Sony DCR-HC36 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder : Great product at this pricepoint!

Camera worked like new and shipping was fast, very happy with the unit.

Them told me its working great. Good capturing and good quality.

Sony DCR-HC36 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager
  • MiniDV recording format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution
  • 20x optical zoom with Super SteadyShot picture-stabilization system
  • 2.5-inch high-resolution touch-panel SwivelScreen LCD display rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles
  • Super NightShot Plus Infrared System captures natural-looking video in low light

After having used an old bread-loaf-sized sony 8mm camcorder with great success for many years, i felt it was time for an upgrade. Modern feature-packed minidv cameras have become very reasonably priced, as the dcr-hc36’s barely $300 price tag attests, so it was only a matter of which features i wanted – i prefer a powerful telephoto lens, and sony has a curious habit of reducing zoom power the higher up the product line you go, so even though the hc36 is middle-of-the-road in the sony camcorder lineup, its full 20x optical zoom made it a natural choice. Modern minidv cameras are also very reasonably sized; occupying less than half a cubic foot, the hc36 weighs in at less than a pound even with the battery and tape. That’s about large cheeseburger size, or the size of a digital camera from a few years ago. Despite toy-like dimensions, the sculpted duo-tone exterior and handsome chrome lens bezel lend to a quality look and finish. Those of you intimidated by the arms-length list of features who ‘just want to hit record and go’ will be glad to know that the hc36 has an easy button. Located right next to the sony logo on the left side of the camera is a blue button labeled – yes, really – ‘easy’. Pressing this button puts the camera into everything-automatic mode, and also increases the size of text on the display (very handy for the reading glasses set), allowing the old-school and i’m-not-technical school alike to record full quality video. You don’t even have to know how to flip out the lcd screen, the easy button literally makes the camcorder point-and-shoot. The more technically inclined are accommodated with tailored personalization.

I just got this camera the other day. And so far, i’m in love with it. I am a photographer and a video artist, and i had a nicer sony camera that broke, and i was seeking out a replacement. The dcr-hc36 has a much lower quality image than my old camera, however its exactly what i’ve been looking for. Small, portable, and grainy. I still would like to get a nicer video camera to replace the old one. But i think that this camera is what the holga is when talking about medium format film cameras. It has its charm and you definatly get a certain look to what you record. This camera seems like it would be good for someone who just wants to film their kids or family events. However, if you want something with better image quality, spend the money and take a step up.

All, this camera is packed with features, almost too many. If you’ve worked with other hitech devices the menu is very logical. The play-back video quality is kind of grainy and my older chunky sony camcorder has better picture quality, i expected better from this newer model. Camera is not for the beginner. This model comes with all the cables. The model below this (hc-32) comes without some of the cables and the features of this one. So better to spend the extra money and get this one than go searching on e-bay for all the obscure connectors. Being able to record onto memory stick duo pro is neat, but quality is even lower and they don’t give you a starter stick. You need a real steady hand with this camera. The camera is incredibly compact.

Sony DCR-HC36 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I did tons of research on this item before purchasing it. ) it has many great features and has helped us capture tons of memories in the short time that we’ve had it. You can just turn it on and use it, but i suggest reading the manual to make use of its full potential.

Tried some shooting and transfered from hc36 tape to pc smoothly with firewire connection (not usb)and windows movie maker/sony vegas 6. The picture quality is good for resolution up to 720×480 (high quality). Don’t expect too much from this handycam, only the basic video shooting will do. If you want to make ‘hollywood-like’ movie, this is not the right choice. You need to have spare battery, the standard is about 80 minutes. One of the reason i chose sony hc series is you can have an optional battery(npfp90) up to around 500 minutes. For me it is important as i don’t want to carry a lot of spare batteries and keep changing batteries while travelling in remote area. For me it’s a good product for what i paid.

I bought this used to film at night. I would have purchased a digital camera that recorded to sd memory card but at this price point the quality seemed poor, so opted for a well-respected brand name, sony. First impression on night vision: works fine but the infrared light (built-in) seems too weak to reach across a room. I think i will need to purchase a stand-alone light to extend the range. Other than that the sony quality seems to prevail. The estimated ’60 minutes’ of battery life goes quicker than you would imagine. Cons: while recording yourself, with the view finder flipped, it’s difficult to manipulate the control buttons. It’s almost impossible to start/stop/change modes while holding the camera in front of you.

I was actually just tryin to replace my video cam ( this model) & found this same model but the difference was this cam. Has a place for a memory stick, mine didnt have this feature. So i have 2 options on how to use this cam. & this company customer service, always emailed me rite away when i had questions, they were very promt, which i really appreciate.

It was for me an exellent purchase, also the delivery time. The operation of the camera is easy and the resolution great.

The first camera sent had problems. The seller assisted me in a hassle free return for a new camera.

Neither sony nor pixela, the makers of the picture package software that comes with some sony camcorders with mini-disks tells you that the software is not compatible with windows xp, service pack 2. It will crash your computer or not work properly. Do not install the picture package software if you have run windows xp. If you have a dvd player on your computer, you can download the photos from the mini-disk without this dangerous software. Shame on sony and pixela for selling the software to windows xp users or including it with the camera without a warning.

Our other one broke and we did not want to go to the digital format quite yet. Glad we found another just like it.

I just bought this because my panasonic minidv broke (tape insert would not open). I thought this would be cool, because of the built in night vision. However, this is a totally useless feature. It turns everything into black & white, and makes everyone’s eyes look like big white dots like a deer staring into a headlight of the car. Certainly not a way you want to remember family events, which is what i purchased this for. If i can do it over again, i would buy something that has a light mounted on the front of the camera. This nightvision feature is useless. Overall, the camera records moview, so i guess it works fine.

The image quality is good (just as any dv camera). Connecting the cables directly to the camera with no need of any base or cradle is also very good. With usb connection you can use this camera also as webcam when at home, and you can even show recorded images on your tapes through as if it is a live image. The audio quality of the microfone rocks.(really really good) and it can also be used as usb microfone with the webcam. Perhaps, i got disappointed with some important features:- it does not have any led light that shows if the camera is recording of not (very bad). – it can not take shots if you are recording in widescreen mode. – if you don’t want to mess up your battery, you have to take it off from the camera, because it does not detect that the battery is already charged. This is terrible when you are using the camera at home with the ac adapter: always remeber to remove the battery. – night vision is badly placed, so when you attach an extenal lens, the light is covered.

I purchased this while on holiday when my other camera broke. I needed something with nightshot in it as they do not make them any longer. I stumbled upon this which was exactly what i needed. I had it sent to my hotel and immediately began using it. In perfect condition works great. Perfect for anyone wanting night vision.

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