Sony DCR-SR82 1 Megapixel 60 GB Camcorder, DCR-SR82 60GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder

I like the touch screen features of the lcd. Easy to preview your videos and delete segments you don’t want. I also like the fact that i can just set the handycam into the tray to charge the battery or burn a dvd. Areas for improvement: working the zoom switch while trying to keep the camera steady will take practice, if you plan to do a lot of recording during the course of the day have additional batteries available, be aware that if you use the software provided with the handycam to burn a dvd the software, upon completion of the dvd burn, will ask if you want to burn additional dvds. Before burning your intial dvd determine how many dvds you want to burn because once the video is burned and you later reattach the handycam to burn additional dvds the software tells you that there are no new images to burn. You might want to make sure you have a dvd copy utility to overcome this software inconvenience.

I am very please with my video. I had spend weeks looking at sites for the best option, after a while i decided to buy this one. Belive me you will not regret it is extremly easy to use plus is more easy to down load what you tape. My wife is also very excited about it, ’cause is easy to carry and easy to use. The oem battery does not last more than 90 minutes, so if you are a heavy user you may want to buy the 6. 5 spare battery, personaly i have not ever videorecorded more than 90 minutes. This guys at sony realy are putting a lot of effort in making technology more friendly.

We chose this camcorder over the others because there is enough memory to record an entire birthday party or ball game, and it was definitely better than our 3-year old dv cassette recorder – smaller, longer recording time and better picture, and easier to use. It also is nice when you transfer the files to the computer – the dates are already there. No more trying to remember when this happened, or trying to find where this scene ended and the next began for making dvd movies. The touchscreen menu is kinda small – i’m an average sized woman, and i have to use the tip of my little finger, but i only use that for transferring the video to the computer, so it is not a big deal. There are better products out there, but for those who want the most bang out of their buck for recording family events, this is a good choice. Edit march 2, 2009 – more than a year later, this camera is still a great purchase in my mind. Definitely would recommend for any family.

Key specs for Sony DCR-SR82 1 Megapixel 60 GB Camcorder:

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  • 60 GB built-in hard disk drive; record up to 40 hours
  • 1-megapixel Advanced HAD CCD imager; Super SteadyShot picture stabilization system
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; 25x optical/2000x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel SwivelScreen LCD
  • Handycam Station included; one-touch disc burn

Comments from buyers

“Great camera for a great price.
, Almost as good as I expected
, Good camera

I recently bought this camera after my last handycam went out during my daughter’s recital. We had it for close to 10 years, it had been dropped several times, and with my children constantly getting ahold of it, i knew it was going to happen sometime, just was a little upset it happened during my 3 year olds first ever recitalwe bought this camera on our way on a family vacation and it is a dream. I went with the intentions of getting a cheaper model, but after realizing the minimal amount you can record on dvd’s and how you can’t really delete the info on there without going through many steps, i decided on this camera. I took it right out of the box as we were headed on vacation and really haven’t sat it down since. It is so incredibly easy to operate, and so many of the features are just a touch on the screen. I thought the software that came with it was very self explanatory and i was able to make a dvd of our trip within a matter of minutes and quite easily. Like another poster said it doesn’t take good pictures, but do you really need it to?. If it was all that you had and you wanted to email pics it is fine for that, but i wouldn’t recommend printing them. All and all once again sony has made another wonderful camera that i know we will have for years to come.

This is my 3rd video camera and my first sony and i absolutely love it. I have officially become a sony snob. It is worth every extra penny. I originally had a panasonic then jvc and only wish i spent the extra money the first time for the sony. I am extremely picky with picture quality and could not be happier. For a personal/nonprofessional camera this is the best. My camera has been on 2 vacations all over the place in low light and bright light, even on a boat and i had no problems with focus or color. The touch screen is so easy to use and convenient. I love the setup and how easy it is to watch or delete a video. I was sceptical about the night vision but think it is just as good as a regular light (i had one on my other camera).

I just picked this camera up a few days ago and boy is it great. Easy to use right out of the box. Have not purchased a sony camcorder in years but i needed a new one. Not having to pop in a tape or a disk is great. I was a little worried about not having enough space on the hard drive in the camera for enough recording time but the 60gb drive gives you plenty of room. I just plug the camcorder via usb into the computer push one button and it’s on a dvd. The picture quality is outstanding and the camera itself is incredibly light and small. The only down side is the camera does not have a view finder. You really don’t need it as the lcd screen is better.

I purchased this videocam to record the birth of my first child. Unfortunately, when it arrived i had to return it. Straight out of the box, i encountered ‘buffer overflow’ and ‘data error’ messages after less than 3 minutes of recording. Reformatting the harddrive did not work, and sony customer service was less than helpful. Eventually, i managed to return the camera and secure a working model – which i have used successfully. However, in the dark corners of my mind i will forever worry that the same errors will crop up in the replacement unit. For peace of mind, look elsewhere.

Like it, sleek, and does a very good job. Only thing i wish it had was an audio in plug, and firewire cable instead of the usb base you have to use, but other than those two minor things i really like it. Especially since you can record dorky things, and not waste micro tapes, or dvds, becasuse you can use the hard drive over and over again, and not spend any more money.

Hi,i purchased this product in 2007 & i believe it was one of my best purchase till datei love video-graphy & this cam helps me capture everything crisply & clearlypros:-1>hard disk storage (60gb)2>great zoom (25x)3>to some extent shock resistant (i did lost few clips due to shaking of the product)4>perfect – ergonomically5>battery does stay long enough & do not decay so fast (as compared to other products)cons:-1>loss of data if the product is shook badly (i. If it fells from your hand)2>night mode capture is not that great3>pictures taken are of very low quality (until it is shot in high sunlight)4>wires (charging wires) dried out soon5>no/feeble image/video stabilization-rajat.

The quality of the picture is good when you take the video outdoor. But the quality of the video is not that great if you shoot indoor.

All in all, i think that this is a nice camera for the cost. We bought it to take on vacation, and it suited it’s purpose. The software that comes with the camera is not great, and we will likely have to upgrade. Other than that, it is compact and takes nice video.

We use this to take occasional short home videos. The camera is easy to use and has great features. The 25x optical zoom is a must have. I really like how the display rotates so i can see the picture while recording myself. The only disadvantages are that a docking station is required and sometimes i have to wiggle the camcorder on the docking station to get the charger connections to connect. The power adapter and usb connections should be built into the unit.

I have owned this camera for about 4 months and have shot hours of video with it. It’s a good little camera for it’s price. The video quality is great at all telephoto distances (that i have found). The audio quality is good with exception of wind. My only two complaints about the camera are 1) it shakiness on zoom (even on a tripod); it has a stabilizer but it is not effective on close-ups, and 2)editing the video is all but impossible. The software that comes with it does not have any editing capability. It shoots in mpeg-2 format and i had to purchase a very expensive software editing package to be able to make edited movies. If you shoot raw footage – the camera is great. If you want to make windows movie maker videos, it won’t work. There are ways to get around this, but it takes quite a while.

Update: my camera just broke after 18 months. The video screen shows rolling video like the old tv sets that needed the vertical hold adjusted. There is a sensor in the screen that detects when it has been rotated 180 degrees for filming yourself (which i’ve never done). Evidently this sensor is ‘stuck’ and is causing the video to flip between right side up and upside down which results in a rolling video that is completely unusable. ——— original review ————-i picked up this camera from amazon for a great price and i have to say that it is everything i expected and more. We just got back from a 10 day vacation in california (disneyland, legoland, zoo, etc. ) and all of the videos that we took came out fantastic. I searched for about 6 months before deciding on this specific brand and model and i’m more than happy with it. Here is a quick rundown on the camera. 1) hard disk cameras are just wonderful.

The capabilities of the camcorder make it a very good buy, but the largest downside is the files it creates require a special 5. 1 audio codec that sony will not provide a version that works with other software like winamp or windows media player. 1 audio is lost with the built in microphone, but if i wanted 5. 1 audio i would have purchased a different camcorder. The night vision works great for closer shots (10-foot max) because the infrared source only goes so far. If you are in low light situations, like pirates of the caribbean (see review titled ‘great camera for a great price’ by spongebob) it does work pretty good but not great. Given all the use this camcorder has seen in the past year, i would definitely buy it again along with the sony npfh70 battery pack.

I’ve been using sony products especially for camcorders.

Like many, i looked for a replacement for my old sony 8mm (tape) camcorder for quite a while. I’m a fan of both the sony label and the convenience of a hard drive camcorder, so the sony dcr-sr82 camcorder seemed like a good choice. Overall, this unit is not bad, but it’s not nearly as good as i expected. The sound quality ‘out of the box’ is only fair. The one taking the movies comes thru loud and clear should they make any noise while filming, but often those in the shot can’t be heard that well. And as many have stated, the low light filming is ok, but rather grainy and washed of color. Finally, i think it’s ridiculous that sony forces us to carry that docking station around and doesn’t include the wall mounted battery charger as part of the package. I wound up spending an additional $100 between the higher capacity (3 hr. ) battery and the wall charger unit. Overall, i don’t regret this purchase, but i’m glad my most important home movies (i.

Pros:this is my first camcorder and i am very happy i made the right choice. Excellent video and audio quality, very easy to operate, very decent photos and nice software to browse videos and photos on my computer. The camcorder is so small and fits perfectly in my palm, my friends hardly believed it is 60 gb and holds 21 hours of video. Cons:i wish there was some improvement on the battery duration as the battery on full charge comes for 90 mins. Also the night mode shooting is not that impressive.

The camcorder is really easy to use , just make sure it comes with a handy cam station or youll be sorry. Youll spend 100 bucks buying it somewhere else.

I needed a camera that recorded well in low light and in the dark. This camera has the super night shot plus and works great for this type of camera, for price and features.

It does everything that i had hoped it would do, it is a very good piece of equipment.

We bought the camera to take snow skiing. It functioned quite well as expected. Pros- small, fit in pocket, quick start/stop, easy hook-up to pc. Burned dvd very easily using quick burn button on base. Cons- the camera picked up interference from my cell phone while recording. I didn’t notice this until we watched the re-play. Next time i will turn the cell phone off first. There are elevation limits listed in the manual 9,300 ft. This will affect you if going to the mountains to ski.

First, let me explain the title of this review. When i was 8, i wanted a camcorder. About that time, vhs-c was the current camcorder technology, and first 8mm started to appear. I don’t know why my dad never liked camcorders. He was just fine taking memories in photos. So no camcorder for that time. )just about two weeks ago, i mean, just 13 years, yes, thirteen years later, i’ve got the dcr-sr82 (yes, i know currently it’s not the newest one, nor hd, but it works for me) and now i feel my childhood dream has finally succeded, and better with a hdd camcordernow let’s go with the cam specs. It has 60 gb, preety enough for me, who always takes movies in lp mode. You’ll get up to 41 hrs in lp mode, obviously you’ll get a few picture/audio degradation. On the other hand, in hq you’ll record with the finest quality that the camcorder can, but get ready to be able for just 14 hrs. In this case if you like average quality/disk space, go for the sp mode, with 21 hrs. The battery that comes with it, literally. Altough it would work like a spare batt. It can hold up to 97 min (an hour and 37 min), but during a ‘normal’ operation, let’s say the batt could run for an hour. I recommend to upgrade with at least the np-fh70 which holds up to four hours of juice. Video picture quality is fine.

This is an all-around great camcorder. Great picture quality and very simple to use right out of the box. Turn it on and you’re shooting video. The included software to upload video to computer and create dvds is adequate; though the dvd creation piece could offer a bit more flexibility in creating the title page, menus, etc. – why not throw in sony vegas software?. Anyway, that’s the software. I especially love the touch-screen. The camera feels a bit small in a normal adult hand, but we’ve found we use it a lot more because it is so small (easy to have nearby). So i guess that’s actually a plus.

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