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I have never had my own camcorder before, so i spent days looking at all makes and models trying to learn as much as i could. I even read several reviews here and after having held each one, trying out the features and driving salesmen crazy i finally got the sony dcr-trv11. First, the display screen seems better. I looked at jvc and panasonic and the sony screen just looked better defined. Also, when panning, the autofocus reacted faster to my movements. My wife has small hands and this was one of the smallest ones out there so remember to consider size and weight. The resolution is very clean and the controls are all well placed. I didn’t use the software that came with it, opting for pinnacle’s studiodv. It comes with the firewire card, software and cables. It’s works great and is easy.

This camcorder comes with an i. If you want to transfer your images to your imac, you’re going to have to go out and get an additional cable: either the sony msac us1 or the us5. The us5 is actually a mouse that accepts the memory stick; the us1 is just a cable. I’m going out looking for mine tomorrow.

I bought the sony dcr-trv11 specifically for an african safari, and am extremely pleased with the performance. I filmed through drenching rain, low-light conditions, over horribly bouncy roads, and the results are amazing. It is easy to learn to use the basic functions (i only had it for a week before departure, and didn’t have much time to practice filming), and the quality makes even the most novice film-maker look good. Battery life is great (i took two with me and never ran out of power–even on days when the safari lodge generator failed and i couldn’t recharge), and while the outside casing is a little worse for the wear, the camcorder performance is undiminished. Here are the specifications for the Sony DCR-TRV11 MiniDV Camcorder:

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  • MiniDV digital video camera recorder
  • 10x optical, power zoom
  • 2.5″ LCD Screen
  • Includes wireless remote, batteries, power adapter, serial & AV cables, shoulder strap, lens cap, lens hood, and memory stick

This is a very good mid-entry camcorder with the more than the standard features. This extremely compact unit nails the basic necessities (lcd screen, lcd swivel, steady-shot, 2-nightshots, and excellent output options – ieee, s-video, rca). You get all the sony amenities of scroll-select dial and a slew of a/v rec/playback options. Sony pushes the value-added package with the tight carl zeiss lens; the true optical zoom capabilities has something to be desired with the 1. However, you can’t complain too much with the 20x and 120x digital option that performs quite decently. The color view finder can extend and pivot – quite a nice mechanical option while having the ability to save battery life or if you’re doing fixed-position video taping. The digital photo on memory stick is a thing of beauty (transfer to tape and vice versa also an option). The trv11’s size is comparable to a digital camera. This allows me to just carry the trv11 around having the option of motion or still capture – forget the digital camera (as long as you’ve got good lighting). My only complaint is a catch22 – the mv tapes can only be inserted from the bottom of the unit. This creates a problem for tripod mounted shooting. Sony organizes all this technology into such a small package – it’s hard to complain. 4 stars for the standard sony-pricing premium though.

I just recently bought this camera and i think so far it’s great. The quality of video is excellent, and the special effects are cool. I do wish though that it would have come with an i-link cable or an s-video cable. Also it doesn’t come with a flash. I highly recommend this camcorder. Oh it doesn’t take bad still pictures like other people are saying. Not the best but good enough.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great deal wonderful shipping would buy from again!
  • Sony DCR-TRV11 Digital MiniDV Camcorder With Memory Stick
  • Another Tight Sony Package

Everything was as described, everything works to par with what was described, great delivery time and well padded for safety.

The sony dcr-trv11 is sony’s least expensive minidv camcorder. There are cheaper digital 8 camcorders, but minidv allows you to hold more video and is more compact (although minidv tapes are somewhat more expensive). Minidvminidv tapes can be used in the lp mode for increased capacity without compromising the picture quality – since the data is stored in the digital format. You should be careful with the tape loading mechanism though – it is quite fragile and you can accidentally bend something if you press it in the wrong place. Picturethis minidv camcorder offers the resolution of up to 500 lines (other digital video sources like dvd players and dbs offer similar resolution), higher color bandwidth (sony claims three times higher than vhs) and virtually no video noise. The picture is very sharp and clear. You have 10x optical/120x digital zoom, the camera also uses carl zeiss lens for better picture quality, special coating reduces glare and increases contrast. Since the recording is digital, the quality will not decrease over time. The camcorder has an adc (analog-digital converter) that converts an analog signal you pass through the analog input, so you can either record it on the minidv tape in digital format (for archiving purposes) or send it through the ieee-1394 (i. Link) initerface to your computer or another device.

A little pricey but this camera is loaded with features. You can send wireless video directly to your television or monitor using the laser link. Many other features make this a gadget persons dream come true. An all around great camcorder.

I bought this camera by mistake around 3 years ago, in ny city for 1300$ plus aditional battery, lents, etc. . While the first year, the camera show and exeptional preformance, latter i had some few problems, it all started with the cassette jaming and latter on the camera wont record due to some problem with the reading/recording mechanism. Final solutions was 400$ best buy fix witch i compleatly refuse. . Today this camera is worth 400$ on ebay. During my good experience, this camera travel around the world, not to metion israel,the desert, las vegas,egipt,france,caribean,etc. Even is a 120-240v included so no worrys. Effects and editing is easy and very profetional, i have some awards won by this camera,. But now is time to get a little pro with hd cameras.

I was looking for a camcorder that would provide me with excellent video recordings and the ability to transfer the recordings to the pc for editing and then sharing them with my friends and relatives. The sony trv11 has an excellent imager and the carl zeiss lens is the best available. I am completely satisfied with video recordings. The color viewfinder and a 3. 5′ display that can be rotated to face the subject are really worthwhile. I have found that kids are better on camera when they can see themselves. The instant replay on the lcd is also a very good feature. As a novice getting used to stby and rec, i have used this feature a lot to record over bad shoots. Also, if you plan on shooting still images on tape or memory stick, this feature allows you to instantly determine whether you need more shoots to get the best pose. I strongly recommend a color enhancement light if you are doing indoor recordings, which is available as an accessory.

This is a great camera and they’ve packed a lot into this tiny unit, but for mac users, beware: the picturelite software that comes with the camera is for windows users only. Be prepared to plunk down another $60+ for an adaptor in order to access jpgs on the sony memory stick in the camera. Don’t bother looking on sony’s website for answers to why there is no mac version existing or coming. The issue simply isn’t addressed anywhere and related belkin products that promise to transfer still images do not transfer jpgs; only still video frames.

Has all the features and a perfect camera for the price.

I recently had a new addition to the family and find myself using this camera quite often. I like how the battery gives an exact reading on minutes left. I considered a couple cheaper cameras but i can easily say that the extra money was well worth it. I highly recommend that if you are going to hook it up to your pc, you get a firewire jack, and some software — the software it comes with is pretty limited.

Old technology, but i had to replace my existing minidv camcorder (damaged) to convert my exisiting minidvs to video files etc.

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