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Solid construction, good optics, nice sound. As mentioned by others, the output for the usb transfer is found in the handycam console and not the camera itself. All in all, this is a good camera that is touch pricy but you do get what you pay for.

I love this camera, but am disappointed that the mpeg files it makes are in some way incompatible with most of the software i use. Specifically: windows media player and windows movie maker both crash when i try to load a sony mpeg directly. Some programs, however, seem to be able to handle it (like nero showtime and nero vision). I am guessing that my mpeg2 codec(s) are unhappy with the extra sound information (dolby 5. 1) the camera crams into the file (the sony mpeg internally is more of a. Vob file)one of the primary attractions of the camera was that i could hook it up via usb2 and have it appear as just another disk drive, and drag recordings around to where i needed them, and use them just like any other mpeg, so i am pretty bummed that it appears i will need to pre-process every recording with some tool before i can use it. Anyway, other than that, the camera is a dream. Microphone performance in a noisy (many fans) environment is amazing, image is so much better than my previous camera (analog, which gives you an idea of how frequently i change cameras :-)menus are a teensy bit cryptic, and the user’s guide doesn’t seem to mention you have to actually use the touch screen to enable the usb2 interface after attaching the camera to your computer (i thought i had a defective cable). The touch screen works well and my finger grease is not at all apparent. The one-button make-a-dvd works as advertised, but feels a bit slow and doesn’t try very hard to keep you in the loop as to what it is doing.

I’ve only had it for a week, but i’m already up to speed on most of the features. Luv the touch screen navigation and intuitive menus. Online manual is better than print version. Now i’m a movie director in one easy lesson and do my own editing on the pc. Take three still photos while recording videoby an extra battery.

Great product, lightweight, goods features, stable shot, ease of use, and easy to download files. I have had this camera for 5 months now and have had no problems with it. Very happy with the weight of it and the docking station is great.

I bought this camcorder recently for my wife as we are expecting our first child in a few short months. This is my first camcorder and to date i’ve been very happy with it. I have not done a lot of recording with it yet, but have played with it enough to get an understanding of the features – both the basic and advanced features. For novice users there is an ‘easy’ mode that allows you to just point and shoot without worrying about the more advanced settings. Some noted features that i really like – you can record in wide screen (16:9) or normal (4:3) with the touch of a button. The lcd screen is a touch screen and is fairly easy to navigate and i have not had any problems using it. Overall as far as hdd camcorders go – this one is a great buy. The hdds run a little higher in price, but as technology changes one day from dvd to the next media, i’ll be able to change as well without having to buy another camcorder.

I bought this as a gift to my dad on his retirement. He always wanted to go with sony, specially when it comes to camcorders. This was a great product and definitely one of the better ones out of the whole lot. Price is also not too bad (although if you wait a month or two you might find better deals in thanksgiving)as always amazon. Com had one of the best deals and not to forget its one of the highest trusted online shopping websites.

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  • sony dcr-sr2000

Bought this camera to take videos of my new baby. Figured going with a hard drive camcorder was the way to go. Unfortunatley it records in mpeg2 format which most commecially available desktop video maker programs either dont support yet or dont import easily – in other words, this is not a ‘plug and play’ camera. You will need to buy more advanced video editing software to make it easy to download movies and edit. Also – it doesnt work with macs or imovie. I tried it on my windows machine and it took several steps to move the files on to the pc then convert them for use. If you are a video pro, this is probaby a great camera, but i’d stick with a minidv tape unit until the software improves. I ended up getting a panasonic 3ccd unit. Shoots great video and is easy to use.

This is my first handycam and i did good amount of research before buying this one. Gives very nice and clear picture as well as crystal clear sound in recordings. Easy to use interface, handy, not much weight and amazing picture quality. When you carry this, you dont need to carry camera to capture pictures as it has 4 mp camera built in which is good enough for most occassions. Flash for the camera is also pretty good and works very well when needed. Transferred all recordings and pics to my computer with just click of a button without much hassle and wait. It took very short time to transfer everything to my pc. I never used direct disc burn so i am not able to say anything about that. But in all this is the product worth buying if you ever consider about buying handycam.

The sony camcorder has been great; i love the size and the easy use. One major problem i’ve had is getting it to connect to my apple ibook. I love using imovie, but can’t get the computer to find the camera when i connect it. I’ve read other sites saying that they aren’t compatible. [after i bought the camera but it’s still a great camera. ]

I have had no problems with this camcorder yet i have only used it a few times since i purchased it. It is very user friendly and i have already shot video and put it on my computer. The quality is great and so far i have nothing negative to say about it. I am pleased with my purchase.

I have ordered the camera first time from this seller. Shipping was quick , my friend got a new one for $850 and i got my for $160. Theres not really a difference everything works great.

Features of Sony DCR-SR200 2.1MP 40GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 40-gigabyte hard drive stores over 25 hours of long-play video or over 8 hours of high-quality video
  • 2.1-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensor for crystal-clear video and still images
  • 10x optical zoom; 80x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel Clear Photo LCD Plus display
  • Handycam Station included

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I narrowed my choice in digital video cameras to this handycam and a similar panasonic model — the sdr-h200. Sony won the battle due to what i see as a superior picture. I compared the two models side by side at circuit city and it wasn’t even close. The panasonic, while displaying exceptional coloration, appeared blurry. Sony’s dcr-sr200 has an image that is crystal clear with incredibly sharp lines. The controls are also nice with the touch screen lcd. In contrast, i found the panasonic’s thumb-toggle switch to be rather annoying. Overall, the dcr-sr200 feels great in the hand and takes beautiful video.

One of the main reasons i chose this camcorder was the hard drive. This was a replacement for a 10 year old vhs-c camcorder. The thing i liked least about the old camcorder was having to find a tape when you need it. With young kids you never know when a video moment is going to pop up. Trying to find a tape and make sure it was queued to a spot so that you didn’t record over previous footage made spontaneous recording almost impossible. The hdd on this camcorder eliminated all of those troubles, just turn on the camcorder and hit record. It also is great for quickly and painlessly deleting shots such as when the little one just won’t do that cute thing again after you start video taping or the ever popular 10 minutes of the inside of the camera bag because you forgot to turn it off and bumped the record button while packing it away. The ability to randomly access the clip you are looking for is also a huge plus. No more time spent fast forwarding or rewinding looking for the clip you want to view and then having to queue the tape again to record later. The video quality taken is excellent in my opinion.

It’s extremely easy to set up, record, file-transfer. Since i have window vista, the movie-making is just a snap. The 4mp intergrated camera makes this camcorder lots more convenient (2 in 1). I should get this baby long long time ago. However, at the high-quality recording, the picture gets really blurry when recording a moving object; the battery life is quite short (less than 1 hr of recording time). That is why i only give 4 stars for the rating.

I was looking for a hard drive camcorder and camera (4 mp or greater)combination that was easy to use (and thus i would use it often) and small enough to put in my handbag – this camcorder is perfect.

I intended to purchase a camera that would be used for interviewing people on the street, open-air preaching and church sermons. I searched around and finally settled on the dcr-sr200 from sony. My first impression when i got the camera was that it is small, light-weight, stylish and easy to operate. The camera was a gift, purchased from bestbuy. Com with 3 year protection plan for $99. 99 incase something goes wrong with the camera. 1) 40gb hard drive: because the camera is not high definition i didn’t need a larger hard drive. I bought an external 500gb hard drive ($115) to transfer my videos so i don’t use up my hard drive on my laptop. I keep the record mode at the highest quality ‘hq’ and then use the free software ‘microsoft movie maker’ available for download at microsofts website to modify the quality and size of the file so that i can upload the video onto youtube and other sites that have a limit on file size & time length.

I purchased this camcorder in early januray 08 to document my chemotherapy treatment process (i guess i think my future kids will like to look back on when dad was bald). I had considered the dcr-sr82 but chose this model due to the higher video resolution, better still picture quality (and flash), and higher quality audio. I’ve been very saisfied so far. The only complaint i have is that the low light quality isn’t that fantastic, it is a little grainy. But even in my living room with just the lamps on it isn’t that bad, and in normal lighting the picture is great. Besides that it’s been mainly pros. 0 megapixels and actually look alright, a dedicated digital camera with 7 or more megapixels is better but it’s still pretty good. The stills taken while filming are just over 2 mp and do not look very good. **audio is recorded in dolby 5.

40-gigabyte hard drive stores over 25 hours of long-play video or over 8 hours of high-quality video

. I love the ease of use but my dvd player won’t play the dvd that is produced by the 1-step burn feature. The battery that comes with unit is a piece of crap so be prepared another $100 for an extended life battery. Sony should be ashamed to put something that cheap with such a good product. Overall i’d highly recommend this camcorder.

It is the second camcorder i ordered from amazon. Comparing with first order (sony dcr-sr82) dcr-sr200 has much better video and photo quality, plus i purchase it with amazon at promot price which costs just like sr82.

This is my first hdd camcorder. I owned several minidv camcorders in the past. I have owned the camera for 2 weeks, so this review should be considered as initial impression. Pros:- picture quality is very good in good daylight. I had some shots at night in well lit family room, and the video is not as sharp as day time shots, but still very good. – the super nightshot feature is fun to have to take kids video while they are sleeping. As expected, the video is very grainy. – the quality of still pictures is acceptable. – zoom is very smooth- the touch screen is awsome. Hope the screen won’t get scratched in the long run- camera is easy to use without having to read too much into the manual- the menu is sort confusing in some areas, but not too bad- lightweightcons:- pricy, compared to minidv models of similar quality- battery sticks out too much off the back of the camera making it look sort of ugly- allows only 3 still shots during video.

I ordered this camera online because all the other places, ie. Circuit city, best buy, etc. The camera came overnight and we had it the afternoon of the next day. We took it on vacation with us and it worked wonders. It is so small and takes amazing pictures. We haven’t had to delete anything off it yet because it has enough memory for us. I found out my sister has the same camera and she loves it as well. I would definitely recommend it if you are paying around $600.

This is a great little camera. In two weeks we shot 400 short videos and over 400 stills and had 20 gig of hard drive space left over. It has excellent low light video and still capability. The still capture while taping is great, and the 4mp still mode is great for a camcorder. Battery recharged quickly and lasted long enough for a day of shooting. Be advised the harddrive has an altitude restriction, you cannot use it over 3000 meters(around 9000ft). Another drawback is the usb cable can only be connected through the base not the camera. Otherwise a great little versatile camera.

This is our first camcorder. It seemed to make more sense to have video stored on disk than to mess around with tapes, so we bought this hard-drive based device. The video quality is really good, night shot works great, and battery life seems ok. The microphone isn’t as sensitive as i’d hoped. It picks up the voice of the person filming really good, but not necessarily the person being filmed. Getting the sr200 to talk to the computer is non-intuitive. The instructions really aren’t clear. After a bit of fiddling, i got it to work. You need to use the included software to copy movies from the camcorder to the pc, and also to delete movies from the camcorder. I’m also underwhelmed by the editing and dvd-authoring capabilities of the included software.

2.1-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensor for crystal-clear video and still images

I upgraded from a canon minidv camera to this sony hard drive and will never again look anywhere but to sony for all of my electronic needs. My one concern was fat fingers on the touch screen but the menus have the buttons spaced enough that it has not been an issue. The video quality is fantastic except a little grainy in very low light situations. But in contrast with the canon’s low light capabilities, there is no comparison. The video blows it out of the water. The 4 mega pixel digital stills are significantly better quality than my 8 year old 3. 3 mega pixel sony cyber-shot which still works like a gem. The ability to jump to any scene without rewinding a tape, to not worry about taping over something important, and the downloading time being a fraction of capturing a tape is all priceless. I highly recommend this camera and can only imagine what more the higher-end cameras can offer.

Just so you know where i’m coming from, this dcr sr200 replaces a 9 year old sony hi-8 camcorder. Of course this one is super light, getting video from the camcorder to the computer is effortless, the quality is light-years better, and the camera feature is handy to have. I shoot mostly fast action (hunting), and the slightly quicker autofocus is a big help. I’ve looked at a lot of camcorders and sony as a brand has the fastest autofocus around. I was surprised that startup time was not that much faster (about 5 seconds). And when the sr200 goes into idle mode you must turn the top switch off and back on. On the old camcorder, pressing the record button woke it up. That feature would be nice to have back. It doesn’t perform nearly as well in low light as the old one, and a lot of hunting happens at dawn and dusk. (night shot is useless since all the color is lost.

I have bought this camcorder in dec 20th and extensively used for xmas and new year holidays trips. I was very well impressed with the performance. Specialy the photos are very bright and crispe than my 4. 1 mega pixal digital camera. Even the video qualtiy is very nice. Easy to operate easy to save to computer. No worries of tapes and dvd’s. Only 3 draw backs are (but they are not hidden)1. The original batery comes only for 120 min. So for going long trips u’ll definately need a better battery2.

I have had this video camera for a about a year now and its the best camera i have owned so far. The video is very nice quality inside and outside. I have had dvd video and 8mm and this is by far the most convenient and best recording. It takes ok stills but my digital camera takes awesome pictures so keep your digital handy. I am giving this a 5 because of video quality and ease of use. If i included the quality of digital stills i would give this a 4 star. But then again your buying a video camera the stills in my opinion are just bonus.

Have been using this product sony dcr-sr200 for 4 years now. Have been using it to record kids videos. The 40gb hard disk drive is the best part. Can store lot of videos on the camcorder without the need to move them to computer for long time.

Great camcorder we upgraded from an ancient hi8 that was in it’s time a very good camcorder. Going to the hard drive is the way to go out of the box i was up a running in a few minutes. The image quality is great, but the best is how easy it is to create a dvd that is playable. I also bought the sony vrdmc3 dvd recorder and just plug it in press the burn dvd button and in a few minutes poof a dvd it’s that easy. I’m a point and shoot kind of a person and this fits the bill.

Strengths: excellent video & audio quality. Night shot video is amazing. In built flash is very powerful. Weaknesses: battery protruded outside kinda gives a odd look. User manual supplied is not very informative. U got to explore all the menus urself. U need docking stn to connect to pc. Summary: hey , no more additional softwares to convert all other video formats, directly recorded as mpeg format, connect to pc and rip your dvd.

10x optical zoom; 80x digital zoom

We bought this a couple of days before our first baby’s birth to be able to capture and share the videos. Dont think of it as a replacement of your digital camera though. The hdd is the main benefit which allows you to easily copy the clips to the computer for editing or sharing. You will need a good video editing software to downsize the video to be able to share it. From a cost point of view, its neither a bargain nor a rip-off. You are in a digital age so prices are going to go down after you buy so dont let that get to you. If you have handled any camcorder earlier, you shouldnt be having to read the manual to operate it. Ofcourse there is no viewfinder, but honestly i am yet to find an average shooter using the viewfinder to capture videos. Overall, 4 out of 5 as there are room for improvements in reducing the size, battery size and maybe digital still image quality.

The only shortcoming i have noticed is the screens brightness. It is impossible to see in bright sun light. I assumed it would be bright enough because it doesn’t have a viewfinder, well it needs one. And it saddens me that sony would produce something with such a noticeable flaw.

Just bought it before the labor day weekend and used it to film my 1 yr old son for a half day trip to fioli garden. I then imported the all clips to my computer and used the sony picture motion to burn a dvd. My wife and i were very happy with the quality of the picture the color came out brilliant. However, there’s a problem i haven’t figure out yet why the film was skipping frames and my son appeared ‘jumping’. I guess i have to play around with it some more and see how it works out. And another thing i didn’t like was that the battery sticking out too much make the camcorder looks less attractive than in the picturei gave 4/5 rating.

The sirens song of a hd based camcorder was too much to resist. Based upon hours of research i too finally settled on the dcr-sr200. Not quite as high resolution photos as the sr300 but sported longer battery life and clearly a step above the previous models and other vendors. How could i go wrong – look at all these 4 and 5 star reviews. I can’t speak for their experiences but i’m going to tell you mine. So pull up a chair and get comfortable b/c the ride is going to get bumpy. I’ve spent the last 6 months using this device and feel compelled to return to where i purchased it and share the good the bad and the ugly news. The good news: i’m not going to drill on the obvious benefits of hd based camcorder. If you like not having to replace tapes/dvd in your walkman; you are surely going to enjoy not having to do this with a camcorder – finally. Videos: the video it takes is good in full daylight.

I have been involved with mpeg2 encoding since 1999. I know what are the qualities of a good mpeg2 encoder. I can point very minute artifacts that results from mpeg2 encoder. Being said that, here is my verdict on video quality. * no visible quantization artifacts (blocky video)* no visible edge blurring or edge artifacts* very little video noise in low light situation (if you are picky like me)* little visible interlacing (window blind effect) for fast moving scenes. Overall, this mpeg2 beats all the software encoders i have tried in past: tmpegenc, cinemacraft, etc. This video is as close as you can get with commercial dvd movie for very reasonable price. I am not going to comment on other aspects of the camcorder. You will find them in other reviews.

Bought this camcorder last month after debating this and the competing panasonic model (sdr series). I should say that the overall image and movie quality out of this camcorder is rich and vivid. The controls are easy and self-intuitive, placed right where you’d expect it to be, and the on-screen controls i thought are pretty neat considering i have mid-sized fingers. Like several other reviews mention, the battery does tend to protrude out a little but i dont mind it given the overall performance of the camcorder. Transferring and burning is straightforward although i wish that the camcorder software had more in depth editing/effect making capabilities. The charging base will need to go everywhere you go (especially on long trips) but i didnt mind it one bit since it was light and does not add to your luggage at all. Video can be recorded in 3 different and distinct formats, given that this is a cmos recording, the effect on overall image blending is negligible. The camcorder is light, battery life is just about what is the norm and the storage is way more enough than i’d ever need ( i regularly tend to transfer data out to a dvd/computer closeby).

2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel Clear Photo LCD Plus display

Buen producto, sólido, fácil de operar y manejar. Evidentemente la calidad de la imagen es mucho mejor de día que de noche. La calidad de la imagen es muy buena pero mejor es el sonido que graba esta cámara en 5. Recomiendo comprar una batería de respaldo, el cargador de baterías y una lámpara para tomas en la noche u oscuridad total. No dejen que todos los ajustes los haga la cámara como balance de blancos, enfoque, etc. Lo mejor es dar el salto y ajustar uno mismo todo antes de empezar a grabar.

I’m mad it doesn’t have 1-click to burn on macintosh but otherwise it’s a great camera. I honeslty have yet to burn a dvd yet. My mac has a dvd burner but my pc doesn’t. And then my pc didn’t seem to ‘see’ it. So all that of course can be a pain and take some patience to figure out. So in that way it’s not as simple as tapes, but i don’t miss tapes. I have uploaded some video’s to youtube to show my parents in another state our new baby, that was easy (on my mac anyway). Sony sucks for not making the software to burn it easily on the mac.

Thaanks for a wonderful experience. It was fast and works wonderfully. I recommend you to all and am using it a lot.

Everybody else has said all the good things about this camera, i need to document what i found to be negative issues (for me anyway). My first outing with this cam was at an air show. There was 20 mph winds and bright sunshine. I need to stress that the microphones for the 5. 1 surround are very sensitive to wind noise. 5 hours of really cool video, but when i play it back through my home theater, the sub woofer rumbles from the constant wind noise, making the playback annoying to listen to. Web research has told me to use a band aid over the holes on windy days. Now on to the touchscreen viewfinder. Being a little ocd, i have an issue with touching the screen and wiping off the fingerprints, but that’s my problem, not sony’s.

Before purchasing sony dcr-sr200 i have looked at other hard drive cameras – few jvc ones, cheaper sony and latest canon. Sony and jvc are very ergonomic, they fit more or less perfectly in your palm, whereas canon was awkward and controls were inconvenient to use. From all those cameras only dcr-sr200 (and higher model dcr-sr300) has very stable zoom. For the rest of the group zoom was sluggish and shaky when you zoom at max. Camera has 4 mp resolution for still images but pictures taken with dcr-sr200, as probably any other camera from the group above excluding canon, are okay. Comparing pictures taken with 3. 2 mp canon powershot s1 with pictures taken with dcr-sr200 latter have too much color artefacts which are very noticable when zoom in. But this will be most likely acceptable for making 4×6 and even 5×7 prints.

This is my 3rd camcorder and it is by far the best. It also takes great still photos.

This is my first camcorder and liked it verymuch. I decided to purchase it over dvd camcorder since all newer models are going in that direction. The sony software is good but i would have prefered it if it had movie maker functionality just as that of windows movie maker.

This camera has been wonderful for 2. I guess i expected it to last for more than 2 years. The camera didn’t die slowly either.

I’ve used the sony dcr-sr200 for two years taking travel videos all over north america, antarctica, cuba and hawaii. My wife and i are birders, so most of my shots are outside. The picture quality is exceptional in sunlight but becomes grainy as the light fades. Also, typically, the camera’s auto focus functions badly in low light. It is relatively easy to carry around and uncomplicated to use. My biggest complaint has been the sound quality. Under perfect conditions the sound is excellent for a camera of this type, with good stereo separation and clarity even at a distance. If you intend to use the camera inside, you will probably be quite pleased. If, however, the wind is blowing at all it produces a rapid, loud and extremely annoying ‘clatter’ that drowns out everything else. The same noise often occurs when shooting out an airplane window, from busses and especially inside helicopters – perhaps produced by engine vibrations.

I bought this item to tape my new born twins. It is a great camera, good picture, sound, and it is user friendly. I looked at a lot of cameras before the purchase, the hard drive feature is nice it makes it easy to save images and transfer them to your pc for back-up. The only feature the camera does not have the small eye view finder.

This camcorder is great except if you record video you can not store it on the expensive sd memory cards that you have to buy seperate ‘ thanks sony ‘ i repeat you can not store video footage on the memory card. Lucky enough i bought a camcorder with a built in 40gb internal memory on the camcorder or else you would have to transfer your videos alot to your computer or laptop. I love how sony company doesn’t mention that until you read the manual after buying the product. The feathures are great though especially with the night vision built into the camcorder since i use this camcorder for hunting and it helps out alot to see the deer comming into the area before daylight so you have a clue as to where they are and will bedding for the morning although the night vision could be improve with better resolution of capturing light in the dark it is good enough in my standards. Also very light and compact to put into a back pack just remember that you have it in your back pack and don’t be an idiot like my cousin who just threw the bag down and broke the camcorder.

I loved this camera, easy to use, lot of functions, pictures are good quality. There are 2 things i wish this camera had though, one is better zoom, it is only 10x, i was tempted to buy the other with 40x (dcr-sr42) but some important features were lost. The other thing is that i havent found a way to record clear at nigths, image is blurry when there is not enough light, i wonder if i need to buy extra flash/light. Other than those things, i am very happy with it.

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