Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder, Perfect for simple video editiong

Very easy transfer of recordings uaing optional memory card.

Right out of the box this camera is very user friendly. I have never used or operated a digital camcorder and was using most of its functions within 15 minutes. The instructions are very easy to follow and well written. They also include very good pictures to let you know what to press. The touch screen on the lcd makes the camera extremely easy to use. The zoom is very stable and the steady shot feature really helps keep the picture from being too shaky. The 60 gig hard drive allows you to record anywhere from 15-45 hrs (depending on quality of video desired) which was a huge selling point for me because it doesn’t require buying 5-8 memory cards. It is incredibly light and easy to carry around with you as well. My only negative comment is that the record button isn’t reachable with your right hand when using the camera so you have to use your other hand to hit it. Not really a big deal, however.

Haven’t had the time to totally check out in true life exp. Yet but have used it bird watching and it is working very well. Love the fact that you can switch between still and movie at the touch of a button. The zoom works very well also. Can’t wait to take a trip where i can really take advantage of all it’s features.

Key specs for Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 60GB hard disk drive: A built-in 60GB hard disk drive can record and store up to almost 45 hours of video footage in LP mode
  • 60X Optical / 2000X Digital Zoom: Ideal for sporting events, wildlife, or distance shooting
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with SteadyShot image stabilization
  • Hybrid Recording to HDD or Memory Stick Duo media: Hybrid recording technology delivers a new level of flexibility of capturing
  • 1/8″ Advanced HAD CCD Imager: A 1/8″ Advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imager with 410K (effective) pixel resolution delivers stunning detail

Comments from buyers

“Newer Cameras Are Better
, DCR-SR47 – Blue
, Amazingly Easy to Use

I just got this camera today, so haven’t played with all the features yet. The one thing i noticed so far though it doesn’t have night vision which is a feature i like in a cam. Other then that it seems like i good product. I’ll update when i have chance to play with the camera a bit more. Just really disapointed it didnt have night vision.

The dcr-sr47 is my first camcorder. I wanted a camcorder with plenty of storage and extra zoom capability for a land/sea cruise to alaska. I have not used all the features; the following comments are based on using the camcorder for two weeks on the cruise and another week editing files after we returned. This is not a hi-def camcorder. It does, however, have two video settings. I chose the hq setting and am happy with playback quality on both my pc and , from a dvd, on my 40 inch lcd tv. A 470 gb dvd holds about an hour of hq video. Although the hq files are recorded in mpeg-2 format, other software applications don’t seem to recognize them. My biggest issue was the lack of a viewfinder. Camcorder viewfinders are apparently becoming rare, so this issue isn’t confined to this model.

This is very useful, practice and wonderful videocamera, ease to use.

Am very well satisfied with the camcorder. It’s user friendly and the software that comes with it makes it very easy to copy videos to dvd’s.

It is easy to use and just the right size.

It’s july 2015 and i bought this camera i don’t know how many years ago. The one big reason i bought it is it has a hard disk drive and can record over 30 hours. The video quality is less than impressive even when filming outdoors under perfect sunlight. It sucks when trying to burn to dvd on a pc. Consumes way too much time and have to convert it this way before it can be burned to dvd. But on the other hand it can easily be connected to a dvd recorder and easily put to dvd. My little kodak takes better video than the sony even in low light conditions. Even better than my brother’s sony which records in hd.

Looks good, easy to use, however im having problems with the focus when using the zoom in function. Images are fuzzy when zoomed in too close. The accessories are relly good from the package deal.

We’ve only used the camera a couple times, but so far it has been very easy to use. I put 4 stars for the battery life because we have not used it enough to tell if it stays charged for a while.

The camera work well for i just need it for my electronic hobby while i’m making stuff i can record step by step install to my friends the time record is about 843 minutes that is more than enough for me, the battery at fully charge is about 143 minutes, really easy to use just record plug in and files can be copy to my videos, the setting are really simple, i use sony vegas pro 11 to works really well.

I have found this sony very easy to use. The picture and sound quality are quite good. The only complaint i have is that the picture quality suffers if you have it zoomed out. Other reviewers mentioned that this camcorder is not compatible with macs. All our computers are macs and it has been no problem. Sure, the included software with this camcorder won’t work on a mac, but with a mac you don’t need the software. We connect the sony to the mac and the video downloads easily and perfectly. But of course, any true mac lover would already know this. Don’t buy the suggested case that amazon has on the product page. You could fit about 5 of these camcorders in it.

I bought this product in dec and have used it couple of occasions. Easy to operate, light weight, compatible with tv, laptop etc. The only thing i hate is the battery life. The supplied battery lasts for only 90 mins. So if you want to shoot for a longer time or travel, you should buy the high lasting battery.

Great quality shots both in light and dark situations. When i first started using mine i thought the quality was just okay. Then i realized that it was set on sp. When i changed the setting to hq, wow, what a difference. I don’t get all the bad reviews on the picture quality. I can’t imagine any other sd camera having any better picture. If you want perfection, spend the extra money on an hd camera. Also, the videos transfer to your computer easily. Also love the 60gb hard drive and the touch screen.

I bought this as a replacement to my sony flip camera. I replaced the flip camera because i wanted something with more memory and battery life. This camera met those issues and more. I didn’t realize how poor the quality of my videos were until i used this camera. The quality is great, the zoom level is great, the battery life is great, and it’s just as easy to use. It is bigger but it still fits in the cargo pocket of my dockers without any issues. The low light quality is better than the flip cams. It’s not great but much better. I use the camera to shoot my nephews soccer games and family functions. I am very glad i decided to go with this camera and wish i had gone with something like this first.

I’ve yet to see how the videos copy over and burn but i’m hopeful that everything will continue to be as user friendly as it has so far. Also the package deal was a great buy. The extended life battery alone was worth the extra and we are set up with all the other extras.

Easy camera to use, does exactly what it is supposed to do. In anticipation of my daughter’s dance recital, we purchased this camera at a local electronics store just before the recital. I was hoping that getting it up and running would not be too difficult given the short amount of time i had to familiarize myself with it. Upon arriving home, i had it unboxed, and the battery charging while i changed and got ready for the recital. Once at the recital, i opened the viewfinder, it came on, and i was able to start recording without first reading the manual. During the intermission, my wife and i marveled at how small the camera actually is, and how it felt natural in both mine (large) and her (small) hands; it was also lightweight with just enough heft. Before the purchase, i had read online reviews here and elsewhere claiming that when the camera was connected to a tv, the video quality was less-than-acceptable. I did not find this to be the case. Back at home after the recital, we were anxious to show the performance to some neighbors. We have a 43′ high-def plasma, and the video quality looked like normal ‘standard definition’ when played on a ‘high definition’ tv.

Very good video quality, not hd though but i knew that before purchasing. The low light video quality is not great but is still decent.

This product is more than magnific. Is easy to use, handy, ligthweigth, portable. Meets all the neds, supports going to los andes in venezuela, more than 10. 000 fts over the sea level, and next day work like charm in barquisimeto- venezuela, hot city, never fail, has many details, great photos and magnific videos. I will recommend this to everybody.

I am a sony man and once i got used to the touch screen controls this camcorder has been a cinch to use. My only gripe is about the location of the button to activate the device. At best, it is awkward from the hand position used for freestyle filming and changes the angle of the shot when using a tripod. Hopefully they will consider this in future iterations of the handycam.

I purchased this camcorder new from best buy in june 2009. Within a month after getting it, i experienced a significant problem with the hard drive. It failed on me and i lost a great video as a result. Embittered by this event and a subpar video quality, i was extremely frustrated. I discovered with help that i could circumvent the hard drive problem by reformatting the hard drive (a 15-second process) before each video. I put up with doing this because i had a maddening experience with best buy’s geek squad service on another piece of electronic and didn’t feel like going through it again. A friend suggested changing the picture quality to hq. I was astonished that this wasn’t the default. You only want to go below hq if you’re going to shoot tons of video without transferring it to your computer. The hq setting made a huge difference in the picture quality.

Great camcorder, made the mistake of using the middle of line quality to save space on the hard drive when we went on vacation for a week, i could have gone for 2 weeks and still have hard drive space. Great zoom but, better use a tripod on max zoom. Holding the camcorder on full zoom resting on the rail of the disney ship still made it shake to the point when viewing the footage all you can say is bummer. Still pictures are only good for email or facebook etc. You need to get a bigger battery, they still can be charged from the camcorder.

However the ups delivery, which by the way had nothing to do with amazon or electronics expo, was the worst shipping experiences i have ever had. I ordered the product and upgraded the shipping to be at my home in time for a holiday vacation. The driver failed to place attempted delivery stickers and when i tried to track the package it was not updated and then suddenly one day it said 3 days worth of info saying they tried to deliver numerous times. Then on the last day i could possibly pick it up the depot was closed on dec 31. Ups sucks, this product is great.

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