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Purchased two flip cameras for much higher price and hadto return both, as neither would charge. Very happy with sonycamera and tech service offered to operate unit.

First off, i bought this camera in december of 2011 to use strictly to shoot little videos of dogs in the local shelters to get them on the adoption sites. For the price, it worked great. There are focus issues and it was annoying that if you tilted the camera a little during the shooting that it would switch to portrait mode so all your video would be skinny and you can’t alter it. The software has quirks and it will crash constantly while you are viewing and editing your videos. Really – their software is a little sucky for a sony product. But again, for the price, i got nice little videos of the dogs and it slips in your pocket nicely. 05 was supposed to fix some focus problems and touch problems. So i printed out the instructions and followed them to the letter. Contacted sony customer service on line. The fix is to hold the power button for 7 seconds or more. I had used that a few times before when the thing would lock up. Now i see on line that a lot of people had the same problem when they installed the updated firmware. Of course it is out of warranty now. It didn’t cost that much so i doubt it is worth what sony will charge to fix it. It should have lasted longer. Thankfully, i didn’t store any videos on my bloggie.

It is small enough to fit into purse. Packaged well, fast deliverly. Nice color black won’t show dirt or germs.

Key specs for Sony Bloggie Touch (MHS-TS10/B) – 4 GB, 2 Hour (Black):

  • 3-inch LCD display

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“Sony Has Done It Again!
, DEAD in a year
, Money well spent.

I decided to buy one of these to start a vlog for when i went on a trip. It works wonderfully in good light. It has some white balance issues, and doesn’t do well in darker lighting (very grainy). But the audio is fairly clear when you record. Taking photos is a bit tough to do, but when they’re in focus, they turn out very nicely. Overall, this is no professional camera. However, it is a great camera to start with. I wouldn’t pay full price, i’d recommend getting a used one (i did). I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in starting to record videos, or if they’re just looking for something for everyday, non-professional use.

I received this camera just a couple of days ago. Wow what a fantastic surprisewould definitely recommend this product.

Great camera my husband loves it. It takes great pictures and its small and fits in your pocket.

As other reviews point out its agility and compact size. Here are some practical problems after i used for 2 months. Self recording is very difficult as you are not sure if you aiming right in the frame of the camera. Audio is good indoors but outside it degrades. Quite slippery, accidents are expected. The video is jerky sometime at high resolution. Need to buy some professional video editing software as the bloggie software to edit the video is rudimentary6. Indoor videos need good light. Zooming while shooting the video is subject to shakes because of touch screen controls. Otherwise a perfect camera, a must but when you plan to go out with kids and can’t effort to use both of your hands to take that perfect short.

Love carry with easy to pull out take picture then i stick it in my pants and ready to pull it out.

Sony forges ahead full steam with no less than four bloggie variants, including the venerable bloggie touch. The 1080p pocket cam emphasizes style and ease of use with an exceptionally sleek design and heavily touch-based interface, with recording capacities of either two or four hours. Sony bloggie touch silver angle. Product highs + lows:highs:responsive, bright touchscreensimple, easy to learn and use ui and controlscrisp, accurate stills and videosability to take stills during recordingslim, sleek, minimalist designlows:no sd card slotno audio output jackchassis scratches easily; screen easily smudgedcan be awkward to hold when shooting stillsspecs: the bloggie touch camera comes with 4gb of storage, shoots stills at 12. 8 megapixels and video at full hd 1080p in mp4 format, features a 4x zoom, and has a 3-inch touchscreen. 4 ounces, and like any good pocket camcorder should, slides easily into just about anything. Inside, the bloggie touch packs a sony exmor cmos sensor, as well as face detection and steadyshot image stabilization. The bloggie touch makes a good first impression. It’s got a sturdy, quality feel; a significant upgrade from the plastic first-gen bloggie, which felt more like a toy than a capable pocket camcorder.

Purchased to use for child’s end of year program. I hate reading manuals, etc and i didn’t need to with this. It’s easy to use and the clarity is amazing (hd). *i dislike the bloggie software that is associated with it, but with so many other free options out there – who cares. The camera itself is fabulous.

Very good quality video and sound i recomend this camera for a friend. Faster download to computer. Good sincronization audio and video.

I bought two of these (one silver and one black) on w00t for $39. For that price you can’t beat it. Some of these folks are apparently expecting a $1000 camcorder for pocket change.

If you wanna see what they can do, check out my videos on youtube, just search c. Ingalls and some drumming vids should come up. I use the sony bloggie touch for all my newer stuff in every angle. I now own 3 of these little guys because i bought one, was extremely impressed with it, and decided to get 2 more so i could have more angles on the drum set. Definitely not disappointed with this purchase.

The video is great, but the volume seems to be very low. It will work for now but the volume quality could be better.

I bought this as a kit with a case and a hdmi cord for $109. The pics are great outdoors and lit rooms. Low light they are a bit pixilated, but i bought this for uploading video. The video quality is amazing for such a small device. You can choose your quality of video as well. It is so easy to upand and share your videos. 4gb is small, but not if you transfer it to your computer. You can charge it on an ac wall unit,. I just did today on an amazon universal charger.

I am highly impressed by this little camcorder. While the size of it is about the same size as a smart phone, this specializing in just recording movies makes this a must buy item. I have a android phone also, but i am happy to have this based on how fast i can record something. I can simply take this out, cut it on about 1-3 seconds and hit record. There is pretty much no load time whatsoever. While this isn’t perfect, for the price it’s worth every penny. Speed – all it requires for you to do is cut it on and you will be recording immediately. If you see something, you will most likely have it on this device. Convenient – it’s small and compact. You can easily fit this in your pocket. Also the software that comes with it makes it extremely easy to use which is stored on the camera itself. Plug it in your pc, use it like a flash drive and install it on your pc. Everything else is self explanatory.

This little camera records great, especially during daylight conditions. It’s very user friendly and the touch screen is pretty neat as well.

The image is very clear, but the sound is not good.

No cards to hassle with, charging is cake and the battery lasts a good while. Quality of the photos are good, but this isn’t a great digital camera. It is simple and good quality. Wish it had better scene detection and a flash, but it does the job. Better than the cell phone, and much smaller. Video is good, haven’t dabbled too much with the hd, but you won’t become a great film artist with it. But great for soccer and events around the house you’d like to capture. Plug it in and get your goods. The built in usb and hdmi are a huge plus. No need for friggen propriety cables to loose. Your taken vids and photos with ease.

I got this camera second hand, although it appeared to be brand new. The person who got it before me didn’t like it, but i love it. I used it to start my own youtube channel, and although i’ve since got a better camera, i still use the bloggie touch all of the time. The only drawback is the autofocus is a little bit persistent in that it always wants to have everything constantly focused perfectly, so if you have your finger covering the microphone, the video’s audio will be nothing but the noise of the little focusing gears inside cranking around. I mean, if your finger is covering the microphone, your video wouldnt have come out right anyway, so it isnt really a loss. The audio quality is perfect. I find myself using it as a field recorder sometimes. Mine doesnt even wiggle, and i’ve transferred files easily 500 times with it. The color definition is great.

I bought this as an anniversary gift, and we love it. My only complaint is that it freezes often and it has to go through a rebooting process.

I have been a fan of flip cameras for nearly 4 years. I have taken them everywhere and enjoyed the ease of their use. On a recent vacation to disney world we did the unthinkable – we left our flip camera at home. While in florida i went to the store and purchases the sony bloggie – and i really couldn’t be happier. Some notes– the video quality is outstanding – i use the 720p @ 60 frames per second and i am stunned at how much better the bloggie is compared to the flip. – one great feature is that the bloggie doubles as a standard camera. While taking videos simply press the button and still-shots are created and filed separately. Teh picture quality is again. – compared to the flip, the bloggie does pretty well in low light.

I’d love for the to come out witha mount for this thing. Mount it to a helmet, bike, rail on paintball gun, something.

I bought this camera to use with my family during the upcoming holidays. It takes great video and crisp pictures. This camera doesn’t use sd memory cards. It has internal memory (4 gb) and enough of it for all of my needs. I also like the software it comes with. The software loads to your pc when you plug the bloggie into it. This makes sharing, storage, and viewing a breeze. One nice thing i noticed about the videos it takes is the image stabilization. I don’t have the steadiest hands so i was pleasantly surprised to see how smooth my first videos were.

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