Sony DCR-SX41 Flash Camcorder w/60x Optical Zoom – Very good buy for this price

I bought this unit from best buy for $299 on june 6, 2009. I have never owned a camcorder, so, i did a lot of research before buying and decided to rely on the sony brand name. I’ve never had any issues with sony, and, of course, sony always works with my macintosh computer. I’ve used it twice during the past weekend. The picture quality is very good, not great, but very good. I would assume that if you want an absolutely flawless picture that you would have to pay the extra two, three, or four hundred dollars and get an hd camcorder. I was not willing to do so given that i have never owned a camcorder before and really don’t know how much i will use it, how easy they can be to use, and how the imovie ’09 software functions. Right now, i’d say that this unit is a great investment. It is very easy to use and works well with imovie. Perhaps in a year or two i will upgrade to an hd unit if warranted.

— this sony dcr-sx41 will definitely work with a mac computer, at least a late model mac. , i bought this sony dcr-sx41 flash memory camcorder with 8 gigabytes of non-removeable memory, a slot (empty) for more user replaceable memory, and a 60x optical zoom. This camera works really well with a mac, once you get admitted to the mac club and learn their secret rituals. I will later explain the details about how to get a camera to work with a mac. — i am using a late model macbook pro with operating system osx vers 10. I have never done video with a computer before. Many years ago, i shot videos with black and white vhs video tapes. That was a lot easier to figure out, but very expensive. Since i recently spent thousands on a mac computer and peripherals, i thought i should get a camera as well, and break the ice on the youtube video excitement, as well as embedding home videos in the pages of e-scrapbooks. I had the benefit of additional help from private tutors at an apple retail store, from their “one-to-one” training service, which is $[. ] a year, for approximately one hour a week of private tutoring. I don’t think that i could have managed to get video working on a mac, without their help. The tutors volunteered that connecting a video camera to a mac remains one of the most challenging tasks for a beginner. Seriously, video on a mac is quite easy, once you learn how. ]

Bought this camera and love it. It is compact and easy to use. I would recommend this product. Here are the specifications for the Sony DCR-SX41 Flash Camcorder w/60x Optical Zoom:

  • Screen Size: 2.7″
  • Image Stabilization: Not Available
  • Optical Zoom: 60x
  • Digital Zoom: 2000x

I wanted a camcorder that was small so i could take it with me most places and very simple yet took good video. The dcr-sx41 has been all of this. Yes, if i wanted the best picture, i would have spent four to five times as much and gotten an hd camcorder. Simple, is what this camera is. When i have finished taking video i just plug it into the computer and record straight to a dvd. How much simpler can you get?. The built-in memory takes apporx 2 hrs of video at the highest resolution, and you can add an additional memory stick to increase your storage. The last camcorder i had was a sony that recorded to a small tape. It took good pictures but was a lot of trouble getting it to a dvd. I see all of these reviews where people are complaining about this camera not working with mac’s.

We would recommend this camcorder. The size of this is so easy to carry and use. The picture is pretty good, but it is not a hd but then again either is the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very good buy for this price
  • I got this camera within two days of ordering it
  • Sony DCR-SX41 Handycam

Great product fot the price, meet my expectations, nice sound and great batery life, easy to use, fast shipping, i love it.

I just got back from best buy where i picked up this for $149. They have it clearanced so you’ll have to find one near you (im in mesa, az). For me they took it out of one of their pre-wrapped bundle deals they had. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but will update my review when i do just thought i’d share the price break.

Por el precio (279$) esta bien, el unico inconveniente es que debe haber buena iluminacion para que el video sea nitido.

This camcorder is state of the art technology which has about 12 hours of battery life, has x60 optical zoom, solid state memory of 8 gigabytes (no moving parts), does photos, has manual settings available to the lens with exposure with white balance and more, lcd touch screen with easy to navigate menus, and weighs about as much as a soda can. 0 which everyone is moving towards (although some of us video folks like our firewire 800) so it’s not that big of a deal- technology is shifting to simplicity. I’m a mac user myself and i’ve done many file conversions before. I don’t think this will be an issue for people who are editors in video and if you are you’re a beginner since i’m a cinema student at sf state and have no problems with conversions (stop whining and learn the technology you should be familiar with already). I’ll be updating the review for mac users to convert files with free software. So if you have a mac and aren’t familiar with basic file conversions then you may want to look into another camcorder. Windows users shouldn’t have any problems which is the majority of the market. Although this is made for family videos it’s still definitely a super awesome camcorder worth looking into for beginners and amateurs of film making.

I got this camera within two days of ordering it. I had the same camera (which was giving me a problem) and didn’t want to deal with trying to figure out how to run a new one with several graduations and events coming up.

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