($259 from amazon w/free shipping & also getting the amazon visa card for an added discount), this is the best deal as far as digital camcorders go available today. It is certainly the cheapest priced digital camcorder i could find brand new, and the best built camcorder, especially when compared to the many mini dv’s available (they look like they could break if you look at them the wrong way). I had a friend who had a mini dv camcorder comment on their delicate nature, and her mini dv camcorder also quit working after only a few months of normal use (think about the same price range as digital 8 now–not more costly mini dv camcorders). The sony digital 8 camcorders may be discontinued soon by sony (at least that is the asumption from what i read), but i have read more positive reviews (at this price range) for the sony digital 8 camcorders than any of the comparable mini dv camcorders in this price range. I purchased a samsung (junk junk-avoid) mini dv camcorder from sam’s club prior to purchasing the sony dcr-trv280 from amazon. Com, and i was more than disappointed in the performance of the samsung mini dv camcorder. The picture from my old rca autoshoot vhs-c camcorder produced a picture much better than the samsung could. I couldn’t believe how horrible the quality was on the samsung mini dv camcorder.This was difficult to tell in sam’s club as all of their camcorders are in a very bright area of the store.

I have had this for a couple days, but i must say it is fairly dumby proof. This is my first camcorder and i was able to figure it out and start taping in under five minutes. It is a good starter camcorder as well as a good bang for the buck.

Excellent video and audio quality. Records on a tape but is still digital. Tape quality turns out to be better than mini dv. Many features including nightshot, different tape modes, the “easy” button, steadyshot, etc. The only disadvantage is the camera’s heavy weight and its rather large size, but i can live with that. Great camera, i think its worth the money.

Excellent alternative to minedv camcorder. I wanted to purchase a digital camcorder to record family events, parties, kid’s performaces at school, etc. Until now, i was using 9 year old 8mm sony tr86 camcorder that at the time of purchase was very basic. No lcd, no stabilization, etc. But at that price (it cost over [. ] then) that all what i could afford. And i can tell you for 9 years, this camcorder was servicing me very well but now my son needs that camcorder to record his school’s projects. I decided to purchase minidv camcorder that would do something very basic that i used to do with my old camcorder and the price would not exceed [. ] (i wanted to spend more on panasonic gs500 but to shell out extra [. ] were not in my budget plan) so.

  • The BEST top bang-per-buck value in digital camcorders!
  • Fantastic deal — (does not support Hi8 format)
  • Fantastic Camera
  • Not Hi8 nor 8mm compatible! Be careful!
  • Excellent alternative to mineDV camcorder

Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager with 290K effective pixels
  • Records digital audio and video comparable to MiniDV on affordable Hi8 or Digital8 tapes (Playback compatible only with tapes recorded in Digital8 format)
  • 20x optical zoom with SteadyShot picture-stabilization system
  • 2.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD
  • NightShot Plus Infrared System captures natural-looking video in low light

My husband and i were looking for a good camcorder that was functional but not too expensive. For $300 we got a great camcorder that you can also take still shots with. Lots of features and very very easy to use. We have had it about a week, not really used it for lots of videoing, just getting used to it. But the quality of the recordings are great, the light is very bright and it picks up sound good too. It was just what we were looking for.

Overall an excellent video camera (vc). This is my second sony and will most liekly buy anohter sony when this one wears out or becomes obscelete. Records digital on the digital 8 tape. I’d probably go ahead an get a dvd recorder or hdd recorder, except the price on thsi was much more reasonable and i kenw what to expect from sony’s dcr line of vcs. Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a basic vc to record those events in life.

I got this camera for college, because we all know that sometimes a video is worth. The sound quality once you get it on decent speakers is amazing for a camera this expensive. Even more impressive, i plugged the camera into my computer via the firewire cable (the usb cable is for web cam only, sorry if you don’t have a firewire adapter, go buy one) and my computer auto recognized the camera, opened windows movie maker, and asked me if i wanted to import. Needless to say, it was seamless integration. The quality is awesome, the sound is awesome, the videos are hilarious. And as for sony going down the drains, i don’t know about all of that, but i can tell you this camera is awesome.

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