Sony DCR-DVD92 DVD Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom – Wonderful!!

This model does just what i wanted. Play the mini dvd immediately after recording. You can burn them onto a full size dvd and clear up your dvd-rw disc and reuse them. And most of all it has good quality tv viewing unlike other camcorders i tried before purchasing this one. I did try the jvc hard drive camcorder and the picture quality after putting it on dvd was very bad in normal household lighting. But the sony as i said has very good picture quality. Also the battery holds it’s charge very good. I think you can record something like 80 minutes on one charge. With the other camcorder batteries the batteries would not hold their charge while being stored.

It did what it said it would do.

This camera is a cool way to have your videos on a dvd but does not offer any (good) way of editing the discs. The picture quality is fair and the sound provides a good general result. Not the greatest ‘true to life’ quality that you would expect for a camera at this price. Once you find a way of ripping the disc to your computer and converting it to avi format editing it is a breeze (takes many downloads of freeware).

It’s extremely simple to use and is small enough to take everywhere and not feel like you are toting around extra baggage.

Pros:1) 20x zoom is nice which is very imp for an handycam. You don’t have to read the manual. Cons:1) if you need to download the dvd recorded video to your laptop you have to look for a ripper software. Sony should have provided this software along with the handy cam.

I have never owned a camcorder before and since my child is now two, i wanted to have movies of him before he got much older. This dvd camcorder is really easy to use. If all you are wanting to do is make ‘family movies’, i highly recommend the dcr-dvd92. Other reviewers complained about pixel quality, but i had no problem with the color vibrance or quality of the picture when i watched my dvd movies.

  • Nice camera is it works, BEWARE ROTTEN WARRANTY WORK
  • Great Camcorder
  • Nice Camcorder for the price!

My husband purchased this camera 2 days ago and i returned it tonight allready. After video taping our sons 6th b day he tried to edit the dvd and copy it for every one to watch after multiple hours later he found out that the soft ware to edit cost $100. 00 that’s a rip after spending $549. 00 for the camera to begin with so we took it back to walmart. However the camera guy told me their sony 203 does come with the cabels and editing soft ware but he said it’s still too soon to buy the dvd camcorders because they sill need to improve on them(ie) work out the bugs in his opinnion. Allso he said that sony customer svc sucks. I can vouch for that because we bought a monitor from them and it only lasted 2 years before it crapped out and it was a $600.

This is our first video camera, and we love it. The night vision is great, and it’s very clear in pitch darkness. The still shots are ok, but most cameras with high zoom usually compromise the quality of still shots. It’s very easy to use, and it works in the dvd player. The mini dvds can be pricey, but we just shop around online for the best price.

I have never used/purchased a mini camcorder before. This one was very easy to setup and understand. The video quality seems to be very good. I have not used the camera/photo option yet. The dvd played on my dvd player without any problem. The touch screen menu is super easy to use. I don’t plan on editing my video’s, or downloading them onto my pc, so i went with this model. Pretty much, using a dvd-r, it’s load, record, finalize. Then pop it into your dvd player to watch.

Bought this for my daughter, before she went to london.

I really like this camcorder. Easy to use and small, also records to disc.

Features of Sony DCR-DVD92 DVD Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager with 660K resolution
  • Compatible with DVD-R/-RW/+RW formats
  • 20x optical zoom with SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch hybrid touch-panel LCD
  • Super NightShot Plus Infrared System captures natural-looking video in low light

Make sure this fits
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Most people, when it comes time to buy a camcorder, are overwhelmed with the overabundance of choices on the market these days. Either this is the first time that they’ve decided to purchase a camcorder or they haven’t upgraded since they purchased their old 8mm or vhs-c 10 or 15 years ago. With all of the choices and relatively little difference between them, this camcorder is definitely one of your best bets. It is probably the simplest camcorder on the market today. If you are ready to join the dvd camcorder craze, this is the perfect place to start. First of all, the dvd92 is very easy to understand and set up. The mini-dvd’s play in virtually any dvd player on the market. The mini-dvd’s are relatively inexpensive, depending on where they are purchased.

I love this camera i hear people are having problems editing on this but you can edit right from the camera and use rw disks this thing is awesome and you can record over them.

I am someone that takes alot of pictures. And this camera is well worth the money. Very easy to use, great picture, the touch screen is amazing. And you can also take lots of digital still pictures. Just finalize the dvd, and put it into your player and that is it.

This camera is small enough to carry around ‘just in case. ‘ and the small dvd’s are easy to duplicate quickly onto larger dvd’s so i can easily share them with others.

This camera has proven to be a great deal. The super night shot works perfectly with no need for any additional ir lighting. I purchased this camera specifically for use during paranormal investigations and have not been disappointed.

I have had this for 6years and enjoyed it thoroughly but now i cannot buy the discs from the store like i used to which is why i am here. On sony website i put the model number in and it said no accessories available. Why would you spend almost 800$ on it?.

1/6-inch CCD imager with 660K resolution

Beware the black screen of death. It happened when the machine was only 8 months old. Sony’s warranty work really is poor. My handycam has been at the sony repair center for a month and i am not sure when it will come back. They also are charging $135 for a general repair, even though parts are still ‘under warranty’ and that cost is in addition to the shipping i had to pay to get the machine to larado texas. Below is my old review from when the machine was working. I would not rate it 5 stars now, maybe 2 stars. Beware the black screen of death is no joke. Old review follows: i needed a new video camera when my old and heavy full size vhs camcorder quit working. I researched the options and decided on this sony dcr dvd92 handycam.

I got this one few months ago. The dvd recording medium is much more convinent than tape. You can view and playback the recorded sequence without rewinding, what a improvement. The startup time is as quick as the traditional tape machine. The overall picture quality and ease of use with touch screen control are excellent.

For all the people giving this camera bad reviews here and everywhere. What do you expect from a camera in that price?this cam has it all. Get an extra battery, external flash if you want and you’re all setwhoever complains about the still picture quality. Go get a digital camera instead. Sony dvd92 and canon ixus 40. Videos taken at night were ok. I used it in the desert with no lights at all. And this baby performed very well. Just switch ‘super nightvision’ and shootminidvd’s carry 30mins of video. Edit on cam and go :dthere isnt a usb port. But still you can edit your dvd’s using 3rd party software. Why pay more for a camera with usb port when you can edit your videos on your pc?minus one star because sony tries to fool people and say there isnt a usb port. There is but no drivers and why not supplying a better battery?.Why do we have to buy the fp90?buy this camera for travelling.

I may have missed this answer in someone’s review, but could someone tell me if this camera comes with cables to connect to a dvd recorder and/or vcr (yes, vcr)for copying?.

My parents gave me one of these camcorders as a wedding present. I’m not a camera expert, and this is a super simple camcorder that records good quality videos and decent pictures if your in a pinch (or you don’t have time to whip out the camera) and has a pretty good zoom. And honestly, you really can’t beat the price. It travels really well too, as it’s quite compact and pretty tough. I recommend you get an extra battery. I got more than what i expected from the battery included, but the bigger battery just won’t die no matter what. And who wants to lose a terrific shot on account your battery died?the dvd’s are pretty cute, and they’re not terribly expensive. They come in packs of three, and happily you don’t have to just buy sony. Even though it says they can hold 30 minutes of video, don’t fret. That’s a lot of recordingthe only problem i have with it is that its a royal pain to copy your dvd onto the computer.

My 8 year old learned to use this within 5 minutes. It has a touch screen with easy to find controls. Pop the mini dvd in–format–record–finalize–and play on dvd player. This model does not have a usb connection to your computer or a remote. It is really designed for minimal editing–tape and go. Buy an extra battery and lots of mini dvds as they only last 30 minutes.

Compatible with DVD-R/-RW/+RW formats

I have noticed complants on the disc door being a problem on this one but have had no problems with mhy purchase. Battery life could be better.

We have many ruby-throated hummingbirds that visit our front porch feeders each summer. We finally decided we needed to record their activity. Com, and researched video recorders, then we went to 2 or 3 different electronics stores to buy. Only one store had the camera we wanted on display, but it was out of stock. Com, and found the camera for almost $100. 00 less than the storesthe camera is very easy to use, lightweight, and loads of fun. Charging and recharging the battery is easy and quick, and all the directions are very simple to follow. This camera records on the ‘mini’ dvd’s, and i was concerned about where to play them.

The camcorder is very lightweight and small, easy to use, and replaces the need of having a digital camera and a video camera. The best thing is that it saves directly onto the dvd disk so that you can see it immediately without tape transfers or computers. It also saves the photos and movie all on one disk, which i like so that everything is together. It doesn’t work that well in low light and the digital photos are not of the high quality of a good digital camera, but if you mainly use digital photos to email to family, as i do, then it’s a very good buy.

Thought it was the best value based on the specs and reviews and we are not at all dissapointed with our choice. Hard to go wrong with a sony.

This cameras features are all so easy even my 5 year old son made some movie magic with it i recomended this to all my friends and family. The editing makes the picture even better. This is a ideal camera for everyone who is ‘mechanicaly challenged’ like me because all of the features are self explanitory and easy buy one.

Well i bought this camera today 2nd hand with no book and was shocked how easy it was to get working. I figured it all out myself in a matter of 5 minutes i was recording my 4 yr old and 6 month old, put the dvd directly from the camera into the dvd player and instantly they were watching them self’s on the big screen. I then put the dvd back in the recorder and without doing anything else pressed record and was recording right where i left off. Very happyps i used dvd-rw double sided dvds. $28 for 3 of them but worth it for the memories.

This camera has served me well for over a year with no technical issues or defects. I purchased it because my digital camera died while on a road-trip, and i had always wanted a video camera. I had the money, so i thought what the heck. I should have done my research on this camera before buying, since i didn’t notice that the camera was not equipped with a fire-wire port until after getting it home. However, using a simple dvd ripping program (imtoo dvd ripper), i am able to convert my videos, directly from the discs to the computer for editing. I do recommend this camera, as it is small enough to put in a cargo pocket or backpack and takes beautiful home-videos.

20x optical zoom with SteadyShot image stabilization

This is certainly a system ofhighest quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend sony’s handycam to anyone. It’s easy to use and quickly converts to outstanding snapshots in time. Both picture and sound are fantastic.Most of all, the unit is user friendly. Doctor’s don’t have a whole lot of time to read manuals. Regardless, sony came through once moredr.

The sony dcr-dvd92 is an excellent camcorder. Very compact, easy to use, and the dvd recording is a great feature.

The sony dvd handycam is good value and user friendly.  sony dcr-dvd301 1mp dvd handycam camcorder w/10x optical zoom.

This is truly a remarkable dvd camcorder, until you go to make a copy of your dvd-r that you recorded. Sony won’t let you make a copy of your own recording?. That’s correct, if you use a dvd-r, you can’t make a copy for friends and family. Also, you can’t rip it to your hd for editing on your pc, combining multiple discs etc. Honestly, i searched over the net and finally found one person with this answer and i wanted to share it with more that are having problems. If you use a dvd+rw mini dvd, your problems are solved. The original problem with the dvd-r comes when you finalize the dvd, as sony puts some unreadable copyright protection of some sort on the dvd. If you use a dvd+rw, there is no finalize required.

Having moved from minidv to dvd, i am so pleased with this purchase. I did not want to spend this much money, but when i watch a replay of my son’s t-ball game on our home dvd player, it is worth it. No more wires to connect to the tv, or adapters to hook up. Simply take the dvd out of the camcorder and pop it in the dvd player on your tv. The zoom features are great – not too much that the images get shaky, but enough to bring far-away images up close. I would highly reccomend this product.

2.5-inch hybrid touch-panel LCD

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