Sony CCDTRV67 20x Optical Zoom 64x Digital Zoom 8mm Camcorder – Nice camera, but be warned

Excellent service, shipping and price, will buy again.

I purchased this camera shortly after it appeared on the market. It is easy to operate, and stands up well to rough and tumble use. I have used it on ocean beaches[sand, in hot air balloons[sometimes hard landings] in private planes[vibrations],taping summer event[extreme heat] and it works just fine. I have owned sony products in the past and found them to be a wonderful consumer product. As a point of reference, i have used apx. 150 full tape in this camcorder with perfect results. This camcorder is no longer available, but if you can find a good clean used one , i say “go for it’. ]

I just got this camera the other day. The box says 16+, the manual says 16 with optional battery. So far, it seams like a sound product. The only problem i have run into so far is that the battery packed with the camera won’t take a charge. Here are the specifications for the Sony CCDTRV67 20x Optical Zoom 64x Digital Zoom 8mm Camcorder:

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  • Image stabilization helps prevent camera shake
  • Sony’s NightShot feature lets you shoot in complete darkness
  • 2.5-inch swivel LCD screen
  • 8 picture effects and 4 fade modes
  • Long-life battery runs up to 18 hours

I bought this camcorder a month ago and i have been pleased. We have a similar sony at work which is digital and apart from a few extra features, the two are virtualy identical. Would have liked the ability to record from a vcr or another camcorder, but otherwise a great value and good quality for the price.

Great price, arrived on time and looks brand new, this will allow me to convert all my hi8 cassettes over to disc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Supplier
  • Great service
  • Sony CCDTRV67 Hi8 Camcorder

Excellent quality camcorder. Just perfect for beginners like me. Simple to use with almost digital like quality ( appox. 400 lines of resolution as compared to 550 for digital and 150 for other ‘basic’ camcorders ). So if you really want quality stuff without having to pay the high cost associated with good digital stuff. This hi 8 camcorder is the one for you. The lcd screen display and image stabilization are features which you must have ( this model does have them both ). . You will realize their importance when you use it . And yes when it comes to hi 8 technology , dont even bother to look at other brands of hi 8’s. They are not even close to a sony.

I just got this camcoder yesterday. Its got some pretty cool features. The picture quality is great except for when i use the digital zoom the picture does get a little bit grainy. So far its the only flaw i saw in the camera. The camera looks great, its not bulky, very light weight. Also if you get this camera you might want to get an extra battery too. The two hour one tha it comes with isnt enough. If your a novice video user like myself, i think the sony trv-67 is a good way to go. I only plan on useing it for vacations, birthdays and other everyday use. I spent months looking a diffrent cameras and for the price (under $600) it was the best camera out there.

Battery was not working so i contacted the seller and adam expediently sent a new battery.

I have a sony hi8 handycam camcorder very similar to this one. After 7 years of almost constant use, it finally quit playing back what i’ve recorded. I’ve dubbed much of my hi8 tapes over to dvd’s. The one i have has always taken top-quality video, it’s also tough.It’s gone outside, to the river, to dance recitals, it’s been banged, dropped, and who knows what else. We live in the country and i have a 7 yr old granddaughter who’s always wanting to use it. If the ccdtrv67 is half as tough as mine, you’ll love it. I’m now looking for another hi8 camcorder so i can continue dubbing my hi8’s to dvds. I’m not ready to go digital yet. When i get one, this will be at the top of my list of choices to consider.

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Sony CCDTRV67 20x Optical Zoom 64x Digital Zoom 8mm Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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