Sony DCR-DVD505 4MP DVD Handycam Camcorder, not as good as dv camcorders

I had some question about grainy picture in low light. I called sony service and they explained how to adjust the camera for low light filming without using the ‘green’ super night shot. A small adjustment using the menu system and i was back in business with great low light pictures. I have no problems with the camera. The software is not as good as it could be but allows you to do some editing and copy the dvd for distribution. If you want to do extensive editing, you can use any of the dvd authoring programs with the video from this camera. I am looking forward to many years of quality pictures.

I purchased mine at best buy and paid over 200. I absolutely love this camera it’s easy to use and the pictures and video are just beautiful. Best part there is no delay in the shutter it will stop action not blur or miss it. It is so much easier having an all in one -it’s so small. I have had just a point and shoot 2mp for years it was time to update i was little nervous over the price but it is cheaper than buying 2 seperate cameras which was what i was looking at. I can say it was worth the money when i can finally get some wicked good portrait quality pictures. I can’t wait to take it on vacation. If your looking for a 2 in one this is the ticket.

This camera burns dirctly to dvd. Can finalize and unfinalize disks to allow adding pictures or video. Touch screen features allow editing with camera, itself. Very useful for quick editing, including dividing scenes for deletion of parts of scene. Very happy i bought this camera.

Key specs for Sony DCR-DVD505 4MP DVD Handycam Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom:

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  • 1/3-inch ClearVid CMOS sensor with 4-megapixel resolution
  • Compatible with DVD-R/-RW/+RW formats
  • 10x optical zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 3.5-inch widescreen touch-panel LCD
  • Dolby Digital 5.1-channel audio recording

Comments from buyers

“Great! But video editors beware
, easy to use for mom of 3
, Great People to do Business With!

The ‘easycam’ makes this camcorder easy. So far the only negatives i find is that the zoom button is too close to where the fingers lie and occasionally it will be pushed without me knowing, so that when i turn the camera to record, it is blurry and i have to stop, erase and then go back to record. By that time, i may have missed something i wanted to record. The other negative would be the slow time it takes to get to recording. Once you turn it on, you have to wait for it to download for recording. Many times i missed the quick things i wanted recorded. It can be irksome to be recording, run out of time and have to replace with a new dvd. The dvd has to be formatted which means you have to place the camera in a steady place with no vibrations. The dvd is 30 minutes long, so this can happen pretty often.

I haven’t utilized all of the features yet, but what i have has produced both high quality pics as well as video.

I like the special dual still shot and video capability (shooting a still photo while shooting video simultaneously). It is great to be able to take quality photos and video on one machine. The touch sensitive screen is nice too. The only hassle is having to switch dvd’s during a longer session such as a class.

The camera is very nice, the still images quality is very high. The software is not so good, it can not get a normal dvd for support the videos. I paid a two days service because i needed my camera, but after two days i did not receive the package, i contacted ups office and i had to go to ups offices three times, and in third i got my package, terrible service.

We had several issues with this particular camera. It is an older model, however it is the one that our friend wanted as a gift. The business is great to work with, efficient and quick to respond to our questions/issues. After a quick repair, it is working great and this buisness was more than fair with the refund they gave us to get it repaired. Your have two very happy customers.

I use jvc dvd-rw and performance is outstanding. I down load to my computer and use nerovision express 3 to convert to dvd.

I have a 5 year old sony dv camcorder that was damaged and i bought the dvd camcorder as a replacement. I was excited about recording images onto dvd directly. However, i was very disappointed by the image quality. The image resolution was not as sharp as my older dv camcorder and tends to blur often when i move the camera. Even though it was much more convenient to store the image directly onto a disc that can be played in a regular dvd player, i was so unhappy with the image quality that i returned it. I am going to go back to another dv camcorder.

I just bought this today and had 5 minutes to learn how to use it for my daughter’s chorus concert. It is very easy to use, and takes great video even with the wierd dark amature lighting of a school concert. This is my first digital camcorder. My old vhs-c was just too bulky that i tended not to take it anywhere or use it. This is very small, and there is no hassle with tapes. Simply pop in a mini dvd and you are done. The picture quality is incredible. My old camera would have never been able to capture the video in low light like this camera. I was having a tough time deciding between this and the sony 405.

This camcorder does capture good shots. But the main drawback is that it records to dvd. Initially its nice and easy to capture video and watch it on dvd instantly. It gives you instant gratification. But after capturing 4 or 5 hours of video, you will notice that your videos aren’t so great as you expect it to be. Its not the fault with your camcorder. Its because all of us shoot extra footage, unwanted scenes, shakes, etc which we want to edit. You may want to add a title or two, add transitions, add backgroud music, combine your photos with the video, etc. Basically you may want to edit your footage. Its here when you find the major drawback of this camcorder.

This is my first camcorder ever and i wanted to do it right. Buying the sony 505 was a great choice. The large 3 inch touch screen is really nice and all of the controls are extremely easy to use. Within minutes i was recording my kids playing. I also love the fact that you can record on dvds as well as a memory card. You really get what you pay for when it comes to this camcorder.

What a wonderful small camcorder. The price from amazon is lower than any other place i have shopped, and believe me, i shop the internet and local stores and nobody even comes close to amazon’s pricing. The camera films the most beautiful colors and i love being able to chose full screen mode or wide screen modes. It also has a built in 4mp still camera that takes wonderful still shots. I use the program ae when at the beach and it corrects the bright sunlight so that the film is beautiful. I highly recommend this product.

As of now there is no complaints or damage or malfunction. Almost 7 yrs and still working as expected.

This is an outstanding camera. Very easy to use and pretty good battery life. I picked up the sony accessory kit at the same time and even the ‘back up’ battery in the kit lasts 90 minutes on a full charge. This camera has all the best available features (night shot, good image stabilization, and functional touch-screen menus, to name a few). The video quality in lp mode is not very good, so don’t expect to get more than 30 minutes of shooting out of a minidvd. However, the sp mode provides really good quality, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your time down to 20 minutes (which is the time you get out of one dvd in the highest quality mode). What i’d warn potential buyers about has to do with dvd camcorders in general, rather than any problem with the camera. As someone who was not intimately familiar with the wide variety of camcorders (and who was tired of my panasonic dv camcorder not recording properly), i considered the minidvd option to be ideal. However, i learned two things after finishing my first dvd. You need special software (dvd video editing software or dvd copy software or both) to do anything other than copy from one minidvd to another minidvd. Additionally, software like roxio’s mydvd doesn’t work well with the vob file format used by the camcorder. All video on the minidvd is saved into a single file. This means that video editors will have to know how (and have the patience) to trim down the video to make different chapters. The chapters show up on the finalized dvd from the camera, but dvd copy software won’t reproduce the menu for you, either.

I don’t know what the last couple of people were smoking, but 5 stars and then talking bad about the camera?. And the guy having problems with 2 different cameras — he must not know what he was doing. I purchased this camera a few weeks ago for amazon and have loved it. I just had a baby and have been filming her with no problems. The picture quality is great and the camera is just awesome. I don’t know much about editing so i haven’t attempted any yet. I just watch the dvds in my dvd player. There are a lot of neat features on the camera and its very well made. I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a really nice dvd camcorder.

This is a remarkable camera for the beginner because it has an easy button that automatically configures all the settings and you can manually adjust them also for the seasoned veteran movie maker. There are a multitude of reasonably priced accessories available. The best perk of this unit is that it records directly to a mini dvd disc. All you have to do is shoot some footage and pop it into a dvd player and watch your work. It’s great fun especially at a party.

This camera was so great that i ended up buying another one as a gift. There are tons of attachments and it’s great that i can have a video and digital camera all in one. If i run out of disks, i can always through the pictures or video on my memory chip. Amazon has the lowest price on it by far.

I love my camcorder, i havenot found this model in the store. Everyone that has meet me on my vacation loves my camcorder. I is little light weight easy to travel with.

We looked at every differnet camera out there and this seemed the best for what we wanted. Its small and lightweight, very easy to use and i think the digital pictures came out pretty well. We really didn’t have to bring our digital camera with us. This seems to be an all in one camera. The discs were also easy to use and format. We used cnet to check out alot and actually ordered off amazon with next day shipping and it was still cheaper than best buy. Ordered at 8 pm and had it next day at noon.

I love this dvd505 very easey to take photo and i got the sony dvd record vrd-mc3 you dont need a tv are computer just direct to the 505 all dv but ram it sales about 249. 00 at circuit city very good set up jim.

This camcorder is super easy to use. We set it to take wide screen movies (16:9), so when we are done recording, we simply remove the disk and place it right into the dvd player to watch it on tv. My kids love the instant viewing of their movies. This camcorder will also allow you to take still pictures captured on a memory stick. This function saves you from carrying a camera and a camcorder. We have only had this camcorder for one month, but we took it on vacation and have been very happy with it.

After reviewing dvd camcorders, between owner reviews and professional reviews i have decided that the dvd505 camcorder is the best unit out there. Apparently pc magazine agrees, as they have given the dvd505 its coveted editor’s choice award. They said ‘the dvd505 is a pricey camcorder that could have better digital-still-image features. Nonetheless, its exceptional touch screen lcd, fine video quality, and ease-of-use features make it a shoo-in as our editors’ choice for a dvd camcorder. ‘pros from pc magazine: great video quality. The minidvd format for camcorders is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year for one main reason: convenience. Consumers can record video, then play it back on the same 8cm dvd disc, right on their dvd player. 5-inch lcd touch screen (which also articulates) is larger than most camcorders. The quality of the lcd is excellent (high resolution).

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