Sony DCR-SX45 Handycam Camcorder – Easy to use

This camcorder was a gift for one of my sons. I don’t think he set it down except to eat christmas diner. He loves the sony dcr handycam.

I have enjoyed using my sony handycam. I am not very tech proficient, but have been able to master the basics and am learning more with each use.

Camera is slightly small for big hands, strap does not expand enough & wide & zoom switch is difficult to operate because of this. Overall i am very satisfied with the camera. The ability to zoom in from far away and the lack of shaking features are really nice. Audio recording is good also. Would (and have) recommended this camera to friends and family.

This is not sony qualityi remember my first sony camcorder that i bought many years ago would produce the most vibrant colors and record great (surprisingly great) video in low light. This cam doesn’t come close. Very light and comfortable to hold. Long battery life means you can literally record for hours (2) without a recharge. But the overall quality of the video is sub-par for any cam, let alone sony. Bottom line:i think i’ll be going back to kodak.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great camera!
  • easy to use
  • Oh Well

It is not an hd camera but the video and picture quality is spectacular.I use this to film skateboarding and this works great. I love it and i recommend this to everyone.

This handycam camcorder was the first i ever bought, so i can’t really compare it with any others. But, i have noticed that the recorded picture is remarkably still, despite one’s shaky hands. And i was able to take clear pictures through my car windows. The sound is very clear and picks up even the quietest sounds. I don’t know how much better a hd picture would look, so i cannot comment much on the picture quality. However, it is certainly good enough for my touristy purposes. After downloading the software, i was able to burn dvd’s very easily from the camera (since i have an external dvd player attached to my computer). And, it sounds like a ‘slot machine’ when you turn it on and press buttons, as it has all sorts of internal sounds to let you know what it is doingso, i am very happy with this camcorder.

Good camera but when you use it outside in the sunlight on the days they are not spraying the sky the glare blocks out the viewing screen. There may be a way around this but as of today i do not know how.

I bought this camera for my wife and she absolutely loves it. She loves being able to pause the video playback and snap a picture. She loves it so much she hasn’t quit talking about it. She also loves being able to hook it up to her phone charger with the usb and charging it in the car.I think this was a great buy.

The sony dcr-sx45 handycam is an excellent bought for new user who wants to capture familiar events, because have a nice resolution the zoom its amazing, the article doesn’t have a memory intern and we have to buy an sd card, but it’s just i want.

After reading so many bad reviews, i was a little leery about buying this, but it sounded like what i wanted. After purchasing, i am so happy with this camera. If you’re looking for an expensive camera to take wonderful footage of your family’s moments, this camera is for you. Ignore all the crap about ‘fuzzy footage,’ etc. I mean, what are you looking for?. I can’t honestly believe that people can tell the difference between this and a supposed high def camera. Your eyes only see what they see, and this camera gives you great picture (and sound. We used it christmas eve with nothing but the tree on. It gave us wonderful footage.

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Sony DCR-SX45 Handycam Camcorder (Silver)
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