Sony CCDTRV88 Hi8 Camcorder – good one

This camcorder is great for any level and a bargain for the features and quality you get. The camcorder is very compact and very manageable under any conditions. A teacher told me once the picture quality of these hi8 camcorders is broadcast quality and he wasn’t kidding. The zero-lux feature enables a picture in total darkness. The zoom feature is nice and crisp, the digital zoom realm gets a little questionable for my taste. The menu provides lots of options and effects to play with. My family has a blast with this and i truely believe that sony makes the best for the dollar in this camcorder catagory. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

I have sony handycam ccd-trv88 i want to know that it has s-video that can conntect to compter to burn dvd that i can watch dvd q.

Here are the specifications for the Sony CCDTRV88 Hi8 Camcorder:

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  • Hi8 camcorder
  • 20x optical and 28x digital zoom lens with image stabilization
  • 3-inch color LCD and black and white EVF
  • Uses the Sony NP-F330 InfoLithium battery, included
  • Includes A/V cable; includes a number of special effects and faders for custom creations

Just like other sony camcorders, trv88 meets my expectation with the price and quality. The only thing i am only 90% satisfied is the size. I also ordered the leather bag from sony.

Once again, sony has produced a superb hi8 camcorder miles above competition in features and image quality. The ccdtrv88 is a fantastic addition to the handy cam line. While i’m not dissapointed with my. Price), i was a little chagrined when my friend showed me his 2000 (last year’s) model sony hi8 handycam that he bought at. . Perhaps to encourage users to switch to digital, sony has begun to streamline their hi8 line of camcorders. While optics are just as good as last year’s models, a few useful features for advanced users (who will most likely be buying the ccdtrv88/98 models) have been mysteriously omitted from the new 2001 models. The first glaring fault is the absence of stereo sound. All sony hi8 camcorders have had stereo sound since their coming into being five years or so ago. While, admittedly, in general use you don’t really need it, it was a nice touch. My next gripe is closely related, and that is the lack of an external mic input. This is a serious flaw, and as a user who was looking forward to taking advantage of the near cd sound quality capabilities of hi8 tape, i found it put a damper on my plans to tape record local jazz groups, as the built in mic, while decent, just cannot deliver the clarity and response that a good external microphone can. Fortunatly, the s-video output is still present (whew) but the full size a/v analog out has been replaced with a special 1/8′ ‘mini a/v’ output, which i believe yields slightly poorer output quality for those who do not have the ability to utilize s-video.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works great
  • Beginner or expert!!
  • A good buy, with a few shortcomings

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