Sony CCDTRV608 Hi8 Camcorder, Very Good

Beautiful, product from sony, easy to use,great picture quality and features.

I’m always a little nervous about buying used equipment, but when you need an 8mm camcorder, there isn’t much choice. In this case, the vendor (dsb electronics) exceeded all expectations. This refurbished camcorder works flawlessly, and all of the accessories were included (multiple batteries, charger, new connector cables, and a carrying case). Computer drivers are no longer available for the usb functionality on this model, but that is not the vendor’s fault. The vendor provided everything i needed to capture my legacy 8mm and hi8 home video tapes to alternate media using the analog cables. The tapes are analog, standard definition ntsc to begin with, so it’s not like i was losing any quality with the analog connections. I was very satisfied with the whole experience.

If you want an excellent camcorder at a great price, that is easy to use, records great quality images, & also records in total darkness this is the one to get. The usb streaming is a great addition too. Nice size 3′ lcd screen makes it easy to see what you’re recording. And it is so easy to use, i was recording within minutes right out of the box. And absolutely love this camcorder. For the price, you just can’t go wrong here.

Key specs for Sony CCDTRV608 Hi8 Camcorder with 3.0″ LCD, Video Light & USB Streaming (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Hi8 camcorder
  • 20x optical, 560x digital, zoom with SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 3 inch color LCD and black and white EVF
  • NightShot infrared mode for lowlight shooting
  • USB port for USB streaming when connected to a PC

Comments from buyers

“The camcorder works fine and is in very good shape
, Best Camcorder you can buy for under
, Very Good

I got this camcorder few days before, and now using it daily almost 5 hours in day. I have listed out some of the advantasges and problems i face with this new avtar of sony lineup. The quailty of the recorded is very good and i feel happy when i shoot videos inside the house in low light, the lense did a good job. 2 nightshot feature is also impressive and i have shoot some videos in total darkness and quailty is really good. The battery that comes with the kit is seems to be ok , if you are not planning to use the lcd while recording. You can also choose the battery with the higher life time. The most welcome feature is the usb straeming of your data by connecting to ur pc. I have brodcast my movie using the yahoo messanger webcam feature and its done very well. Well now i m sorry to say but this machine has some inbuilt problmes like. If you are planning to capture the recorded video on your computer using the usb and the supplied software named pixela, u will be disappointed with the quailty as it was very very bad.

What can i say this is the best hi8 video camra you can buy. Yes the picture qulaity is a little lower then the dv’s but i dont know about you but i dont want to spend 1300 (i dont know about you brother but im not made of money) on a camra im not tha picky. Well anyways baught it used it and works great buy it and you wont be disipionted.

Works great and can finally watch my 8mm tapes again.

I had an older sony camera which i used dazzle to bring my video to the pc. When i heard this camera had usb steaming i was excited. The quality and the images are really poor. It produces a very blocky mpeg-1 movie. There is also a post processing time in which pixella converts the movie to mpeg. Dazzle usb brings in my movies faster with no post processing time, it also produces a mpeg-1 movie. Dazzle only pushes video through the usb and uses your sound card to bring in sound. This is in contrast to usb streaming which pushs video and sound through the usb. I guess because of this architecture, the video bitrate must be lower because it is shared with the sound and thus produces a lower quality image.

It is a great quality camera and does alot of stuff. It even hooks up to my computer and lets me do alot of stuff. I can edit videos or copy them off and even stream video like a web cam its great. I bought from amazon and they got it to me quickly even with the super saver shipping and the lowest price i could find with a free bag who can ask for more.

Perfect product at a great price.

I’ve had two of these, and both of them lasted about a year?. Both of them had the same malfunction- tapes jamming in the camera. I talked to a repair shop & they see this a lot with sonys because of the design. Using purchased movie software we were able to make good movies in our pc & burn to dvd. Using pixela software included we could capture still shots (good enough for listing things on ebay, etc.

The camera is esay to use, simple which makes it great for use at anytime. The camera is stylish and not at all heavy. For connecting to your pc it’s easy and works great. Price is great, not too expensive. Disappointment: the pictures are really pixeled and not at all that clear, even at close distances. Even still shots, aren’t that clear. I’m not sure if this is related to the pixela program or not. Also i have to import the movie and then the sound which makes it hard to even make a 1 minute movie, then edit the sound into the movie and having it come together in unison. In conclusion: the one most important thing is missing, a clear picture. This is the reason many of us bought this.

I got this camcorder last week to take with us on vacation. Last year we had used a vhs-c camcorder that we borrowed. We enjoyed using it, but we had to get this adapter to play those little tapes in the vcr. I got this camcorder mostly because it has streaming usb. Technology sure has changed. The software and driver were easily installed (even on windows xp) and then there was the movie, on my computer. I could capture stills and then either edit them with the packaged software or export them to photoshop elements. It is very easy to use with a ton of features and it even films in the dark.We went into our bathroom and turned out the lights, turned on ‘night-shot’ and lo and behold we could see in the dark and record. Also the camcorder just hooks to the vcr so you can play your movies on the tv. It’s like have a digital camera and camcorder in one. I am really impressed with this product and am very glad that i got it.

It is both easy to use, and records beautifully. A great camcorder in this price range.

The picture on this camera is good and it needs very little light. However, the colors are not quite as accurate as i had hoped for hi8. Perhaps digital would have been better, but the price was a factor. I shopped around and found amazon had the best price available.

This is my second camcorder. My first camcorder was an early sony 8mm. That was part of the reason i stayed with the format. I have used the trv608 for a wide array of events, my kids are involved in music and sports so i have used the camcorder in many different situations indoors and out with outstanding results. One of my children used the camera for a ‘movie’ for a school project and made a great grade. The clarity is amazing and the low level performance is incredible. An s-video cable does help the video image. Perhaps one of the other reviewers had a bad camcorder, but i am glad i chose this camcorder. Sony reliability and quality is hard to beat.

I still shoot hi8 videos, and i needed a replacement for my worn-out sony hi8 camcorder. This model does the trick quite well.

Have been using it to stream to digital.

This is truly an excellent camcorder for home movies and perhaps more advanced applications. I found myself toying around with the nightvision contantly. My only qualms about it was that recording videos to your pc is really dependent on how good a computer you have. For instance, my computer, which is fairly fast would typically have very smooth recording, but every once in a while would skip a few frames, and i would then have to go back and edit it. But don’t get me wrong, i truly believe that this really is the best camcorder you can buy for this kind of money, and besides the computer transfer issure, i absolutely love the camera.

I love the night shot, the steady shot works great and it has a lot of other nice features. Everything on it works great all the time. The light metering and auto focus work very well too. There is only one problem that really frustrates me. It has a right and a left microphone and records in stereo, but there is no way to get stereo playback through the analog a/v output. That’s certainly one of the cheapest things i’ve seen in products that i’ve bought. It’s very disapointing from a name like sony.

Everything exceeded my expectations.

This is for any future person looking to watch their hi 8mm home tapes. I originally recorded my home videos on a’ digital 8′ (key word) camcorder. If you did that, your tapes will not play back on this particular camcorder. The camcorder works fine and is in very good shape. It just will not play hi 8mm tapes that were originally recorded on a digital 8 camcorder.

This is my first camcorder of any kind. I have used other types, vhs, vhs-c, 8mm, but this is probably the best that i have used. It’s easy to learn the basics with and takes really great videos. The usb streaming capability is really easy to use and works great. Pixela seems to pixilate(spelling?) the movies, but it’s nothing that really hurts and it’s that severe. The nightshot is great, the lamp is really good, and the camera has a few little effects for the pictures. No big complaints except a remote would be nice for playback, and a colored viewfinder. But with a 3′ color lcd screen, the chance that someone will use the viewfinder is small. I recomend this camera to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on a good quality camera.

Just as promised, worked well for what i needed. I have some old 8mm tapes and needed a camcorder to play them back on and this fit the bill it also had the usb streaming so i can now transfer them to dvd also the shipping was quick and package great for protection.

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