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 there was an issue in one of the reviews about whether or not you could pull the videos directly from this handycam into a mac, and you can’t if you try to read the files off of it like it’s a drive — the format is more windows friendly — but if you use imovie it imports the files in directly and with very good quality.

It’s better than my smart phone.

Sony DCR-SX63 Flash memory Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 16GB Embedded Flash Memory
  • 60x Optical, 2000x Digital zoom
  • Professional quality Carl Zeiss=™ Vario-Tessar lens
  • 2.7″ Clear Photo LCD3 (230 K) display
  • Direct Copy to external HDD w/o PC

Is easy to use however it has no chinese lannguage function.

It hasn’t been returned and is being used.

This camera was a gift for my 14 year old daughter. She has no problem using the camera for pictures or videos. The software that you install on the computer puts all the pics and videos in a calender according to when they were made. I really like this feature because it organized all your pics for you. You also get the software to burn your videos directly to a dvd if you choose to. Overall i think for a basic entry level camera this is a pretty good one.

Sony DCR-SX63 Flash memory Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Pros: camera size is nice, easy to use, clean video, pmb software is ok, has a video light great zoom. Cons: photos are questionable a bit tough for my large hand to fit the strap and push the record button but it is doable. Need to spend more time with it to get more comfortable with it.

I am an investigator and have always used sony. This is a great product, to bad they don’t have view finders anymore.

The sony sx63 camcorder is very compact and fits in your hand. It has only a flip-out lcd view finder, which acts as an on-off switch for the camcorder. The zoom is fantastic at 60x optical/2000x digital. However, the resolution is standard definition, but just fine for my needs. There is also a built-in stereo microphone and lcd light at the front of the camera. The best thing about this camcorder is no tapes or discs. It uses 16gb internal flash memory and can also use sony memory stick duo or sd flash cards for additional space. Then you just convert the mpeg-2 (dvd quality) movie files to a pc or to a dvd, dvr, or vhs recorder via the included cables. It also has a photo mode, but found it’s vga quality to be poor for good photos. Stick with a regular digital photo camera or you can capture frames from video on this camera to create a jpg file, that is better quality than the vga photo mode.

Purchased this camcorder primarily for use recording my kids sporting events and it has worked very good with no problems.

The size is very good, but the quality of the video is not so good. You have to test it before, to convince you if is enough with the video resolution that the camera gives.

I got this to replace a camera that had been broken by a student at school. The price was great and the parent willing to fork out $100. It works just as good as it’s ‘stepbrother’, which is like new.

Cons: i took videos in low light. By low light, i mean that found in a dimly lit pub. The video started a little dark, but then it seemed the camera adjusted and although you could still tell it was dark in the building, the video was clear. The sound was clear and awesome. While it did connect to my mac and was recognized, my mac would not play the videos. I am used to more ease of use when connecting to my mac and no need for extra software. Perhaps i could have made this work had i tried more then 3 minutes, but i decided to just use my pc since i had that option. Pros: my mom actually purchased this for the purpose of video taping my wedding. It took excellent and clear movies for this. The lighting in the venue was not super bright and not dark.

This camera takes just as good videos as my cx 260v day or night. Very good quality for the money.

I previously owned a sony handycam with a hard drive. I was satisfied with the camera but out of warranty it failed. I wanted an sd camera again as i don’t want the hassle of dealing with the huge file sizes and haven’t heard a lot of good things about the lower priced hd cameras. This camera is a very good sd camera. I like how it has 16gb internal memory plenty for my needs and also gives you the option to use sd or memory sticks. Pros: construction of the camera is very good. The small doors are all solid and the few actual buttons feel good. Other high points quality of sd footage is great with good proper widescreen ratio, sound capturing with highly sensitive internal mic, smooth footage, ease of viewing of files on ps3, tv, pc. No hard drive and very few actual buttons on the camera. Size of camera is small but feels good in the hand.

My mistake for not checking off the free shipping when ordering the free memory card when i purchased the sony camcorder. Received the added 4 gb card in a few days after i discovered the omission at no charge. The video quality is quite good in low light conditions while the sound quality is acceptable for my personal purposes. Downloading to the computer was easy and lot faster than my previous tape driven panasonic. I especially like the higher capacity battery which comes standard with this unit. So far, i’m pleased with my purchase.

I chose this camcorder first for the name: sony and second because i needed a relatively inexpensive but good quality camcorder for amateur use. A video camera that allows me to record school functions, vacation and fun videos that i could import into my mac. Works great with imovie and the video quality – standard not hd – works great for me. Since i don’t require hd video, i didn’t shell out more money for the hd version. Also, this camcorder has built in 16gb of memory, but also takes sd cards, which is perfect for vacations. I like the rechargeable battery and it’s lightweight size. It has a light for low light and i like the touch screen lcd monitor. If you need higher quality video for your hd tv, you might want to go for the hd version, but the video from this camera shows very well on my hd tv, and is excellent for web and on my computer monitor which is where i will be viewing the videos on anyway.

I was looking for an inexpensive video camera to capture family vacations and moments and this fits the bill perfectly. It is not hd, but when i play back the video on my hdtv, it looks great. The resolution may not be as good as the newer hd cameras, but the picture quality is much, much better than the lower tier hd video cameras. You could certainly find a better hd picture if you were willing to spend over $300 for it, but for the low end of the price range for a great camera that takes great video and sound, this is the winner. The still pictures are not good, but that is not what i bought this for.

This is a very nice camcorder for the price. We enjoy viewing clear video with this camcorder. Vacations, holidays and special gatherings a captured wonderfully.

Purchased for hunting trip to africa,works fine in the house or low light. Takes good videos,light,easy to use zoom is great only problem when in sunlight almost impossible to see flip out screen, which means you dont know what you are taping, missed some very good action shots because u cant see screen tried to hold hat over top still didnt work. Sony needs to adress this ruined a very good trip to africa because couldnt capture half of the things i wanted.

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Sony DCR-SX63 Flash memory Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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